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My First and Only Time

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Big Tits

I had been in college for a year when it happened. The one and only time that it happened. I can’t say why I did it, I don’t really think about it when I can help it. I don’t really know why I’m telling you this now. But I guess sense I started I should keep going.

I’m name is Jason, I’m 19 years old. I’ve never thought that I was attractive, except that one night. I’m kinda short for a guy, five nine and a half and a hundred and fifty pounds. I have short brown hair, and green eyes. I don’t go to the gym but I have an alright body I guess, I mean I work outside for a landscape company so I spend a lot of time lifting heavy things.

On this day I was wearing a pair of jeans that an old girl friend had called my “good ass jeans” I don’t really know what that means but any way, and a white t-shirt. I was walking across the quad heading back to my apartment after class when I first saw him. He was tall and broad shouldered. His hair was black, the beautiful shinny kind of black, he was dressed in a loose pair of jeans and a button down shirt. The shirt was open a little at the collar and you could see a few hairs just peaking out of the gap.

I just looked at him for a moment, and then kept on walking. Sometimes I looked at men, not in a sexual way but I always compared myself to them, thinking about what I wished I looked like. Thinking that I wished I had hair on my chest, a big strong body, and a long strong cock to fuck the hell out of someone with.

My apartment building was odd, it looked rather like a Red Roof Inn with all of the rooms opening to the outside the ones on the second floor onto a balcony. It was all wood around the outside, painted chocolate brown with a grayish balcony. I took the steps up to my apartment two at a time and came to the door of my apartment. I looked back and saw that the man had followed me; he was standing at the foot of the stairs looking up. After a moment’s pause he walked up the steps, and smiled.

“Hi. I’m Luke.”

“Jason,” I replied.

“That’s a nice name, Jason. I saw you looking at me back on the quad.”

“Oh, I uh…I wasn’t looking. I mean that I didn’t mean to be looking…I mean, well what I am trying to say…”

As I stammered away I was looking him up and down again. He was probably getting close to thirty. His face had a young look but there was something older in his eyes. His jaw as sharp and strong, coming down from his ears in a perfect square. Now that I was closer I could see more hair poking out of the gap in his shirt. He was exactly the sort of man that I wished I was. He was manly, hansom, and confident.

“It’s alright,” he interrupted my stammering, “You haven’t done this before, have you?”

“Done what? Oh no, I’m not. That is to say that I don’t…”

“Why don’t we just go inside your apartment?”

Why did I let him in? I have asked myself that a million times in the time after that afternoon, but I did. I unlocked the door and let us into my apartment. My roommate who I shared the two bedroom apartment with had gone home for the weekend so I knew that no one would be coming around for the day, in fact for the rest of the weekend.

We stepped into my apartment, and I was suddenly glad that I had cleaned the apartment the day before. Luke came into the apartment and kicked off his shoes, walking into the living room. He smiled at me, an innocent boyish smile and I felt my knees go a little weak. I don’t know why but this man did something to my stomach and to my brain. It was as though a cloud had rolled into my brain, making it so that I didn’t think properly as though I couldn’t process thoughts properly.

“Why don’t you sit down,” Luke said sitting on the couch himself.

I took a seat at the far end of the couch from him, looking over anxiously. He smiled again, and moved a little closer.

“So Jason, what kinda girls do you like?”

“Um…well my ex-girl friend was super smart. We and she was the runner up for prom queen back in high school. She was kinda bossy, but you know most girls are…” shit, I thought, I’m rambling again. He sat for a long time before he stopped me with another question.

“You ever been with a guy before Jason?”

“Um, no. I’ve never even thought about it. I’m not gay.”

“Right, right. But if you’ve never tried it before how do you know for sure?”

“Well I guess I don’t.” I noticed suddenly that he had moved closer still on the couch, so that he was right next to me turned in his seat so that he was facing me. A smell reached my nose, a many smell that filled my nostrils. I felt that same weird feeling in my stomach that I had felt when I had first seen Luke.

“We can stop whenever you want.”

For a split second I didn’t understand what he was saying, but then his hand fell on my thigh. I felt my heart skip a beat and then jump into over drive, and as his hand slid up my leg and his lips move closer to my face something in my brain registered what was happening but the rest of my body ignored antalya escort that message. My cock had sprung up, now rock hard and pressing against my jeans.

