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My Daughter A Cuckoldress Ch. 04

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Our last day on our vacation at Nautical Beachfront resort in Lake Havasu. My wife Alexa and my daughter Ciara went into town for a girls’ morning. Breakfast, pedicures, manicures, and girls talk.

They arrived back at the suite, both giddy. Looking like best friends more than mother and daughter.

“How did the pedicures and manicures go?” I asked.

“So much fun! We both got matching cat eye pink nails.” Alexa held out her hands, showing us her pink glittery nails.

“Oh! We both also go matching tattoos!” Yelled Ciara as they both laughed and giggled.

They held out their arms where Jon and I could see both their matching finger nails. They then turned their hands over and on both of their right wrists were heart tattoos with the letters “KA” inside them.

I had to admit to myself the tattoos looked incredibly sexy on the ladies. My emotions inside were boiling.

“What is the KA?” asked Jon.

Ciara laughed. “It’s the Alpha Society letters. The Kappa Alpha Society.”

Confused, anxious, embarrassed, and angry. The emotions I was feeling overwhelmed me.

My wife and daughter got tattoos for my wife’s boyfriend Matt. Tattoos with the initials of his men’s club. His fucking elite, exclusive fraternity!

My jelousy triggered.

I looked at my wife. I was shaking. “What the fuck did you do Alexa!”

“Don’t you fucking dare, Joe!” She shot back with anger in her eyes.

I’ve been here before. Overwhelmed with cuckold angst. Fear I was losing my wife and now my daughter.

I have lashed out at Alexa in the past.

A losing battle. It only separates us. Disconnects our love. Causes her to not want to cuckold me. She has reminded me over and over during my angst moments. This is something I have asked for. Something I had begged for. Something I crave. It only works if I am in.

I look at Alexa then to Ciara. Ciara has tears building in her eyes.

With my head down, I push past them to the door.

“Don’t Joe!” Alexa firmly says again.

I stare at her. Again I am shaking. I know I am in the wrong, but I just want to yell. I want to punch something for letting it go this far.

“I need time to digest this Alexa. Please give me some space.”

“What’s going on Mom?” Ciara cries.

Alexa opens the door. “Your dad is being a fucking baby and having a tantrum because he can’t handle he is a cuckold right now.”

With my head down. I walk out of the door. Trying in my anger not to make this situation worse.

The fact is, I feel small. I feel like I am losing my wife and daughter to this man. The last 48 hours peaked and the emotions have crashed down on me. Uncontrollable cuckold angst.

I walk out to the beach and breathe. Tears in my eyes. Alexa is right, she is always right. That is why it is a losing battle to argue with her.

We have discussed getting cuckold and hotwife tattoos in the past. Something discrete that symbols our type of relationship. I have told her how hot that would be. Isn’t this exactly what this tattoo is?

But on my daughter too. What the fuck have I let happen?

I think back to the previous night.

It was late.

I was awake in my room. Fantasizing about my daughter out fucking Brandon, the retired NFL player we met at the pool who fucked her poolside in front of everyone.

I also fantasized about my wife in Matt’s arms. The agony and cuckold pleasure thinking about them in love. Him taking her from me. The angst I felt when she told him she loved him now turned me on. Her loving to fuck other men just drives me fucking wild.

The thought had my cock iron hard.

My door opened. I could see her stepping through.

My naked daughter.

Her hair tangled and matted. Her breast, nipples swollen and red. Knees raw and marked. Small sex bruises on her body. Her ass red and hand printed clearly from hard smacks to her ass.

She came to me. I reached out and lightly touched her hips. She looked sexed and beautiful. Pussy swollen and dripping fluids.

“Do you want to fuck your daughter, Joe?” she whispered.

I pulled her to me. Feeling her skin. My hand now lightly cupping her ass.

My eyes felt like they were burning. Burning with desire for her.

“Yes.” I gasp

“I have so much cum inside me dad.”

My thoughts turned to Brandon. The man that took her to his room to fuck her.

“How many times did he cum?”

She rubbed a finger across her pussy, placed a finger on my mouth, and pushed against my lips. I sucked it in tasting the saltiness, the mixture of her and his body fluids.

“It’s not just his cum. I’ve been a terrible little girl.”

She laid on top of me. Sliding her naked body over mine. Her warm breast smashing against my chest. Her wet pussy sliding over my dick.

Leaning in, she gave me a kiss. I felt her tongue push into my mouth and I kissed back. Grabbing my wrist, she straddled my body and moved her pussy until she was right above my face.

