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My Ex-Girlfriend and Her College Jock

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Many thanks must once again go to Jill, who planted the seeds of the second part in my mind!

And as usual if you don’t like stories where there is cheating, cuckolding or watching unfaithful woman then go read something else. Constructive criticism I can live with but some people need to check what they are doing reading stuff like this if they don’t like doing that GET A LIFE! It’s a story got it?



I had written my story on how my girlfriend Julie had ended up with the football college jock and I had had to listen to their regular and loud lovemaking in my last story. As I also told you it would get worse well this is what happened when we went home on our autumn break.

Julie had told me in no uncertain terms that I would still be expected to run her home during the autumn break to her parent’s home. I being my usual manly self told her to fuck off. No I didn’t as Tyron told me I had better do as she said or he would alter my baby faced looks permanently. I of course chose the safer option and the Thursday night of the break saw Julie and I set off from college for the drive home.

“Now remember not a word to my parent’s Tom” as she sat and looked at me with her ‘don’t dare disobey me look’ or I’ll have to tell Tyron when we return! And I knew she would get so much enjoyment out of seeing him thrash me, whilst watching me sob like the baby. “And if I find out you have told my parents about him, you’ll pay with your balls you understand wimp?” That was all Julie ever called me now was wimp. I knew her parents wouldn’t like it if I told them, and probably would stop Julie from going back to that college. “Are you even fucking listening to me wimp? Do you understand my orders wimp?”

I felt my eyes fill with tears and I mumbled “Yes Julie I understand” before the tears started rolling freely down my cheeks.

“Look at you, you baby, you even cry just thinking about Tyron fucking me senseless don’t you?”

“I..I..ca..nt help it I lo… lo.. Love you Julie!” I blubbered through the tears and sobs.

“Well I don’t fucking love you! You useless dickless wimp!” she gloated. “Maybe I’ll tell Tyron you made a pass at me just to watch him beat you up for the hell of it!” Julie laughingly said.

I panicked and nearly crashed as I looked anxiously at her “Please NO don’t Julie Please!” I pleaded.

“Keep your eyes on the road you fukwit or I swear to god I’ll beat on you myself. How’s about I kick you balls up your back WATCH the fucking road wimp!” Julie yelled.

We arrived back at our home town over four hours later, one stop for fuel, and to eat and all done in relative silence with the occasional glower at me if I so much as dared to try and speak to her.

Her parents met us on the driveway greeting us like long lost family. Julie all but ignored me and then the news that meant this break was going to be like no other.

“Tom your parents have had to go to your Grandad’s he’s had a turn for the worse so they asked if you would be able to stay here. We of course agreed so come on in and we will get you settled into the guest room!”

My face must have been a picture. “Are you okay Tom?” asked her mum.

“Yes! .. Yes, eh just shaken a bit!” I said. I risked a look at Julie who was glaring at me through narrowed eyes. Her lips pursed up tightly at her obvious annoyance.

“Don’t you think about saying or doing anything!” she hissed at me as we briefly had a moment inside the entrance. And to emphasise her point she twisted my nipple between her finger and thumb causing me to yelp.

“Look at you pair, all grown and still teasing each other!” said her father, as he came back in time to see Julie pinch me.

“Yes just like old times Mr Abbot!” I grimaced as Julie turned to walk upstairs to her room.

“Right this way Tom.” Her dad said and led me upstairs, to my room. The room was right beside Julie’s and as soon as he left she was there.

“You’d better keep yourself to yourself wimp, remember or I WILL tell Tyron!”… “Oh and I’d better not catch you trying to do anything like spy on me undressing like you used to Tom or ELSE!”

The thought in reality had not crossed my mind all I wanted to do was get back to college for my re-sits and then concentrate on gaining my awards to allow university study. However like all good plans these tend to go out the window once a problem arises. In my case a big problem came sooner than I thought.

Several days after we had arrived home and our pretence of being a couple was still being played out in front of the parents at least. I was about to find out Julie had plans, big plans that involved me in a capacity as a lying wimp and worse than that I was going to have to lie to Tyron. I had noticed Julie was talking to a large guy who was home from his college his name was Arnold Brettson, his friends, whom I was not one off, called him ‘Bull’ and canlı bahis it was nothing to do with his supposed love for agricultural husbandry.

