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My Journey To Perversion Ch. 6

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Paul smiled and said “OK then, Chuck come on my friend, you lay down and Linda here is going to take you in her ass.” Chuck laid down and I got above him. Paul said. “Face his feet Linda, that’s it, now ease it in, ok, lay back on him so David can plug up your hole.” I did what he wanted and I was on my back on Chuck’s chest, his cock was deep in my ass and I felt full. I can only say that this was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had. I was stuffed and I loved it, David and Chuck both where fucking me and I was fighting my own self for once. I wanted to climax, but I did not want this to end. I watched Paul move to my side kneeling and his stiff dick pointing at me. I moved my head to take him in me mouth. I felt his hand caressing my head and hair.

He was talking softly and with a lot of love in his voice. “That’s it my love, that’s it enjoy it all, think of something else, don’t let your body rob you of your pleasure. Think of snakes, rats, bees, think of anything to keep you from coming. Don’t think of those fat hard cocks in your ass and cunt, don’t think of my cock fucking your mouth, forget the lovely feeling of the cock ramming in your hot cock hungry asshole. Forget the cock that is going to fill your nasty little cunt with its hot sperm. Forget that I am going to fill your mouth with my sperm.” I pulled back fast from his cock, and screamed “HELP ME, I AM READY TO COME, OH GOD HELP ME, HELP ME!”

Paul shoved David back off of me. He and another person literally grabbed my hips, pulled me straight up off of Chuck’s cock, and sat me back down on his tummy. They made it just in the nick of time, one more second later I would have climaxed and climaxed hard. I was torn, I swear my mind was fighting it self. Paul stood up and I sat there catching my breath, He was stroking his cock right in front of my face. He said “When I tell you, I want you to open your mouth, take in just the head and catch every drop of my cum. Don’t’ swallow it, just catch it and hold it.” I was watching his hand running up and down his shaft. His cock just inches away from my lips. I leaned forward and kissed the head. Just as he said, “Now baby, open up, now don’t swallow it, hold it.” I took the head in and felt his sperm shoot inside my mouth. It hit the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat.

I was really amazed as to how much sperm he had, my experience has been most men ejaculate less and less as the night goes on, but he didn’t seem to lesson any at all, I had a good mouth full. He kept stroking himself as he came and I reached down and started rubbing my clit. Paul pulled back and said “help me Fred, lets put her back on chuck he didn’t seem to happy that we pulled her off of him.” One of the guys came over and with their help I was put back onto Chucks stiff cock again. In addition, David climbed right back in me. He was fucking me like a manic. It could not have been a minute or two before I felt him empty his love nectar into me. Chuck was not much better; I guess it was some sort of race to see if they could come before I would have to be pulled off. David pulled out and Fred replaced him. I had my mouth full of sperm and I could not say anything. I was beginning to think that was Paul’s plan, if I had my mouth full, how could I tell them I needed help not to climax.

Fred was wonderful, his cock was very long, it wasn’t skinny, but it sure was long. I felt it hitting my cervix with every thrust in. Paul got next to my ear; the son of a bitch was trying to get me to loose it. He said “You love that cock don’t you baby, you love the feeling of being fucked while you have a cock in your nasty ass don’t you baby?” he started kissing my neck and around my ear. I relished the feeling of all of it, Paul worked his way to my lips, and he kissed me. We French kissed and I spit his cum into his mouth and he spit it back into mine, this went on for a while and when he spit it back into me for the last time he whispered for me to hear, “swallow it honey.” This was nasty, this was so fucking nasty, and I felt his hands pinching my nipples. The closer I came to my own climax the harder he pinched them. My mind was going crazy, one microsecond I was going to climax and the next the pain in my nipples hurt so much I would stop thinking of my climax.

The scary part was, all of a sudden I was getting mixed up, what was pain and what wasn’t? Some how, somewhere the pain in my nipples started to give me pleasure, maybe it was my need to climax so bad, I don’t know. Nevertheless, as hard as he was pinching them I was sure he was drawing blood. I kept grinding against Fred as he shoved his spurting cock deep in me emptying his balls in me. I was throwing my cunt hard against him milking every drop of his sperm from him. I knew I was about to come myself I knew I was going to loose myself and I would loose this thing happening tonight. I was crazy, and all of a sudden everything went black. I woke up on my back with a cold washcloth on my forehead. Paul was sitting there I opened my eyes and he was white as a sheet. He asked me gebze escort if I was all right and I said, “I feel all right, I must have passed out, it was just so intense, I’m ok, let me rest just a minute.” Then he asked, “Want me to tell the boys to call it a night? I only want you to experience pure pleasure, I did not want this to happen.”