“I want you to lick my clit. Taste my pussy, but save some for Jon. I told him I needed to talk Taksim Escort to you and I’d be right back.”

I could smell the cum, taste it as I licked her pussy lightly, then her clit.

“Who else’s cum?” I breathed out.

She told me that after Brandon had fucked her, Matt had called and invited them to his room with her mother, Alexa. When they arrived, her Mom was already being fucked by multiple guys of the Alpha Society. She could not believe how slutty her mom was. All her holes being fucked at once.

They were the only two women there. Mother and daughter. It excited the guys for the conquest. Ciara told me she had no clothes on since Brandon had ripped her swimsuit off at the pool before taking her to his room.

They led her into the room, and Matt greeted her. He kissed her and asked if she was ready to be a good baby girl for Daddy.

She ground her pussy down on my face and moaned as she told me the story. It was sloppy and stretched and the taste was driving me crazy. Grinding on my face, I flicked my tongue onto her clit.

“They took turns on me, Joe. Took turns fucking your daughter and filling me with their cum.”

“Oh fuck! You feel so good! You are fantastic with your mouth!” Ciara moaned.

“I don’t know how many times they filled me with their cum. I think some fucked me multiple times. They fucked mom too. Daddy passed us both around like his sluts! Do you like that Joe? Do you like that my new Daddy had his baby girl used by his friends for sex?”

My cock couldn’t be more hard as I boar down on her pussy.

“Fuck yes, lick it! Mom told me you are the best pussy licker! Lick my well fucked pussy, Joe!”

“Ahhh,” she erupted in orgasm.”

“Good job Joe.”

She lifted off my face. “Look at your poor little hard dick turned on by mommy and me being fucked.”

“It is so hot you want to fuck me dad.”

“I love how you look at me. Desire me. I’d fuck you, dad. I have been fucked so many times today. I’ve been so slutty.”

“But if I fucked you, it will just be a pity fuck for you and we don’t want that.”

She leaned down and kissed the tip of my dick.

“Goodnight dad, I love you. Mom also told me to check in on you and send my love. Sleep well.”

She walked out of the room.

I stare out onto the lake water. My emotions are calming down. Both my wife and my daughter have cuckolded me. They are both permanently marked now with a reminder of this weekend.

I know they both love me and this is all just expanding and enriching our relationships.

My shorts have a tent in them as I reflect on the past days of this vacation.

I once again have to accept I am a cuckold. I think as a cuckold, it will always conflict me while It fulfills a psychological sexual need for me.

I am at the pool now drinking a beer. My thoughts wonder again with a sense of happiness for my wife. My sex goddess that gives me this gift. Happiness for my daughter, who gets to experience this heightened sexuality openly for as long as she desires.

My phone chimes. The text reads “come back to the room” ending with two emoji hearts.

With my head down, I return to the room, ashamed about my tantrum.

I am greeted at the door by my wife, Alexa. She embraces my face with both of her hands. Gives me a deep, passionate kiss.

“I love you Joe. I know this is all hard on you emotionally. You need to go talk to Ciara in our bedroom. She has been crying and feels ashamed of everything she has done this weekend. Jon and I couldn’t console her.”

I look over and see Jon on the couch, also looking upset. I enter our bedroom and there she is, not alone. Cuddled in Matt’s arms.

I instantly feel small.

“Hey Matt.” I should tell him to fuck off, but I can’t. “Thank you for taking care of Ciara.”

“It is the least I can do for my baby girl. Someone has to be a man around here, Joe.” Matt is staring at me as he talks.

My heart pounds in my chest. My cock pulses. I can’t let him talk to me like this.

“She tells me you were very excited last night when she arrived home and she doesn’t understand why you are so angry this morning. I told her you are feeling ashamed of your submissive feelings. Isn’t that right?”

Who the fuck does this guy think he is? He had my wife and daughter tattooed. My strong self battles my submissiveness. I look at Ciara.

“Yes, he is right. I am sorry you saw me blow up like that sweety.”

Matt spoke up again “Joe, do you like her new tattoo? She was very excited to get it with her mom.”

I looked at Ciara. Her small wrist tattooed with the heart. Sexy, slutty, a permanent reminder. I love it.

“Yes, it looks very sexy on both of them.” I can’t believe what comes out of my mouth next. “Thank you, sir for encouraging them to get them.”

Matt smiles. I am highly aroused. There is no hiding my hard on from the two of them. Ciara is now looking at me and smiling as this man dominates me in front of her.

