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My Cousin Kim

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Several years ago I flew back to Denver to visit family, especially my cousin Kim. I was 35 and had already been married and divorced. Kim and I were always very close and I needed her support after a bitter break up with my ex-wife.

Kim is two years younger than me and has always been a very attractive gal. She got teased as a kid because of her curly red hair and freckles. But as she matured she simply became more and more beautiful. When she picked me up at the airport my jaw dropped a bit. Kim looked stunning! I recognized her immediately in the large crowd at the terminal.

She had struggled with a weight problem but she looked hot as hell now! Kim has always been tall, almost six feet tall with a very curvy voluptuous body. I could see her big tits jiggling as she ran up to hug me.

“Oh my God, Jake!” she yelled as she hugged me tight. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!

Then she planted a huge kiss right on my lips! That brought back so many memories. When we were young, we truly were “kissing cousins”. In fact we didn’t just kiss, we would have long full blown make-out sessions. One night was particularly etched into my mind.

My parents were staying with other family, I wanted to be with Kim so I slept at their house. Late that night Kim snuck me back to her room. She was wearing a short flimsy lavender robe that was partially see-through. Even then her tits were big and I could easily see her nipples through the material. Kim was wearing tiny pink panties that left little to the imagination. She was more than eager to show my her hot body, wiggling her cute curvy ass and then opening her robe to reveal her tits.

Kim plopped on the bed next to me and we immediately started kissing. She took my hand and placed it on her breast, urging me to play with her tits while we entwined our tongues. Within moments my cock was very hard, straining my pyjamas. She noticed and started rubbing my prick through the material.

“Do you like to jack it off Jake?” she asked quietly. I simply nodded, wondering how far my cousin would go with this.

“When Robert still lived at home, I’d watch him jack off all the time,” Kimmie whispered.

“Your brother Robert?”

“Yeah, it was so much fun. We’d watch each other. Robbie would stroke his cock while I’d finger-fuck myself,” Kim breathed in my ear. “Then he’d shoot out all his come onto my boobies.”

I was very surprised to hear all of this! And I was really excited thinking that my hot cousin did that with her older brother!

“Do you want to do that with me?” Kimmie asked, her bright green eyes looking into mine.

Before I could even respond, she stood up and tugged off her panties. I was getting an eyeful now! My cousin spread her creamy-white thighs as she lay on the bed, exposing her very tiny pink pussy.

“Take it out, Jake. I want to see you jerk off while I rub my pussy.”

I certainly didn’t need to be asked twice. I was shaking with excitement as I started tugging on my raging hard cock. Watching Kim slide her fingers into her tight pussy was driving me wild! I knew I couldn’t last and was going to erupt any moment.

“Fuck Kimmie, I can’t hold it…I’m gonna come!” I moaned, a bit too loud.

“Shoot it off, Jake. Squirt it all over my tits,” she whimpered, now really fucking herself harder.

I was having an intense orgasm, sending thick volleys of jizz all over my beautiful cousin. Everything changed in an instant. The door flew open and, ucuz escort to our horror, there stood my aunt with her eyes blazing with anger.

“You! Get dressed and pack your things! I’m calling your mother to pick you up!” Aunt Grace yelled at me. “YOU!” she screamed at Kim, “Go wash all that filth off your body! I’ll deal with you later!”

It was an extremely embarrassing time. Both mom and Grace bitched us out good. Yelling at us that they had their suspicions, that we were talking things too far. Everyone involved tried to keep it a secret between our two families. But that was hard to keep quiet and pretty soon almost the entire family knew. We ended up moving even farther away, our parents trying to keep us apart.

Now, holding and kissing Kim reminded me of the wild time we had. But now it was different. She was a gorgeous woman now. Her husband was a complete loser, who couldn’t keep a steady job. He worked nights, driving a taxi part-time. Kim, on the other hand, was very successful as a business consultant.

She planned a good time for us and took several days off so we could spend time together. That night she wanted to take me to a nightclub with her childhood friend Sharon. I hadn’t seen Sharon for many years. It was neat that they’d been close friends for so many years.

