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My Fat and Sexy Girlfriend’s Mother

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This story came from a suggestion by an Australian reader. Thank you Tim!…


On a Saturday afternoon I went to see Elaine. I was not sure that she was going to be there but I knew that Chris, Elaine’s mother, would be. I rang the bell, and came in as I usually did. Nobody was around. I called for somebody without any response. I could hear some music in one of the rooms. So I went and checked in Elaine’s room, nobody; her little brother’s, nobody. Then I stopped at Elaine’s mother’s door. The music was coming from there. I knocked on the door, nobody answered, that was strange. I waited a little bit and then opened her door.

There she was but not the way I excepted, not the way I was dreading either in case something bad had happened to her. She only had on her very large white underwear and a white bra, with her back to me and doing a wild dance, moving her big fat ass around. The music blasting had prevented her from hearing me. Instead of closing the door immediately as any well bred young man would have done, I staid there for one second with my mouth opened. She had not heard me opening the door but then she sensed something was amiss, turned around, thus showing me her half naked front, and saw me. She immediately went into a quiet frenzy, waving me away to get me to go out and looking for a cover at the same time. This time I left her room promptly.

I also left the house right away. I had loved the sight but this was really embarrassing for her, and for me to see her again, and I didn’t know how we were going to deal with it.

I decided not to worry about it for now and concentrate on what I had seen instead. I had always had a crush on Elaine’s mom, because I liked her, because she seemed to like me, and also because I loved her wonderful curves, her big boobs and her huge ass. She was around 5.5 and probably weighed in excess of 300lbs.

I was trying to relive her sight in my memory, trying to break it down into a lot of pictures and making this second last a life time. When I got home I immediately jerked off and then I kept thinking about her, jerked off a second time… and more again when going to sleep at night. There was no need to imagine some scenario, just thinking of her making circles with, and shaking her full hips and wide buttocks, was enough to make me come.

Elaine called me later this evening. She said her mother was not feeling well. She had excused herself from preparing dinner and was resting in her room. Elaine was wondering about it as she had seemed perfectly fine in the morning.

I was wondering whether I could do something to make things better, dreading the next time when I would go to Elaine’s house. I had to do it at some point to find a truce with her mother.

But I didn’t have to think much longer. The day after Chris called me and she immediately got right down to business.

– Hi Tim, we need to talk soon, and in private. Any chance that you could stop by at the house around 3:00pm. Nobody will be there for a while then.

– Yes I’ll be there.

At 3:00pm sharp I rang at her house. Chris was waiting for me and opened the door almost immediately. She pulled me in quickly as if she didn’t want anybody to see me.

– Tim let’s go in my room. Even if there is nobody else in the house right now, I don’t want anybody hearing our conversation and this is the safest place for that.

She asked me to go ahead, probably so I wouldn’t look at the big rear that I had gotten to admire the day before. I came in and she closed and locked the door behind me. Then we went to her room; again she locked her door and pointing at a chair she had prepared for me

– Why don’t you sit down

I antalya escort did. She rested her big cushion on a bigger chair opposite this one, at a reasonable distance.

– Tim I don’t know what Elaine and you are going to do with your life, but we both have a problem which may create difficulties for you today or tomorrow, and it would be better if we decided on a common strategy to deal with it. First let me tell you that, as you may imagine, I’m very embarrassed by what happened. I’m not sure whether I should apologize. But tell me, how come you came in my room?

– I’m very sorry Mrs… I got worried as you were not answering my knock on the door, and opened the door to make sure you were OK. Again I’m sorry for invading your privacy.

She softened.

– That was very nice of you to want to check on me. It was stupid of me to be playing in my room in the middle of the day with the door unlocked. I apologize for giving you this spectacle that you must have found ugly and pathetic.

– Not at all, first you have the right to do whatever you want in your room. Plus I thought it was really great to see you loosening up and having fun around like this.

– Having fun is good but a fat old woman in undies, that’s something else. This is something that could traumatize you.

– No certainly not. If anything…

I stopped, not sure that I should tell anything at this point. She looked at me expectedly and then she dropped it.

