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My Daughters and Me Ch. 05

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I’d like to thank everybody for taking the time to write me and the fantastic feedback from the first four chapters in this series. It excites me that you’re enjoying our story the way that you do. I’ll keep writing as long as you want so keep the feedback coming and I’ll do my best to get back to each and every one of you. Enjoy the story and again, thank you very much!


I slept like a baby after making love to both of my daughters earlier that night. I went to bed reliving everything that happened that day. My hand softly tweaked my nipples while thinking of Jenni and Amy naked on the beach and then with the three of us playing on my bed. There’s no turning back now. I know it and I don’t regret a thing. Both girls are of age and both chose on their own to participate. Am I a bad mother for allowing this to happen? Probably yes, but I just couldn’t think straight when these encounters happened. I was overcome by lust and there was no way to put out that flame. It was like an inferno consuming me and there was no way that I was going to deny my lustful feelings for my daughters.

The next morning was a usual Monday morning with all of three of us running around like crazy to get our school and work week underway. Jenni was getting ready to go to her class at the local university while Amy was running behind like always to make her first class of the day at the junior college. Me? I make my own schedule but I wanted to go to see a couple of clients that I haven’t seen in a while. It struck me funny that nobody mentioned anything about what happened yesterday. We didn’t have time to sit down and chat but mostly passed each other on our way out.

After a day that turned out pretty busy I ended up back at the condo around 5:30. Nobody was home so I poured myself a glass of wine and headed to the hot tub. My phone rang and it was Jenni telling me that she’d be home in about a ½ hour and was wondering if she should pick something up for dinner or if I had anything ready. I told her that I just got back and didn’t have anything but we could order a pizza when she got home. I told her that I was in the hot tub and that she and the pizza should get here around the same time.

Jenni got home right when the pizza arrived and brought it out to the patio. Immediately she started to undress and joined me in the hot tub naked. “Why do you have a suit on mom?”

I told her that I didn’t think of not wearing one. “Well Lady, this is a no suits allowed hot tub for your information” she said.

So I took my suit off and we were both naked in the hot tub. After eating a couple of slices of pizza and drinking a couple glasses of wine Jenni scooted next to me and hugged me. She looked me in the eye and told me that she loved me and gave me a soft sensual kiss on the lips. I started to melt in her arms and returned the kiss while reaching down and grabbing her tit. I continued to teak her nipple as we made out like a bunch of teenagers.

“Mom, I want to fuck you here in the hot tub, nobody can see us.” So I lifted myself to the edge of the hot tub and Jenni spread my legs and started to lick my pussy. Damn, she was so good at that! She would nibble on my lips while slowly stabbing my clit with her tongue. When she saw that I would respond to that she would take her tongue and fuck me with little strokes. I was on the brink of cumming when she placed her entire zeytinburnu escort mouth on my pussy and moved her head from side to side until I came in her face. Between my cum and the cool air on my body while my feet were in the hot water I had a fantastic cum. Jenni let my pussy go and came up and kissed me while my cum was subsiding. I could taste myself on her lips and I was so turned on.

“Baby, that was so fuckin’ good. I have goose bumps all over my body from what you did to me.”

“That’s good mom, I’m glad I made you feel so good.”

I went back into the water and relaxed for a few minutes. The hot water felt so good and seemed to bring me back to earth. I told Jenni that I wanted to return the favor but needed a little time. She said OK and then positioned herself in front of one of the jets and aimed it right on her pussy. She said that it felt so good. I went over and kissed her while she was getting off from the jet. I love kissing her and as we were making out she started to cum.

“Oh yes, here it cums. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes!!!”

Jenni had a great cum and after she finished she sat back down into the water. I poured us both another glass of wine and we sat in the hot tub relaxing.

“Thanks mom, that was so good.”

I went over to her and hugged her and kissed her lovingly and told her that I loved her. Jenni then told me how last night was the wildest night of her life. She said that having Amy with us was unbelievable and that she knew Amy would be wild in bed. She said that after we all went to bed that Amy went to her room and spent the night in her bed. She said that the two of them were making out and then Amy went down on her and licked her pussy until she came. Jenni then went down on Amy and Amy turned her around so they could 69 each other. She said that Amy had been having sex with women for a couple of years and that she knew a bunch of ways to please a woman.

The two of them discussed what had happened earlier in the night between the three of us and they both couldn’t believe how hot it was. Amy said that she was so turned on eating her mom’s pussy and when I ate her pussy she couldn’t handle it and came immediately. I told Jenni that my pussy has been non stop wet since we first started and I couldn’t get the image of the two of them naked on the beach out of my mind.

“That’s OK mom, we’re going to go back to that beach every time from now on. I get so turned on out there teasing everybody and then seeing you and Amy naked is such a turn on. My pussy was wet the minute we hit that parking lot.”

I told her that I had every intention of going back to that beach as often as we could. I asked her where Amy was and she said that she was going to her friend’s house to work on a group project that was due soon, and that she’d be back late. I told Jenni that nobody could find out about our new sex life and she agreed. She said that she spoke to Amy about the same thing knowing that Amy had a big mouth and would be sure to brag about it to her girlfriends if she hadn’t told her to keep it quiet.

Jenni turned to me and kissed me and we made out some more in the hot tub. Her hands were all over my body as mine were on hers. We decided to get out and as Jenni was getting out of the hot tub I grabbed her from behind and held onto her waist. I started to rub her aksaray escort ass cheeks and pulled them apart so I could kiss her pretty asshole. I ran my tongue up and down that pretty hole while running my hand to the front so I could play with her pussy. I tongue fucked her ass and flicked my finger over her clit. I could tell that Jenni was close to coming by the grip that she had on my arm. I continued to lick her ass and then jammed my finger in and out of her pussy with quick strokes.

