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My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 07

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Previously in Chapter 06:

“Yeah, I think I’ll take a shower,” I said, now feeling a little embarrassed about my sluttyness as my post-orgasm high faded. I put my bowl and spoon in the dishwasher and then walked back down the hall, past both of our bedrooms. Within a few minutes, I was relaxing under the hot water, although the water pressure left something to be desired.

I could practically feel all the cum filling my empty stomach along with the cereal. I felt myself beginning to stiffen slightly as I thought of everything that had just happened, and what else might happen before the Sunday was over…


After my shower, I brushed my teeth to clean out the cereal and cum and then got dressed in fresh clothes. I could hear Michael watching something on the TV in the living room space, so after I made sure I looked presentable in the mirror, I returned to him.

Michael was dressed as well and sitting on the couch. He glanced over as I walked in and waved me over.

“Dude Noah! New Rich and Marvin episodes finally!”

“Oh yeah? I was wondering when those were supposed to come out,” I said as I glanced at the TV. Some kind of crazy on-brand nonsense was occurring. I sat down near Michael and began to watch it with him. “It looks really nice out today,” I noted. “Do you want to do something outside later? Like an outdoorsy date maybe?”

“That sounds fun,” said Michael. “Maybe after lunch we could go to the big field and see if anyone is using it.”

And so the afternoon found us in one of the fields used for sport practice, throwing a football around after we jogged there together. It was incredibly nice out without a speck of white or gray in the sky.

After maybe half an hour of throwing the football back and forth with increasing distance between us, we started playing with a soccer ball instead. We ended up playing what was essentially a one-on-one match, each trying to score on the opposite goal while stealing the ball from each other. The rules of the game broke down pretty fast once Michael tried tickling my sides instead of kicking the ball away from me.

Naturally, I had to get even with him, so when I caught up to him I jumped up and latched onto his back like a piggyback rider until he slowed down and sank to the ground.

“What am I, a horse?” he cried out in exasperation as I leaped off him and ran after the ball.

“You started it!” I cackled. I started running the ball in the opposite direction, hurrying even quicker once I heard him begin pounding after me. My eyes bugged out in surprise as I felt him grab onto my waistband and begin tugging down. I reached both hands down to prevent him from pulling my shorts off and he took advantage of my lapse in focus to grapple my chest and pull me to the ground.

The game forgotten, we began full-on wrestling in the grass, rolling around on top of each other while laughing and trying every cheap trick to get the other on the bottom. Ass-grabbing, tickling, gentle biting, everything seemed fair game.

We were both breathing hard after a few minutes of this game and I finally lost as he exploited gravity and his greater weight to pin me to the ground on my stomach while he sat on my back casually like I was a chair.

As we caught our breaths, I noticed a group of three young women watching us from the path adjacent to the field. They had apparently been enjoying our fight. Michael chuckled and waved at them. One of them pointed at Michael and then all three turned to face us again and waved back canlı bahis before continuing on their way.

“Three more of our campus peers know I’m the alpha dog now,” said Michael.

“I’m sure they can tell I let you win,” I wheezed, my lungs still a bit crushed by him. Michael slapped my ass and stood up.

“Whatever you need to tell yourself,” he said cockily. He extended a hand and helped me stand up and we tried our best to brush the grass and dirt off of ourselves.

We played normally for a little while longer before calling it quits and jogging back to the apartment. I decided against taking another shower already and just cooled off before changing clothes. Michael on the other hand took a shower and announced he was heading off for some sort of engineering presentation or something where guest speakers would be coming to talk to undergraduates.

I was disappointed that we wouldn’t get to do anything else before the weekend over, but I had to remind myself it wasn’t realistic to expect to get to spend all my free time with Michael. It was probably good to take things a little slow, even if we had already exchanged oral sex several times.