– Anyway I don’t know whether to believe you or if you are being the ultimate young polite man Tim. And I don’t think it’s important. What’s important is what we do with it. Can we agree to keep this our little secret and never mention it, certainly not to Elaine but neither to your family or friends? In high-school such a story would immediately be shared and it would certainly hurt Elaine greatly.

What do you think?

– I think you are right Mrs. … I promise never to tell anybody. This will be our little secret.

– Ok let’s shake on it.

And she moved her body forward on the chair to shake my hand. We shook. Then she asked me to help her get her out of the chair. I kept my hand in hers and pulled, feeling all her mass on my hand and arm.

– I’m so glad you agree. I was very worried.

And then I saw a little tear in one eye. I immediately reacted.

– Oh Mrs… it’s OK. And I gave her a hug. She then let go and cried on my shoulder, letting her full mass push on me for a while. My heart wanted to pour out at her but my body reacted its own way, with a bulging erection. I moved away from her but not in time for her not to sense it.

– I’m really sorry Mrs… You are very sexy and I could not help myself. Still I would have liked to comfort you, not give you further cause for distress.

– So it is true then?… This is not a distress, it actually feels great. But going any further would make things very complicated and hurt Elaine very much. I don’t want to be the Australian Mrs. Robinson.

Still let me give you a last hug and this will also be our little secret, a big one actually.

She grabbed me and pulled me against her soft bosom, as if trying to feel me a last time.

After that, things went back to normal. Whenever I was visiting Elaine, Chris and I were very friendly but completely ignoring the events that had happened. Her bottom and bosom were often in my dreams though. I was imagining her bending over and me bringing down her underwear, opening her crack and kissing her buttocks and licking her asshole.

Elaine and I could have made it but somehow it didn’t work and after a tense period, we managed to be friends, not close friends but friends. Of course my visits to her house were scarce now.

One lara escort day I came to visit Elaine and saw Chris first alone.

– Hello stranger!

– Good afternoon Chris, how are you?

By then we had become less formal.

– I’m doing great, and you.

– Very well.

– And then some time passed, and she finally said.

– You know Mitch, it’s too bad that things didn’t work between Elaine and you but I’m glad you’re still friends. Also know that you are always welcome in this house. You can come and visit even when Elaine is not around.

– Well thank you very much. I will remember this.

So one night I came to her house knowing that Elaine was not there. Chris and Elaine’s brother with his friends were watching a movie. They told me Elaine was gone at her friend’s house. She said…

– Why don’t you stay and watch the movie with us?

I looked around as there were no other chair. Chris was sitting in a two seater couch but was taking all the space.

– Let me move and give you some space. She moved a little bit, still leaving hardly any space at all, but I sat anyway. There was barely enough room even for my adolescent rear. We were very tight; I was pushed in between her mass and the side of the small coach, not very comfortable but enjoying being so close to her very much. It was dark in the room and the kids around were not paying any attention to us. I moved my arm on top of her fat shoulders. I could feel her heavy breast pushing on my side. She seemed to get closer to me. After a while she put her fat hand on my thigh. I was starting to have a hard on, but my dick was all lost in my underwear. I tried to fix it over the pants with my left hand but it didn’t’ work. Well I had to do something.

I whispered in her ears.

– Sorry I have a technical problem. Please don’t mind.

She gave a me a quizzing look.

– And then I put my hand in my pants and rearranged the matter.

She understood then and giggled. She whispered.

– Well done!

Then she grabbed the hand which had just been at work, palm against palm, and she staid there, her fingers curled over my hand resting on my penis.

The movie was good but the kids were not enjoying it. After a while they decided to leave. They came back 5 minutes later.

– Mom can I go visit with Jack?

– OK but come back before 11:00pm.

– Thanks I will.

And we were left alone in the house. I could have sat on another chair but we didn’t move and remained there tightly close on this coach just big enough for her. Neither of us seemed to want to move away. I could feel her heat and her breath; my right hand was stroking her soft shoulder, her fat arm and back. She was stroking my thigh. I had a bulge in my pants and she had to be aware of it.