I looked up at him and smiled I said, “Honey, I just passed out from pleasure. My mind held me in check, I wanted to climax and I was going to, I did not want to climax and I wanted to, what else could my mind do, it just said “fuck it, I’m taking a nap.” Every one standing around the bed just laughed. Paul said, “I love you baby, rest a minute and we’ll do it some more, only this time I’ll let you come.” I looked at him and said “Oh no you don’t, you had a plan, and I want you to finish it, I love this kind of sexual torture thing, just stick to your guns I mean your plan.”

Paul smiled at me and said “OK honey, you asked for it, but if you pass out again, we call it a night agreed?” I said, “agreed, now let’s get on with this sex feast Paul.” He said “OK, well my plan is you will double fuck us all one sandwich after another and every now and then you will suck us while you get fucked.” I said “Hmmmm, sounds nasty, tell me more.” Paul continued “ the plan is you will be allowed to climax during the last sandwich, it is getting close to 1:00 am and I think you will be getting to sleep maybe around 3-4. Once the boys leave I get you all to my self and I don’t plan on letting you sleep. I plan on keeping you high on the edge of a climax until I am tired and ready to go to sleep. Move over I am going lay down you straddle me and face me, slip me into your cunt, that’s it, yea, now Peter, come over and get in her ass. Ouch watch my legs, ok that’s it, ok baby work those cocks, come on sweet heart, milk us both dry.”

I was straddling Paul facing him. His eyes where closed and he was really enjoying him self. So was I, I moved my ass and I started to bounce up and down the boys where holding on for dear life and I knew it. I was getting into this kinky stuff, I said, “some one come here, I need a dick to suck” One of the guys stood up on the bed with a foot on each side of Paul’s head. He aimed his cock at my mouth; I leaned a little forward and started to love it. I could say I started to suck it, but that is not right, I loved that cock with my mouth. I was bouncing up and down going crazy with the feeling of both cocks sliding out at the same time and when I came back down they would both fill me to the max. Both cocks were stretching and filling me at the same time.
I felt myself loosing it. I let go of the cock in my mouth to tell Paul I was there and I needed help. “Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oh baby, I’m there, Oh, OHH, OH FUCK, HURRY OH FUCK HURRY, GET ME OFF HURRY, I CAN’T STOP, OH JESUS, PLEASE GET ME OFF, I CAN’T HELP MYSELF, I CAN’T I’M GOING TO COME, SOMEBODY COME OVER HERE AND PULL ME OFF THESE TWO. OH PAUL, OH PAUL, STOP, STOP YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME COME, OH IT’S GOOD, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD, OHHHHHHHHHH SHIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT NOWWWWWW I’M, OH FUCK, OH FUCK I’MMMM COMMMMMMINGGGGGGG.” My body was on fire as I felt both cocks slamming into me hard as I kept exploding over and over.

My head was spinning with pleasure. He was right; nothing like this has ever happen to me before in my life. It seemed to never end. I kept coming and coming. My pussy clinched at Paul’s cock, my asshole was pulling at Peter’s dick. Both where holding on to my hips, everyone was moaning. The guy I had been sucking was standing there jacking off as he watched us. I some how managed to look up as he stroked his cock and I said “in my mouth, cum in my mouth.” I watched and waited he was stroking real fast and inched his way to me. I only took the head of it in so I could feel the sperm shoot in my mouth he gave me another good mouth full. I kept bouncing slowly now because I did not want to miss a drop of his cum. When he finished he pulled back and I just laid down on Paul’s chest as I kept moving my hips fucking these two men behind me. I looked down at Paul his eyes where glazed, he was in sexual bliss land, I moved my lips to his to kiss this wonderful man, I stuck my tong in his mouth and he gave it a hard suck. I pulled his into my mouth and gently sucked his, as he pulled mine back into his mouth and it was then I gave him salty nectar I just took from the cock I had sucked.

When I had it all in his mouth, I moved my face to his ear and I said “Your turn baby, this time you swallow it.” That triggered one hell of an explosion from him. His cock pulsed and pulsed feeding my hungry hot pussy. Peter also lost it as he emptied himself in my ass. Both men moaned with pure pleasure. Peter pulled out and I turned to the room, “OK boys, who’s next, I want some one to fuck my ass while lover boy here cleans me up.” I pulled off Paul’s cock turned around and lowered myself on to his mouth. One of the Black guys got on the bed behind me and slid into my cum covered and göztepe escort cum filled asshole. I felt Paul working my clit and hole as the man behind me fucked me hard. I grabbed Paul’s wet cock and held onto it as he licked my clit and my lips. I said “eat that pussy baby, eat it good, suck out all the juice of mine.

