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My Descent into Anal Slavery Ch. 03

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Blake released me from the stockade and once again asked me if I was serious about letting Mike fuck me in the ass.

Now, out of the stockade and after two intense anal orgasms I was not as submissive as earlier.

“Would you like to see your friend use my ass?” I asked.

“It would be so hot!” Blake replied, “To actually watch you getting your high-class ass fucked for money would turn me on more than anything!”

“Then let’s go for it, Blake.” I agreed.

“Great I will get it set up for tomorrow.” Blake stated and took out his phone.

He then sat down and called Mike. I listened in, feeling the shame burn deep in my stomach. They made some small talk and then Blake told Mike, “You can have her ass for two Grand. She is in some kind of trouble, with her student loans and needs to make a big payment. Yes, be here at eight tomorrow night. I will have her in restrains wearing only her panties. Yes, you can cut them off and have her ass all evening. Yes, she will clean you off when you are done, and you can also scoop up any dribble and feed it to her. Cool, I will see you tomorrow at eight.”

“You better be ready for Mike at eight tomorrow. He is paying two Grand for your slut ass!” Mike mentioned to me matter of fact after he hung up the phone.

The delicious degradation that I was feeling deep in my stomach revived my horniness and for the first time in four months I asked Blake to let me out of my shield so that I could masturbate. I knew that Blake would not want to have sex again, but he surprised me.

“No Slut.” He replied, “You just agreed to whore yourself out. That is not the behavior that gets you out of your shield. Why don’t you suck on my cock while I watch the News. If you do a good job and I get hard then I will fuck your ass again.”

I readily agreed wondering why he had stopped wearing his cock cage and why I didn’t seem to care that he was not living up to his end of the chastity agreement that we both had agreed too.

Blake went into the bedroom and returned to the sofa with my anal hook. He put the News on and motioned for me to get on the floor between his knees. My ass was still lubed from earlier, so he just leaned down and inserted the hook’s one-and-a-half-inch diameter ball into my ass. It popped in easily. The other end of the hook had a rope tied to it and Blake wrapped that rope Escort Bayan around his hand a few times. I leaned in and started nursing on Blake’s cock. It still tasted of my ass and lube, but I felt a sense of peace having it in my mouth.

Blake kept giving the rope little tugs that pulled on the hook in my ass. I loved it. It made me feel so slutty and worthless being leashed with a hook up my ass! I kept on trying to stretch out in order to put more tension on the rope so that the hook would pull on my ass more, but Blake knew what I was doing and would just extend his arm.

Blake leaned back on the sofa and scooted up toward the edge. This left his balls hanging of the edge of the sofa cushion, giving me great access to them. I knew that he wanted me to suck on them and I lovingly did. Knowing that I had his nuts in my mouth gave me such a sense of power even though I knew that my position in the relationship had fallen big time since I was pierced and fitted with my shield.

I sucked on Blake’s balls and felt his cock getting hard on my cheek. I rolled his balls around in my mouth enjoying how soft they were. I extended my tongue out and licked his taint, while both his balls where in my mouth. I knew that Blake loved this. It made me feel like such a slut. I mean what college educated girl agrees to lick taint while sucking on balls?

Blake started squirming so I knew I was doing a great job. I released his balls and gobbled up his cock again. It was supper hard now. I teased it some by sucking on just the helmet and licking underneath. I loved the feel of it in my mouth! Slowly I inserted it so that the head was hitting the entrance to my esophagus. I did not put it in but kept bobbing so that the tip would just hit my throat and just as it started to enter, I would back off. I knew this must be driving Blake mad!

I guess it was working because he tried to pull me in hard by my hooked ass, but I had the power now, and resisted. If I wanted to get his cock back into my ass, I couldn’t let it down my throat.

I backed off again and just licked under the head. I could feel Blake getting antsy, his ass started squirming on the sofa.

“Fuck the News!” Blake exclaimed, “I need that ass again! We better loosen it up some more so you can handle Mike tomorrow. His cock is much bigger than mine. Let’s get you back Bayan Escort into the stocks.”

