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My First Noel

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It was just one of those nights I guess. Noel had complimented me on my bandanna, I told her I liked her ass, ten minutes later she was bent over the back table, pants around her ankles, my cock buried deep in her sopping, tight cunt. I didn’t mean for it to happen that way, but fuck, it’s not like I was complaining. She was unreal, a hot little piece of ass, and shit, if the bitch wanted it like that, well, far be it for me to not comply to her wishes, you know? Busting her cherry on the back table wasn’t breaking my heart anytime soon.

She was one of those girls you did a double take of when you first saw her. Soft, gorgeous, luxurious brown hair, stretching halfway to her waist, coupled with full, pouty lips, deep brown eyes and a body that made even eunuchs hard. There were a lot of girls at my job I wanted, but this one was special. You could just look at her and tell, she liked it hardcore. The others, they might have been into it a bit, but Noel… man, she was ready to dominate, be dominated, and suck any dick you told her to, whenever you said to. And she was mine.

But yeah, tonight she was wearing this business suit like thing. Matching pinstripe jacket and pants, over a low cut white blouse. Enough skin was revealed to tempt your eyes further, and she wore a simple gold chain around her neck. The swell of her breasts were visible, pushing against the fabric like they did, but the real crime on this beauty‘s body was her ass. Tight, round, and just perfect for grabbing, her butt filled those pants well. In fact, the way they clung to her I was betting on a thong, or nothing at all.

But yeah, strange how it all fell into place. She walked by, and into the kitchen where I was. I was stepping off line for a few minutes, and as she passed me in that small area there she smiled.

“I like your bandanna,” she said, her voice cutting into my reverie.

“Hmm?” I asked, my eyes catching hers quickly.

“Your bandanna, I like it. It looks good on you.”

Something about the way she said it clued me in, I don’t know, maybe it was the tilt of her head, the way she looked down when she said those words, I’m not sure. All pendik escort I know is that I took a chance with my response. Normally I am a flirt anyway, but this was a little different.

I smiled, and, falling into step behind her said, “Thank you- personally though, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for your ass.”

We had passed the cooler and I moved to go towards the second half of the kitchen when she laughed and turned to face me.

“Thanks- I work out, you know tightening the muscles and such.”

There was laughter in her eyes, and, something more? So…

“I bet you do, but still, I bet I could give it a workout I’m sure you’d enjoy.”

Easy, flippant, but I was sweating inside. So much of what I was saying could get me fired and yet… I had to know.

She smiled and stepped closer, her voice dropping a few octaves to a sultry, seductive tone. Her hand slid down my leg then back up to cup my stiffening member through my pants. “I’m sure. What did you have in mind?”

Her hand caressed my balls as her lips brushed the side of my neck. I breathed deep, the heady scent of her body filling me. I had her, I just had to act.

Taking her hand I pulled her with me, to the back room. The door opened and we were in. Quickly I shut it and locked the door. Turning I saw she was leaning against a table, her hand moving across the smooth stainless steel surface. She tilted her head to face me and smiled. That was enough.

I crossed the room quickly and grabbing her arm, spun her around to face the table. She moaned a little and moved her body against mine, further arousing my swollen member. Yanking her arm up behind her back I pushed her against the table, my other hand reaching around to maul her full breasts. She gasped and pushed back against me, her other hand reaching back to feel my leg. Pushing her face down on the table I reached down and with one strong yank, ripped her pants down from her waist. No longer fastened they slid easily down her slim legs to pool around her ankles. I was happy to see my suspicions were correct. The bitch wasn’t even wearing a thong!

“No panties- such a little maltepe escort slut,” I growled, slapping her ass soundly with my hand.

“Oooh yeah, that’s it, call me names, that’s the way I like it!”

“How about like…this?” I asked, as my cock, freed from it’s confines penetrated her cunt from behind. With little lubrication I could feel her bush scraping at me as I pushed in, but the tremor that went through her body told me she was ready for it anyway. I stood there for a minute, feeling the walls of her pussy clench around my prick, enjoying the sensation of my full six inches buried deep in her body, then, with a savage growl I began to fuck her. Pulling back out I slammed deep within her again, punctuating each thrust with a curse word, some name for her, something she liked.

“Oh yeah, you cunt! Not wearing any panties, such a little slut! A fuck slut, that’s all your good for, fucking and sucking! I bet you’d suck your own father’s dick if you could! Fucking bitch!” and so on. With each penetration she got a little wetter and soon her body was moving with mine, thrusting back as I pushed forward, pulling me deeper and deeper still.

Her breath came in short little gasps, the table near her mouth steaming up from the heated breath coming from her. Grabbing the end of the table she arched her back suddenly, pushing back hard against my crotch and I sank deep into her, the arch of my cock reaching untold of depths. I stayed there, my hands slipping around her body to grasp roughly at her breasts and she came, her juices coating my cock and streaming down her legs.

Finally she ebbed, and she pulled away.

“Oh god… that was good.”

“For one of us,” I replied coldly.

She smiled and turned around, sinking to her knees as she did so. “Patience lover, I didn’t say I was done, now did I?”

Her hand wrapped around my still stiff cock and, looking up at me, slid her mouth down the entire length of my shaft. My hands wrapped in her hair and I groaned, pushing my cock against the back of her throat as she continued to service me. Watching that beautiful face swallowing my dick wasn’t enough kartal escort and so I began to face fuck her, brutally shoving my cock in and out of her mouth, using and abusing her orifice. To her credit she continued sucking, and wrapping her tongue around the shaft and a few minutes later I came hard, coating the back of her throat with my sperm. I pulled out and blasted her face, closing one eye with my cum. She had never looked prettier and I told her so, all the while smearing my cock over those beautiful features.

What happened next couldn’t really be described as my fault, I mean really, she looked so good there on her knees, with my cum coating her face, and her’s running down her thighs that well, I just got hard again. Immediately. My cock sprang up to attention and smacked her in the cheek. I smiled and yanked her to her feet, one hand firmly grasping her hair. She gave a little scream as I lifted her up onto the table, her bare ass recoiling against the cold metal.

I smiled and grasping her legs, pulled her to me. My mouth crushed hers in a kiss, my tongue darting in to fondle hers, and I moaned, tasting my own cum. My cock throbbed against her thigh and I remembered why I was here.

Breaking the kiss I drew back and pushed the jacket back off of her shoulders. Slowly I drew her blouse up over her head and released her breasts from their confines. Full and round they were snuggled in the safety of her red bra, that is until I roughly pulled it off of her. Grabbing her hair I pulled her off the table, and onto her back on the floor. Straddling her stomach I pushed those two mounds together and began to tit fuck her for all I was worth, my cock slipping in and out of that fleshy tightness. Her hands joined mine in pushing them together and soon I reached my climax again, spewing hot spunk across her lovely features again. She was ready for it, her mouth wide to catch most of it, the rest stringing in thick ropes across her face.

We fucked in many more positions that night, in as many ways as I could think of but like all good things, it soon came to an end. Mainly because we couldn’t keep going at work like that! When we parted ways, after cleaning up as much as we could, I still smelled of her juices and she had a little of my sperm streaking her hair. I knew I’d fuck her again, I just didn’t know when, or how wicked it would be. But that’s a story for another time.

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