His reputation had preceded him before going off to College when it was rumoured he had impregnated three local wives who had given birth to his kids and passed them off as their husbands. That would have been okay, however the last one to give birth, her husband was well known to be impotent, and the word had soon got out it had been Arnold who had put her in the family way. It had been that reason that his well off father had sent him away to college to reduce the tension in the town between his son and the husband who happened to be the local judge.

Julie upon returning to the car, smirked at me and said;”if anyone asks you never see Arnie with me okay wimp!” I started to protest but she slapped my face and shouted at me “DO YOU HEAR ME?”

“I started to cry again and sobbed quietly as I confirmed to her; “yes Julie I hear you!..But what about Tyron?”

She laughed “What about Tyron? He isn’t here and I need to be fucked!… You certainly aren’t up to it so I sorted out some extra help, now come on home I need to prepare myself and you need to get sorted out as well!”

“Why woul..” I started to say.

“Well I can hardly let my parents know I’m going out to get screwed senseless can I dipstick?” she shook her head and threw her hands in the air, “Why me? Why do I have to put up with this idiot?” before settling down in the passenger seat until we got back home.

“Yeah were going out to see a movie and have a meal Mum.” Julie shouted as she swept past her parents on her way to get dressed. I meanwhile was sure they knew something wasn’t just right, as I was almost certain my face was bright red.

Julie was soon ready and we set off for her clandestine meeting with the ‘bull’ I was already terrified of what Tyron would do when, not if he found out. I had already been to the local store and purchased adult diapers and was wearing a pair as I had already started to wet myself long before we eventually arrived at the car park where they had arranged to meet up. Only when we got there it wasn’t him it was Tyron himself. I knew I was in trouble straight away as he approached I wet myself totally.

Julie laughed as she realised their plan had fooled me. The meeting with the ‘Bull’ had all been a con; they had been arranging her meet with his friend Tyron. Not as I had assumed been arranging a sexual meeting between themselves.

“So you little wimp, not only were you going to bring her to meet someone else you didn’t call to tell me!” His open handed slap to my gawping face had me wailing like a baby.

“But, but…Tyrone I would have honest I would, I’d have told you!” I blubbered.

That was the wrong thing to say as then Julie kicked me in the balls I doubled up screaming in pain as my balls felt like they had burst. “Oh you would have would you? You spineless little prick!” goaded Julie as I rolled around on the car park tarmac clutching my damaged balls.

“Get up you wimp!” ordered Tyron, you have to take us back to Julie’s house so get a grip and move!” growled Tyrone. I crawled back into the driver seat as they climbed into the back seat and started making out. “And keep your eyes on the fucking road and not what’s happening back here this doesn’t concern you or I’ll kick you in the balls again!” he growled at me.

I started to drive wondering how the hell she intended getting Tyron into or out of the house. I needn’t have worried as upon returning to her house her parents were out. Not before I had sneaked a look at what they were up to in the back seat.

I watched as casually as I could be careful not to get caught by either Tyrone or Julie, my balls were aching enough already. Tyrone’s hands roamed all over her body, his hands lowered to her shorts and openly rubbed her pussy through them making Julie moan with anticipation. I felt my own cock start to stir and quickly stopped watching, ‘what the fuck’ I thought ‘am I some sort of a pervert getting turned on at this lout feeling up my ex, get a grip on yourself Tom’ I thought to myself.

It did little to stop my arousal from continuing and I found myself beginning to take quick glances then longer glances ensuring I wasn’t caught. I was by now fully erect and rubbing my own cock through my jeans as the two of them continued their erotic coupling feet away from where I sat.

I glanced in the mirror again and saw Tyron had his cock out; I nearly swerved across the road, as I caught sight of it! Causing Tyron to growl at me, telling me to be more fucking careful. Tyron continued to stroke it himself as he tongued Julie’s mouth in a deep passionate kiss. I swallowed hard at the vision of Tyrone’s cock it was a good nine inches long anyway, thick as drinks can and covered in thick veins.

I was sweating and finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on my driving bahis siteleri far less watch what was going on behind me. The moans coming from Julie and Tyrone kept me informed that things were progressing in his favour nicely. “You love this big thick cock baby don’t you?” Tyrone groaned. “You’re such a slut for big old Tyrone’s cock aren’t you?”

