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My Kate

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His breath was warm upon her ear, the voice one she would know anywhere. “Come.” She felt him tug at her arm and she allowed herself to follow him. She was a bit off balance at first at his sudden movements but managed to catch herself and follow him discreetly. She didn’t know where they were going. She didn’t need to. She would have followed him wherever he led.

And he knew it.

It had not always been this way. He had caught the shy, innocent girl looking at him one day in the library. He was amused by how, upon the realization that he could see her, her face flushed and her green eyes sped down to the open book on the desk. He had made a point to watch for her when he was there, but she seemed to have disappeared.

But she could not hide forever.

It was the start of the spring semester, the name ironic as the bitter winter would be upon them for another three months, when he saw her again. In his class. He learned her name. She wanted to be called Katie. He would call her Kate. She was not the ideal student. She did not participate in discussions they way he liked, but her assignments showed a careful reflection and understanding of the material. It would do for now, but he was eager to expand her education.

He was not sure why he had chosen her. Why, from the very first moment he saw her at the library, he had been attracted to her. Why he wanted to have her. She was certainly not the type that would be easily had.

But perhaps that was why.

Subtly he had drawn her in to his web, taking from her more and more as time went on. Finally, after class had ended, he didn’t need to take anymore. She gave. She offered herself. It was a shy and sweet gesture, her terrified eyes contradicting her words. It was her first time. He had tried diligently not to hurt her but she was tiny and the pent-up desire, although relieved many times with the bevy of women who would serve him whenever he wanted, caused him to push a little more than he meant to. Still, he had held her in the aftermath as she cried.

He had held her many times after that, each little step into his world rewarded with his genuine affection. Did he love her? He didn’t know. Did he care for her? He did, surely. She was different than the others and out of that uniqueness grew fondness.

Tonight they were taking another step although she didn’t know it yet.

Tonight they would be going full circle. He was going to take her at the very same place that the attraction began; the library. He knew she would be there. She was easily distracted so she didn’t study at home. He knew on Thursday nights she would be there, in the corner, her head in a book. He watched her from the faculty workroom as she read and highlighted. And then it was time. She got up and walked over to the drinking fountain to refill her water bottle.

It was a short distance from his hiding spot to the drinking fountain. She hadn’t even made it there when he reached her. And now she was tagging along behind him, seemingly oblivious to everything around them, her focus only upon him. She trailed behind like a complacent puppy. He removed his hand from her, confident that she would follow him. She did. He unlocked the door to the workroom and urged her inside.

She wondered if he would keep the lights on or off. Nevertheless she knew that this meeting would begin and end like all of the others. On her knees.

He smiled as he watched her take her position. He had perfected her posture. He had sketched her kneeling, had photographed her kneeling. To him, perhaps, there was no work of art more perfect than the black and white photo of her kneeling that he had taken. The dark lushness of her hair, the pale ivory of her skin, the faint glimmer of her simple gold collar, the shadows that fell upon her from his carefully arranged lighting; it all came beautifully together in an image of total submission.

His Kate.

“Good,” he whispered. “You please me.” The gift of those words spoke to her heart and soul. “How have you been?”

“I am well, Sir.” She resisted the overwhelming urge to tell him just how much she had missed him. “Busy.”

“I have been busy as well, my Kate.” He rolled a chair from the desk in front of her and sat down. “But you are never far from my thoughts.”

She blushed. He could still create in her the same blush as the first day he had seen her. “Sir, you are never far from mine, either.” She paused, a bit unaware of why she was here. “Is there something you wish of me?”

“I need you, my Kate. I need to fuck you.” The blush again, Tipobet but this time the innocence was blended with a growing arousal.

He didn’t need to say anything else. She crawled on her knees to be nearer to him, her hands moving automatically to his zipper. She didn’t tease or taunt, she immediately began ridding him of the barriers to his aching flesh. He pushed her away gently.

“Kate, the blinds. Please close them.”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered, utterly humiliated. Her lust, her desire to please him had clouded her judgment, had rendered her vulnerable. She stood and hurried to each window, turning the little stick to shut off any view of their actions. “You are in a hurry, my precious Kate,” he said as he watched her reassume her kneeling position in front of him.

Her head hung down, her long hair partially obscuring her face. “I am sorry. I…I got carried away.”

His hand stroked her soft locks tenderly. “Your enthusiasm is flattering. And noted.” He gently took her chin, lifting her face up to meet his. “You are a good girl, my Kate. I am lucky to have you.” He sat back in his chair a bit. “Now, please continue.”

She nodded, her practiced fingers working at the belt, then the button, next the zipper. She darted down to remove his shoes, allowing her to rid him off his pants which she placed neatly on a table in the corner as to not wrinkle them. She returned and kneeled; her eyes met his and echoed the plea from her lips. “Please, may I?”

He smiled. She was truly beautiful then; her face colored with desire, her eyes awake with pleading and lust. He knew other parts of her body must be awakening as well. He would find out shortly. “Yes, you may.”

