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My Game with Mistress

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My mistress liked to play games with me. Let me rephrase that, she liked to make me play games for her. OK, one more try, she liked to TORMENT me and often used games that were heavily weighed against me to do it.

On Tuesday she told me to be ready for a new game this weekend, and to take care of myself so as not to get sick. She had me take zinc pills to build me resistance to the cold. They tasted terrible, and when I complained, she stuck them up her butt before feeding them to me. So there’s that.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday came and went as per my usual routine. I had managed not to become sick by Friday evening when Mistress arrived. She came home from work with a bag from the local pharmacy. She tossed it to me and commanded I use the saline solution to rinse out my nose and mouth. She also pulled out a gas mask with the eyes blacked out and threw it on the couch. Of course it was for me, was it sensory deprivation? Quite the opposite it turns out.

Normally I’d be making appetizers and dinner for the coming guests, but tonight Mistress told me I would be doing that later, while the guest were here. I was really wondering what I was in for. Soon after 7PM the guests began arriving. I took their coats and other things to put up in the closet. When I went to worship the guest’s feet, as I am normally commanded to do, I was told to heel. Again, new things happening, making me nervous. As they arrived, I noticed they were all wearing thick tights. Since it was over 100 degrees that day, my curiosity grew. And they were all very bold or brightly colored, interesting.

The last guest arrived a little after 7:20 and once I put their things in the closet I kneeled face down as required. There were 6 women there, I counted as Mistress would want. “Always be aware of the women in the room, they are your betters.” she would say.

I was sent to my cage while the guests talked and laughed. I could hear individual words here and there, but nothing i could use to help me guess my fate. I heard them mention the mask, but couldn’t get any more clues as to the exact usage. I heard drinks being clinked and bottles uncorked and a lot more laughter.

As the sun set it became darker and darker in my room and cage. It must have been 11 or midnight by the time Mistress came to retrieve me. I had cramped a bit but overall was doing well. As soon as I was removed from the cage, the gas mask was fitted over my head. It was even blacker then in my room. But it finally started!

She attached my leash and lead me to what I assumed was the living room. I could here many voices grow quiet as I entered. I was lead to the center of the room (I could hear and feel their presence). As usual with having guests over, I was completely nude, except for my cage.

Mistress began speaking, ” Slutboy, today we’re playing a new game. Each of my guests, and myself, have removed one of our stockings çeşme escort and placed them in this pile to your right. I reached down and felt the lovely feel. Sternly she commanded, “One at a time, I will load a stocking into the holder on the gas mask for 10 seconds. You will then go around to each guest smelling the foot with the stocking still on it. You then will have to match the stocking I loaded to the correct guest. At the end, we’ll remove the gas mask and see how you did.”

“Here’s the scoring and punishment/reward system we’ll use,” she continued. “For each one you get wrong, that’s one trip to the adult book store for a glory hole encounter with a man” For each one you get right, you’ll perform analingus on.” she finished. If you get more than 1 wrong, you will also wear this three inch radius buttplug while giving the strange men blow jobs. The plug didn’t scare me much, as I had worn one almost as big before. What did scare me was the glory hole, I had never had another man in my mouth (or anywhere else).

She began by putting a stocking in the holder. This holder only allowed air to filter through the stocking because it stretched the toe/foot around a ring and the rest was stuffed inside. I now knew why there were so many tights on this hot day, to ensure adequate sweating. Mistress commented, ” I asked each of my friends to wear thick tights and not shower before coming over and of course, no perfume, so the stench would be stronger. It makes it easier for you slave, as she and her friends laughed.”

That first stocking was quite wretched. Corney and bit like vinegar but definitely more corney. After the 10 seconds passed I was directed to each foot one by one. I could identify this one pretty easily.

Next came a familiar smell. I knew immediately my mistresses foot smell. The perfect balance of cheesy, vinegary, with hints of sulfur and ammonia. Just enough to let you know it’s there but not knock you out. When I got to her feet and matched it, Mistress said, “too easy,” with a giggle.

The third one was not very strong at all, stinky, but still dainty. Lightly corny with no vinegar scent. The fourth sniff of guests’ and I was sure I had a match!

Fourth was a bit trickier. It was hard to describe other than VERY cheese like. After going around all the remaining feet I took a wild guess. None of the real feet seemed to smell like the stocking. I was worried.

Fifth was easier again, a nice balance but very pungent with sulfur, which made matching it easy.

Last was difficult, I couldn’t seem to match it. I asked to go around the room again and was allowed. This time I checked all the guests’ feet and to my surprise and displeasure, this stocking seemed to match the third foot I smelled! I had already matched that earlier and now I knew I was in trouble. I had to guess. I switched up one of the ones I already paired and hoped escort çeşme for the best.

As she unmasked me the bright light blinded me, as I had been in darkness since nightfall. Slowly my vision returned and blurry blobs of color danced before me. As my focus improved I began to see how well, badly rather, I had done. Because they each wore different stocking colors, I could immediately see my score.

