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My Daughter the Exhibitionist

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Chapter 1 – Brittany sets the rules for her summer at my house.

It always amazed me how just one phone call can so drastically change your life. My call came from my daughter, Brittany.

I grew up in Kansas, and Sheila (Brittany’s Mom) and I met when we were in our early 20’s. We dated for a few years, and although she ended up pregnant, we never got married. When Brittany was 2 years old Sheila cheated on me, and I decided to deal with it by moving to California. We agreed on a child support payment, and in the 16 years that followed, I never missed a check. Over the years, I did my best to stay in touch by calling Brittany about 3-4 times a month, and by going out to visit her as much as possible. It wasn’t the best arrangement, but it could have been a lot worse.

In what seemed like no time at all, Brittany turned 18, and was set to graduate from high school. Through my prodding she agreed to go to college, and I told her I would continue to help her with money as long as she was in school. It was 2 days after she got her diploma when she called.


“Hi, Brit! What’s up?”

“Well, it’s about college. I was able to get a partial scholarship to a school, and well, the thing is, is that it’s right near you in San Diego. I’m already pre-enrolled and on a waiting list for the dorms, and was hoping you could help me pay for what they won’t.”

“Of course Brit, I always told you I would. Actually, it’d be great to have you so close. We haven’t even seen each other for like 3 years now. But you know, honey, California is a lot different than Kansas. It might be a bit of a culture shock when you show up to start school!”

“Well, that’s the next thing. Mom already said it would be O.K., so I was wondering how it would be if I came out and stayed with you until school starts. That way we could spend some time together this summer, and I could get to know the area before fall semester!”

To be honest, my first thoughts were a little selfish. Here I was, in my 40’s, I’ve lived alone for years, and was pretty set in my routine. How could I possibly have a roommate for the whole summer? But even after missing practically her entire childhood, my daughter was still asking to spend time with me. It didn’t take long for me to answer.

“I’d love to have you stay here, honey! When did you think you might come out?”

“Well, if I pack my car tomorrow, I could be there on Saturday! And don’t worry. While I’m there I plan on paying my way by doing all the cooking and cleaning. I promise you won’t have to do a thing!”

“I’m sure we can figure all that out when you get here. Are you going to be O.K. driving out here alone?”

“Yes Daddy, no problem. I got your book smarts and your street smarts, so I can definitely take care of myself!”

So there it was. The girl that I knew mostly from phone calls, who I hadn’t even seen since she was 15, was going to be living with me in less than a week. I didn’t sleep much the next few days, and I felt pretty anxious trying to imagine what I was in for. When Saturday arrived I spent most of the day cleaning the house and getting her bedroom and bathroom ready. Then I spent the evening waiting for her to arrive.

It wasn’t until after midnight when Brittany finally pulled up. I should have been in bed hours ago, and I was way too tired to give her a proper greeting. I heard her car in the driveway, so I opened the door and stood in the entry while I watched her get out, stretch, and then bounce toward me. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail, and it swayed back and forth across her shoulders as she approached me. She was dressed in big, baggy sweats, and except for the longer hair, she looked pretty much the same as she did the last time I saw her. She dropped her duffle bag in the hall and almost knocked me over with her hug.

“I am so glad to finally be here!” she said with her cheek buried against my chest. “Mom was driving me crazy, and I so needed to get away from her! I promise I will hold up my end of the bargain while I’m here, and by the end of the summer you’ll be so spoiled you won’t want me to move to the dorms!”

While we stood hugging in the hall, all of my anxiety about having her here for the summer went away, and I began to look forward to having some time to finally get to know my daughter. I knew she had gotten older, but it still felt like I was talking with the same awkward teenage I saw 3 years ago.

“I’ll be happy if you just keep your bedroom and bathroom clean.” I said sarcastically back to her. “And just to let you know, your room is upstairs and down the hall from mine, and your bathroom is down here across from my office. The only bathroom upstairs is in my bedroom, so even though this bathroom is a little far from your room, I thought you’d like the privacy of having your own.”

“Privacy?!?!” her face twisted, “After living in that cramped condo with Mom, her creepy boyfriend, and my nosey little half-brother, I don’t know what privacy is anymore! But don’t worry, I promise you’ll still have yours, and I won’t get in your way.”

