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My Fake ID Ch. 03

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Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities with any persons living or dead are wholly coincidental…

Constructive feedback is good and welcome, bitchy flame mail is not.

Feedback to questions received: Our hero Ooxa… “What is up with the pronunciation (spelling)?” The Mandan language has sounds and letters that do not appear in the English. Just as there are letters in English that have no corresponding Mandan letter. “X” is one of those empty letters. So the “X” was re-purposed for a Mandan sound that has no letter. Take the tip of your tongue and rest it behind your bottom teeth. Take the back of your tongue and softly push it towards the roof of your mouth. Now without tension, make the soft sound of a cat hissing.

To my Mandan readers: I meant no insult with my overly simplified English phonetic (OH-oh-Ha). I was just trying to move the story along.

– Izzy

* * * *

The patrolman smiled back in my direction. “It’s really coming down now. It’s only a matter of time. They’re going to shut down the pass any minute. I guess it’s a good thing that I crossed your path when I did.”

“Oh yeah, it’s been the luckiest day of my life.” I replied back smartly. What difference does a couple of fucking years on a driver’s license make. Clearly a lot more than I thought. Uncle Nels is going to be so disappointed. I still sit in this police cruiser with my hands handcuffed behind my back. Still wondering how I got here and remembering…

* * * *

It was as if Mike and I had just closed our eyes when we heard the pounding on the door and my cousin shouting “Ooxa you are late. You might want to know that Michael is missing as well.”

I threw on my bathrobe and wobbled to the door. Cracking it open I told my cousin “I will be right there.” The musky smell of stale sex hit his nose and he smiled.

“I was kidding about you having duty. You have the day off to, ummm recover, but we really do need Mike.”

“I think I know where I can find him. As soon as he has a shower, and something to eat, I’ll send him your way.” The fuzzy blur that was Mike, crossed behind me running to the shower. I smiled blushing at Shehek and closed the door.

True to my word I made a breakfast burrito for Mike. I patted his ass as he ran out the door for the field. I did notice he winced as my hand made contact with to his, I hope, well pleasured backside.

* * * *

I walked around and admired the art on the back of the trailer again. I saw a very tired Charlie staggering towards the bunkhouse. I noticed the layer of grime on him as I was winching the deck down. He heard the sound of the winch releasing and walked in my direction. He helped me set and level the back deck. “Charlie I hear the bunkhouse showers are down. Mine still works, do you want to get that layer of filth off of you before you turn in?”

“Hell yes little guy! That would be so great, thanks.” With that he ran off and got clean clothes and shower supplies. I kept thinking to myself if something happens great, I’m not going to force it. I had seen his cock once in the communal showers. My mouth was watering and my ass was throbbing just thinking about it.

Shehek rounded the corner of my tiny house with a look of concern. “You know Ooxa he is married.”

“She is in Denver, and he is lonely. You know the warriors in the old days could have several wives including mihdacke. Still, he’s just coming over to take a shower.”

“You know the showers are not broken?”

“You mean Michael lied to me!” I feigned shock, poorly of course.

My cousin presented me a box of condoms with a bow on top. “You will know when you meet the other half of your heart. Until then protect yourself. Also, you may want to empty your mailbox.” I took his gift. I knew he loved me, and wanted to keep me safe. I hugged him and thanked him.

I was also curious to find out what he meant. I went to the mailbox on the end of the house, and found it filled with boxes of condoms. Each had a card saying “have fun” in a different man’s script. It was nice seeing that I had so many people wanting me not to be self-destructive. What was odd was I recognized the handwriting on one of the boxes was Mike’s, the man who just rode me without a condom…

I had just dropped the boxes on the table when Charlie knocked on the door. He pounded his feet off on the landing and entered the entry removing his boots. He passed me a box of Magnum condoms. “These are for you squirt… Well maybe not for you, but you might need them for, ummmm guests, ummmm I guess.” I laughed as I walked to the dining room table and put them on the pile.

He came up from behind and wrapped his arms around me. “We all love you squirt. We just want you to be safe out there. It’s not like when we were kids. There’s a lot of scary shit out there. I think Eddie Murphy said it best, someday they’re going to come out with a bug that just causes your pecker to burn and fall off.”