Her hands finally removed the last shred of fabric that had contained him, pulling his briefs down carefully, forcing herself not to appear as greedy as she felt. She removed them from around his legs and finally scooted close enough to begin servicing him properly.

He had a beautiful cock. She admired its strength, the arch of it, the silky fire that she felt beneath her hand when she touched it. She loved the way it pulsed when he came and she knew from careful practice each area that brought him pleasure. She kissed it first, directly on the head as she always did, his precum coating her lips. Feeling his essence on her lips was like an accelerant to her growing arousal and she shifted uncomfortably as the wet spot that had dampened her panties began to grow.

Her tongue flicked over the head and then dipped down to the underside. She felt his slight shudder that always accompanied her tongue on this area of his cock, deliriously happy at her ability to bring him pleasure. It was her purpose. Her hand began to cup his balls, massaging them in her hands while she placed her lips around his cock and took him into her mouth. She tightened her lips around it and with her hands around the base she fucked his cock with her mouth; lips and hands moving rhythmically over him. He groaned and his hands reached down to her hair, keeping her head so very close to his arousal.

She knew from his hands what he wanted just then and she was delighted to give it to him. Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath her lips moved further toward the base of his cock. His hands kept her there as he stood up, pressing himself more deeply into her throat. She gagged a bit, her noise causing him to pull her tighter. He felt her lips against the base of his cock. He tightened his grip, keeping her there, her nose smashed against his abdomen, until he released her to breathe.

He loved the look on her face when he released her. Her tears had mussed the carefully made up eyes and the gray streaks down her face had marred the ivory of her complexion. Her lips and chin were dripping with saliva. From the elite to the gutter, he loved her ability to transform herself for his pleasure.

As she gasped for air and coughed he reached over to pinch one of her nipples, twisting it cruelly. It had peeked out through the thin material of her bra and blouse, begging for his fingers, his lips, his tongue, his teeth. He pulled on the other one and watched the desire flare in her eyes.

“Oh god,” she whimpered between gulps of air.

“Does the cock-sucking cunt like that,” he asked, his words augmented by pinching her nipples even harder.

“Yes.” Her voice was a blend of need, pain, and arousal. “Please.”

“Your time will come later, whore,” he said as he pushed her face back down to his aching cock. “You have other things to attend Tipobet Giriş to now.” He felt little resistance as he thrust his cock into her throat, finally feeling her choke a bit on its length. “Take it all, Kate-slut. Show me what a talented cock-sucker you are.” She did. He groaned. She had not been good at it at first. His patience with her had paid off as she demonstrated her next trick. “Now lick my balls.” His grip lessened as he knew that as soon as her tongue would sneak out to lap at his balls she would need to free herself. “Fuck,” he moaned as he felt her wet tongue sneak out of her mouth and do as he asked.

She pulled off quickly, coughing. Her hand self consciously wiped the drool that hung from her mouth. He slapped her hand quickly away as he looked down to see the material of her blouse wet with it. He knew then he owned her. She caught her breath and he looked down at her.

“Now I’m going to fuck you, Kate-slut. Are you ready? Is your cunt wet and aching?” She nodded and quickly kicked off her shoes and ridded herself of her jeans, leaving them in a heap on the floor. She reached down to remove the pink boy shorts she had on but he reached for her hands. He placed them at her sides and proceeded to slide his fingers between her legs, finding the damp spot. He was a bit surprised at the level of her arousal but it delighted him. “Such a slut, my Kate. You’ve soaked through your panties. Such a dirty slut. Do I really do all that to you, bitch?”

She nodded, unable to speak. His hands pulled her panties down roughly and she kicked them from around her legs. He reached around to feel her firm ass before sliding a finger teasingly between the lips of her pussy. “Get on the desk,” he ordered and she scrambled to comply. “I want your ass facing me. Now!” She climbed onto the desk, resting on her hands and knees, her legs parted a bit, the cool air of the room a direct contrast to the wet heat of her sex.

He shoved one finger roughly into her cunt. It slid easily inside. He worked it in and out, his other hand moving slowly over her clit. By the time he added a second finger into her tight tunnel her soft whimpers and moans had become louder and more urgent. He couldn’t allow her to be heard. He reached for her panties from the floor and shoved them into her mouth. That would do for now. She was close to cumming, he could tell from the tautness her body exhibited before her climax. His fingers moved faster, harder, deeper; reaching for her womb. His other hand rubbed in fast circles on her clit.

He heard her muffled cry and the strong spasm of her muscles around his fingers. He removed his hand from her clit as her body jerked away from it but kept his fingers buried inside of her. He kissed her neck and whispered into her ear. “You please me.”

She spit the makeshift gag from her mouth. “I’m so glad,” she said. “Thank you for helping me cum.” She was always polite and kind. He admired that about her.

“My pleasure, my Kate.” He slid his fingers out and brought them to her lips. She lapped eagerly at them, sucking them into her mouth and bathing them with her tongue. It was while she licked her essence off of his fingers that he entered her. She cried out against his fingers so he removed them and replaced her panties in her mouth. He hated doing that to her, her cries of pleasure moved him and brought him great pleasure, but he could not afford to be heard.