“O.K. orhangazi escort Brit, now if you don’t mind, your old dad needs to get some sleep. We can unload your car and catch up after you get up tomorrow, say around 2 p.m.?” She was notorious for sleeping way past sleeping in, so I half-teased her about it every chance I got.

Pretending to be insulted, she challenged me back, “Yah, right! I’ll be up way before you!”

“We’ll see. Now try to get some sleep and I’ll see ‘ya in the morning.” I gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, “I’m really glad your here sweetheart…G’nite!”

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite, Dad!”

I could hear her moving around the house as I lay in bed, and it was a nice change from the years of silence I had become accustomed to. I started to think about all of the adjustments I would have to make in the next few months, but I fell asleep before anything specific came to mind.

I woke up at about 9:00 a.m., and was confused for a second by the sound of the stereo downstairs, and the smell of coffee and toast coming from the kitchen.

“She was up before me” I thought as I pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, “Boy do I miss the energy of youth…” Still half asleep, I made my way downstairs.

I was looking forward to a fresh cup of coffee, but my need for caffeine disappeared when I saw my daughter fixing us breakfast. The baggy sweats she was wearing last night were a far cry from the short, thin robe she was wearing this morning, and she barely resembled the lanky 15 year old that she was the last time I saw her.

Her back was to me when I walked into the kitchen, and my eyes were drawn to how her white satin robe clung to her skin and followed the contour of her obviously firm ass. The bottom hem line was just a couple of inches below her butt, and out from under it grew a pair of smooth, tan, toned legs. Her hair was held in a bun on top of her head by a giant hair clip, and I could see that her robe was starting to slip off of her right shoulder. I cleared my throat to announce my presence, and she turned around smiling as she offered me a steaming cup of coffee.

“Morning, Daddy! I told you I’d be up first!” she said while handing me the cup. “I hope you don’t mind that I made myself at home?”

“No, I’m glad you did” was all I could get out while trying not to spill my coffee. I discreetly continued to size her up while she was setting the table.

She had the robe tied loosely at her waist, and it caused the neckline to gape open as she moved around. Despite her mother’s small chest she was carrying a set of 34C’s, and they stood proud and firm as she arranged the plates and silverware. Although they stayed covered, her nipples were just hard enough to be poking out against the shiny material, and I could tell that they sat high atop her perfect breasts. The deep neck of the robe opened down past her cleavage, and I noticed that her dark tan wasn’t interrupted by any bikini lines. The white satin remained closed below the knot tied at her waist, and I felt somewhat relieved that I couldn’t see anything more.

We had a great talk over breakfast, and she made me sit and relax while she cleaned up afterward. I glanced over at her right when she was bending down to load the plates in the bottom rack of the dishwasher, and her robe lifted up just enough to expose the bottom curve of her young, round ass. I stood up quickly to avoid seeing anything more, but she started to speak before I could leave.

“Daddy, I already unloaded most of my car this morning, but there are still a few heavy things left. I was hoping you could help me bring them in before I took a shower?”

“Sure Brit. Just come get me in my office when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready right now if it’s O.K.?” Her coy smile and batting eyes were an unnecessary enticement.

“Sure, why not? I’ll be in the garage getting a space ready.”

I opened the garage door and cleared a small area for her things. Brittany walked in and I was surprised to see that she was still in her robe. I assumed that she was going to wait there and just let me grab the rest of her stuff, but when I walked out to the driveway and opened the door to her car she was standing right behind me.

“Umm…, Brittany? Don’t you think you might be a little underdressed to be out here? There’s not a lot of action here in the cul-de-sac, and the neighbors tend to keep busy by keeping tabs on everyone else.”

Brittany pointed to the house that was 2 away from, but that faced almost directly toward, mine. Feeling like she was already a part of the neighborhood, she said, “Do you mean Glen…, I mean Mr. Rivers? I met him this morning while you were still asleep. He said he saw me last night in the window when I was making up my bed, and that he was happy to see that I finally came out to visit you. Actually, when I told him I would be here all summer, he said that if I wanted to earn some money that he and his wife could use some help around their house! I told him I would have to check with you.”