“I’m gonna cum mom, yes I’m going to cummmmmmm!!!”

I turned her around and placed my mouth on her pussy and rubbed my entire face on that pussy as she exploded in my face. Jenni grabbed my hair and ground her pussy on my face not letting go until she was done cumming. I got up and kissed her so that she could taste herself on my lips.

“God mom, what got into you? That was so great!”

“I saw your beautiful ass Baby and I couldn’t help myself. I had to have it, I’m addicted to your asshole.”

Jenni just laughed and told me that I could have her whenever I wanted. We both dried ourselves off and went inside. I was so tired I told her that I wasn’t going to wait for Amy. Jenni said that she’d wait up for her and fill her in on our evening. We hugged and kissed some more and I went to my room. I took a quick rinse in the shower and went to bed satisfied. I swear, I haven’t cum so much in my entire life.

With our schedules so busy we didn’t get a chance to be intimate for the rest of the week. I had a couple of projects that were nearing deadlines and the girls were busy with school. We played quick hit and miss throughout the week but made a point to get together over the weekend. While passing through the kitchen on my way to see clients one morning I noticed on the grease board in the kitchen in big black letters: NUDIE BEACH SATURDAY!!! I could tell it was Amy’s writing so underneath it in red ink I wrote: NUDE AFTERPARTY AFTERWARDS!!!

Later that day I received a text from Amy saying “I RSVP for the afterparty!!” How funny!!

Saturday finally came and again we went through the usual ritual of running around trying to get everything ready for our day at the beach. We got there and made our way to our spot. It was an extremely hot day so the parking lot was near full. After getting set up and taking off our clothes Amy said that she was going to be the “lotion girl” for the day. She proceeded to lotion up and feel up both Jenni and I paying special attention to our titties and pussies. Again, we got the same gawkers as last time and Amy made sure they got an eyeful as she played with our bodies. After finishing, both Jenni and I oiled up Amy together. Amy said she wanted to be naked the whole time so she was completely nude. I swear that thong tan line was so fuckin’ hot on her! She was so wet while I “oiled up” her pussy and ass. And Jenni had quite a good time working her titties.

This time because it was so hot we made several trips to the water to cool off. We had quite a crowd follow us to the water each time. After we got back to our spot a guy approached us and asked if we were sisters. We knew he just wanted to get an eyeful up close. Amy said yes we were except for me, that I was their mom. You should have seen the look on the guy’s face. He didn’t know what to say. Jenni then proceeded to grab the oil and ataköy escort asked me if I needed more. I told her yes and she proceeded to oil up my tits in front of the guy. He got embarrassed and left sporting quite an erection. We all had a good laugh at that.

We gathered up our things and headed back to our car. Another sexy fun time at our beach, but this time we could fondle each other. I told the girls that I was wet the entire time and both said that they were too. I couldn’t get home soon enough knowing that the real fun was getting ready to begin.

We got home and everybody took a shower to rinse off. We then headed to the hot tub nude. I was last to get in since I stopped by the kitchen to make a pitcher of margaritas. The girls and I made an agreement that after they turned 18 that they would be allowed to drink alcohol in our home. They were not allowed to drive afterwards but could drink at home. It was usually wine with meals or when we were in the hot tub. My Italian upbringing would be the reason for that. Anyways, alcohol was never an issue in our house.

I got into the hot tub and we all toasted to a fantastic day at the beach. I told the girls that I wanted to see them make out while I played with my pussy. Amy got up and sat on Jenni’s lap and they started to kiss with such lust and desire. I got up and sat at the edge of the hot tub and played with my pussy watching my daughters make out in front of me. God, what a fuckin’ turn on!! They were rubbing each other’s bodies and kissing each other. I told them that I wanted my pussy licked while I made out with one of them. Amy got off of Jenni and told Jenni that she could lick me while she kissed me. Jenni started licking my pussy and Amy came over and started to make out with me.

After a little bit they switched and Amy started to lick my pussy. She liked to lick it while gently finger fucking me. Jenni only used her mouth and tongue. Both felt great but different. After I came Jenni asked Amy to do the same to her. Damn that Amy could sure lick pussy! While she was licking Jenni’s pussy I reached down and played with hers while kissing her neck and squeezing her titties with my other hand. After Jenni had enough Amy said that she wanted to go inside and play on the bed. She said that she was horny all day she wanted to enjoy it with both of our mouths on her on the bed.

We toweled off and went inside to my bedroom. Amy lay on the center of the bed and Jenni and I took turns licking her pussy and sucking her titties. Amy came really quickly and screamed at the top of her lungs. Good thing she didn’t cum outside or all of our neighbors would have heard her. Remember, she’s the loud one! We got her off so good that she begged us to stop. She couldn’t take anymore so we let her go. Jenni then told me to get on my knees and that she wanted to lick my ass. I got on all fours and she proceeded to lick my ass. Amy came to the front of me and lay down underneath me to lick my pussy while her sister tongued my ass. Amy’s pussy was right in front of me so I just bent down and licked her pussy some more. What a fuckin’ feeling to have your ass and pussy licked at the same time. I came really hard and collapsed on the bed.

We were all so exhausted from being in the sun all day to the hot tub to the fantastic sex. We all fell asleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning. What a sight to see, seeing the three of us wake up on my California King Size bed. I love my girls, not only as their mom but as their lover too. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thinking back, I had no idea how long this would last but I knew that I was going to enjoy it while I could and take every advantage of it!

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