Suck that cock hungry cunt; do you know how many cocks have been in that hole since I landed here today? I bet you have no idea; well I know exactly how many men have fucked me so far. I fucked 32 men in that cum filled pussy and 17 of them in my cum filled asshole, you better pray I don’t have you lick my asshole. You love eating a freshly fucked pussy so much eat away, there is no pussy in Riverside that has been so freshly fucked as this one, God I need a cock to suck.” Some one (I’m sorry I don’t know all of there names, I was there for sex not to meet people) He knelt on the bed in front of my face between Paul’s legs and I went for it. I wanted another load of cum to give this bastard how made me suffer all night, (well suffer in a great way) I kept holding Paul’s cock as I sucked the one guy and I felt the black guy shoot his load of sperm in me. He just kept fucking me even after he came; his dick did get a little soft, but not too much. I stopped sucking just long enough to say to Paul “lick his balls Paul, suck them good to thank him for fucking me so fucking good.”

There was a silence in the room every one stopped talking I guess to see what Paul’s reaction would be. I felt Paul’s mouth leave my pussy then I could hear the slurping sound coming from behind me. I then looked over my shoulder at the man that was fucking me. I saw his face and I said, “I want him to clean your cock would you mind? I want him to suck and lick you clean.” The guy said “Sure he can suck my cock clean, Hell baby for you I’ll even fuck him in his ass, you just say the word,.” I then said “Oh Paul, take his balls out of you mouth and suck his cock, suck him real clean and if you’re a real good little cock sucker, I just may let another man stick his cock in you mouth.” I felt the black guy pull out of me and then I heard a moan of pleasure, as I am sure Paul was working his cock. I held onto Paul’s cock as I told the guy I had been sucking to jack off and give me his sperm in my mouth. He went to work jacking off real fast; he shoved his cock in my mouth just in time for it to spew all of his sperm in me. He pulled back from my mouth and I moved and turned around I watched as he was sucking the blacks cock like a pro I said. “Hmmm, looks like we have another real cock sucker here boys, the way he is going after that black dick. You would almost think he loved sucking cock wouldn’t you boys?” I looked around and saw that they where all watching Paul. I said “that’s enough Paul, I think you cleaned him real good.”

I still held onto Paul’s dick and it was half-hard. I said “Looks like you like that Paul, you’re getting hard just from sucking a man’s cock.” (It is hard to talk with a mouth full of sperm) I bent down to Paul’s mouth, we French kissed again; I gave him his reward for fucking with my mind the way he did. I filled his mouth again and pulled away. And said out loud, “swallow the cum I gave you my little sweet, be nice and I just might let you get your own next time.” I looked at him swallow and I said, “Looks like your plan fell apart, I am coming up with a plan I think we may all just love.” I held his cock and worked it; I wanted him hard, having him suck that cock really turned him on. However, I wanted more; I wanted to sexually torture this asshole for making me wait so long for my climax. I am going to teach him a lesson. I said “well, what do we do baby, your way or my way?” His eyes where all a glaze he smiled at me and said “anything you want I want.” I said I want to be fucked again and I’m going to suck you some more. I turned around and said “Ok someone get up here and stick me.”

I laid down on Paul, started sucking his half-hard dick and ran my fingers to his asshole. I kept working his cock as I worked one finger from both hands into his asshole. I took my time but after awhile I had both index fingers buried and I started to stretch his asshole. The guy behind me was fucking me fast I again got up turned around and asked “would you mind letting him suck you off? I want him to get it first hand?” The guy smiled and said, “I was hoping you would ask.” He pulled out and I looked back and saw Paul holding the mans cock with one hand stroking it as he lovingly sucked on it I watched as the man’s cock swelled up and pulsed into Paul’s waiting mouth. Paul’s cock was now rock hard and I just knew he was close to a climax. I brought my mouth down on his prick and he was ready. I was to I let go of his cock and using my arms I wrapped them under his legs and pulled him back. I was finger fucking his asshole and stretching it as wide as I could I looked around the room and said “any one know what needs to be stuck in this tight hole boys?”