Julie moaned and almost whimpered in reply “Mmmm Yeeeess baby I am!” I risked a quick glance and saw Tyrone had his hand in her pants and was obviously finger fucking her going by the way her hips were bucking, her legs were opening and shutting almost involuntarily by themselves as he worked her pussy over.

I turned into the street where her house was and saw the house was in darkness, so her parents were out, so no problem getting in then. I pulled up and as I stopped I heard the two of them rumbling about sorting themselves out before they opened the doors and got out.

Tyrone looked at me as I went to get out, “where the fuck do you think you’re going wimp? Fuck off and don’t come back until just before ten, and when you do come back no mention of me being here okay? Or your balls will be tied up and kicked repeatedly do I make myself clear?”

I got back into the seat and hung my head in shame. “Yes Tyrone I understand!” before pulling away and watching them enter the house. I run the car back to town and sat looking out over the park, wondering what the hell was happening to me. I found myself thinking of Julie and Tyrone together and what they would be doing. I soon had a raging hard on and looked around to ensure there was no one near to see what I was about to do. Once I knew it was all clear, I pulled my cock out and started rubbing myself, at the thoughts of Tyrone banging Julie back at her house like he did at college.

It only took about twenty or twenty five strokes and I shot a big load of cum all over my hand and trousers. I immediately felt embarrassed at my reactions and frantically tried to clean myself up, chastising myself at my own behaviour.

I returned to the house at around nine fifty and was relieved to see the parents of Julie were still not home. I let myself in and couldn’t hear anything to begin with, the god thing about Julie’s parents house was it was well built, solid and built early 1900’s so it was quality materials that had been used. I wandered around the downstairs until I was sure they weren’t down there. I climbed the stairs slowly and it wasn’t until I was half way up the stairs, and between there and the outside of Julie’s bedroom I could hear her moans, Tyrone’s grunts as he was obviously fucking her behind the closed door.

I heard the front door open and quickly stepped into my room closing the door and hiding behind it, why I wasn’t sure I just didn’t want to be caught in the corridor whilst Julie was being pounded relentlessly next door. I heard her parents walk past the door to my room, and then stop “is everything okay Julie dear?”

I heard a muffled response from next door and then her parent’s sniggered before leaving to go to their own bed. I slid down until I was sat on the floor, back to the door. I could clearly hear the two lovers next door grunting and moaning their way to duel orgasmic bliss, when I realised ‘oh my god!’ her parents must have thought it were Julie and I they had overheard, in an obvious passionate coupling. “Fuck me I’m in the shit again!” I heard myself say out loud.

My stomach was in turmoil, not only was I knowingly aiding their daughter to have her brains fucked out by Tyrone the stud, but they thought it was me! How was Julie going to explain this one I thought? I opened the door and walked along the corridor quietly until I was outside her parent’s room. I could hear her parents obviously having their own passionate evening and retreated quickly. I wondered if the noises coming from their daughter’s bedroom had anything to do with their night of passion that was being enjoyed by everyone bar me.

I returned to outside Julie’s bedroom and stood to the side of the door listening to the two of them inside. ‘I am a pervert’ I thought as I felt my cock harden again at the knowledge of what was happening behind the closed door.

“God you look so hot sucking my big cock!” I heard Tyrone say. “I love the way you suck it all down your throat you’re a brilliant cock sucker!”

I felt my own cock throb and twitch at the image. Tyrone was if nothing else cocky, self assured, confident and as I already had witnessed well developed in the pussy pleasing department. I felt myself get braver and I leaned over towards the keyhole and squinted into the room. The dim light from the bedside lamp gave off enough light to let me see what was going on. I twisted myself around barely able to breathe for fear of being caught, and knelt on the corridor floor, one eye shut the other barely inches from the door.

He had her pinned to the bed her ass in the air, and his big gnarled cock was bahis şirketleri ploughing in and out of what I also knew was a warm wet hole, making her gasp and pant like a bitch in heat. He was slapping her ass whilst shafting her, “you love Tyrone’s big cock fucking your wet pussy don’t you baby?”