– Mitch will you kiss me?

I didn’t answer but I bent down and put my mouth on hers. As we kissed she brought my left hand on her big right boob.

– You don’t mind?

– Oh no I love it! You feel so good and lovely.

– Do you mind if I guide you… to other places.

I was not sure what she meant. I was still a little bit young and a little bit intimated but I went along.

– No go ahead.

So she took my hand and brought it first under her shirt and bra where I got a direct feel for her belly and breast. She took me all around making sure I touched both heavy breasts and all her belly flesh.

And then she took my hand for a visit underneath her skirt and underwear. The first feel of her pubic hair on her fat mound was magic; it gave me like an electric current.

– Anything wrong Tim?

– On the contrary, it’s so wonderful!

And then she took my fingers side escort and brought them to her pussy. It was very fat and wet.

– Do you like it?

– I love it.

– Would you like to come to my room and do more explorations?

– I’d love too.

– Stand up and then you can help me.

I did, and then brought her up and towards me. She took my hand and got me to follow her into her room. She said with her smile…

– Let’s make sure to lock it good this time. Make yourself comfortable and give me a minute.

She went to the bathroom. I was not too sure of what I could do, so I just waited. She got out soon with a bathrobe on. She then turned off the light leaving just a closet light on leaving a dim clarity to the room.

– Feel free to go to the bathroom, and then come back in bed soon…

and she whispered…

– naked.

Well now at least I knew. I quickly went to pee and then gave myself a quick wash, removed my clothes and came back. By then she was in bed, and certainly naked as I could see the bath robe on the chair close by. I got in bed.

– Kiss me Tim.

I did and at the same time got to be close to her, my body half lying on hers. She took my right hand in her left one and brought it down to her pussy.

– You don’t mind keeping the exploration Tim?

– Not at all, I love it.

While we were deep kissing, she moved my middle finger on her clit, and then started to moan.

– It feels so good Tim. Can you keep doing it.

– Oh yes, I love it too.

It was very wet, she was breather harder and harder, her moans were getting louder. And then the phone rang…

After a quick conversation where she was mostly saying yes, she hang up and told me that it was her son asking to spend the night at his friend’s home.

– It’s good actually; I was getting very noisy don’t you think?

– Indeed but not too noisy.

– So let’s start over then. Tim, just know that there is no wrong move with me as long as you don’t hurt me.

Chris was giving me a full license to do anything I pleased. I kissed her again with my finger on her clit. And then I lowered down and kissed her tits and belly while still pushing with my finger.

– It’s good Tim, keep going. Can you move further down so I can bring my thighs up?

I moved away from her, she brought her legs up and held her thighs up with her hand. I could admire her big butt raising from the sheets and her crack opening wide. I lied down sideways in front of her and put my finger to work while admiring the crevasse in front of me and giving little kisses on her right buttock.

– That’s excellent Tim.

– Do you want to put your thumb on my clit… very good… and now your index inside my hole…

perfect… and now do you think you could put your middle finger on my little hole?..

I was a little bit shocked but I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I did all she was asking. It was giving me a major hard on. She was loving it and moaning now very loudly.

– Oh it’s good Tim, it’s so f.. good!

To be more comfortable I raised myself on my knees, my right hand was now I perfect position to keep her happy. And my left hand was handling her big left boob, pinching her raised nipples.

– Tim it’s so good, it’s so good, it’s so f… good. It’s been so long! Now come and just lie on me Tim.

I did and then she grabbed my dick and moved it inside her.

– Yes Tim… now fuck me, please fuck me hard…

I was having such a great time, it didn’t take me long to come hard inside her.

– Oh thank you Tim, thank you.

I was not sure whether she had reached an orgasm but she had certainly seemed to enjoy it.

– Thank you to you Chris.

I remained on top of her for a while, kissing, licking, sucking all this wonderful fat body. Soon my dick woke up again and it was a start of another round, the second one of many delightful encounters with my fat and sexy would be mother in law.

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