The other Black halkalı escort guy said “Yea bitch, you want me to fuck oh lover boy here for you?” Paul was fighting me, he was trying to break free from my arms and I was about to loose him when I had help. He could not say anything because his mouth was full and the guy fucking his mouth was trying to shove it down his throat. Two guys held his feet for me high in the air bending him way up for the black guy to easily fuck him. I gave the guy a very wet mouth job to help him ease into Paul. God I wish you could have seen him his white ass all open his butt hole stretched by my now four fingers from both hands. I waited until the black guys cock was touching my fingers before I let him go and pulled them back. I watched as the black guy’s cock disappeared from our site I heard Paul moan and I watched Paul’s hard cock bounce with every thrust of the black cock going in and out. The man Paul was sucking let out a moan as he shot his sperm into Paul’s mouth I was looking back and fourth half turned half sitting on Paul’s tummy with his legs pulled back. This was turning me on more than anything I have ever done in my life. I felt so fucking nasty, so fucking hot. I looked around the room and I said “Boys I don’t know what Paul promised you, but I promise you this, you help me teach him a lesson and I’ll do you each one special favor tomorrow and tomorrow night. I am going to stay one more night.

What ever it is I will do it, is it a deal? Any one here up tight about having Paul suck you off or you fucking him?” I looked around and everyone said they would go along with me on this. One guy asked “You said anything right?” I said “yes, anything short or murder, what do you have in mind?” he said “My girl friend has been talking about having woman eat her and about fantasizing of being gang-banged, would you help me with her tomorrow?” I said “you bet your ass I will, any of you boys game for another gang-bang tomorrow I’ll have oh lover boy here to suck out all your cum from her when we all finish.” I turned to Paul and said, “You would love that wouldn’t you?” he never said a word his eyes where glazed and he was still gently sucking on the man’s now limp dick. The black guy was fucking him like crazy and he rammed his cock into Paul. I watched Paul’s cock and I swear I thought it would shoot out his sperm while the guy fucked him. I said “Someone get ready, I want another cock shoved up his ass as soon as he pulls out. I watched as one guy stood ready and the black pulled out. I watched as the sperm leaked out of the asshole and as the next man slid right in. he said, “I was hoping for a tighter asshole, and yours is tight as hell Paul.”

I looked at the black that just finished and said “Kneel on the bed, I want him to clean off your cock.” He looked at me funny and I said “come on, I want Paul to clean off your cock that just fucked his asshole.” I watched as he moved to Paul’s head. Paul turned his head away and I said “SUCK HIM YOU COCKSUCKER, SUCK THAT COCK CLEAN THAT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR ASSHOLE” I watched as Paul slowly turned his head and opened his mouth. I watched as did all the way he licked slowly at first and then taking more and more into his mouth. Everyone was moaning. I started to rub my clit as I sat on Paul and watched it all and it was hot and nasty as hell. God did I ever love this filth. I turned to look back at Paul and he had not changed, his mouth was shaped like a big “O” and it hit me he was not begging to climax. For some reason it hit me, did I over do it with him? Why wasn’t he going crazy with wanting to climax? I walked over to him and looked down at his dick, I could not see it. Oh I could see his groin, but his cock was not sticking up or hanging out, as it was the last time I looked at it. His legs were still spread and he was still kneeling. I knelt down and reach under him. I felt his dick, it was all wet, and he had climaxed. I moved up onto the bed and put my face close to his I said, “Looks like somebody jacked you off didn’t they?”

He looked at me and finely closed his mouth he said, “No, no one touched me it just happen. I started coming and coming and coming. I would suck a cock and I would climax. I don’t know what happen, I have never climaxed like that in all my life.” I smiled and felt two things, I felt warmth at Paul feeling so wonderful, and the other was my disappointment that I was not the one to make him come. I asked him “if I fuck you will you climax?” he said, “I don’t know, but I know I would love it.” I said “good cuz I’m gonna fuck you one last time and I want to come with you.” Paul asked “How, how are we going to do it?” I showed him my big rubber cock; I said “I’m going to put one end in me and the other in your asshole. We will fuck each other ass-to-ass, butt-to-butt. I haven’t climaxed for hours, I have been saving it for you.” Paul smiled and said, “Untie my hands first.” I said, “Nope, I want to see if I can make you climax the way those men did. No hands at all, but first I think I’ll get you good and hard first.” I moved behind him and laid right in the puddle of cum I moved my body under Paul and rested the back of my head against the side of the bed. I took Paul’s small dick into my mouth; I closed my eyes and made love to his cock. It took some time but I had him good and hard. I pulled back and crawled out from under him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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