“Okay Charlie…” antalya escort I turned and gave him a big hug. “Tell the guys, I’ll be careful.” I opened the cabinet exposing the collection of condoms I had already amassed. “Considering these things do expire, I’d better start fucking like a bunny.”

Charlie laughed at the image and change the conversation. “Hey pal, I’m going to be driving down to Denver to see the Mrs. I’d kind of like to follow behind you to make sure that you get through the first level of the mountains safely. What route are you taking to Burning Man?”

“Well I’ve made arrangements to reservation hop my way there. That way I don’t have to pay for hook-up fees at trailer parks. First I will camp on Pine Ridge Reservation with friends of family near Porcupine Creek in Rockyford, South Dakota. Next I will stop at Myton, Utah on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

The third leg will be the longest at about 11 hours. I’ll dump the tanks and fill the water bladders somewhere along that stretch. Then I will arrive at Black Rock City, Nevada and Burning Man.”

“Mag, now why am I not surprised that you have this planned down to the last detail.” This was the first time anyone referred to me as Mag, not little Mag. It felt really good hearing someone use Grandad’s name for me.

I drew the curtains and closed the privacy doors. “Enjoy your shower Charlie.” I was not going to push. “Charlie would you like a bit of breakfast before you turn in? I have enough fixings for a few more burritos. If that doesn’t interest you, I can always reheat the hot dish.”

I heard the water start running. “Oooh, casserole sounds good.”

“Charlie you’ve been in the state for four years now. You should know by now, hot dish is better than casserole.” We folks from Nodak do get a little bit pissy about our hot dish. Hot dish is wonderful, It has a heavy starch, with cream of mushroom soup, vegetables (normally some peas and carrots), a ground meat (more than likely ground beef), topped with tater tots and cheese.

It was so heavy, I knew if I fed it to Charlie he would be out cold within a few minutes. Damn… I thought. Oh well, at least he’ll be following me down to Wounded Knee. Maybe I could try to fit him in there. I put the hot dish in the convection oven to rewarm it. He started singing off-key in the shower. Well not everyone can have a great voice like Mike.

Charlie emerged from the shower, sliding the privacy doors open. He was wearing a wife-beater t-shirt and black nylon running shorts on his huge frame. I had no idea where he was hiding his huge python but I could see it bulging the front of his shorts.

I motioned him to the now clean dining room table. I put a plate with a healthy sized portion of hot dish in front of him. “Call it casserole and I won’t give you wine to go along with it.” I was holding the bottle of Lambrusco that Mike left behind and a couple of glasses.

He smiled and said “I’m looking forward to enjoying this hot dish… ” He put his hands on my hips and pulled me to the table, “… and maybe a bit of this hot dish for dessert?” My cousins words went through my head and I thought of Charlie’s wife. My head dropped and my lip disappeared inside my mouth.

“What’s wrong Mag, you seemed interested a while ago?”

I poured his wine and said “Nothing.” He pushed and I replied, “I know how much you love your wife and I don’t want you to feel guilty afterwards.”

He laughed, “Mag, she knows I occasionally get a little trim on the side. We have an open marriage. She even knows I occasionally find myself a cute young guy like you. Hell Mag, I have shared photos of you with her.” He pulled out his phone and opened his email. She actually gave him suggestions on what to do with me.

I read through some of the suggestions and could only reply with,”Golly!” I set the bottle of wine and my glass down on the table. I went back over and got a scoop of hot dish out for myself. When I turned around Charlie had already poured me a glass of wine. I could also see up the leg of his nylon shorts. I could clearly see the fabric of the jockstrap that was cradling his massive cock and balls.

I sat across from him as we enjoyed the leftovers. His knee rubbed against mine under the narrow table. I enjoyed the contact with such a manly man. He spoke. “It’s so quiet in here. In the bunkhouse all we can hear is the constant ka-chunk ka-chunk of the wells. I can’t hear them at all.”

“It’s not soundproof but it’s really close.”

Between the starch in the hot dish, and the three glasses of wine he enjoyed, I called it right. He was yawning by the time he finished. “God Mag, I’m sorry that double just drained the hell out of me. Would you mind if I crashed here? It’s so quiet.”

“Charlie go ahead. You helped build the place. The least I could let you do is take a nap.” I gestured to the air chamber bed, grateful I put fresh sheets on it. I guess I chalked it up to wishful thinking.