At the same moment his lips landed on mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth, and his hand found my cock. For a long moment I did nothing. I just sat there with a man’s tongue in my mouth and his hand on my cock. Then the part of my brain that had been screaming when quiet, and all that I was left with was a throbbing cock and a tongue in my mouth.

I kissed back.

Luke’s hand came from my cock and slipped up my shirt brushing against my bare skin. An electric shock ran through my body and I launched myself into myself into the kiss. Slowly my shirt was pulled up and Luke began to pull on my nipples, twisting and tweaking on the small brown points on my chest.

Suddenly Luke broke the kiss; sitting back he pulled my shirt off my head and tossing it away. Then crossing his arms across his chest he pulled of his own shirt revealing the exact body that I wish I had. His chest was broad and muscled, large round pecks covered in thick black hair. He had big dark brown nipples which stuck out like pencil erasers. His stomach was rippled with muscles, and covered with hair too, and on the sides of his six pack were lines which angled down into his pants where a growing bulge was becoming visible.

Luke dove back into the kiss, his hands wandering over my chest, feeling the smooth hairless skin and small lean muscles. I loved the feeling of his stubble scratching across my cheeks as he kissed me, and his hands roaming over my bare chest sliding down, down…wait, where were his hands going? Slowly he was undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my fly, opening up my pants. I had been so distracted by the rough hairs scratching against my cheeks that I hadn’t noticed him exposing my white briefs.

I felt his hand cupping my cock and balls through my underpants, and then once again he broke the kiss, saying, “You doing alright?”

“Yeah,” I said realizing that I was, I wanted him to be holding my cock, and that thought scared me for a moment. I wanted this man, this big hairy man to be holding my cock and balls. In fact I wanted more, much, much more. I wanted to feel his mouth around my cock. I wanted to feel is cock in my mouth. And god help my I wanted to feel his cock slipping in and out of my hole. I had never wanted to put anything in my ass before that moment, and suddenly I was over whelmed with a need to feel the massive cock I knew this man must have hidden in his pants.


Luke slipped off of the couch on the floor and grabbing a hold of my waist band he pulled my pants down around my ankles and the off over my feet. He tossed them away with my shirt and smiled at me. He stood back up and looking me in the eyes the entire time, he undid his pants and kicked them off. For a moment he stood before me wearing only a pair of dark blue bikini briefs that hung close to his cock which was even more magnificent that I had imagined. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. The bulge in his briefs was beautiful. I could make out two clearly defined balls and along thick shaft that curved round toward his ass. His legs were massive, thick muscles twisting under his hairy skin. My hands shook as I looked in person at the man that I wished I was: this big manly hunk.

Slowly he bent down again and drew me into another kiss. This time it was less cautious, less gentle, it was more animalistic, more lustful, more…well I guess the only word for it is hot. His tongue flicked back and forth in my mouth, as I tried to keep up with him. Suddenly I was pulled to my feet, and tugged up onto my tip toes to keep our mouths connected.

Luke’s hands which had been slowly exploring my exposed body now found my ass cheeks, needing at the fleshy mounds. For the first time I reached my hands forward and touched Luke’s bare skin feeling his hair and warm flesh, and for the first time as well I realized that this was really happening to me. I wasn’t dreaming or making it up. I was standing in my underpants in my living room locked mouth to mouth with another man, an older man for that matter, with his hands on my ass and me holding onto his pecks like they were a chick’s boobs.

Reluctantly I let Luke’s mouth go as he knelt down again, falling to his knees on the floor my swollen penis right in front of his face. His hands moved from my ass cheeks to the waist band of my briefs and slowly pulled them down. As he slid them down my thin legs he looked up and asked me again if I was alright. I nodded down at him so horny that I couldn’t talk any more. Without another moment’s pause he swallowed my six inch down right to the base, his nose nestled nicely in my sparse pubes and his left hand rolling my balls around.