Sunday evening came and went, and the next thing I knew, it was a dreaded Monday again. The week was like any other, busy and a bit tedious. Michael and I ended up establishing our new routine. I would get out of bed naked, meander towards the kitchen table, and get on my knees to suck Michael off to get the day started.

He would typically tease me verbally while I did it and make me beg a bit at first for permission. Then once he came I would swallow it dutifully, eat my own breakfast, and he would help me get off with his hand, although one of the days he actually tried blowing me again which was a pleasant surprise.

Other than during the mornings, we didn’t have too many opportunities to do much else during the week. Our class schedules overlap in awkward ways and even when we were both in the apartment we usually had something to be doing for our courses. I wanted to keep things moving somewhat slowly as well since this relationship was pretty new for both of us and I didn’t want to scare him off.

Needless to say, I was both relieved and excited when my Friday classes ended again. I didn’t have more than a few hours of homework to do over the weekend. Hopefully, Michael wouldn’t either.

I took a shower once I got home to get ready for Michael to return. I was hoping we could go on a more official date in the evening and while the water rinsed my body, I wondered how I should pose the question to Michael.

It was a couple hours later that Michael made it back from his classes, just before five PM. He started when he saw me standing so close to the door when he walked in. He quickly recovered.

“What’s up? Are you still horny after this morning and wanting to blow me again?” he joked as he tossed his backpack onto the couch.

“Well yes,” I said with an innocent smile, “But what I actually wanted to know is if you, um, wanted to go on a more typical date tonight maybe. Not that getting shoved into the dirt wasn’t fun of course.”

“A more typical date? Like what? A movie and popcorn?”

“I was thinking we could go out and get dinner somewhere. Something a little nicer but it doesn’t have to be too fancy,” I said with my eyes at the floor while I blushed. He grabbed my chin and tilted my face upwards.

“You’re so shy; it’s adorable. That sounds fine though. I just need to take a shower first so I’m bahis siteleri not stinking up the restaurant.”

“Oh! Okay!” I said, my shyness forgotten midst the excitement of Michael agreeing to my date proposal.

“I just have one condition…” he said with a somewhat evil smirk on his face as he eyed me.

“Er, what condition?” I asked in confusion.

“Follow me,” he said mysteriously. He walked past me and into his room and I followed after him like a duckling.

There was a bag next to his bed and he dug into it and withdrew a large black object. My jaw dropped a few inches. It was a butt plug and probably a medium size. Michael handed it to me and it felt cool in my hands. Glass apparently, but dark glass.

“I got a black one for you, just the way you like it,” he said with a cocky look in his eyes. I snorted and gave him a halfhearted punch on the arm.

“The condition is…?” I trailed off as I continued to stare at the toy. Michael nodded.

“You’re going to wear that all night until we get back home. Unless you’re really against the idea, of course. But it would be so hot to know you’ve that big thing filling that slutty hole of yours while we eat.”

“I see… I’ll give it a try,” I said, feeling myself turn red again.

“Good boy.”

Michael pushed me over the bed so my top half was bent over the covers and pulled down my jeans and boxer briefs. Then he tossed me a bottle of lube and gave my butt a few pats.

“Now be a good little slut and work that fat toy into yourself while I take a shower. If you get it all the way in by the time I’m done I’ll give you a prize.”

“What’s the prize?”

“Guess you’ll have to stuff yourself silly and find out,” he said with a wink. He left the room and I heard the shower start to run.

I turned my attention to the plug again and twiddled it in my fingers. I had never actually used a butt plug before. It wasn’t as long as my dildos were but it was definitely a bit wider. My dick was already hard and oozing against Michael’s bed at the thought of putting it inside me and the naughtiness of Michael wanting me to do so as well.

I opened the bottle of lube and dumped a heaping of it over the plug until it was positively dripping. I moved the plug to my rear, spread my knees and began applying pressure against my hole. Closing my eyes, I focused on my breathing and pushed out with my muscles. I felt the tip enter and then get stuck. I let it stay there for a few moments so I could get used to it. I wanted to see what Michael’s idea of a prize was, but I also knew rushing it would make it even harder to get it done in time. Michael’s showers weren’t that long usually after all, so I couldn’t waste time by rushing the process.

