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My First Adult Film – As Producer

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I lost my partner — well, we weren’t connecting any more – and I was alone again for the first time in seven years. At the age of forty I wasn’t prepared to abandon the sexual part of my life; in fact I saw an opportunity to re-start it after a period when, in any event, my girlfriend and I had barely touched each other for months. I also thought the plan I had in mind might be financially beneficial too.

I used a machine at the train station to print 500 cards. “Close Up & Intimate Photography — discreet guy with video cam and Nokia takes still and moving pictures to your specification and supplies results on CD or prints. Reasonable rates — email/call Jeremy for details.”

I then distributed the cards under cover of evening darkness to the streets around my home and waited to see if any call would come — I had no idea whether I’d get ten or none.

In fact I received two emails the next day — looked like there was a market! I got back in contact by phone to the first responder — a girl in her twenties, who openly told me she wanted a video of her and her boyfriend having sex in their house. We arranged a date, my heart beating fast, and got in touch with the next customer. This was a guy in his thirties, who wanted something potentially more tricky — to spring me as a surprise on his new girlfriend and persuade her to let me take high quality stills of their fucking. I made a deal with the guy for a reduced rate if she didn’t play, and fixed a date for a few days after the first date.

I knew there was an element of risk in all this — but I didn’t let it worry me too much. I proposed carrying a small weapon with me to help me deal with any situation that might turn violent — the rest I would deal with as it arose.

My libido was in a state of constant excitement as the first day approached, and I was sporting an almost permanent hard-on. I intended to look and sound like a professional when I arrived, and dressed in smart informal clothes — pressed black jeans, casual jacket, white shirt and loosened black tie. I aimed to inspire confidence and allow my clients to perform to their best advantage. I knew I göztepe genç escort was in this for various reasons, and was in no doubt that if an attractive woman offered me sex during the shoot, I would accept in lieu of payment. If not — cash!

I knocked at the door of my first booking with heart beating rapidly, but outwardly calm. I had told “Jenna” when we’d spoke on the phone that I’d been doing this for several years, and hoped my deception would survive the evening. She was a slim, pretty girl, with shoulder length hair, and decent sized breasts — I liked her immediately. She seemed calm enough at the prospect of what was to come, and took me into the living room, where her partner, Dale was sitting and waiting. He was a similar age, and looked as though he worked in an office. I accepted a glass of wine as an ice breaker and we began to discuss the next couple of hours.

Jenna explained that they’d been together for eighteen months, had a full sex life, and that they were both stimulated at the thought of having a permanent record of their bedroom action. They also liked the idea of someone watching them in action, I thought, as Jenna was getting noticeably flushed as she spoke to me, and Dale’s trouser front was showing signs of his own stimulation (yep, mine too…).

The first task was to get them free of enough clothing to start the sex. I asked them to stand up, kiss a little, and fondle each other. This they did, and I started walking round them with the video camera, varying the angle and height as Dale’s roving hands began alternating between Jenna’s breasts and crotch area. She responded by rubbing his hard on through his chinos. I asked for, and got, some dirty talk from the partners as Dale reached behind Jenna’s back and slipped her bra free from her now heaving tits.

“Come on Jenna, you know what’s going to happen next, he muttered. I’m going to get my hands on your cunt and finger you properly while this guy watches us and takes pictures. You like it, don’t you, slag?” Jenna came back, “Dale, you’d better not hang around — I’m going to make your prick stiffer and slicker göztepe olgun escort than it’s ever been,” she gritted.

Dale glanced at me briefly, and I quickly made a movement designed to put him back in focus on his partner. By now, I was filming an almost naked couple (Dale in open shirt and socks, Jenna only in her knickers, as Dale pushed Jenna roughly over the arm of the sofa and inserted a finger under her pants. As he made contact with her clit I was able to get a good close up of her pants pushed to one side by his hand and her pubic hairs showing through the gap. She was moaning now, and trying to free Dale’s cock from his pants — I was just in time to pan the camera downwards to capture the moment as she succeeded in tugging his briefs off his crotch, his stiff cock rearing up, already slick with pre-cum. He was uncircumcised, but his foreskin was jammed tightly back behind his knob, ready for action.

Dale now pulled Jenna’s pants off her and she was revealed completely in the nude. With her back supported by the sofa arm and backrest, her cunt was on full view and I moved in with the camera. Her pussy lips were slightly prominent through her neatly trimmed bush, and already the juices were matting her pubes slightly. A scent of pussy reached my nostrils, and Dale moved quickly in to take up position. I was able to angle the next shot to capture their full bodies as Janna reached out to first rake his cock with her fingernails, and then squeeze and maul his balls, getting a groan of lust from her guy the process. She pulled his erection towards her waiting hole and addressed him rapidly and in a high pitched voice.

“Give it to me, you bastard! Don’t make me wait or I’ll pull your balls off,” she gritted. Dale came straight back at her, as he lunged forward, jamming his cock straight towards her cunt with a single practiced movement. “Shut the fuck up, you bitch! I’m in charge now, and you’ll get what you’re given!

Jenna cried out in what sounded like real pain as Dale started straight in on an aggressive thrusting, his speed building up rapidly. In less than a minute he was göztepe şişman escort banging her rapidly and without pause, his pole hammering Jenna’s helpless gash. He gave small grunts every time his cock started back into her, and she responded with little squeaks and moans as she took his length. Her hair had come loose, and was falling over her face and I have to say — this was better than any porn film I’d seen in a while. The immediacy of it, the live soundtrack and the smell of their bodies (Jenna’s pussy odor was very pronounced now) added up to an amazing experience.

My prick was stone rigid in my pants, tenting out the front of my jeans out, in fact, but I figured that didn’t matter. The partners were quickie rushing towards their climax, seemingly oblivious to my presence, and as Dale gave warning that he was going to come, Jenna reacted despite her abandon by pushing him hard in the chest, causing his cock to slip out of her cunt as he stood in front of her as she sprawled on the sofa. She reached out, grabbed his angry cock, red and wet with her juices and drew it towards her face while simultaneously dipping her free hand towards her cunt. While she jacked Dale to orgasm, her middle finger busily rubbed her clit through her puffy lips.

Without any further signal, Dale uttered a deep groan as his cock streamed spunk in several jets over her face and into her open mouth. Jenna’s own cum point kicked in at the sight and sound of it and she let out a high pitched wail of pleasure, her body arching in ecstasy. In a second it was over, but I continued to take live pictures of the aftermath as they lay slumped together at an awkward angle over the sofa. Jenna’s flushed face and chest were smeared with Dale’s semen, her breasts rising and falling steadily while she lay there with closed eyes. Meanwhile, her guy panted away, his body and hair slick with sweat and his cock still half hard with a bead of spunk oozing from the tip.

Finally, they started to recover. For the first time since the sex had started, Jenna looked over in my direction as I put the camera down. I suddenly realized that my own hard-on was as prominent as ever, and I flushed a little as she giggled. She gave Dale a little nudge in the groin area and he grinned weakly at her. Then she spoke.

“Dale. Doesn’t seem fair on the photographer, does it? Jeremy there appears to have a problem with his pants — think I should give him a hand?”

To be continued

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