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My Exhibitionist Daughter Ch. 01

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Bonnie sat quietly and stared out the window as we drove. She hadn’t said much this morning, which was unusual since she was typically quite talkative in the mornings, but I fully understood why she was quiet right now. I’m sure she was experiencing some anxiety over what was about to happen to her. Perhaps, I thought, she was contemplating changing her mind.

When I proposed this, I gave it to her straight and didn’t pull any punches. I was completely honest when I told her what to expect. I warned her it would be embarrassing and humiliating. I told her she would be utterly, completely and repeatedly exposed during this ordeal – not only to me, but to others, too. I told her she’d be on display as they did things, sexual things. She’d be touched intimately and when it was over, all her modesty will have been stripped from her. In essence, her entire body — including her most intimate female places – would be been seen and touched by many people.

It would seem as though all of that would be unbearable for any eighteen year old girl, but, it was exactly what she asked for. In fact, she begged me for it.

It all began after my divorce when my daughter, Bonnie, started to visit me at my apartment on the weekends. From her very first visit, there seemed to be numerous instances of me accidentally catching her in the bathroom with the door open, or in her room partially undressed. She would walk around without a bra on under her shirts, and in the skimpiest attire.

“It’s just us, Daddy.” She would say, reasoning to me that she didn’t have to be that careful with just the two of us there. Although I didn’t say it to her, I knew she’d never done any of this when I was living at home before the divorce. Something had changed now that I was out of the house.

For example, the night of her first visit, we were going to watch a movie after dinner. So, after helping me clean the kitchen, she said she was going to change her clothes and then meet me in the living room. When she joined me, she was wearing a thin t-shirt and a pair of tight, pink panties. That’s it.

She didn’t have a bra on, and her pert teenage breasts jiggled with every move and her nipples were clearly erect, poking out the front of her shirt. Just looking at her, I could see the outline of her high set boobs under her shirt and I remember thinking to myself she might as well have nothing on. The t-shirt came down just below her hips so her panties were completely uncovered, and she didn’t seem the least bit concerned that her mound and cleft were on prominent display to me. Plus, her panties were tight and although they covered her, they didn’t leave much to my imagination. I could see the swell of her mound and the way her pubic hair puffed her panties out in front. It was agonizing, and, it was wonderful all at the same time.

I tried to act like it wasn’t bothering me, and I tried hard not to stare at her, but frankly, it was impossible. Throughout the whole movie, I stole glances at her while she sat next to me on the couch. She’d glance up to catch me looking at her and then casually turn her attention back to movie, as if she had no idea what she was doing to me. About halfway through the movie, she shifted her body to lie back on the couch, laying her head on the padded arm and stretching her legs out in my direction. At first, I could only see a small triangle of her pink panties as they strained against her mound, but when she shifted again and brought her knees up, it allowed me to see the strip of pink material covering her vagina. In essence, I had a full view of the gusset of her panties, from front to back.

Her panties were creased up in between her lower lips lewdly, like she’d intentionally pushed them in between her labia and left them like that to catch my stare. As I continued to peek at her, her legs fell apart little by little until her knees were gaping open, affording me a view of my daughter that a father probably should never have. I completely lost interest in the movie and sat there gawking at her. After a while, I shook some sense into myself, and knowing I needed to walk away for a few minutes to get my composure back, I asked her to pause the DVD so I could get a glass of wine from the kitchen, and when she did, I got up off the couch to go get it.

I knew she’d given me a hard-on. I knew it was wrong to be sexually excited by the way my daughter was exposing herself. But, it had been over two years since my ex and I had sex, and I wasn’t in a relationship or having sex with anyone yet. Honestly, my daughter is a woman and I’m a man, so I think my hard-on was completely explainable. I wasn’t necessarily happy that I had a hard-on looking between my daughter’s legs, but I was horny and she obviously didn’t care that I was looking at her panty covered pussy.

