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My Love For a Female Pro Wrestler

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It was 1987. I was in Indianapolis for business and in a bar next to my hotel. It was a week night and not very crowded. Even if it had been crowded, these two young chicks would have stood out. One was very tall and thin, maybe 6’1″, with curly black hair and a huge rack. The other was much shorter, about 5’6″, a little curvier with a similarly impressive chest and dirty blonde hair, which was teased and feathered in that ’80s style. Both were wearing heavy makeup and drinking and smoking.

The shorter one was wearing shiny gold spandex leggings, tucked into high heel, thigh high black leather boots and a black leather jacket. Definitely a sexy outfit worn by a girl who wanted to be noticed. I didn’t make much of an attempt to hide the fact that I was interested in them, and much to my surprise, I actually got a cute little wave a smile out of the blonde girl. I had the bartender send them over drinks and made my move.

The tall one was named Susan and the blonde one was Teri. Teri had a pack of Salem 100s on the bar in front of her, while Susan had Virginia Slims menthols. We made the usual uncomfortable small talk and asked each other what we did for a living. To my amazement, they proudly reported they were wrestlers. I was at first incredulous but they convinced me. They wrestled for a new promotion called POWW which I had not heard of. They asked me if I had seen GLOW, which I had and told them I liked a lot. POWW was started by the same guy who created GLOW, David McLane, and had some of the same talent.

About this time, a couple of other girls that Teri and Susan knew came into the bar. Teri greeted them but seemed to be interested in continuing to talk to me. I learned she was 20 years old, wrestled as “Paisley,” and was supposed to be from San Francisco, although she was really from Dayton, Ohio. Her pal Susan wrestled as “Liberty,” who was from Philadelphia although Susan was from Indiana. Teri had been in the promotion for three months now. She had undergone a few weeks of training in Miami and said it was grueling. She had never been an athlete and the training wore her out, but she stuck with it, really wanting to be a wrestler and maybe make it into the movies. The training was mostly defensive, like how to properly take a punch, take a fall, get tossed out of the ring, get body slammed, etc. She had six matches so far and lost all of them. She made sure I knew that it was all scripted and that her role was to be a “jobber,” to just take a beating from the bad girls.

Teri continued to seem interested as we talked and didn’t move away when our legs brushed up against each other. She allowed me to light her cigarettes, which she smoked one after the other. She told me that tomorrow night they were taping for the TV show in a small convention center and that she would be wrestling Peggy Lee Leather. Teri was a little nervous because Peggy Lee was very big and strong, and she was a veteran so her matches were not as scripted as those between the less experienced girls. Teri knew that she was supposed to lose, of course, but didn’t know all the moves to expect and her job was to just let Peggy Lee “carry her” through the match. Peggy Lee was also not the friendliest girl in the locker room and often seemed annoyed to have to work with rookies. Teri was however excited that tomorrow night was her first match in a new outfit, a light blue one piece suit and a matching cape.

Maybe I was smooth, maybe Teri was loose, but most likely it was the alcohol for both of us. Whatever the reason, Teri stayed with me as Susan and the two other girls left for their hotel. Teri and I had one more drink and then walked hand in hand to my hotel next door. I had already secured an invitation to the matches tomorrow evening.

Almost as soon as we had entered my room, Teri’s fingertips were down the front of my pants. Our lips were locked tight and our hands were frantically searching for buttons and bra straps. I tried desperately to get underneath her jaw with my lips and tongue, but Teri was focused on my neck. She gnawed on my jaw bone affectionately while my hands caressed her leather jacket and her spandex covered ass.

Teri’s fingers, still inside of my pants, swiftly released the front button. My cock came into contact with her hand as soon as the zipper was undone, and I nearly came from the excitement. My entire body shuddered as her lovely red fingernails gently grazed the tip, causing an electrifying pulse of energy to course throughout my body. I felt like I was going to explode in her soft hand. She slowly made her way down to meet my cock head-to-head, and as she came down on her knees, she lit a cigarette from the pocket of her leather jacket and inhaled deeply. I moaned as the smoke emerged from her mouth and wafted over his hard dick. I was getting a smoky blowjob from a sexy professional wrestler!

