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My Daddy’s Favorite Girl

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I have to warn you right from the start this isn’t a pretty story. I’m only writing this on paper because the judge says I have to. Well, not the judge, but you. But since the judge said I have to see you, well….

My name is John, and I’m the youngest of five kids. All girls, except me, of course, and there’s only about a year that separates our ages. We were raised on a farm about a hundred miles from the city—it might as well have been a million miles—my dad never took us there. He believed only evil things happened in the city and it was his duty to protect us from them. That’s pretty funny considering….

One of the reasons you said I had to write this is because I have an ‘unhealthy attitude concerning sex’—that I’m ‘sexually abnormal’ and ‘gender confused’—well who wouldn’t be the way I was raised.

I’m very close to my youngest sister, Jenny. She is a year older than me, and we shared a bedroom all the way up to the time I became the ‘family pet’, as my older sisters described me. We did everything together. I always admired and respected her; she was smart and funny and taught me a lot of things. It was her who tried to open my eyes to the fact that something was wrong with the way we were living.

Anyway, I always thought we lived normal lives. I thought it was normal for a dad to spank his kids in front of the whole family; I thought it was normal for him to take his daughters into his bedroom for ‘special counseling’; I thought it was normal for him to do what he did to me. He told me so….

Our mother died a long time ago. Shortly after her death, we were all taken out of public school and the county allowed dad to give us ‘home schooling’. They encouraged it—despite all the large family farms in the area, the county didn’t have much tax revenue and five less kids in the school system saved them money.

We all worked hard to make the farm profitable. Each one of us had specific chores to do, and if we were lazy or failed to do them properly, there was the haunting threat of having to experience ‘daddy’s leather belt’ across our backsides as punishment.

I guess I began to notice subtle changes in our lifestyle after my oldest sister, Judy, was taken into daddy’s bedroom for ‘special counseling’. Up to that point, we all had called him ‘Pa’, then the next day Judy started calling him ‘Daddy’; I know, that’s not a big deal, but it seemed significant in my mind. The following year on Jackie’s birthday, she went to pa’s room and the next day she called him daddy, too.

After my sister, Jenny, had her ‘special counseling’, and she started calling him daddy, I began to wonder what would happen to me the following year; would I get ‘special counseling’ from him in his bedroom, too?

The other thing I had noticed which was far more obvious than the name-thing, was from the moment Judy started calling him ‘daddy’, she spent every night with him in his bedroom. I had no idea why, or what they were doing, but it was true. And so, each year thereafter, when one of the girls had the counseling, daddy would have one more choice as to who would spend the night with him.

The years went by. First it was Judy; then Jackie; then Jane, and then finally my beloved Jenny. When I was the last one calling him ‘pa’, I felt left out of a private and secret club. Jenny changed—we weren’t as close as we were before. As a matter-of-fact, whenever I was around, none the girls would say much. They whispered and giggled between themselves–I felt lonely.

The year went by quickly. I worked hard in the fields driving a tractor and bringing the crops in. The girls all had their own responsibilities: Judy and Jackie, the two oldest worked in the house cleaning and cooking; Jane and Jenny tended to the chickens, goats, pigs and the vegetable garden. After a long day on the tractor, pa and I always came home to a clean house and a terrific home-cooked lunch and supper.

My birthday was fast approaching and I was going to be that ‘certain age’, but because I was a boy, I didn’t know if pa was going to give me any ‘special counseling’, and I was extremely curious as to what took place behind his closed bedroom door.

Jackie had baked a delicious birthday cake for me. They all sang ‘Happy Birthday’, and when Pa looked at me and said, “Boy, it’s time you had some special counseling—come with me,” I followed him and I heard the girls giggling and snickering as he closed his bedroom door behind us.

We sat on the edge of his bed. “Son,” he began, “…because you’re a boy and you’re tougher than the girls, I’m going to be especially hard on you if you disobey me or disappoint me, in any way…do you understand?”

I didn’t understand, but I told him I did.

“Good…stand up and take off your clothes,” he said.

“Yes, pa,” I said, and did what he asked.

I stood naked before him. My heart pounded as he reached out and stroked my chest and legs.

“From now on, I want you to call me ‘Daddy’—do you understand?”

“Y-yes, d-daddy,” I stammered.

“Spread your legs wider apart,” he ordered.

“Y-yes, daddy,” I said, bursa yabancı escort as I opened my legs for him.