Her cunt, still recovering from her climax, gripped him tightly. He went slowly at first, but his pace quickened as she pushed back against him, urging him deeper. He fought to keep from crying out as he fucked her, his cock plunging in and out of her wet canal, her tightness encircling him. Sweat collected on his face and body as he drove in deeper, harder, faster; his intensity quickening.

He pulled out abruptly, the lips of her pussy opened, gaping slightly. He groaned as he admired it, the dew on the pink petals, the little rosy pearl hidden between and bare, just the way he liked it. He had showed her how to shave it the first time and she had dutifully done it ever since. He drove his cock back in cruelly, his hands reaching under her to grab her tits, fondling them roughly, finding the nipples and pulling them. He heard her little “Oww” muffled by the gag and smiled.

He could feel her body tense up again. He knew with each thrust his balls brushed against her clit, fingerlessly masturbating her. He knew which each thrust his cock was brushing against her most sensitive place. He knew she was close. He caught Tipobet Güncel Giriş his breath and held back a bit, deliberately teasing her.

His face lit up when he heard her response, although muffled. “Fuck me, damn you.” He liked to awaken this side of her. He would have never imagined hearing those words from the shy girl he had seen those many months ago. Now here he was, fucking her from behind, her voice urging him on. Life was funny sometimes.

So he fucked her. He drove her higher and higher until she finally she reached the peak, her body exploding, her body slumping a bit in exhaustion. He steeled himself as he felt the muscles of her cunt contract around him. He would not; he could not cum in her. He held her up in the aftermath of her orgasm, feeling the thin layer of sweat on her body; pleased with himself for having elicited this powerful response from her. But as soon as the shudders and panting subsided it was his turn.

He fucked her mercilessly then. He had brought her pleasure twice already; if he hurt her it was justifiable in his mind. He felt his cock knock at her cervix, as deep as it could go. “Fuck…you…you…dirty…fucking…cunt…bitch…take it…you…fucking…whore,” each word punctuated with a hard thrust, the force of his thrusts compensating for the required quietness of his words. And then it was time.

He pulled his cock from her and she, from much experience, knew it was time for his orgasm. She turned around quickly, kneeling, her mouth open, her tongue out, her eyes watching his, the gag from her mouth dropping to her thighs. The first stream of hot cum fell against her cheek and the corner of her mouth, the other two landing on her tongue and in her mouth. She listened to his strangled moans, his ragged breathing, and her eyes darted down to watch him squeeze the last bit of his cum from his spent cock, dropping it on the tip of her tongue.

He was silent then. He watched her as she swallowed the cum that had collected in her mouth and proceeded to clean his cock, tasting the mixture of her sweetness and his saltiness. She smiled as she swallowed the last bit in her mouth. Her tongue darted to the corner of her lips, licking up what she could reach.

“Let me help you with that, my Kate,” he said, reaching his finger out to scoop the cum from off her cheek and offer it to her waiting mouth. She licked it from his fingers obediently. “Thank you, my precious Kate.” She was beautiful to him then, too, her face with remnants of his cum upon it, a symbol of her devotion and submission to him. “You have done well. You make me happy.” Perhaps there was more that he wanted to say but he did not. She wished he would have.

He quickly redressed himself. “We’ve got to get you cleaned up.” Her face turned scarlet red as the joy of the moment left her and she was reminded of where she was. “Wait here.” He opened the door slightly and squeezed out, careful to shield her from anyone who would look in the door.

She stepped off the desk and pulled on her panties and jeans and slipped into her shoes. She knew her face and hair must look a mess and she probably smelled strongly of sex. A million emotions conflicted within her about what she had just done. She put them out of her mind when she heard the key turn in the lock.

She smiled, genuinely touched as he brought in her backpack and some wet paper towels from the restroom. “We’re lucky no one was around, it would have been a little weird having someone see me carrying around your pink bag.” She laughed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t think of this part of things. I just thought about fucking you in the library.” He appeared genuinely sorry for leaving her in such a state. “I can give you a ride home if you don’t walk to walk.” He watched as she cleaned her face with the towels, wiping away the evidence of their encounter and leaving her with a rosy glow. “Honey, you missed a spot,” he said, gently taking the towel from her and dabbing at a little spot of gray on her cheek.

“Thank you. A ride would be nice if you don’t mind.” She rummaged through her bag for a brush, working it through her long hair. “Do I look ok,” she asked finally.

“Kate, you always look beautiful. No matter what you are doing. You’re a lovely girl.”

She smiled shyly. “Thanks. We should probably get going.”

The short car ride home was virtually silent. It was as if they didn’t know what to say to each other. They both knew what they wanted to say but couldn’t. He finally spoke as he pulled up to her apartment building.

“Kate…my Kate,” he began. “You know I think you’re a wonderful girl and I…”

“I know,” she interrupted. “And I think you’re wonderful, too.” She kissed his cheek and hurried out of the car. She was halfway up the walk to her building when she turned to wave. “Bye,” she called out. “See you soon.”

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