Unfortunately, when I stood up, my hard cock immediately tented the front of my pants. I tried to be nonchalant about covering it, but I wasn’t quick enough and Bonnie saw the way my cock maltepe escort was poking my pants out in front of me. I saw a small smile creek up from the corners of her mouth, and remarkably, she didn’t make any effort to look away. She caught me dead to rights with a hard-on from looking at her, and she knew it.

When I returned from the kitchen, she was in the same position, but it looked to me like her panties had been shoved up in between her pussy lips even more than they were before, and I could see an indentation and a small wet spot on her panties right where I guessed the entrance of her pussy hole would be — meaning she’d touched herself while I was gone. This was getting freaky, and in as much as I didn’t want to keep staring at her, I was beyond the point where I could help myself from doing it.

Right before the movie was over, she apparently fell asleep on the couch next to me and her legs fell all the way open as she snoozed. I sat there terrified, wondering if she was faking — secretly watching me between her closed eyelids to see what I would do. Her crotch was fully open to me, and as I looked down at her panties stretched across her teenage pussy, I had an overwhelming desire to look closer — to examine her as much as I could.

I called her name and there was no response. I touched her foot and she didn’t move at all. Finally, she made a wheezing sound and lazily turned her head slowly away from me. It was only then that I knew she really was sleeping.

Thinking quickly about the risks of what I was about to do, and then deciding to go ahead with it, anyway, I leaned down toward her panty encased pussy. I could actually smell her femininity, and the closer my face got to her panties, the stronger the smell got. I was also able to see the dainty little hairs poking out under the sides of her panties between her legs, and her small mat of pubic hair pressing against the silky material. It looked to me that she probably trimmed herself down there instead of shaved, and that disappointed me, but, I surely wasn’t going to complain. I was lucky enough to have my face inches away from an eighteen year old girl’s pussy, so I could easily overlook the pubic hair.

Silently, I eased myself off the couch and onto my knees right next to her. Reaching down, I quietly unzipped my pants and fished my hard cock out. Then, feasting my eyes on her, I began to stroke myself as silently as I could. I looked at her closely, taking note of every facet of the way her panties covered her crotch. I studied the way her pubic hair created a mosaic of texture around her lips and then leaning in, almost to the point where I was touching her with my nose, I breathed in her aroma as my jacking continued.

I knew what I was doing was despicable, but, she’d brought this on herself. Since she was sleeping, she wouldn’t know what I was doing and given the way she openly displayed herself before she went to sleep, I reasoned it out that she probably wouldn’t care. So I kept on — stroking myself as I inspected and examined my daughter’s crotch and sniffing her essence only inches away from her vagina.

When I came, I blasted streams of cum on the floor and against the front of the couch, literally covering everything in front of me with thick, white globs of cum. It was one of the most intense cums I ever had and when it was over, I almost keeled over with exhaustion.

Incidents like the couch episode continued to occur every weekend when she came to visit. All through the winter, I was treated to frequent visual treats of her in some degree of undress, but interestingly enough, I never saw her completely naked from the front. I saw her from behind plenty of times, or, holding a towel in front of her, or sitting in the bathtub shaving her legs through the opened bathroom door. In her bedroom, she seemed to malinger in her bra and panties for hours with the door open, or sometimes with just a t-shirt on and no panties. And it seemed to happen daily — sometimes, three or four times a day. It was absolute hell on me.

Her exhibitions got so common I could even predict when it would happen and I started to create situations on purpose where it might be possible for me to see her in her panties, or less. When summer started, she asked if she could move in with me and of course, I said she could. That’s when all this kicked up a few notches.

Bonnie’s dressing and undressing habits got bolder. Now that she was living with me full time, there was no pretense about closing doors. Instead of leaving the doors open just four of five inches, now she left it all the way open. She would even call to me and ask a question, tricking me into coming to her room and I always seemed to arrive in her doorway just as she was pulling her panties up and turning around to face me.