I had gotten two right, four wrong, 22.22%. Four strange penises in my mouth in a single night. I was commanded to go to my room as Mistress followed. Once inside she selected a sexy woman’s leather outfit. But first she displayed the buttplug, instructing me to lube it up with my mouth. I tried to get it as wet as possible for my own benefit, but my mouth was dry from not having anything to eat or drink for a while.

She forced it in, not at all slowly, while I gulped hard. She then strapped it into place with a holder device I had to wear. It was a G-string made of bass guitar string that held the plug in place tight. It hurt a bit but I could bear it. I finished getting dressed in my skirt and thigh highs as instructed. Strappy heels and lipstick finished off my look.

It was a quick trip to the book store, which was only a few miles away. Mistress parked two blocks away even though there was ample parking right up front. She was displaying me to everyone, on my leash, in women’s clothes. She stated loudly, “BJ’s for 20, suck and fuck 40!” I saw a couple nasty dudes look over with interest. Two of them started walking my way, tall, fat stinky looking working men. The first one said he’d pay 5, Mistress responded with 10 and a deal was made.

She unzipped him and pulled his cock out. It was limp and she slapped the back of my head and yelled to get started. As I sucked his cock, I felt it grow in my mouth, it was repulsive and salty. He started pushing my head onto his growing cock. I gagged over and over, having never done this before. Mistress pulled out a small spray can and ordered me to open my mouth. She sprayed something down my throat and told me to swallow. It was minty and I soon felt my throat go numb. Minutes later the now rather large cock was down my throat. I was seriously deep-throating this man, porn style. Soon after I felt his whole body tense and knew what was coming (hehe). I tried to get off him but both he and Mistress were pushing my head back and forth to let him finishing my mouth and throat. He pulled out and Mistress immediately put a small piece of duct tape over my mouth. “Don’t want you to waste any protein, Cumslut!” she cruelly laughed. I swallowed his load and begged for her to remove the tape. I was denied until we got inside.

As we walked into the book store, she reached under my skirt to the plug and flipped a switch. To my surprise it also vibrated. She pulled out her phone and after a few taps I felt it intensify. çeşme escort bayan She had an app for that! (sorry). Walking to the back, toward the ‘movie’ rooms, I felt everyone looking. Mistress proudly proclaimed, “Free glory hole work being done right now! Come one Come All” and she giggled once again.

It took minutes from going into the booth for a huge penis to appear in the large circular hole in the wall. Mistress pushed my head down pointing at the seven-plus inch monster in my face. I began taking it as far as I could. After several futile attempts, she sprayed more of that numbing agent in my mouth. Soon I was taking it like a champion cocksucker. As he tightened up, i tried to mentally prepare for it, but it’s so wrong and gross I just couldn’t. Nevertheless, the warm sticky, badly tasting fluid was in my mouth. “Swallow it, Bitch!” Came from the other side of the wall in a gruff voice. I felt it shrinking as he withdrew slowly, with a final comment, “slurp it all off, clean me up fucker!”

The second cock to appear was much smaller, I had no trouble taking it deep. Before too long he was releasing into my mouth his sweeter, less foul seed. Again I was told and complied with swallowing it.

Three and four were yet a new treat for me (not in a good way). They both appeared simultaneously in the holes opposite each other in the booth, which was only about three feet wide. Suddenly mistress smiles that wicked smile and I worry. “Spin around, I want you prop your ass up here next to this hole so your mouth is still in line with the other hole and his cock.” She removed the plug as I got into place. She told the ‘customers’ to begin whenever they were ready, and they did. I was being double stuffed with two huge cocks.

The one in my mouth was first to tense up, and soon that familiar feel was back. It tasted really badly, very salty and sour, he must not take good care of himself. Judging by his smell, he doesn’t bathe often. Almost immediately after the first was done, the guy slamming my virgin asshole was climaxing, right into my butt. He stayed there when he was done, until he became very soft. As soon as he pulled out, Mistress stuffed the plug back in and secured it. With all the anal stimulation of the large cock and now the vibrator again, I began leaking my own semen into my strap. Soon there was so much it began dripping down, and mistress scooped it and forced it into my mouth with a smile.

She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up and out of the booth quickly. As I tried to rush in my heels, I had a hard time keeping up. Jizz was dripping off my face and around the plug as we left. There was some on my hair and in my beard too. As we drove home, she asked me how I felt about the night. I told her the foot test was rather fun, but the repercussions a bit harsh. She then explained that the four I got wrong had switched stockings mid day to make it more difficult. I told her that I didn’t like he glory hole thing much, as it both emasculated and disgusted me. The last thing she said to me that wasn’t a command was, “Stupid slut slave, we’ll have to do it much more often then. And you owe two lovely women a butt sucking”

That I did.

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