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My GF Seduces Her Professor

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(This story is Part 6 of a series pertaining to my cheating college girlfriend. Although it references previous events it can be read as a stand-alone story)

The following weeks were a period of relative stability for Kate. Her consistency in the gym had started to translate to her butt growing and her stomach flattening further. Suddenly putting on her pants in the morning became a daily struggle; Kate would jump and wiggle attempting to raise her pants over her now fuller ass. She took selfies after the gym frequently, documenting the changes to her body. I had quite the impressive collection of ass photos building in my phone from Kate constantly updating me. She mentioned she sometimes worked out with a guy named James. Mainly that he had given her some pointers and that they had become friends. It sounded like he was a really nice guy. I was excited to meet him the next time I came up to visit her, which would be in the not-too-distant future.

James and Kate continued to meet for late-night cardio sessions whenever he was horny. He knew Kate would never pass on the opportunity to come over; she worshipped his cock and lived for the pleasure she got when it stretched open her tight pussy. Kate would drop whatever she was doing whenever a message came in from James. He would text her saying come over and within 10 minutes Kate would be at his front door, panties wet and mouth salivating in anticipation of the deep fucking James was about to give her.

One evening Kate arrived home late from the library. She was carrying her stuff up to her room when she heard noise coming from Jessica’s room and decided to check it out. Kate pressed her ear to the door and heard what appeared to be Jessica getting fucked aggressively. Kate looked around cautiously to make sure no other roommates were nearby. She slid her hand down the front of her pants and began to rub her clit while listening. Jessica kept crying out in pleasure making Kate envious of her roommate. She wished James had texted her tonight so that she too could be pinned down on a bed, a thick cock railing her hard to the point of multiple orgasms.

Then she heard a familiar voice coming from inside Jessica’s room.

“I can’t believe how good your pussy feels. You like being a slut for this big black cock, don’t you?” the voice said.

Kate knew instantly it was James. She should have known based on the cries of pleasure coming from Jessica. A part of her was hurt but she knew she couldn’t be mad at Jessica or James. After all she was still dating me and was just a side piece to James. His cock and body gave him access to nearly any girl he wanted. There was no shortage of slutty girls on campus, and Kate knew it was just a matter of time before James found a different mouth and pussy to use for enjoyment.

James and Kate stopped working out together as much, slowly drifting apart in the following weeks. He hit her up after midnight a couple of more times during the semester, to which she always responded back immediately, grateful for another opportunity to be bent over backwards.

Midterm season was fast approaching, and Kate kept her head between her books, attempting to get ahead of her projects and reports. One Monday she was working in her chemistry lab, measuring out some solutions when Justin, her chemistry TA and the guy who she first cheated on me with, approached her from behind. He announced his presence by rubbing her shoulders. Justin leaned forward from behind her to gaze down her shirt at her cleavage. He remembered the way her tits bounced up and down as she rode on his cock last Halloween at the party.

“How have you been, Kate?” he asked, continuing to rub her shoulders sensually.

“I’m fine” she said. “Just trying to get through the lab”.

Kate brushed his hands off her shoulders.

“I think we should have some more fun together. Why don’t you come over to my place tonight, or I can come over to yours later?” he asked.

“I’m jigolo seks hikayeleri really just trying to focus on class and getting ready for the big chemistry midterm this Friday.”

Justin was annoyed by Kates’s response. By this point many people on campus knew that Kate had been sleeping around a lot. It was no secret Kate was a slut when it came to thick cocks and muscular guys. Upset that she didn’t want to fuck him again, Justin said whatever and walked away.

On Friday Kate walked into her chemistry midterm and sat down in the lecture hall. The TA’s (including Justin) handed out the exam. Although the test was challenging Kate had used the week to prepare well and knew most of the answers. When she finished, she walked to the front of the class and handed in her exam to Justin who smiled at her as she passed it over. The exam time finished shortly after and the TA’s collected the exams. Justin put the exams in a box to bring to the professor’s office, but before doing so took out Kate’s exam and stuffed it into his backpack. If she wasn’t going to let him fuck her in person then he was going to fuck her over in class.

Later that week Kate received and email from her professor, Dr. Fenton, saying he needed to meet with her regarding her midterm. Kate was confused about what this was. She set up a meeting with him for the following afternoon.

Kate arrived at her professor’s office and knocked on the door. He asked her to enter and take a seat.

“Why didn’t you write the midterm, Kate? Now I’m forced to give you a zero.”