I long load grown escaped my lips as Luke’s throat began to contract and suck around my cock. My head was swimming, I couldn’t believe what was happening, less than an hour ago I had never kissed kemer escort a man and now my cock as embedded deep in the man-I-had-always-wanted-to-be’s mouth. Luke backed off of my cock, leaving only my head in his mouth and then again without warning swallowed me hole. Again and again Luke swallowed my cock. Then suddenly I felt something pressing on my ass hole…no, not pressing, in my ass hole. There was something in my ass hole!

Looking behind me I saw that Luke’s right hand was up between my legs and he has just stuck his middle finger in my ass hole. My virgin ass hole had just been penetrated by his finger and I hadn’t even noticed it happen, how the fuck was that possible.

As if reading my mind Luke let my cock fall from my ass and said, “I put it in there when I swallowed your cock, distracted you so that you wouldn’t feel it as much. You want me to take it out?”

“No, no,” I panted, trying to master my shock. “I like it there, “the second part surprised me as it came out of my mouth, I hadn’t really processed the thought before I had said it. I like it there.

“Good. I’m glad.”

He returned to my cock with his mouth, and in my ass began to feel around with his finger. I groaned and staggered. Luke caught me with his other hand as I slumped backwards, my feelings of pleasure to great to stand any more.

Carefully he lowered me onto the couch again, pushing me back so that my ass was hanging off of the seat and my legs were spread wide. For a moment he slipped his finder from my ass, and I heard a faint popping noise as he sucked on his finger for a moment, before swallowing my cock again. Sucking harder than ever before Luke eased his finger back into my ass, and then another, and then after another moment another.

I shouted, I hadn’t expected him to put three fingers into my ass. I had never believed that my ass could open up enough to allow three fingers to sit nicely inside of it. And oh God did it feel good. I had never felt anything so good in my entire life. I was getting close. I could feel my cock growing in Luke’s mouth. He must have felt it too because he pulled off of my cock and looked up at me with a big sloppy grin on his face, his lips wet with spit and precum.

“How about you sucking my cock? You up for that?”

I didn’t even take a second to think about it I just answered, “YES!”

“Alright, then come lay down on your back on the floor.”

I jumped up off of the couch feeling Luke’s fingers fall from my ass as I did. I felt lonely without them.

The carpet was rough on my back as I lay down looking up at the off white ceiling above me. For a moment the thought that this was my apartment, I was having sex with a man in my apartment, the apartment that I had to live in for the next two years. But as soon as that thought came into my head I was gone replaced by thoughts of lust for the big strong hairy man standing above me.

Slowly Luke pulled down his bikini briefs allowing his cock to spring up and his balls to fall free. I just stared at his. He was even more beautiful than before, his big thick cock swinging half hard out of a forest of thick dark pubes and his massive round balls wrapped up in a thick hairy sack that hung down way farther than mine ever would. He knelt down over my head and swung his cock down to brush against my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let his cock fall into my mouth. His head rubbing against my tongue as I closed his lips around the slowly thickening shaft; I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I still wanted to do it, wild horses couldn’t have drug me from that cock.

Luke leaned forward, his cock slipping another inch into my mouth making me gag a little. “Swallow and breathe through your nose. It will keep you from gagging,” Luke whispered to me as he lent even further forward grabbing my ankles. He pulled them up and spread my legs wide exposing my ass hole to him once more. I could never have imagined anything like what came next, Luke’s tongue ran along my ass crack and then just as suddenly as his fingers had his tongue slid into my tight little hole. While I struggled to swallow his monstrous steadily growing cock he tongue fucked my hole sending shivers up my spine.

Steadily I took more and more of Luke’s cock into my mouth, till I had half of it nestled deeply in my throat and my hand pumping on the rest of it. After nearly ten minutes I could feel the pressure building in my balls again, my cock swelling. I needed to cum so badly but once again Luke knew that I was close and stopped his tonguing of my hole and pulled his cock out of my mouth. A little stiffly he crawled off of me and turned around and kissed me.

“How you doing?”

“Good. I really need to cum though.”

“You will soon, don’t worry. You ok with me fucking me?”

“God yes, please, please fuck me.”

“Wow, alright. Good boy.” He shifted around so that he was kneeling between my wide spread legs. He lifted my legs again, “Here, hold konyaaltı escort the backs of your knees to keep your legs up.” I grabbed a hold of my legs pulling my ass up into the air, eagerly awaiting Luke’s massive swollen cock. Shuffling up Luke moved into position, getting his cock head aligned with my tight little hairless pucker. “Take a deep breath and let it out slowly,” he said.