Blake pushed my head off his cock and led me back to the stockade. This time he made me lay on the padded shelf and proceeded to shackle my ankles, wrists, neck and abdomen so that I was left in a position that was similar to a woman on a birthing gurney in the hospital. My ass hung out over the end of the shelf and was totally exposed. My knees were bent back almost touching my chest, and I was facing up and would be able to see Blake’s face as he gave me the hard pounding that I knew was coming. He had already cum once this morning, so he was going to be able to last this time!

Blake lubed up his cock and rubbed the head up and down my ass crack some. I loved when it rubbed over my rosebud. It felt so good, but the best was when it hit the end of my shield putting some pressure on the rings that fastened it to my labia. It reminded me of my chastised situation and gave me a delicious burning shame in the pit of my stomach knowing that I no longer had control over my pussy. It was owned by Blake and tomorrow night he would be making money by whoring it off. Just the thought of it gave me a chill down my spine and I realized how much I was getting off on being a whore!

I gasped as Blake just shoved his whole cock in, to the hilt! He had always been gentle with me up till now. He could see the surprise in my eyes and stated, “I was just so horny, besides, I already loosened you up this morning and you will have to be ready for anything that Mike wants to do to you.”

Blake pounded my ass with long deep strokes. Taking the head out quite often and then pushing all the way in. I loved it, and together with the shameful knowledge that he had just whored me out for tomorrow night, my asshole clenched tight and I came. I could feel my squirt running down my pussy, between my labia and shield, tickling my labia so nicely. It was such a turn on. The fluids of my squirt rand down my taint and lubed up Blake’s cock. It was now sliding in and out in a more fluid manner. As Blake continued ramming me the squirt juices that remained trapped under my shield started drying and became sticky. They pulled so nicely on my labia and clit as my flesh moved from the pounding that Blake was administering.

I guess the extra lubrication set Blake over Escort the edge because he grunted like a bear and buried himself as deep as he could grinding his pelvic bones into my ass-cheeks. This put pressure on my flesh and the sticky squirt from a few minutes ago pulled on my engorged clit so nicely that I came again in a mind-numbing orgasm that left me totally content. Even though I convulsed I could still feel the extra wetness in my asshole from Blakes seed.

Blake fell onto me with his cock still buried deep inside my ass. He kissed me and stroked my face some. It was a tenderness that had become rarer as we went deeper down this path of my chastity.

I could feel his cock softening in my ass. Blake got off me right before it was about to plop out.

He put his cupped hand below my ass and pulled his soft cock out keeping it over his palm.

“Push out my load.” He commanded.

I pushed some and I could feel his load of cum dripping out of my gaping hole. Blake caught it all in his cupped palm. I let him know when it was all out, and he wiped the remaining cum off my dilated hole with two fingers of his other hand.

All he said as he put those two fingers in front of my mouth, was, “You know what to do.”

I opened my mouth and sucked all the cum off them. I could taste lube and my ass too, but the humility that I found in doing this degrading act reignited the itch between my legs. Blake then dumped the palm full of cum that had leaked out of my ass into my mouth. I swished it around getting a good tasted before swallowing it down. He then presented that palm and I licked it clean.

I was happy to be going to the shower once Blake released me from the stockade, but Blake pulled me back by my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. I understood immediately when he stood in front of me with his soft cum coated cock glistening in front of my face. Once more I opened up and lovingly sucked and licked all of the slime off his cock. There was a lot behind the ridge of his cockhead, and I was grateful for it. I really loved his cum.

“Mike is paying me two Grand for your ass.” Blake explained, “You better do the same for him tomorrow night.”

I nodded with his cock still in my mouth and the reality that I was going to become a whore tomorrow night sank in some more. It made next day and a half a roller coaster of emotions. I went from extreme shame to a curiosity of what mike was going to be like. I lived the next thirty hours in the most heightened state of hornyness that I had ever known. I could barely sleep that night and was almost useless at work the next day.

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