I showered and got dressed, putting on some khaki slacks with a purple dress shirt and black necktie. I was still in good shape and attractive. I was eager to find a hot gal at the club and release the tensions I’d built up since my divorce. Those thoughts changed when I saw cousin Kim.

“How do I look?” She asked, twirling around for me.

“Kim, you look stunning!” I gasped. And she did. She was wearing a tight black skirt that really showed the beautiful curves of her ass and her long shapely legs. A beautiful shiny blue blouse contrasted with her brilliant fiery red locks.

“You look very handsome Jake,” my cousin said as she kissed my cheek. “Oops! I got lipstick on you, lover-boy!”

“I don’t mind that at all!”

She drove us over to Sharon’s place. I was equally surprised to see her. She came running out in the tightest, shortest “Daisy Duke” cutoff jeans with a shirt tied off under her very large breasts.

“What the hell, Sharon? Why are you wearing that!” Kimmie moaned.

“I thought we were going to Eli’s!” Sharon responded.

“No, you dipshit…I told you we were going to Brannigan’s!”

“Oh fuck! Okay, I’ll go change!”

“No, no. We’ll go to Eli’s. It takes you forever to get ready! But you’re driving now!”

Eli’s turned out to be a country music bar and grill. Not really my type of place and I was way too overdressed. I got a few dirty looks from some biker-types but I wasn’t worried. I’m a pretty big guy and certainly know how to handle myself. But overall, the crowd was pleasant and certainly had a good amount of hot Colorado girls! It was a warm summer night and it was about to get much hotter!

We chatted and caught up with what we were doing with our lives. Sharon was very interesting and pleasant. She had a wickedly good sense of humor and laughed a lot. She certainly wasn’t the skinny tomboy she once was. I couldn’t help but gaze at her amazing ass that was barely contained in her jean shorts. She has beautiful long blonde hair and an amazing tan. Both she and Kim were getting longs stares and whistles from the men. Many guys gave me a thumbs up, while they wondered why I was ümraniye escort so lucky to be with two gorgeous gals. I spend a good time taking turns dancing with them as the evening progressed.

“He’s here!” Kimmie squealed in excitement to Sharon.

Suddenly the girls were in a flurry of conversation which I knew nothing about. Later Sharon explained to me that Kim had been cheating on her loser husband with an old flame of hers. A pang of jealousy hit me. But it was really no business of mine. Sharon was soon to change all of that.

We spent a good amount of time out on the large deck area outside, where we good smoke and slug down a few cold ones. I was really enjoying her company. Maybe I didn’t need to look any further for a gal. This one right next to me was just fine. She’s quite a bit shorter than me and was standing on a few stairs above me while we smoked. Suddenly she simply wrapped her arms around my neck, falling into me as she planted a big kiss on me. I responded, naturally. Sharon is a fantastic kisser and feeling her large boobs against my chest was turning me on. We’d make out a little then talk and make out some more. Perfect! I was more than ready to get back to her place and bang the hell out of her!

I’d really forgotten about Kim and her lover. It was getting late and I was wondering where she was. Sharon told me that my cousin was with “Paul” in his car talking. She suggested we do the same. The bar was closing down and most of the patrons had already left.

So we waited for Kim to come back. We kissed some more. This gal was smokin’ hot! I reached for a tit while we kissed.

“Don’t,” she said, “We can’t do this. I can’t do this.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Jake, I’m so sorry. I can’t cheat on my husband,” she said with a pout.

“Sharon! What the hell have we been doing here?” I said, now getting angry.

“I’m really sorry! You don’t understand…my husband is very good to me. But he’s not very affectionate. He’s not like you. but he IS my husband. I didn’t mean for any of this happen! I really like you Jake. But I can’t.”

“Damned it, Sharon! You really know how to lead a guy along!” I yelled. I’m not a violent person, I’d NEVER strike a woman. But I was pissed off now! I rarely yell at anyone but Sharon got my blood boiling.

Just then, Kimmie opened the door and plopped into the back seat.

“Hey guys! What’s up?” she sang cheerfully.

“Oh, nothing really…just talking,” Sharon replied.

“YEP! Nothing at all!” I bickered.

“Sorry, Jake I kinda left you there but I had to see Paul. Sharon, he’s leaving his wife! Can you believe it? This is going to work out after all! Hehe, I offered to give him a blowjob but he had to get back home,” Kim blurted in her excitement.