Her girlish smile nilüfer escort then changed to a teasing sneer, “And it didn’t seem to bother him that I was in my robe, so I really don’t see what the big deal is.”

She is legally an adult, and I learned a long time ago never to argue with a woman, so I said nothing else about how she was dressed. I did, however, need to speak up about “Glen”.

“Well, I don’t know about working for Rivers. I think the summer’s gonna go by pretty quick, and I told you I would take care of whatever you needed while you were here. Let’s just get your things in the garage and we can talk about it later.”

We unloaded her car, and as we carried her things inside, I tried not to stare as her body strained against her robe. A couple of times I glanced over at the neighbor’s houses, and at one point I thought I saw the reflection of a camera lens from the Rivers’ upstairs window. I barely spoke to Glen, and knew little more about him other than his name. Although it seemed a little strange to me that he would come over, introduce himself, and offer Brittany work, I decided not to make a big deal out of it and kept my mouth shut.

“I’m gonna have to get some wood shutters for the outside of her bedroom windows” I thought while I was wondering just how much Rivers saw of my daughter up in her room last night. “I can only imagine what kind of ‘help’ he and his wife would need her for around their house.”

Her car was finally cleared out, and the garage door slowly slid down its tracks while we went back into the house. Brittany thanked me with a hug, and I went to my office to do a little work while she went to her room to get ready for her shower. A couple of minutes later I heard her walking back down the stairs, and caught a glimpse of her from behind before she disappeared into the bathroom. She was still in her robe, but the satin sash was now hanging down along her legs, extending from the two belt loops it was threaded through. The left side of her robe was tucked back under her left arm, and in her hand she was carrying a large plastic bag full of toiletries. In my younger years I have shared bathrooms with a few different women, and knew how quickly they can take over all the useable counter and drawer space. I was glad I had a full bath in the house that my daughter could use for herself.

After about 10 minutes into her shower, I heard her yell. “Damn it! Daddy…, can you come here please?”

I got up from my desk and knocked on the bathroom door. “What’s wrong honey?”

“I forgot to pack my razor and I really need to shave. Do you have one I could use?”

“Yah, I have a pack of disposables upstairs. I’ll be right back.”

I grabbed a fresh razor from my medicine cabinet, went back downstairs, and knocked before cracking open the bathroom door. I could reach the counter with my hand without opening the door all the way.

“I’ll set it in here by the door, O.K.?”

“Geez dad, I’m kinda dripping wet in here. Could you just bring it in to me?”

“Well, sure… I guess… I’m coming in…”

I opened the door the rest of the way and the steam in the room billowed out past me. The shower curtain was halfway open, and I walked over to set the razor on the edge of the tub. When I leaned in, I saw my daughter standing under the hot water. Her breasts were bulging out from under her right forearm as she held it across her chest to cover them, and her bush was concealed by the flattened out palm of her left hand. I saw her smiling at me before I stood back up to leave, and I heard a giggle and a “Thanks, daddy!” before I walked out and closed the door behind me. I sat back at my desk, but all could think about was the vision of my daughter washing and shaving just across the hall. I guess I really didn’t consider what the expectation of privacy would be, but she seemed very unconcerned about her modesty so I decided not to make her uncomfortable by saying anything.

I instinctively looked over when I heard the bathroom door open, and Brittany gave me a little wave as she walked out, barely covering herself with a towel. I waited until I heard her bedroom door close and radio turn on before I went upstairs to see if she had left any hot water for me. I heard her hair dryer start up just before I turned on my shower, and smiled to myself as I remembered how long it took for her mother to get ready, and how much I hated waiting around for her. While I stood under the spraying water, I tried to think of something we could do that afternoon. Unable to come up with any ideas, my mind went back to the sound of the hair dryer, and I wondered if she had closed her curtains when she went into her bedroom.