Over the next few minutes, I gradually worked more and more of it in. Luckily with the glass composition and all the lube, there was very little friction or discomfort. I finally managed to get the last of the bulb part inside and then slid the inch or two of thin handle inside. Then only the wide-flared base was sticking out.

While it might have been shorter than my dildos, the thickness of the plug made me feel a lot more full. My anal muscles squeezed around it subconsciously and I felt myself leak more precum against his bed. Unlike my dildos, the plug seemed fat enough that my muscles couldn’t push it out just by flexing on their own. That was a good sign since it meant I hopefully wouldn’t have to worry about it falling out when not sitting down.

I grabbed the flared base bahis şirketleri and fucked myself with a few inches of the plug before burying it deep inside again. I couldn’t help but shiver and moan softly into the sheets. There was no better feeling than being all filled up.

I decided to stay bent over the bed to present Michael an erotic view when he re-entered the bedroom and came face to face with my fully-filled hole immediately. I didn’t have to wait long. I heard the pipes whine for a moment and then the water stopped. About a minute after that, the bathroom door opened and I heard Michael’s breathing as he approached his bedroom again.

“Oh hell yes,” he grunted from the doorway behind me. I twisted my head around to give him a victorious smile and wiggled my butt at him for a few seconds. “That’s my good boy,” he said as he approached the bed. “I had a feeling you could take the medium size since you were taking that dildo so well the other night. It looks like it will stay put as well. That’s fucking hot.”

He fingered the flared based and then pulled the plug out a few inches and then pushed it in slowly. I shivered and moaned against the bed.

“Fucking perfect,” he said with a pleased sigh. “I’m glad you put up with my absurd demand. Let’s get dressed and go then. I assume you had a specific restaurant in mind?”

We quickly got dressed, which for me just meant pulling my boxer briefs and jeans back up and zipping them back up. I groaned as I bent over and stood back up. Each motion drew my attention to the fat plug lodged inside of me. My reactions just seemed to excite Michael as he smiled like a cartoon villain at me.

“I can’t wait to see you squirming inside the restaurant,” he said.

After dressing, we grabbed our things and got our shoes on. As I went to open the door, I paused and caught myself, remembering I hadn’t been given the mysterious prize yet that Michael mentioned.

“Do I get my prize yet for getting the plug in?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, right. I almost forgot,” he said. He had a weird look on his face as he looked into my eyes. Suddenly, he grabbed my butt through the jeans and pulled his face towards mine and planted a kiss on my lips that lasted a few seconds. Then he straightened up again, smirking at my reaction.

I’m sure my eyes were wide and my lips were still parted in surprise. He kissed me! I had been wondering what it would be like and how long it would take to warm this womanizer up to the idea of kissing a guy. If only I had been expecting it.

“There’s your prize,” said Michael as he opened the door. “As thanks for going along with my unreasonable and perverted condition on our first real date. I don’t think I’m comfortable with any kind of PDA tonight though. I’m still getting used to the idea that I’m dating another man. I think I need some more time before I’m comfortable with acknowledging what we have in a more public setting.”

I nodded and followed him outside. I wasn’t going to be offended by that. I had already been out to my friends for a few years and my parents for over a year. I couldn’t expect Michael to instantly match my comfort level. Especially when he was probably wrestling with his own experience of effectively living as a straight main for most of his romantic life.

“That’s fine,” I said breathlessly as each stair I took made the plug rub around inside of me. “I won’t rush you.”

“You’re a really cool dude, Noah,” said Michael appreciatively. “Let’s take my car. No offense, but I don’t trust you to not get us in a crash with that thing inside of you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of crashing into a stoplight pole while humping against the toy. Probably wise.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” I agreed.

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