“What?” she responded, utterly confused. “But I did write the midterm. I studied hard, finished it early then I handed it to the TA…”

In the moment she realized what must have happened. Justin must have stolen her midterm as a way of getting back at her. She knew it would be his word against hers and they would side with him, moreover, she’d have to explain why he did it. She didn’t know what to say or do.

“This must be a mistake. Can’t I just write the midterm again and prove I know the material?”

“I’m sorry Kate there are specific rules about this sort of thing. My hands are tied”.

He stood from his chair and walked around his desk to her, to show her out of his office. Kate didn’t know what to do. If she got a zero on this midterm, she’d surely fail the course. This would tarnish the GPA she had been working so hard to achieve.

Suddenly her instincts kicked in. Kate reached forward and grabbed her professor’s cock through his pants. She rubbed it gently while looking up at him with big, innocent eyes.

“There must be something I can do to pass the midterm,” she teased.

Dr. Fenton pushed Kate off his body, but Kate pursued.

“Don’t you want to remember what college pussy feels like?” she said enticingly.

Kate felt Dr. Fenton’s cock grow in his pants.

“I know you do”.

Dr. Fenton kept trying to keep his distance, but Kate stayed on him.

“I have a wife and kids” he said, weakly.

“I have a boyfriend.”

Dr. Fenton thought about what his wife looked like now vs. when they first started dating. At 46 years old, he knew that Kate was less than half his age. He looked down at the girl in front of him. She had full pink glossy lips and long eyelashes. Her body was tight and toned and long dark hair fell from her face. She was exactly the type of girl Dr. Fenton would jack off too secretly in his study when his wife was at home.

“You better make this worth it,” he said.

“This will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”

Kate knelt in front of Dr. Fenton and began untucking his shirt. She giggled as she began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his trousers. Kate had never thought about having sex with an older man before. She was nervous, and despite appearing outwardly confident and sexy, inside she wasn’t sure what to expect. Kate felt Dr. Fenton’s cock through his underwear. He lowered them to the ground. Kate was met face to face with a thick-headed cock with big, low hanging balls. The head of his cock grazed against her lips. She loved the salty taste of it, and the musky smell. Kate began licking at his shaft and sucking on his balls, moaning in delight while lightly stroking his cock in her hand. She rubbed his balls and cock all over her face, staining her with his smell.

“Do you like this young mouth sucking on your cock?” she asked.

“I love it. Keep sucking.”

Kate continued to suck on Dr. Fenton’s cock. She could feel it grow inside her mouth as she torqued her hands around his shaft and shoved his cock into her mouth. Dr. Fenton could barely contain his excitement. He let Kate work his cock a long time before lying her naked on his desk and spreading her legs apart.

Her thighs hugged against the sides of his head as he buried his face into her pussy. His tongue swirled around causing Kate to cover her mouth to stifle her audible excitement.

“Don’t worry. It’s the end of the day. Nobody’s coming by” he said, reassuringly.

Kate removed her hand and allowed herself to give into the wave of pleasure being produced in her body by Dr. Fenton’s tongue. She felt tingles deep throughout her spine and legs. The body euphoria was incredible.

He lifted his head and stood in front of her at the edge of his desk. She could see the veins pulsating in his cock, excited to finally fuck the sophomore pussy. Dr. Fenton slapped his cock against her clit before lunging it into Kate’s dripping pussy. He wasted no time in forcing his cock deep and fucking her fully. Dr. Fenton lifted Kates legs and held her ankles in his hands. He pulled back Kate’s legs to counter his forward thrusts into her. The desk rocked back and forth. His lamp and papers shifted in place.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,” she yelped, each time his cock plowed back inside of her.

He groped his hands over her breasts, squeezing them tight and playing with her nipples. His hands rubbed over her waist and abs, her soft thighs and smooth legs.

Dr. Fenton then turned Kate around, propping her arms over his desk and jutting her round ass out. His hands rubbed over her ass gently, then he spanked her, first lightly, then harder. He told her she deserved it for not turning in her midterm. Dr. Fenton looked down at her pussy and noticed it dripping with wetness; the spanking had clearly turned Kate on. He slid his cock between her pussy lips and began fucking her again, his balls making a clapping noise after each thrust.