Another thing she did most parents would attribute to sheer, sloppy teenager-itis. I would have to pick up her clothes she left strewn all over her floor mecidiyeköy escort just to create a safe place to walk, and I was constantly finding her panties. They were on her floor, on her bed, in her bed, in the bathroom and a few times, I even found her dirty panties in my room. Just from the number of panties I found laying around each week, I was sure she was changing them multiple times a day, and I was really curious about that.

And of course, each time I ran across a pair of her panties, they were always lying with the inside of the crotch panel facing up, bringing my attention to the remnants of her female juices. It wasn’t unusual for me to find a pair of twisted up panties with patches of pussy secretions still wet, or panties where the cotton crotch panel was literally stuck together due to the amount of dried pussy juice.

It was all incredibly hard to take — especially her panties. I say that because I’ve always had a thing about panties, and believe it or not, my life long panty fetish was partially responsible for the break down of my marriage.

One of the reasons my wife divorced me, she said, was because I was a panty pervert and she felt she couldn’t live with me any longer. She’d caught me numerous times with her worn panties held to my nose as I played with myself, and each time it happened, we had a yelling match and she got progressively more distant. When the end came, my wife told me she wouldn’t mention my perverted panty behavior to our daughter if I didn’t contest the divorce. “Fine with me.” I said to myself. And after that, I simply moved out and let the divorce happen.

But, during the time before the divorce, while I was living at home, I never had an interest in my daughter’s panties — it was always my wife’s panties, and my wife knew it. They were easily accessible anytime I wanted them, either clean or worn, and I loved my wife and she truly turned me on. It was only logical that her panties would be the ones I was after. But, she finally had enough of it. The last time she caught me, I was hiding in the bathroom with the crotch of her panties in my mouth and a silky pair wrapped around my cock stroking for all I was worth. World War III ensued with a lot of name calling and yelling from both of us.

So, finding my daughter’s panties created quite a problem for me. I tried to fight the urge and the temptations of her panties, and when Bonnie was at home – in the apartment with me, it was easy to set them aside or just throw them in the washer. But, it got much harder when Bonnie was gone and I was left alone with her soft panties and a hard cock.

One afternoon, Bonnie had gone to the mall to shop. After she left, I happened to walk by her room and I looked in. As usual, her clothes were in piles on the floor and I shook my head as I bent down to start picking them up. On her desk, I noticed she’d left her laptop turned on, and I couldn’t stop myself from sitting down and snooping around in her files.

I found a folder named “Private” and I opened it. To my amazement, the folder was filled with other folders containing lewd pictures and erotic stories downloaded from the internet. Somewhat shocked to find all this on my daughter’s laptop, I scanned each folder and discovered most of the stories dealt with Exhibitionism, Incest, Submission and BDSM. I read a few of the stories until I found a folder named “Best Stuff.”

Opening that folder, I first came upon a folder named “OMG Father Daughter” which was full of pictures. This was a series of pictures, maybe two hundred or so, of a college age girl who was obviously very shy and embarrassed. As the series of pictures progressed, her clothes disappeared one piece at a time and I could see the girl was red-faced and then, eventually she was crying as the pictures got more and more revealing. When the girl got down to her bra and panties, she was posing in the classic submissive position — with her hands clasped behind her head.

The pictures became more and more intimate, with close-ups of her nipples and the front of her panties. There were ten or fifteen pictures where the girl was apparently told to lower her panties, and I’m sure the camera clicked away as she put her thumbs into the waistband and pushed them down to her knees. Further along, she was made to bend over and spread her butt cheeks with close-ups taken. Then, she was on her back with her legs spread — her hands holding her pussy lips apart for the camera. The next several shots showed the girl with her right hand playing with herself and her left arm draped across her face in shame. I could see the look of sheer humiliation on the girl’s face in the pictures and I surmised she was ordered to undress and pose while someone, I surmised her father, took the pictures. The last few pictures showed the girl with her knees pulled way up and a wet, sperm filled pussy. Through her knees, you could see her face and she looked completely distressed.