“Kim! I didn’t need to hear that!” I said, my face turning red with anger and frustration.

“What? What’s wrong Jake? Why are you so suddenly mad?” Kimmie asked, poking her head through the front seats.

“Ahh, fuck it! It doesn’t matter. Forget about it!” I replied.

“I screwed up Kimmie,” Sharon said quietly. “Things got a little out of hand while you were with Paul. We got maybe too friendly and I started it. You know how bad I can get…how badly I need that affection. I left Jake high and dry. It’s my fault.” Sharon confessed and then squeezed my hand. “I truly am sorry Jake.”

“Really? What the Hell? Sharon! He just went through a divorce and üniversiteli öğrenci escort then you did this shit to him? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Both of you just shut up! I’m done, let’s just go home and forget it happened. I just want to go to bed. Start the truck and drive.” I didn’t need to hear anymore.

“No!” Kim said and jumped out of the truck. “Jake, have a smoke with me.”

That cigarette helped me calm down a little. Why was I here? Why had I travelled so many miles? To find that my cousin was a cheating wife? That her best friend was a greedy and manipulative bitch? I was very flustered by it all. Kim explained a lot in a very short time. Her divorce papers had already been filed. Her life was done with the loser. Sharon had a habit of leading guys on because she wanted the affection her husband couldn’t provide. And she always felt very guilty about doing so but couldn’t help her own desires.

“Sit with me in the back Jake,” Kim said, opening the door to the truck. “We can talk while Sharon drives us home.”

“Neither of us planned any of this. We wanted to show you a good time and that was it. I’m sorry if you got hurt by it,” Kim whispered and kissed my cheek, like she had at the beginning of the night.

“We caused quite a disturbance in the family, ya know. How many times I think of that night! Yes, we are first cousins…but I’ve loved you all these years. Kiss me, Jake. Kiss me like how we used to.”

I couldn’t resist her. My mind was racing, trying to absorb all of this crazy shit! But instinct took over and soon I was kissing Kim like we had done so many years before. Her hand went to my crotch, my hand slipping inside her blouse. This was a moment we had waited for so many years!

“Don’t take us home!” Kim blurted to Sharon. “Carl is gone, right? Take us to your place!”

Carl indeed was gone. Sharon’s husband was at a convention in Chicago. The moment we entered their house, Kimmie and I were inseparable. My hands were all over her. I couldn’t help raising her skirt and grabbing handfuls of her voluptuous ass! Right there in Sharon’s living room, Kim unbuckled me and my slacks fell to the floor. A moment later Kim was on her knees and tugging off my boxer shorts.

“Fuck yeah! Look at that cock! I’ve wanted to do this for so long!” Kimmie whispered, sliding her tongue up and down my rigid shaft.

I was so excited from Kim’s prowess, I’d dismissed Sharon.

“Holy shit! Kimmie, you are sucking your cousin’s cock! That is so fucking hot!” Sharon moaned and peeled off her tight little shorts. “You don’t mind if I watch?”

“I’m gonna suck him off until he comes in my mouth,” Kim blurted, popping my prick in and out of her mouth. Her brilliant green eyes were mostly staring into mine.

I’ve got a pretty big dick – just saying, not bragging. I’m circumsized and about seven and a half inches with a big mushroom head…very veiny and I always have lots of pre-cum. So it was a very sloppy blowjob. Sharon was frigging her tight light pussy like crazy and urging us on. My beautiful cousin had my rigid prick in her mouth and she was really going at it! Sharon moved closer to us.

“That is so fucking hot…are you going to come in your cousin’s mouth?” Sharon asked while she relentlessly rubbed her clitoris.

“Fuck yes! Kimmie, take it!” I groaned.

It was a lot of come. But neither Sharon or I could tell. Kim took it all and swallowed it all. I thought she was going to gag but she just kept going! I could feel five or six “eruptions”…my dear cousin taking it all down her throat. Oh fuck yes! Here was my beautiful cousin, her long red locks and dazzling green eyes, looking up at me with my prick in her mouth. She sucked out every last drop to the point it tickled and made her stop.

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