I knew that I couldn’t last long like this, so I grabbed hold of her hair and gently lifted her up. I plunged my tongue into her smoky mouth and our tongues bostancı elit escort bayan began wrestling. We struggled to disrobe each other, Teri being careful to not burn me or herself with her cigarette. When her amazing breasts were unleashed, they were as amazing as I thought they would be. Natural D cups with awesomely responsive nipples. I kissed those nipples and took them, one by one, into my mouth, playing with them with my tongue while I massaged her breasts.

Teri put her cigarette in the ashtray and her hands drifted down to my open pants and my still throbbing cock. My dick was yearning for release. But not yet. I put Teri on her back and ran my tongue down her body to her crotch. I ran my fingers gently down the inside of her thighs and followed my fingers with my tongue. Then I began to gently lap Teri’s shaven pussy. Her back arched and she moaned with pleasure. I started to lick faster and then slowed down again. My tongue shallowly penetrated her love hole. Then I took her erect clit in my mouth and played with it with my tongue. Teri’s soft smooth legs were twitching.

I quickly got my shirt and shoes off and got naked myself. I put Teri on her stomach on the bed. I first used my tongue, running it up her whole body, up her leg, over her pert ass, up her back and then teasing her earlobe. I ran the same route up her other leg. Then I licked and gently bit her neck. Teri was moaning with pleasure and reached over and got her cigarette for a drag. I massaged her neck, her shoulders, her upper back, the small of her back, her ass, and the back of her thighs. Her perfect young skin felt like butter in my hands. I paused, laying on top of her, my erect penis resting on top of the crack of her ass. With one hand I felt how wet she was, so I entered her from behind. She was so wet it slipped inside with ease, despite the tightness, and her pussy took in my dick inch-by-inch. I grunted and she whimpered as my penis grazed against her insides. My fingers gripped her cheeks as my pelvis moved back and forth. “You’re so sexy…” I said,

and leaned in closer to her back. I inhaled deeply and captured a whiff from the cigarette snuffing itself out in the ashtray.

I turned Teri around on to her back, leaned over on top of her, and slid my cock back into her lubricated, steaming hot canal. My chest was up against her beautiful tits and erect nipples. I cupped my hands under shoulders and pulled her torso down on me, so my dick was up against the farthest reaches of her insides. I plunged my tongue yet again into her mouth, drinking in her smoky breath. I gyrated my hips ever so slightly, so my dick was banging back and forth against the back of her pussy and my pelvis was grinding on her clitoris. Teri pushed up against me. It was as if we could not get close enough to each other and she could not get me deep enough inside her. Her breathing was labored as my weight lay on her and my mouth covered hers.

I pushed myself up on my hands. While staring down at Teri’s gorgeous face, I pounded her pussy, slowly at first, then speeding up, then pulling out almost completely and slamming myself back inside her hard. Teri felt my long dick at the back of her canyon and was hit by electric like waves of pleasure when I slammed into her clit. My throbbing member kept ramming against her insides. Then my hand flew down to her clit to keep her riding on the edge, but she slapped my hand away. Teri grasped my neck and pulled me down closer to taste my lips again. I rammed my tongue inside of her just as my penis was ramming deep down inside of her pussy. She tasted delicious.

I felt as if she was getting close. Her legs were quivering beneath me, and I did my best to hold out, grunting and shivering. We reached a perfect rhythm, with my arms underneath her shoulders embracing her closely. I felt her orgasm start to rise and heard her gasp, “Oh!” as her sensation began to spill over the top. Teri’s orgasm affected her whole body. Her legs wrapped tightly around my ass and the small of my back, then straightened out. Her fingernails dug deeply into my back. The muscles in her magic pussy convulsed around my cock. Her breathing stopped then started again. I was treated to another burst of her smoky breath coming out of her lungs.

As the tension in every one of her muscles began to ebb, she once again became soft in my arms. I had only to hold her tight, and cover her mouth with mine, in order to finish my work. My tongue met Teri’s, and then my balls let loose, sending a huge load of my come through my cock and into Teri. I squeezed her very tight, and my legs crawled up on the bed a little bit so I could get even deeper into her as my jism filled Teri’s pussy.

When I finished coming, I went limp but continued to embrace her. We were both panting. I pulled my cock out of her slowly; the head of my dick was extraordinarily sensitive. I rested there for a few seconds, my head on Teri’s wonderful chest.