He spanked her again. Kate was desperately trying to suppress an orgasm, but Dr. Fenton’s cock kept bringing her closer and closer. Each slap against her ass brought her closer to a threshold she was so near to crossing. Another slap. Kate began to quiver on Dr. Fenton’s cock. Her body trembled. Feeling Kate cum while he fucked her, Dr. Fenton plowed hard for a few more thrusts before grunting out as he shot his cum deep inside Kate’s pussy. A warm sensation filled Kate; she loved the new feeling.

Dr. Fenton withdrew his cock from Kate and wiped the sweat off his forehead. Kate’s body lay against his desk, still recovering from the orgasm. Dr. Fenton began to dress himself again. He helped Kate gather her things before showing her out.

When Kate got home, she decided to FaceTime me for a bit. She mentioned that she had a mix up with her midterm and that she had met with the professor to work it out but left out all the details as to how she actually did that. I asked if she wanted to masturbate together but she said she wasn’t in the mood, so we just talked for a bit. The whole time Dr. Fenton’s cum was slowly dripping out her pussy and staining her panties. Kate loved feeling her panties get wet as she talked to me. She was proud that she had fucked an older man, a married man. And she was proud she had received her first creampie. She told herself that if she was close-minded sexually then she would have missed out on getting fucked by her professor on his desk and decided to commit to remaining open-minded going forward. The problem was she was much more open-minded with other guys than she was with me, as I would later find out.

Dr. Fenton ended up giving Kate an A- on the midterm and told her if she wanted an A could come discuss it with him in during his office hours.

The next day Kate decided to give Justin a piece of her mind for trying to screw her over on the midterm. She walked over to his place and banged on the door. Justin opened the door and started laughing when he realized how angry she was.

“I know it was you,” she said.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Kate.”

“All because I didn’t want to fuck you.”

“Who said I wanted to fuck you? You weren’t even good in bed.”

Kate thought back to Halloween night. At that point she had only had sex with her high school sweetheart and me. Our sex was pretty vanilla and at the time the sex she had with Justin had been by far the most wild in her life. She realized she probably wasn’t that great in bed that night. She hated the fact that this smug, arrogant jerk was able to nearly ruin her academic career and still walk away thinking she was bad at sex and he could do better.

“Yea well a lot has changed since then,” she replied.

“Prove it.”

Kate paused for a moment. She contemplated what to do. At that moment she hated Justin and wanted to prove him wrong.


Kate pushed Justin into his house and against the wall. She started unzipping his pants and pulled his cock out, right in the front foyer. Kate gripped his cock lightly as she slapped it on her tongue and began to get it wet. Without using her hands, Kate began to deepthroat Justin, swallowing his whole cock down her throat so that his stomach hit her in the face. She made loud gurgling noises. Justin grabbed her head and held her still, his whole cock pushed down her throat. After a few seconds he pulled back. Spit poured from Kate’s mouth as she looked up at Justin and smiled.

“Things really have changed,” he said with a smirk.

Justin brought Kate onto his couch where he lay her on her side. He spread her ass cheeks apart before sliding his cock into her pussy. He grabbed her body and pulled her in as he began fucking her. Kate let out soft cries of pleasure as Justin’s cock slid in and out of her.

He then sat on the couch and positioned Kate to ride on his cock reverse cowgirl style. Kate’s pussy wrapped around Justin’s stiff shaft as he helped lower her onto his cock. She started bouncing up and down. Her ass cheeks smacked against Justin.

He lifted her off his cock, pulled her ass towards his face and began to lick her hole.

“Yes, Justin,” she moaned.

“I heard you like anal” he said.

Justin brought her ass back to his cock. He began to rub the head of his firm cock against her pink asshole. Kate’s body convulsed and she felt a strong pressure against her hole.

“Say please,” he told her.


Justin shoved his cock into Kate’s ass. Her cheeks spread apart as his length went deeper inside her. She began bouncing up and down on Justin’s cock once again, her ass cheeks smacking against him hard.

She begged to be his cum slut which prompted Justin to pull out his cock, grab Kate by her hair and hold her head down in front of him while he shot his load onto her face. Kate beamed with happiness as Justin doused her face.

“You definitely aren’t boring in bed,” Justin lamented.

“Told you so,” replied Kate.

On the way home from Justin’s I called Kate. She mentioned that the midterm mix up had actually been due to a mix up with her TA, Justin (she told me she had mentioned Justin before but he didn’t sound familiar to me at the time). She and Justin had apparently resolved the issue and I was happy things had worked out for Kate. We caught up some more before I had to go.

I was coming to visit Kate next week but little did I know that everything was about to change…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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