Matt kisses Ciara and stands removing Ümraniye Escort his shirt and shorts. His long soft shaft hangs from his body. He looks and stares at me with a smile as I gaze down at his masculinity.

“Come get me ready to fuck your daughter Joe.”

Ciara’s mouth gasps and drops open. She looks at me, then at him. “No way.”

Matt exerts his dominance. “Come get your punishment cuckold.”

I’m speechless. My eyes are still on his cock. I want to suck it. I need to suck it. To serve him, please him and apologize to all of them. I’m feeling sexually submissive.

I drop to my knees in front of this alpha male. Touch his cock. I have done this for him before. His flesh is warm and soft. His cock is almost double my size and the width, no comparison.

I place the head into my mouth.

“What are you doing dad!” Ciara yells.

“What do you think he is doing?” Matt replies.

I hear her laugh as I take more of Matt and feel him hardening.

It is empowering. Preparing him to fuck her. Getting him good and hard and horny enough to ravage her. Pleasuring him like my wife and daughter do. I am a submissive male. I will submit to my wife, my daughter and their lovers. It is erotic.

“Baby girl. Your dad is a cocksucker. As much of a slut as you and your mom. He gets off on you two being slutty because he is a slut himself. Isn’t that right, cocksucker?”

Matt pushes my head down on to him as I nod in agreement.

“Baby girl. Take you clothes off, I’m about ready to fuck you.”

Ciara quickly strips as I prepare Matt for her. He is cocky as he says. “Maybe we will get Joe a matching tattoo.”

“Oh, my god!” Ciera breathes heavily.

“You like the tattoo, don’t you, my baby girl? You like that you now have a Daddy to train you sexually, a Daddy you will do anything for.”

I look over. She has two fingers in her pussy, you can hear the wetness as she finger fucks herself.

“Yes Daddy I love you! I’ll do anything for you.”

“Fuck your so hot!”

“Suck my Daddy’s cock, Joe!” Ciara, my daughter’s words pierce my heart and mind fucks me with pleasure.

Matt abruptly pulls out of my mouth.

“Guide my cock into your daughter’s pussy. Give my cock to her!”

My wife. I didn’t hear them. I turn and see her and Ciara’s boyfriend Jon looking at me. Alexa has a huge smile on her face. She gets off on my submission. She is rubbing Jon’s cock. How long have they been watching?

“Do it now, Joe.” Matt urges.

I grab his cock in my hand. Wet from my sucking. Hard, thick, and massive. My pencil dick erect.

I guide it into my 19-year-old daughter’s pussy, controlling his initial thrust. Giving her officially to this man like I did my wife. Over 8 inches, my hand is still at the base of his shaft. Once I let go, he will thrust all the way inside her.

“I’m sorry I got angry.” I say to all of them and let go. I watch him sink all the way in, slapping his balls against her pussy and ass.

She screams in pleasure as he pounds her youthful teen body. He is not being gentle this time. He is ravishing her. Driving his point across to me with every thrust that he owns both of my girls sexually.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ciara shouts as the first waves of orgasm rock her body.

She enjoys being under his control.

“Who is your Daddy?” Matt shouts.

“You, you are!” she squeals.

Ah, ah. Ah, ah” she groans.

The slapping of their bodies loud echoing throughout the room.

“You ready for me to cum?” Matt gasps as he continues to pound his body into hers.

“Oh yes, cum in my pussy Daddy, yeah cum in my pussy, a big load in my pussy.”

She’s going crazy for him.

“Fuck, fuck, please cum inside me,” she cries in orgasm.

Matt groans as he pushes all the way inside her. His ass clenches as he drives in. He groans and his balls pulsate as he pumps her full of his cum.

They lie there for a moment. He pulls out slowly until he pops out, leaving a puddle of cum in her stretched pussy.

He turns. Stares at me like a bull that just feasted. He looks at my wife Alexa, then at Jon. He looks strong and fit, sexy.

“It’s your turn champ.”

In seconds, Jon is by Ciara’s side. He is kissing her.

I’m still on my knees on the floor when I feel a hand on my shoulder. Alexa.

“Come with me Joe, let’s leave these two to have time to themselves.”

I walk out with both Matt and Alexa. One last look back to see Jon between my daughter’s legs, cleaning her pussy for her.

Back in the living room, Matt has left Alexa and me to have time to reconnect.

I shook his hand and thanked him for everything. I truly appreciated him coming and helping to get my mindset back positive.

Alexa and I made out as I apologized for how I acted. She told me how much she always loves to watch me fully submit to one of her lovers.

How hot I looked serving him.