I finally got bostancı çıtır escort up and went to the bathroom, where I ran the warm water. I washed myself off then wet another washcloth. I took it to Teri and gently washed her pussy, where my come was still seeping out of her. I lay back down on the bed and pulled her over to me so her back was resting against my chest. I reached over to her pack of Salems, took out a cigarette, grabbed her lighter, gave her the cigarette and lit it for her. Teri took frequent, deep post-coital drags, and held the smoke in her lungs luxuriously. I was even more attracted to her, looking at her perfect skin and wonderful body, amazed and turned on by the fact that this perfectly feminine creature would be getting into a professional wrestling ring. And then I fell asleep.

We both woke up bleary-eyed the next day, at about 10:00 a.m. Teri got up and used the bathroom; what an awesome body she had. She climbed back in bed and got in the spoon with me. She reached for her pack of Salems and lit up a cigarette. She smoked while I held her soft, curvy body and it wasn’t long before I was right back at attention.

I rolled her on to her back, took her cigarette from her hand and put it in the ashtray, and entered her. We both came to orgasm quickly.

Teri got dressed again in her spandex tights, boots and leather jacket, and her hair was sexily messy. I bought her a very unhealthy hung over brunch at a diner. She confessed she was pretty nervous about that night’s match. She had to be at the gym at 4:00 and I would be allowed in at 6:00. I dropped her off at her hotel so she could get some more sleep.

Man was I excited as I went to the convention center. I really had liked GLOW, and was very turned on by the sexy jobbers like Tara the Southern Belle and Americana. I was still in awe that I had just had sex with one of those girls! When I entered the gym at 6:00, production people were working on lighting and cameras. There were not many fans as these were to be “dark” matches, just for TV.

Teri came out from the back, waved to me and came over. She looked awesome, her hair really teased up, her makeup even heavier than last night. She was wearing her new blue one piece spandex suit and shiny tights, with her black leather wrestling boots and her black leather jacket to keep warm. The suit really emphasized her awesome cleavage. She was smoking a cigarette and had her pack of Salems and lighter in her hand. We hugged warmly and I kissed her, getting a wonderful fresh dose of her smoky breath.

Teri said she could hang out with me until the match right before hers. We were seated outside the view of the cameras. Her nerves were really getting to her and she was chain smoking her Salems. In addition to her losing to Peggy Lee, the Terrorist, who she said was a wild-woman, was going to do “run in” and attack Teri after she was pinned. Teri would then be carried out of the ring.

The first match we watched was Hot Rod Andie vs. Destiny. Teri said she liked Hot Rod, and that although Destiny was one of the good girls or “faces,” she didn’t know her very well because the black girls and white girls didn’t hang out together much. Teri told me about some of the moves as the match went on. Both Hot Rod and Destiny had a lot more experience than Teri. Destiny took a pretty good beating in the beginning but scored the victory in the end.

Next up was Sasha the Russian vs. Shannon O’Brien. Teri said Shannon was nice but quiet. She too was fairly inexperienced and a jobber. Sasha was very strong and a very good athlete. Teri told me that this would be a squash match, like hers would be. Shannon was a very pretty red headed girl, with another great rack. I was beginning to see a pattern here, where the good girl jobbers were young, pretty and very well endowed! I liked this McLane guy’s tastes!

Shannon arrived in the ring first and took off her shiny gold jacket, revealing her green one piece suit. She wore green leather wrestling boots and had an ace bandage on her knee. Teri explained that there was an angle where Shannon’s leg had been broken. She had been in a tag match with Liberty against Sasha and the Terrorist, and the bad girls had destroyed them, double teaming Shannon at the end and using a chair and a milk crate to “break” her leg. The leg had not really been broken, of course, but she was injured and had to take a few weeks off. Teri said that the veterans had explained that injuries were just part of the job and that it was impossible to fake all this violence without sometimes getting hurt.

Sasha entered to some pseudo-Soviet music and had a USSR flag with her. She entered the ring, strutted around, and then attacked Shannon, getting her in a choke with the flag. Shannon’s face was in distress and turning red. Sasha got her over the ropes and continued the choke. She finally let go of the choke and flung Shannon to the mat by her hair. Sasha then went to work on Shannon’s injured bostancı elit escort leg, twisting it, dropping her weight on it, and kicking it. Shannon looked to be truly scared and hurt trying unsuccessfully to protect her vulnerable leg. Sasha pulled Shannon on her back over to a corner, hopped out of the ring and grabbed Shannon’s bad leg, then banged it against the ring post. Shannon’s back reared up with every blow. Sasha twisted that leg around the post. Finally, Sasha re-entered the ring and tried to pull Shannon up. Shannon couldn’t put any weight on her injured leg. Sasha dragged her to the middle of the ring and got her in a figure 4 leg lock. Shannon immediately screamed her submission but Sasha would not release the hold. More and more time went by with Shannon trapped in that hold. The ref had signaled for the bell but Sasha would not stop. The ref finally had to forcibly rescue Shannon’s leg. Another ref rushed into the ring.

