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My Grandmother, My Teacher Ch. 02

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It was rather surreal waking up the next morning with Beth in my arms. Feeling her soft, warm, almost pillowy breasts pressed against my body. My hands caressing her body and listening to her soft breathing.

I carefully rolled her over onto her back to see her beautiful body in the sunlight and she looked amazing. Her big tits sagging and rolling off to each side. Those wonderful pink nipples that were inviting me to suck and pinch them. And that fantastic hairy bush that I was just dying to taste

I had watched a lot of porno in the past few years and the lesbian videos were an extreme turn on but also a great study guide as to how to go down on a woman. So I figured I’d give it a try and slowly moved myself down to my target. Gently spreading her thighs I could begin to smell my grandmother’s pussy. Musky and sweet at the same time. I was crazed by the scent. Here I was, an 18 year old who had just lost his virginity to his grandmother the night before going to suck and lick the pussy he was just fucking the night before.

The hairs of her pussy were so thick and smelled so incredible. I made my way through her jungle and found her pussy lips. She may have been sleeping but her pussy wasn’t. I could see that it knew I was near by the slight moisture I saw beginning to build up on the lips of her labia.

Grandma Beth was still pretty out of it but she did let out a little moan as I parted her moist lips and found her clit. I went to work and slowly and softly started licking it. I went down and licked her hairy pussy from bottom to top. The taste was intoxicating and the scent of her pussy was indescribably delicious. I lost all control and I went at her like a starving man. It was my enthusiasm for her taste and smell that finally work her up and she gasped for air and grabbed me by the back of my head. I thought for a moment that she was going to push me away but she shoved my face into her wet pussy and pushed her hips upward.

“Oh my God Tony! Please don’t stop! What Beylikdüzü Anal Escort are you doing to me?”

I obviously didn’t answer because I could not get enough of this! I needed more! I was addicted. I kept on licking and sucking her clit as her body began that familiar tremble and shaking as she did last night but this seemed more intense as she pulled my hair harder and shoved my face more as if she would somehow get me and my tongue deeper into her wonderful hairy pussy.

Then she started to climax on my face, liquid began to squirt out of her pussy and all over my face and mouth. I tried the best I could to catch every drop but I was so unprepared some managed to soak her thighs and the sheets.

“Please stop.” she gasped “let me catch my breath”.

I stopped but didn’t leave my position. I just looked up at her from between her lovely thighs and smiled. As I waited for her to catch her breath I started kissing her thighs softly. She told me to stop again but I continued on. Then I pushed her knees towards her chest and exposed her hairy ass crack. Again, this looked so incredibly delicious and inviting so I dove in and sunk my tongue and face in. And again the taste and smell was indescribable but in a fantastic way.

I licked her hairy ass and pussy for what seemed like hours until she came two more times.

It was amazing.

When I finished I moved up to her and kissed her on the lips. She hungrily shoved her tongue into my mouth as if she was desperate to taste herself.

“No one has EVER done that to me in my entire life! That was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. I love you so much.”

With that she grabbed the back of my head again and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

After lying there for a while, we got up and decided to shower together where the kissing and touching continued. It was if we were a newly married couple on our honeymoon. The touching and kissing never stopped. Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort That is until she said she was hungry and needed to eat breakfast.

After drying off and getting dressed we went to the kitchen and made omelets. As we ate she adked

“Are you sure you were a virgin? Because I’ve never been handled the way you did both last night and this morning. Where did you learn how to do that? And shouldn’t you have woken me up first and asked permission before you went diving head first into my kitty? And not that I’m complaining but licking my backside? I’ve never felt such an amazing feeling! “

I just laughed as she went on.

” Grandma, this was new to both of us but now that I have had a taste of you all I know is that I want more. “

Her face turned bright red as she blushed at hearing what I considered a compliment and a light warning because I could not wait to taste her again.

I stood up and walked around the table to stand behind her. I leaned down and put my arms around her and started kissing the side of her neck.

“Some things you already know and are showing me, other things we will learn together. Either way, just know that I love you.” I said.

“And I love you too sweetheart.” She said as she moved my hands onto her fantastic pendulous breasts.

But then she quickly stood up and said, “OK, let’s stop here for now. It’s Sunday and I have things to do. So shy don’t you drive home and gets some more clothes and tell your folks that you are helping me with a bigger project in the bedroom and I am going to need you here all week. After all it is the truth. ”

With that she leaned up and kissed me tenderly.

It was a quick drive home and back with my things and I saw through the front window of the house that grandma was in the kitchen cooking as I pulled into the driveway. I jump out of the car and into the house.

She was standing at the stove stirring something vigorously Beylikdüzü Elit Escort because as she stirred her delicious ass was shaking back and forth in a mesmerizing rhythm. I walked up behind her and and wrapped my arms around her and placed my hands on her big breasts. I thought she would have been surprised when I did that but it was me that was surprised when I found she was not wearing a bra. They felt so good, even through the material of her blouse. We stood there for a moment as I massaged her wonderful tits. Then she turned off the stove and said that she wanted to try her desert before dinner. With that she took me by the hand and lead me to the living room. She started kissing me as she undid my jeans and slid them down, then my underwear. When I tried to take her clothes off she didn’t say anything but she just waived her finger at me telling me no.

She pushed me onto the couch, knelt down in front of me. But I looked into her face and saw she had a nervous smile.

“Be patient with me sweetheart, I’ve never done this before.”

With that she went down and slowly slid my rock hard cock into her mouth. Oh my God it felt so good! My first blow job and I was getting it from my grandmother! She was moving up and down the shaft so slowly and licking the head like a piece of candy. Her hand moved up my thigh and started playing with my balls. The feeling was so intense I could almost feel my load ready to blow in no time at all.

“I’m going to cum Beth.” I warned as it was coming near and I expected her to back off but she kept on going but faster with her tongue rubbing the underside of my cock head, then I blew! A huge load going into her mouth and she gagged a little but she kept on swallowing.

When I finished, she moved up to me smiling and wiping the corners of her mouth.

“How was it sweetie? I hope it was good because that was my first time doing that.”

I couldn’t believe it! She had never done it before and it was fantastic!

“Beth, that was incredible! I’ve never done that either and you were amazing!”

I held her and kissed her long and deep. I could still taste my cum in her mouth.

The past two days had been amazing and life changing. And I had to smile because this was only Sunday afternoon and we had all week to continue our exploration together.

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