I told her how sexy her tattoo is and how I can’t believe she is permanently marked by Matt.

She laughed and told me I was next.

“I hope all the angst is out of you because Matt wants to have an initiation party for us at tonight’s beach party, since it is the last night! He wants to make us Alpha Society Sweethearts!” Alexa said with the excitement of a teenager.

“What does that mean?”.

“That is what I took Ciara out to tell her this morning.”

“It means we will be a full member of their organization as females that serve the men in the society. They will have sexual access to us whenever they want. Aside from the sexual benefits, it will have a ton of social benefits and lifetime connections to some of the most powerful men in business for Ciara. Jon as well if they stay together.”

“Brandon already has offered Ciara modeling work for one of his clothing companies. “

Alexa explained it all to me. Including how she was going to leave her job to do consulting work for the guys. Giving the married members more discrete access to her. It all seemed a bit too much to believe. I could feel the angst, but it thrilled me. They would travel and serve the men of the Alpha Society.

“I will continue to be Matt’s girlfriend too. Joe, understand, though it will now be open.”

“What does that mean?” I looked at her.

She was rubbing between my thighs. “It means everyone will know he is my boyfriend. I will go to parties with him. He will even come to parties with me. Come to our house whenever he wants. We will introduce him to our family and friends as my boyfriend. We will openly be affectionate with each-other.”

She is going to cuckold me openly. What will everyone think of me, of us? How will I deal with the humiliation of it all?

I didn’t have to speak. Alexa was now stroking my hard cock, smiling at me.

“I knew it was going to turn you on. We have been doing this cuckolding thing for a long time. I think it is time. Our relationship has entered a new stage.”

“What do you mean by that Alexa” I whispered.

“You and I, we are like BFFs. We have conversations like two girls, we talk about the men I fuck. We talk about everything. You help me get ready for dates with other men. You take me shopping for clothes, take care of our home and me. Joe, you help get men ready to fuck me and watch them pleasure me. We talk about how good it feels to get fucked. We have a strong emotional bond. You are the love of my life.”

I breathed. “I love everything about you. You are my perfect goddess wife. I love our marriage.”

“Joe, you agree Matt and all these guys from the Alpha Society fuck me better than you ever can, right? That is why we opened our marriage for me to fuck other guys in the first place, isn’t it? You knew you needed to be a cuckold? That I needed more to be sexually satisfied.”

“Alexa, what are you saying?”

She was stroking my cock fast. Looking at me in the eyes.

“I’m saying Joe. I am going to be having a lot more great sex. Not cuckolding you occasionally. I’m going to be called upon often after this trip. I will not waste another night having your little dick trying to fuck me.”

“Your not going to have sex with me anymore, Alexa?”

My arousal was increasing, and orgasm was building.

“No Joe, your little dick does nothing for me. I’ll still get you off, though, and you still will get me off. Worshipping me with your tongue but not putting this in my pussy. My pussy is for men only now.”

Her words were mind fucking me. The woman I love, the one I desire, my goddess. I often have thought about her denying me her pussy. It turns me on thinking about the love and attraction I have for her and not being allowed inside her pussy, being denied that right. Me being her submissive husband. Driving my mind mad with sexual desire.

It exploded out of me. Blast of jizz after blast of jizz shot from my body as Alexa held onto my dick.

“Yes Joe, cum for me, cum to the thought of being pussy free. You want this too Joe.”

She leaned in and kissed me passionately. “I look forward to the rest of our future with each-other. I love you so much.”

We spent the afternoon out by the pool. Our whole family Alexa, Ciara, and Jon. Matt gave us our space and so did the other guys. There was still plenty of flirting and kissing between Ciara, Alexa and the guys of the Alpha Society around the pool. Everyone knew Ciara and Alexa were having an initiation party this evening. A formal ceremony beginning their full membership to the organization. After they would all have access to the girls whenever they pleased.

Alexa continued to be loving towards me. Being tender, kissing and comforting me. BFFs forever, she kidded with me.

The day went by fast, and evening came. The girls spent what felt like several hours getting ready for the evening beach party.

Alexa, out of the shower, had me rub lotion all over her body, giving her a full body massage and making her skin soft.

“Are you excited about tonight?” She asked.

I was excited. The day had built up the anticipation; I was having cuckold cravings. Anxious but looking forward to this new chapter in our life. My dick was dripping cum, as I had my cuckold thoughts.

Alexa laughed at my obvious arousal. “You are amazing. I’ll never fully understand it, but I am happy you gave me this gift to cuckold you. I truly love you Joe.”

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