Shannon looked to be truly hurt. Certainly she was not faking that she was gasping for air. McLane was announcing as if Shannon’s leg had been broken again. I asked Teri what she thought and she assured me Shannon was fine, “At least I hope so!” The two refs gingerly helped Shannon out of the ring under the bottom rope and then used their shoulders to walk her to the back. She did not put any weight on her injured leg and it certainly looked real to me.

Teri gave me a quick smoky kiss and left for the locker room before the next match. I managed to get a quick grope of her ass and her chest and she smiled suggestively: “Are you going to take care of my injuries after my match?” I told her that was exactly what I was going to do.

Next into the ring were Bambi and Devila. Bambi was a very, very experienced veteran. Devila was less experienced, but was very big and strong and wore a black mask. She was accompanied by Genie Beret. This match was fairly short but had some good technical wrestling in it. I could definitely see the difference between how comfortable somebody like Bambi looked in the ring vs. the discomfort of a rookie like Shannon. Genie Beret tried to interfere at the end but ended up hitting Devila instead of Bambi, and Bambi got the pinfall.

David McLane then announced the next match, my girl’s match, and Peggy Lee Leather entered first. She was indeed a massive woman, very tough looking in black, sunglasses and a black leather jacket. Ironically, Peggy Lee wore leather for her in-ring persona, while Teri wore it in her real life because she liked it. Peggy Lee took off her jacket and glasses. McLane then announced Paisley and out came Teri. She looked adorable, and had traded her leather jacket for a shiny blue and pink cape. She went up the steps and through the ropes.

Almost immediately, Peggy Lee attacked by wrapping Teri’s cape around her throat. Much like Sasha had to done to Shannon with the Soviet flag, Peggy was choking Teri with her cape. Peggy easily flung Teri around and it was clear how powerful she was. Teri was gagging, gasping and it appeared she was genuinely fighting for air. It dawned on me that although I found Teri’s heavy smoking habit sexy, it probably wasn’t a good thing when she was in the ring. Peggy scooped Teri up, as if to body slam her, but then dropped her throat first on the top rope. Teri’s head snapped back and she hit the canvas hard, her hands at her throat, her legs weakly kicking. Peggy took the cape off of her and threw it out of the ring. She then stood with one foot on Teri’s neck.

Peggy then picked Teri up by her hair and threw her into the turnbuckle. Teri was limp in the corner and Peggy charged her, slamming all of her mass into Teri’s chest and midsection. Before Teri could slump to the ground, Peggy scooped her up again, but this time draped her over the top turnbuckle, Teri staring up at the ceiling. Peggy then jumped up and landed a two-handed hammerfist to Teri’s chest. Again, to Teri’s midsection. Peggy was just pummeling the prone Teri. Peggy stepped away and paraded like a peacock around the ring. Teri was left holding her chest and her throat, gasping for air, her chest heaving in that tight suit. Peggy returned for one last hammerfist, this one landing very low, under Teri’s belly button and perilously close to her crotch. This blow sent her to the mat hard, where she crumpled in the fetal position, trying to protect her midsection.

Peggy strutted around some more before again picking Teri up and leaning her up against the ropes. Peggy managed to pull the second rope up and tangle it around Teri so as to somehow trap both of Teri’s arms between the second and top ropes. Teri was prone and vulnerable. Her chest looked awesome, though, her massive boobs sticking out. Peggy kicked Teri low, between the legs, but all Teri could do was scream. Peggy then pulled on Teri’s left arm, wrenching it further against the ropes. Peggy left her alone to scream into the camera and the ref untangled Teri from the ropes. Teri slumped to the ground and looked to be in legitimate pain.

Peggy pulled Teri to the center of the ring, pulled her injured left arm, stood on her wrist, and dropped her other knee on Teri’s upper arm. Teri let out another scream as Peggy ground her knee into Teri’s arm. Peggy finally flopped on Teri’s chest for the pin. Teri gave no resistance as the ref counted to three.

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