He alanya escort quickly climbed up in the bed, as I cleaned up the dinner/breakfast mess. I yawned as well, Mike really wore me out. “Charlie would you mind if I took a shower? I’ll try to be quiet.”

“Hell no dude! You go ahead and clean yourself up. It’s your place after all. You’re forgetting I’m used to living in a bunk house with twelve other guys. This is heaven.”

I showered, and used Mike’s addition to the shower to clean out my backside in hopes that Charlie would be able to stay awake long enough to fill my shute. When I finished I was about to turn back towards the shower curtain. I heard the sound of something hitting the floor.

I spun quickly. Looking out I realized I had forgotten to draw the shower slider and privacy screen. My eyes made contact with a very naked, very hard Charlie.

He bent down grabbing the bottle of water he dropped. The head of the angry looking purple beast was bigger around than my largest mallet. “Now look what that cute little body has done to my cock.”

My cheeks burned bright red, “I am so sorry, I should have closed the screen. I wasn’t thinking Charlie.”

“Good don’t… just get that cute little butt out here. I can use something to snuggle with as I nap.” I quickly dried myself not bothering to tie my hair back. I dropped the towel to the floor and damn near jumped into the bed. He shared the two photos and a short video he just sent to his wife. She asked if he would stream the video if we fucked.

“I thought you were sleepy Charlie?”

“I still want to snuggle with you. You look like you could use a nap too. Gail doesn’t get off shift for another four hours. So she wouldn’t be able to watch us. She gets off on watching me play.” He laid back and I snuggled against his chest. He had hair everywhere, thick mats of it.

“Will you be able to sleep that thing looks wide awake? I could try and help you, if ya want.”

His hand rested on the back of my neck and slowly guided my head to the angry python. He was leaking precum freely. The stream was causing his cock to shine. My tongue swirled around the head of his shaft like a small child licking the drips from their ice cream cone.

His precum tasted different than Mike’s. I didn’t have a lot of experience at the time, I’d only tasted cum from two cocks, three counting myself. He groaned aloud pressing my head down upon his cock. He needed release and he needed rest.

I knew I would never be able to take his entire rod into my mouth. I grabbed low on his base and slowly pumped it while I slurped the massive bell shaped head of his cock. I didn’t think it was possible to produce even more of his sticky precum. I sucked hard as I stroked my lips and hands in unison up and down his shaft. Desperately trying to feed more and more of his thick shaft into my mouth.

My jaw ached as the veiny rod slowly hit the back of my throat. I started to gag. I felt as if the hot dish was going to come out on his lap. He put his hand under my chin to pull me back off. “Easy little guy. No one’s born to deep-throat the first time. To date no one has ever been able to deep-throat my tool. Hell, Gail and I have been married for ten years and she still can’t do it.”

I took that as a challenge. I returned to pleasuring him with even more vigor. The right hand was stroking his cock in unison with my mouth. I used my left hand to softly play with his balls. Damn they were huge. I desperately tried to fit it down my throat time and time again but couldn’t get past the gag reflex.

I settled on stroking his shaft and sucking hard. I was swirling my tongue around the head of his shaft. After fifteen minutes of fervent action I felt him twitch, as his cock exploded in my mouth. He didn’t taste the same as Mike, but it did taste good.

I was filled with pride as Charlie announced, “Oh Mag, you’re a great little cocksucker. Now get up here so I can get some sleep. I’m going to need to have all my energy to drill that ass. The Mrs. is expecting a good show.”

I return to my previous position snuggling hard against his chest. He pulled the comforter up over both of us then kissed my forehead. “You are such a good kid.” We drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

I awoke to find the most delightful sensation emanating from my groin. I opened my eyes to find Charlie with his lips wrapped around my cock. “Damn how long did I sleep, and please don’t stop?”

But he stopped and answered my question, “Six hours. Mike must have really kept you awake last night. He’s good at that. Gail just rang in on Skype and said she wanted to see me wake you up.” He returned to his task, pointing the phone up my body.

His wife made the proper introduction. She called me a cutie and then asked for me to take the phone and point it at her husband. It was so weird recording his slobbering on my cock for a woman I had only met on the phone.

He was just at the belek escort point where I was about to shoot my load. He suddenly stopped. “We have time for this. I think my wife would love to see me enter that tight little ass of yours.”