One of his strong hands gently caressed my penis and ball sac. With his other hand, he began pinching and rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed my nipples hard enough for me to cry out.

“Son, tonight we are going to learn if you’re a man—or a sissy-boy,” he said softly.

“You have a beautiful body…” he said, “…very soft—more like a girl than a man.”

I blushed at his words. I wanted him to think of me as a man.

I became acutely aware of his hands. The kneading and stroking caused my penis to become stiff. I felt ashamed to be standing before him with a hard-on. He took my small cock in his hand and stroked it. My breathing became irregular.

“Turn around,” he commanded, “…spread your legs further apart.”

“Y-yes, daddy,” I said, and obeyed him.

When I had my back to him he pulled me closer. He reached around me and began stroking my penis again. Then I felt his hand massage my bottom-cheeks. Soon, his fingers parted my cheeks and I felt a digit rub my anus. My body twitched when he pressed his finger against my anus.

He pulled his finger away then quickly returned it to my tiny hole—it was wet. I guessed he coated his finger with his saliva. This time he slowly, but insistently pushed it into my hole. When he had an inch of it inside me he moved it around and I felt it against the tender flesh of my asshole.

My penis twitched in his hand and I groaned.

“Uhh-huh,” he said.

Further-and-further his finger pushed into me until finally I felt the flat of his hand on my bottom-cheeks. There was some pain, but mostly I felt full—I felt like I had to go to the bathroom.

“Relax your hole,” he said and he pinched my bottom-cheeks until my sphincter opened to his invading finger.

He slowly withdrew his finger to the tip then pushed it into me again. His stroking hand on my cock drove me wild with lust. My hips began to push back against his finger in time with the stroking of his hand.

He sawed his finger in-and-out of my rectum as his hand moved faster-and-faster on my throbbing cock. I was swooning with pleasure. My balls were churning. I had beaten-off hundreds of times over the years and I knew I was about to shoot my load. Suddenly, his finger pushed hard into my asshole and bumped my prostate and I screamed-out. My hips bucked uncontrollably as the cum exploded from my balls and out of my pulsating cockhead into daddy’s waiting hand. He kept milking my cock until my balls were drained.

When he pulled his finger out of me I felt both thrilled and ashamed.

“Clean my hand with your lips and tongue,” he said, as he presented his cum-soaked hand to my face. I obeyed his command.

He stood and began removing his clothes and said, “I think we now know what kind of boy you are…lie down on the bed.”

What kind of boy I am? Did he think I was a sissy? My eyes welled with tears as I lie down and watched him strip.

I gasped when he pulled down his boxers and his hard cock sprang into view. He chuckled and held his cock and said, “I am going to teach you to worship this…”

He arranged my head on the pillow and climbed onto the bed. His knees were on either side of my chest and he straddled me until his balls were dangling above my face.

He looked down at me and said, “Hold my balls in your right hand and take the shaft of my cock in your left…”

“Y-yes, d-daddy,” I meekly said and obeyed him.

I was surprised at the weight of his ball sac—his balls were very heavy in my hand.

“Kiss the head of my cock,” he ordered.

I stared at it. A million thoughts ran through my mind. This might be the last time I could prove to him that I wasn’t a sissy—that I was a man.

“D-Daddy, I…I can’t do that!” I pleaded with him.

He showed no emotion. He climbed off me and sat calmly on the edge of the bed.

“Bring me the razor-strap,” he said as he pointed at it hanging on the wall.

“Daddy, please…” my voice quivered.

“BRING ME THE RAZOR-STRAP!!” he shouted.

A chill ran up my spine. His tone scared me. I quickly rolled off the bed and retrieved the strap off the wall. My hands were trembling as I gave it to him. He motioned for me to lie across his lap—his broad thighs. I complied. I had felt his wrath many times, but he used a plain leather belt then. I knew this was going to be something completely different.

I heard the strap whoosh the air before it came down on my bottom-cheeks. The pain caught me by surprise and I screamed. Over-and-over he brought it down on my bottom and I cried out in protest and pain. This was ten-times worse than his leather belt.

Tears welled in my eyes and the next SMACK caused them to roll down my cheeks and onto the floor below. My mind was lost in the pain. He began talking to me as he whipped my bottom.