I merter escort also found about twenty text files, and as I opened each one, it was clear to me they were erotic stories and they all dealt with reoccurring themes, which I could only assume were my daughter’s favorite things to read about. Many dealt with daughters exposing themselves to their fathers, or fathers spanking their daughters, and even daughters seducing their fathers. My cock was incredibly hard as I read these stories, and since no one was home, I pulled my pole out and stroked myself while I read. I couldn’t help but think how these stories might have influenced Bonnie’s exhibitionist behavior around me, and the more I read, the more similarity I found between her stories and her actions at home. There was one file mysteriously named “B&D”. When I opened it, the top line of the file, which I guessed was the title, said “Bonnie and Daddy — My Story” in big, bold type.

“Fuck!” I gasped. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

As I started to read the story, my cock got harder and my stroking got more intense. There wasn’t much fluff to the story and no real introduction. It got right into the juicy stuff with the main character, named ‘Bonnie’ (big surprise), deciding she was going to start exposing herself to her father, and tease him unmercifully until he had no choice other than to have sex with her. As the story went on, it contained passages where Bonnie left doors open and paraded around in just her underwear in order to get him to look at her, and how she’d leave the bathroom door open when she took a shower or a bath, and how she’d masturbate numerous times each day hoping she would get caught in the act by her father.

Reading more of the story, there were several pages where her father finally had enough of her teasing. He stripped the girl naked, spanked her, and then fondled her to orgasm as she lay over his lap. She went into explicit detail about how she yearned to be stripped and touched intimately by him. She went on and on about how she dreamed of being his plaything for any kind of sexual favor her father wanted. She didn’t care how embarrassing or humiliating the sex acts were, even plainly stating that the more humiliating they were, the better.

As if that wasn’t enough of a shocker, there was a part of the story that described Bonnie being slowly undressed by her father and how the girl got turned on by it, and how she was forced to confess her fantasies about being exposed and humiliated. When the girl was asked to give an example, she told him of her favorite fantasy where her father took her to the doctor for a physical. Then, her father was allowed to stay, watch and take part in the intimate examination of his daughter.

My darling daughter had written twenty pages detailing the doctor’s physical, and how she was subjected to situation after situation with unbearable embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the doctor, nurses and her father, including being restrained while she was fondled and having to masturbate herself to orgasm in front of everyone. In her own words, my daughter explained how she secretly desired all of these things and how happy she would be if she could experience them in real life.

I was totally shocked, and for the life of me, I would have never suspected any of this from my sweetheart of a daughter. But, honestly, I couldn’t hold any of it against her because I was just as turned on reading about it, as she was writing about it. Taking a break from reading her story, I leaned back in the chair and looked around her room. Seeing a pair of her panties on the floor, I smiled to myself and then got up to get them.

The panties I found were obviously freshly worn, and the thick juices on the gusset hadn’t completely dried yet. “She probably wore them last night,” I thought, “then left them on her floor when she took off for the mall.” I was caught between lust and love for my daughter; and sitting back down in front of her laptop to read more of her nasty story about us, the lust out weighed the love.

I held Bonnie’s panties in my hand, and knowing she was at the mall, I decided I would take advantage of the situation. I slid my jeans and boxers down and began reading my daughter’s story from where I left off while I jacked my cock. I was at a place in her story where the doctor had left the father alone with his naked daughter for a few minutes, and the father, who felt sorry for poor girl’s aroused but unsatisfied state, decided he would play with her pussy and make her cum while the doctor was out.

The words my daughter wrote enticingly described how the girl was splayed out, with her legs held open on the gynecology table. Having just been examined, her pussy was open and she was literally dripping wet with a combination of her natural lubrication and the examination jelly. So, her father’s fingers went to work on her pussy, but, it wasn’t enough for the girl. In desperation, she finally begged him to put his cock in her. Of course, the father obliged and while he fucked her, the doctor and nurse returned. Finding the father fully impaled inside his daughter’s pussy, the doctor and nurse gathered around the table to watch, and while they did, the nurse pinched the girl’s nipples and the doctor took pictures. .

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