I had to admire Tyrone in one sense, whilst retaining an avid hatred for him stealing my girlfriend from me. He had a self assured cockiness, supreme confidence and well a great powerful pussy pleaser between his legs!

I returned to my perverted ogling of the randy couple, by now my trousers were around my ankles, my underwear lay atop of them as well and my right hand was tugging on what was to me an impressive erection all five inches of it! I watched as Tyron flipped Julie over and held her legs wide, pulling her to the edge of the bed and slipped his cock back inside her ravaged and extremely gaped pussy. Even with my limited view I could see the clear evidence of their couplings all over her lower torso. Secretions were plastered all over her ass, pussy and thighs so Tyron had been a busy boy indeed.

I had known from the loud experiences of college that Julie had enjoyed sex with Tyrone, I just didn’t realise how big a stud he was. He began to fuck her again, long gentle strokes, penetrating deeply before pulling out all the way then sliding back inside her welcoming hole. Julie was whimpering with pleasure, gasping at every deep penetration. “Oh My God! Oh God I’m going to cum again Baby!” she cried out. I watched as she bucked and writhed under him, whilst her orgasm shook her body. It was obvious to me Julie was enjoying his cock, his fucking of her, the hard raw sex even more than I had ever realised.

I leant back relieving the tension in my lower back and neck, my hand was still busily stroking my erect cock. I returned to my secret viewing, in time to witness Tyrone lift her off the bed and holding her around the waist, whilst she wrapped her legs around his waist, place her against the wall and began to fuck her hard. He was really pounding into her and she was wailing and crying out so much I was scared her parents would come back. I quickly stepped out of my discarded lower clothing, gathered it up and stepped back into the bedroom closing the door.

Despite this fear my own cock was still as hard as an iron rod bouncing around in front of me as I walked. If I hadn’t seen Tyrone’s cock I would have been impressed with my own erection, but his made my own seem minute compared to that monster of cock meat.

I could hear them still banging away; oblivious to the discomfort I was feeling. I plucked up courage and once again returned to Julie’s bedroom door, kneeling down I peered through the keyhole again. Tyrone had her facing the wall, both hands placed on it and was pounding her doggy style standing up. His hands were playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and twisting them till she squealed with pain and lust.

“Hope you’re ready for another load baby I’m going to fuck your brains out tonight while mummy and daddy are asleep along the corridor what do you think of that you sexy little bitch?” grunted Tyrone.

“Oh God yes please stud, fill my pussy with your cock cream!” Julie cried out.

“God I love fucking you Julie!” Tyrone grunted. “You know just what you want and how to get it, your pussy is so fucking wet, I just love fucking it with my big cock!” I watched frantically beating off my own cock, sweat dripping from my brow, my stomach tensing and un-tensing whilst I felt the familiar ache growing in my balls. I could feel my cum filled balls, reaching boiling point, almost ready to erupt from the end of my cock.

I tried to watch what Tyrone and Julie were doing, not easy as I was shaking with what was about to happen in my groin area. But I could just make out as well as hear Julie letting out a loud cry “Oh God Oh God Oh Fuck You Bastard Tyrone I’m Cumming again…I’m Cumming again!” Her intense orgasm ripped through her as Tyrone continued to ram into her fast and hard. Julie’s hands grasped Tyrone’s ass, I could see her fingers dig into his ass as she came.

“Oh yeah you like that baby don’t you?… You like Tyrone’s cock inside your wet pussy stretching you out!.. Don’t you!… you fucking randy little bitch?” He gloated “Go on then baby keep Cumming all over my cock all over my big cock baby!”

Julie continued to shudder just as I felt my own cock twitch and the first shots of cum shot out against Julie’s bedroom door. The remainder spilled out over my hand and onto the floor. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning out loud. I crawled back to my room, almost too weak to stand back up. I clambered into bed; the headboard was tight against the wall and the window right beside it. I slid the window up opening it slightly to let some air in and realised the window in their room must be open too as their voices, sounds of lovemaking was far easier to hear than even from outside the bedroom door.

“Get on top of my cock!” Tyron ordered.

“Ooooh Aaahh Yesss!” Julie cried out as she obviously slid down on his cock. “Uhhh… Uhh… Uhh…god yeeees!” as she began to ride him.

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