I told him the big screen TV mounted to the wall had a HD camera built in. It also had several apps including Skype. I reached over to my tablet turning the TV on. I pulled up the Skype app and handed the tablet to Charlie to login. Once the connection was established Charlie handed the tablet back to me.

Gail was thrilled with the image flooding her screen. “It gets better ma’am.” I connected to the security cameras in the master bedroom. I streamed both cameras networking them into the Skype connection so she could pick up the action from pretty much any angle. “This wasn’t why I put these in, but I guess it is a good benefit.”

“Oh thank you so much Mag and please, stop calling me ma’am. I’m Gail or mistress. To you I want to be Gail. You boys continue to play.”

At which point Charlie replied, “Yes mistress, I will pleasure the young master’s hole well.” Charlie pulled me into a passionate kiss and rested my back on the mattress. He then looked at me as if he was waiting for instruction. Gail saw I had a puzzled look on my face. She said Charlie liked power bottoms. People who could direct him to fill their pleasure.

I looked at Charlie, “Would you like to eat my ass now?” Gail interrupted me telling me I should direct Charlie to eat my ass. “Charlie get down here and pleasure my ass with that tongue and mouth. Get my ass ready for that fat cock of yours.” The words were awkward in my mouth, and emerged clumsily. Charlie played along replying with a vigorous yes master!

This was such a bizarre concept. Gail said I should be a little more forceful. Both with my verbal commands and my treatment of Charlie. I grabbed his head and ground it against my ass. I was torn, his five o’clock shadow felt like I was rubbing a Brillo pad on the tender flesh. At the same time his tongue was buried deep inside my ass, and the heat radiating off it was wonderful. I moaned as my hips rocked on his face. I was craving his cock in my ass but something told me Gail would have stopped that command. At least for now.

Gail told Charlie he was being lazy in his rimming of my ass. She directed him to nibble around the edges of my ring to make the tender flesh pink, hot and full of blood. His nibbles continued upward as he softly kissed, licked, and nibbled my perineum.

Charlie took one of my balls into his mouth licking and sucking on it. At the same time he took his fat middle finger and slid it in my ass. I inhaled sharply at the sudden intrusion Gail chastised him, “You didn’t lube first. Your master is not used to asking for everything. You must think of what he forgets.”

Charlie responded with, “Yes, Mistress! I am sorry sweet Master.” I reached up to the headboard and grabbed the Astroglide off the shelf. I presented him the bottle telling him he knew what needed to be done. He replied with “Yes master!”

The lid clicked open as I heard him squeeze a little lube into his palm. He slowly dipped his fingers into it and returned to massaging my hole. His middle finger glided across the rim sending electric shocks through my body. He softly pushed against the pucker penetrating my hot ass. “OH, FUCK! MORE!” I couldn’t believe those words just came out of me.

Charlie took it as a command and inserted a second finger twisting, then spreading them. My hips were rocking on the bed yearning for more contact and more sensation. He provided that sensation with the insertion of a third finger.

Gail was on the big screen finger fucking her twat. With one hand she spread her pussy lips wide. The other hand was busy as well, shoving her index finger into her twat while her thumb penetrated her ass. I think Charlie would have enjoyed the view more. But I did admire her dexterity.

Charlie then wrapped his lips around my cock. Sucking it deeply into his mouth and throat. All the while he continued to fuck my ass with his meaty digits. Gail never lost control, I was amazed when she yelled at the screen for Charlie to release my cock. She could tell just from the expression on my face I was about to fill his mouth with my seed.

Gail said tenderly, “Mag sweetie, I would like to see you roll over on your stomach. I want to see if that pretty hole is ready yet.” I rolled over on my stomach, pressing my chest into the mattress. Charlie lifted my midsection up re-positioning and spreading my legs. With my ass now elevated, he spread the cheeks so Gail could examine my hole. “Oh, I think he’s ready! You did good Charlie.” He replied with a thank you mistress.

“Mag do you want to feel Charlie inside you now?”

I replied with a “Please Miss Gail. Charlie put that fuck stick in my ass.” Charlie’s head lined himself up when Gail issued a warning to go slow that he was not to hurt me. Another yes mistress.

I personally didn’t care whether he split me in two. Charlie skinned a magnum condom onto his cock then lubed it up. When he pressed it against my hole, I could feel his bulbous cock head spreading my ring. It felt as if my sphincter was on fire as it slid within me.

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