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My Crazy Neighbor

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I’m an older guy; I don’t look anywhere near as old as I really am, but I’m in my mid fifties. I’m active and healthy, and haven’t’ succumbed to “middle age spread”. I’m also the “Handy” guy in the neighborhood. I used to have an old schoolmarm living next door, but she finally moved out and a new neighbor moved in. She was mid thirties, and she had a daughter that was nineteen.

At first it was OK, we spoke rarely and the daughter ignored my existence, not really surprising, she was two generations off. I was all alone here as my kids had gone off to college and my wife had decided to trade me in on two twenty something’s, but I was over that.

We had gone through her mid-life crises a few years earlier, and then we got ourselves back together, and I thought we were OK again, but when I won a small lottery, she took half and split like it was the normal thing to do. I simply took precautions financially and had her served with divorce papers as soon as possible. I also took the precaution of having a private eye get incriminating pics and tapes of her before we were officially separated. He wanted to show them to me and I left them sealed up, with no desire to see the proof unless she made it necessary.

No real bitterness; I wasn’t surprised after her first mid life crises, and let her go without a fight, and without looking back. I had expended all the emotion and energy I could afford working us through the first crises; I had nothing left for the second.

My half of the lottery allowed me to retire comfortably, and for my kids to pick almost any school they could qualify for, with a little left for a place in the mountains, and that was enough for me.

I first started wondering what was with the woman next door when she would come over at odd hours to ask favors. Borrowing antalya escort something, asking me to look at her car, her drain, her TV…

The questions were not what was weird, the timing was. Very early in the AM, or very late at night. It was a good thing I was an early riser, because the first time she came over at 6:15 am, I could not believe it.

Then it got weirder. She got into “hobby” mode. Always something I knew at least a little something about too. She got into making fine filigree work on scroll saws (I’m an amateur wood worker), she got into camping, she took up archery… I simply tried to answer her questions and deal with her eccentricities. She didn’t seem to be an airhead, but something was very different with her.

Then she decided to become a home nudist. She would dress to come over; in a robe or something, but whenever she managed to get me over to her place, she would apologize and skin it off and explain that she no longer felt comfortable in clothes, and she was sure I would understand. She gave no indication of trying to seduce me, she was just naked.

I would see her from my windows inside her house naked as the day she was born, and even in her back yard. She did make sure she was dressed for any forays in the front.

Not that I complained, she wasn’t bad looking and after she lost the clothes, she also started losing pounds. After about six months she was very trim looking. No tan lines of course, and she shaved everywhere.

One day I was upstairs and happened to go by a window that overlooked her place and noticed her lying on a couch in her family room. Then I realized she was masturbating. She had a large dildo and was really going at it, and of course I stopped to watch. This became routine, and she started doing it in places lara escort I could easily see. Even outside in her side yard. I could swear she set up her lounger on that side to give me a better view of her activities.

Of course I beat off watching her! I’m a man, with normal urges.

One day she came over and asked me to help her unstick a hose that she could not get loose. I got some water pump pliers, and followed her into her back yard. Her dildo, actually two of them, were sitting on a little table next to the lounger she used outside for masturbating on, and my eyes about popped out at her leaving them out.

She didn’t even take note, and showed me the offending hose bibb and I was stunned to find I could not get the damn thing loose. I apologized and said maybe some heat might help it, but she might have to replace the hose. As it turned out that was her plan anyway. I left and got a Bernz-O-Matic torch from my place, and when I returned she was on the lounger, and she obviously had been using the smaller glass dildo, as she was just putting it on the table, and she was knees up, and legs open a bit.

“Sorry, I’m a bit horny these days. Maybe you’ve noticed?”

I mumbled something about maybe a time or two, and she asked if it bothered me, and I shrugged it off. She must have taken that as a no, because she immediately grabbed the dildo and started in like I was not there. She said she loved nothing better than to get sexually satisfied outdoors these days, and I set up so I could watch her as I heated the stubborn joint. A little heat and I got the stubborn joint loose. It looked suspiciously like it had been glued. I wire brushed it off, taking my time so I could continue to watch, and she came explosively. I finished attaching the new side escort hose, and she sat up sideways on the lounger, and thanked me.

“You look like you could do with some relief; come over here.”

I walked over to her and she had my shorts open and on the ground and pulled my boxers clear of my engorged cock, and engulfed it in her mouth. My hands were still full of tools and I just stood there and watched in disbelief as she moaned around my cock, fingering herself with one hand and stroking me with the other. She stopped, took the tools from me and set them on the table, stripped my tee shirt off me and pushed me onto the lounger and onto my back. She then straddled me and plunged herself onto my cock. She took my hands and “made” me grip her breasts, and worked herself into another climax.

“Oh that was good! Care to fuck me doggy?”

She pulled me to my feet, and knelt on knee on the lounger, and stood on the other foot, and I plunged in fucking her for all I was worth. I warned her I was about to cum and she pulled off me and started sucking on me again. When I erupted, she took the first one in her mouth, and then pulled it out and let it spray her everywhere. Face, mouth, tits hair, everywhere.

She went back to sucking me, and once she was sure I was not going to lose the hard on, positioned herself for another go at doggy. I plunged into her ten or so times and she reached back and pulled it out and positioned it at her back door, well lubed with her copious juices.

“Slow and easy at first!”

I did as she asked and worked it slowly and deeply into her rosebud. Soon she was asking me to “fuck her hard”, and I obliged. The tightness was soon too much and I came again, deep into her ass. She came also as I grunted into her.

After we caught our breath, and I disengaged, she invited me in for a shower, where she washed me thoroughly, and told me any time I felt the need for some fucking, to just come on by. I thanked her and gathered my tools and left for home, wondering about what the hell had just happened…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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