At first, I was a little pissed when I thought how Glen might be in his house right now, watching my daughter while she walked around her room naked. But as I kept thinking about it, I started to get turned on, and I reached down to soap up my suddenly stiff cock. Although they were in their 50’s, about once a month the Rivers’ would have about 8 or 10 couples over for a late night türbanlı escort get together. I didn’t know for sure, but I always suspected that he and his wife were swingers. I began to think about Glen and his wife hiding in their dark house talking to each other about the hot young body on display across the street. My stroke quickened as I imagined Brittany taking him up on his offer to earn some extra money, and what they might want her to do once they had her alone in their house. In just seconds I erupted in the shower, followed immediately by wondering what came over me to have such unnatural thoughts about my daughter. I felt guilty as I finished washing, and when I was through, I took my time getting dressed. I dismissed my strange fantasy and subsequent arousal to the fact that I just hadn’t been laid in a while. Brittany was back downstairs, so I snuck a peek in her room before joining her, and was relieved to see the curtains drawn closed across her windows.

Brit was sitting on the couch in the living room, clicking the cable remote trying to figure out the channels. Her feet were tucked under her, and whatever lotion she had used after her shower gave her freshly shaved legs a bit of a sparkle. All she was wearing was a small pair of girls “boxer” shorts and a thin, white, “wife-beater” type undershirt. Her tits were relaxed and soft, but the dark red circles were clearly visible through the almost transparent cotton top. My eyes moved to her face just in time as she looked at me to speak.

“Daddy? Since I’m gonna be living in California now, I’m really gonna need some clothes that aren’t so… you know…, blah. And since you have a pool, I’m gonna need to get a swimsuit so I can go swimming and lay out. I was unpacking my suitcases, and now that I’m here, all my stuff just seemed so gross, and well…, like boring old Kansas!”

“And…” I said smiling knowing exactly what she was going to say next.

“Do you think I could go shopping today and maybe get a couple of new things to wear?”

“No problem honey, it’ll give me a chance to do some things around here while you’re gone. But you are going to change before you go though, aren’t you?”

“Don’t be stupid Dad! I only dress like this around the house, and you better get used to it. But if I did wear this shopping, I probably wouldn’t need to use YOUR credit card to buy stuff!” She winked and smiled at me as she stood up. “Well, I guess I better go put on some church clothes so you’ll let me leave the house!”

“Speaking of credit cards, you better let me check the balances on mine before you change. I wouldn’t want you to come back from the mall empty handed!”

She started up the staircase and yelled back to me, “In 18 years my Daddy has never let me down, and I know he’s not gonna start now!”

I had spent all these years beating myself up for only being a part-time father, and a giant weight lifted from my shoulders the moment I heard those words. Sure, my daughter had just manipulated me into financing her no-limit shopping spree, but it didn’t diminish the sincerity of what she said and how good it made me feel to hear it. I went to my office and printed out directions to the mall, and wrote my cell number on a copy of my I.D. in case she had any trouble using my credit card. She came back downstairs, and as promised she was dressed much more conservatively.

I took my time looking her over, and almost laughing I said, “Gee Brit, you really do need to go clothes shopping!”

“Whatever Dad, I only wore this to make you happy, you know!”

“I’m just teasing sweetheart. You look absolutely beautiful, and I wish I could go with you and make everyone jealous thinking we were a couple!”

“I don’t think you’d really like hanging around all alone while I was trying everything on, and it might be better if you didn’t know how much I was spending! Besides, no one would possibly believe that a hot chick like me would ever hook up with a dinosaur like you!”

I gave her my card, the directions, and a swift slap on her ass before sending her on her way. No sooner than her car left the driveway that I ran upstairs and into her room. The curtains were open, and I was surprised to see that her boxers and tank top were on the floor directly under the window. Until now, her room was basically unused, and I never really noticed that from the window, there was a clear view directly into the Rivers’ upstairs front bedroom. I guess he wasn’t kidding about seeing her last night. It wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew I would have to find a way to make her realize how easily she could be seen up there. As a precaution, I closed her drapes before going down to my office.

The afternoon flew by, and I forgot to eat lunch while I was surfing around on-line. I finished going through my e-mails and updating my financial pages, and decided to check out some websites that had pictures of college girls. I imagined how it would feel if I happened to see some pictures of Brittany, and wondered who might be lucky enough to take them. I had to stop myself before I ended up back in the shower, so I left my office and went to the kitchen. It was about 5:30, so I grabbed a beer and started to make some salads for dinner. I figured Brittany would be home soon and that she would probably be just as hungry as I was. I had just finished my second beer when she walked in the front door.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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