“Does my pretty boy want to suck daddy’s cock?”—SMACK—”Does my pretty boy want to suck daddy’s bursa sınırsız escort cock?”—SMACK—”Does my pretty boy want to suck daddy’s cock?”—SMACK!!

I was sobbing uncontrollably—the pain was excruciating—all I wanted was for the whipping to end.


He pushed me on the floor; I cried and cleared my nose. He had won—he was going to make me his ‘sissy’, and I knew I had better obey—I couldn’t take another whipping with the strap.

“Here, boy—hang this back on the wall,” he ordered.

I was still crying as my trembling hands carefully replaced the strap on the wall. Now I fully understood how he had tamed my sisters. I cringed when I thought of poor Jenny having to bear the awful pain. I thought I heard a commotion outside his bedroom door.

And indeed, sometime later Jenny told me all the girls were listening outside daddy’s door that night. They KNEW what was going to happen to me. They KNEW he would have to use the strap on me to break my stubborness. Jenny confided to me that the older girls had gotten so aroused by the sound of my whipping that the two younger girls were led off to the bedrooms and forced to kneel between the older girls’ thighs and pleasure them orally.

When I returned to the bed daddy was lying on his back with his legs spread wide.

“Get on your knees between my legs, boy!” he ordered.

I hurriedly obeyed. I held his balls in my right hand and the shaft of his now pulsating cock in my other. I leaned forward and kissed his purple cockhead.

He chuckled loudly and said, “That’s a good little sissy—you obey daddy from now on, and daddy won’t have to whip your fanny anymore—okay, sissy-boy?”

His words hurt more than the strap but all I could say was, “Yes, daddy—I’ll obey you.”

He taught me how he liked his hard cock kissed and licked. He said from now on, whenever I kissed and licked it I was to look at it—to savor it—to breathe in his manly aroma–to think of nothing else but his cock.

I promised him I would.

His cock was six inches long and an-inch-and-half around. It fit easily in my mouth. I was told that my tongue must always be touching his flesh when I had it in my mouth. I nodded my head in agreement.

I continued sucking and he continued talking. He told me when he ejaculates in my mouth I was to flatten my tongue over his cock-slit and lap up his cum that way, and swallow every drop of it. I nodded my head in agreement as I busily concerned myself with sucking his cock and giving him the most pleasure that I could.

When I felt his balls contract in my hand I readied myself and caught his cum on my tongue. He shot irregular jets of cum into my mouth and I was able to swallow it all.

When his cock went soft he tapped me on the head and said, “Lick it clean!”

My tongue was thick with his cum when he was satisfied I’d done my job correctly. I thought I would get a rest—I was wrong.

“Next thing I’m going to teach you sissy-boy is how to eat my asshole, and I’ll warn you in advance—you won’t like it at first, but do not pull your head away or you’ll regret the day you were born!”

I already did.

He pulled his legs backwards and pushed his knees apart. His anus was inches from my mouth. I began kissing it before I was told. He laughed.

He instructed me how he wanted me to lick his asshole. I readily complied. When I had his anus wet with my saliva, he had me curl my tongue and push it into his asshole. He had me tongue-fuck his asshole until his cock was hard again then he told me to stand beside the bed and bend over.

I felt an oily substance being applied to my anus. He would insert his finger into me then withdraw it and applied more oil. He thoroughly oiled my hole and by the time his finger was all the way inside me my cock was hard as a rock.

He laughed at my stiff prick and said, “Yes, I think you’re going to love this more than your sisters do!”

He put away the lubricant and said as he smiled, “I think I’m going to have you break your own cherry—climb on top of me with your legs spread on either side of me.”

I followed his instructions and had difficulty spreading my legs that far apart.

“Maybe if the strap kissed your bottom again you would find it easier,” he said.

The threat worked! With my legs spread to their breaking point, I found myself with my bottom inches above his turgid cock. He told me to reach down and stroke his cock—I obeyed—then he told me to place the head of his cock against my anus. I obeyed. Then he told me to work his cockhead into my anus. I wiggled my hips and my mouth formed a silent “OH” as his cockhead popped through my opening. He told me to stop.

He handed me a metal chain with a clamp on each end.

“Open the clamps and attach them to your nipples.” I obeyed him. I made a face and winced in pain but I did not cry out.

Between the nipple-clamps and the head of his cock inside my anus, I was in extreme pain, görükle escort but I refused to allow him to enjoy it.