I took two quick breaths and then one long deep one, for a second I held it and then slowly let out my breath closing my eyes as I did. I tried hard not to think about what was about to happen but all that I could concentrate on was the growing pressure of Luke’s cock on my ass hole. Harder and harder he pressed until suddenly just as I was about to let out the last of my breath it popped in past my sphincter.

I stopped everything. I was frozen. My breath stuck in my throat.

“Breath, Jason, breath.”

I gasped drawing air back into my empty lungs desperately trying to ignore the extreme pain that was flooding my body from my ass. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt, it felt as though my ass hole had been torn apart and would never be right again. I was sure that for the rest of my life shit would just fall out of my ass I had been opened up so much. Then Luke pushed in a little more, and then a little more.

With each extra inch the pain increased, but something else increased with it: pleasure. The longer his cock was in my ass the better it felt. When his balls finally came to rest on my ass cheeks all I felt was joy. I loved it. God it was the best thing I had ever felt. His hairy crotch pressed roughly into my smooth ass crack.

Slowly he pulled back, and then in, then out, then in. I was getting fucked and I loved it.

Slowly he began to fuck me harder and harder his skin making a smacking sound as it slammed again my ass, and my groans filled the room. The smell of sweat and sex filled my nose and mouth as I breathed short shallow breaths in time with Luke’s hammering.

As he pounded into my now open and slack hole his face contorted with pleasure and he let out a small animal grunt with each pound. Suddenly he lent down and kissed my roughly, his tongue licking all around my mouth all the while increasing the speed of his fucking.

Just when I was sure he couldn’t fuck me anymore and he was going to have to cum he pulled out and flipped me over so that I was laying face down on the floor with Luke still kneeling between my legs. With both hands he spread my ass cheeks revealing my now completely loose and gaping hole. In one deft motion he slammed his cock back into my hole laying down on my back his chest hair scratching my back as he shifted up and down sliding his cock in and out of my hole. Slowly he sucked on my ear eliciting another load moan from my lips. The friction of the carpet against my cock was getting me hotter, making me ready to cum.

Luke must have felt my ass hole clenching on his cock, because he suddenly stopped his pounding and pulled out of my ass. He laid down on the floor next to me, his cock sticking up like a flagpole. “Come on over here, and have a seat on my cock.”

I jumped to my feet and squatted over his cock, quickly dropping myself down onto his cock impailing myself all the way to the hilt. I nestled down on his cock working it down as far as I could get feeling his pubes scratching my ass as I did. God I loved it. At that moment in my life there was nothing I wanted more than to have that cock stuffed up my ass forever.

I began to bounce up and down on his cock pulling up till nothing but his gigantic mushroom head was left in my hole and then falling back down the entire length of his shaft again. Again, and again, and again I rode his cock it massive head pounding against my prostate with every drop sending electric shock waves through my body which ended each time in my cock.

The pressure was building, my balls which had needed to cum for more than an hour and a half were ready to burst. I bounced harder and harder, growing loader and loader till of a sudden my cock exploded sending ribbons of cum rocketing out and splattering across Luke’s hair covered chest.

That was all it took to send Luke over the edge filling my ass with his thick hot cum. Exhausted I fell forward onto Luke’s cum covered chest my chest heaving, Luke’s cock still lodged in my ass.

For a long time I just lay there, sweat and cum drying on my body, feeling Luke breathing beneath me. As his cock softened it slipped out of my ass letting out a flood of cum from my ass. It must have been an hour that we lay together basking in the afterglow of out orgasms. Then Luke rolled me over onto my back and gave me one last long kiss before getting up and putting on his clothes. He left me there on the floor his cum still leaking from my fuck battered hole never to see him again.

I know that sounds sad but I like it that way. If I had ever slept with another man it could have never been as good as the fucking Luke gave me, it would have just spoiled the memory. I would always remember that day that Luke fucked the hell out of my ass in my own apartment. And when I masturbate, even though it’s been five years, and I’m now engaged to a girl I met at school, I think of Luke’s cock and how great it felt.

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