He lay back and folded his hands behind his head, and smiled. “Reach back with your right hand and hold my balls!” I found his balls and obeyed his command.

“Tell daddy you want to feel his hard cock in your ass!” he ordered.

By this time I just wanted it to be over. “Please, daddy—I want to feel your hard cock in my ass!”

He frowned and said, “That didn’t sound very convincing.”


“Is my sissy-boy going to give daddy a good fuck?” he sneered.


“Good boy,” he smiled. “Now push your hips down until you take my entire cock into your asshole!”


Oh so slowly I impaled myself on his cock. I lowered myself until I felt his pubic hairs on my tender bottom-cheeks.


He flexed his cock and it expanded my asshole—I winced in pain.

He laughed then said, “Okay sissy-boy—give daddy a good fuck!”

“Yes, daddy…” I said, and began raising my hips upward until just the head of his cock nestled inside me; I paused, then lowered my hips until my asshole swallowed his cock once again.

I continued this slow pace for a good five minutes. I was becoming accustomed to his cock inside me. The pain had subsided—it began to actually feel good.

“Faster,” he said.

I obeyed him. I raised and lowered my hips faster onto his cock. My nipples tingled beneath the clamps–my cock pulsated and throbbed. My eyes closed and my head fell backwards and rolled from side-to-side. I thrust down harder-and-harder. When his cock bumped my prostate I cried out in ecstasy. I heard him laughing but I was too far gone to care.

I fucked his cock like a madman. My hand massaged his balls. I babbled incoherently—streams of spittle ran down my chin.

He screamed out, “FUCK ME FASTER, BOY!!”

His words caused the cum to churn in my balls. With wild abandon I fucked him faster-and-faster. I loved the feel of his cock inside me! Sliding up-and-down his cock produced the most thrilling sensations I’d ever experienced.

I felt his balls contract in his heavy scrotum. I felt the cum begin to rise in my own sac. Suddenly, we both thrashed about wildly on the bed. Our bodies jerked and spasmed as we had simultaneous ejaculations. We both shouted our ecstasy as his cum filled my asshole to over-flowing—and my cum sprayed out of my cock and landed on his chest and belly. Our bodies shook with the intense pleasure we were feeling.

When it was over he pulled me forward and kissed me on the lips for the first time. He stroked my face and hair and whispered into my ear, “You’re going to love being my sissy-boy, aren’t you?”

I smiled at him and truthfully said, “Yes, daddy…I want to be your sissy-boy forever!”

I licked my cum off his body without being told. He just smiled. He helped me to my feet and held my hand as we walked unsteadily to his bathroom. I sat on the toilet seat and his cum oozed out of my asshole into the bowl. He gave me a wash cloth and I cleaned his penis. When I was through I kissed his penis. He smiled again.

He had me kneel beside the bowl and hold his penis as he emptied his bladder. When he was finished, I took his cockhead into my mouth and cleaned his piss-slit with my tongue.

We went back to bed and I fell asleep in his arms.

The next day was Sunday—he and I never worked the fields on the Sabbath. It was our only day off. When I awoke, he was holding me in his arms and stroking my hair.

“Good morning, my pretty sissy-boy,” he smiled.

I smiled back at him and said, “Good morning, daddy.” He kissed me.

He placed my hand on his morning hard-on and I eagerly stroked it. He ran his forefinger over my lips and then pointed at his cock. My penis twitched as I scrambled to my knees between his wide-splayed thighs.

I kissed and licked and teased his cock until he had an explosive orgasm inside my mouth. I greedily swallowed every drop of his cum. I had never felt this happy before. I wondered if Jenny felt this glow after she had pleasured daddy.

We had just enough time to shower before breakfast. I washed his cock and balls and when I was cleaning his asshole my little penis became erect. He laughed and hugged me and told me what a wonderful sissy-boy I was. I beamed with pride.

He said we’d wear robes to breakfast with nothing underneath.

“After breakfast we’re coming back here—we have a free day and there is so much more I want to teach you,” he said with a wink of his eye.

He pulled on his full-length robe and handed me a short, silk pink robe. He said “Wait” before I could put it on. He stood behind me and gently stroked my still-blazing-red bottom. I felt his finger slip down to my nether region and I automatically spread my legs. He massaged my anus until I had a full erection. Then he slipped the small, tight-fitting robe on me and I cinched it closed. My little hard-on pushed out the front of the robe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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