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My Main Squeeze

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“I hope it won’t be too squeezed,” I said to the lady. I had gone out to fetch a bottle of water at the interval and found that someone had sat at the end of our row.

She smiled and replied, “No I don’t think so.” It was nevertheless not a very good seat, owing to the large pillar right in front of it.

“Can you see the stage well from there?” I smiled.

“Yeah, out of one eye!” We laughed. As the concert progressed we whispered one thing or another about the music and the performers.

Then she asked me, “Are you a musician?”

I looked at her quizzically. “How did you guess?”

“Well, you have made a number of musical comments,” she replied. I was surprised that I had made myself so obvious, though it was not as if I wanted to stay hidden.

“I have sold myself!” I joked. She laughed, showing very white teeth. She was a large woman with an ample bosom. Her whole frame shook with the laughter. I found myself wondering if she was not attracted to me in the same way that I was finding myself being affected. For some reason I suspected that she had been sitting elsewhere and made her move when I had left my seat. If she had been watching she may have noticed me whispering to my neighbour, and guessed that I was telling him I would come back. Did she hope that I was going to return?

With these thoughts in my mind I looked at her face, and a spark seemed to jump between us. The smile we exchanged was charged. It was with shock we realized that a whole piece had started and ended while we were wrapped up in each other. Wordlessly, we agreed to return our attention to the concert we came to, and paid for. The orchestra was as good as I had heard, which was why I had bought tickets a full two weeks before the performance. Might as well get the full value, thought I.

At the end we walked out together. In the foyer, I stretched out my hand. “I am Rex. Pleased to meet you.”

This seemed to amuse her for some reason. “Hi. I am Angela.” The smile stayed on her lips.

“Which way are you headed? I could give you a lift if you are going anywhere on Ngong Road,” I offered.

“The evening is still young. Maybe we could stop somewhere for a cup of coffee or something.” Wow! I was gobsmacked. So the attraction was mutual! “Where are you parked? I am next to the Wa Thiong’o Memorial Hall.”

“I am just opposite the entrance of the Hall.”

“Follow me.” She said it so simply we could have known each other for years. So I stood next to my car to watch her go to hers. When I had marked it, I waited for her to reverse out of her slot before climbing into mine and following her out of the gate and onto Kenyatta Avenue. She turned out to be a very fast driver. After getting through the traffic lights, she sped off so powerfully I almost lost her. I had to get past the two cars between us quickly or I would lose her. I reflected that we had not exchanged numbers during or after the concert. I was just in time to see her branch off onto Fifth Ngong Avenue. At the newly-built iconic Prism Tower she led me into Kikwetu Dishes. I had seen a similar restaurant canlı bahis inside town; this must be a branch of that one.

She had chosen the place, but now I chose the seating. I took her up to the balcony, which as a matter of custom would not be very busy. In fact we found the waitresses leaning against the bannister at the top of the stairs. One smiled a welcome and followed us to our table at a discreet distance. When we were seated she came over.

“Good evening!”

“Good evening to you!” I replied. She opened and laid a menu for each of us, and withdrew to stand against the wall. Angela picked a café mocha with croissant, and I went in for tea and croissant. The waiter took our orders and went off downstairs.

“So Rex is a…?” Angela eyed me.

“An IT consultant, formerly a banker.” Her eyes widened. “Why do you look surprised?”

“I too am a banker. I am with NCBA.” It was my turn to start. “Now what?” she asked.

“I gave them seven and a half years of my youth when it was CBA, owned by Bank of America.” Seeing her incredulity, I supplied, “That was back in the Noughties.”

She laid her hand on my forearm. “You are no spring chicken then, my dear!” My blood raced through my veins at her touch.

“Your fault for coming into the world so late. We could have worked together at CBA.”

Her touch became a firm grip. “It would have been fireworks if I had met you when you were younger. You are so powerfully attractive even now that I had a hard time keeping from touching you at the concert.”

“The same power was at work in my body. How much of a spring chicken are you yourself?”

She laughed out so loudly I almost thought I had made a faux pas. “Forty-one.”

“No way! You don’t look much over thirty!” I reached over and fondled her upper arm suggestively. She laid her hand over mine, locking eyes with me.

From that moment I knew that I did not wish to be away from this delicious creature tonight. The decision to have dinner at the same place was reached in the same fashion we seemed to have taken to this evening. As we ate we could barely keep our hands to ourselves. We kept touching, fondling, and looking longingly at each other.

I led her to my flat on Kindaruma Road. She took one of the parking slots that we were each allocated. When we gained the house we sat on the sofa, kissing in languid fashion. She was in no hurry and nor was I. She kissed me hungrily, holding me tight, her hand stealing down to my crotch and massaging my cock through my clothes. It stood up straight and rigid like a flagpole. I kissed her back in equal measure. Her large boobs had fascinated me right from the start. I wanted to feel them undulating under my fingers. I lifted her African print costume and found a light top over her bra.

“Did you have to pull everything from your wardrobe for a single day?” I felt her body heaving from her laughter. I stood up and quickly got rid of my clothing down to my underwear. I lifted her dress over her head and confronted that top which was hindering my efforts. Soon she too was down to her panty bahis siteleri and bra. I could now admire her rolls of fat, all over her tummy, on her thunder thighs, on her upper arms. I fondled each in turn, as if I could not get enough of them. When I bent low and kissed her navel she shivered all over.

“You like my horrible Firestone tyres?”

“Did someone say this abundant body, so warm to the touch and delightful to hold is horrible?”

“The articles in magazine after magazine say that. And they’re written by men like you.” She accused.

“Magazines aside, let me enjoy this gorgeous body.” I continued exploring all her folds and crevices. She felt so soft and so abundant that I felt like one who had discovered a land of plenty.

Suddenly I ripped her bra off her and sank my mouth to the soft flesh. “Aaah!” She stiffened under my abrupt change of pace. I pulled her thick nipple into the mouth causing her to moan loudly.

“Is that mouth programmed like a computer?” She was wriggling her body all over the seat.

“Yes, to balance the books of your body!” I replied with my mouth full of titflesh.

“You’re impossible!”

“Thanks for the compliment!” I changed to the other large nipple, leaving one hand on duty at the nipple I just quit.

“Aaaah, my God, my God!” She bounced in the sofa like she was in the grips of an electric shock. ‘I have yet to suck your clit, woman! You will then bring the whole house down,’ I thought. Her legs were lost in a dance on the sofa, out of their owner’s control. The hand left off the huge boob and slithered down to her panty. As soon as I touched the elastic she jumped.

I pulled the nipple in my mouth outward and let go. She screamed. I cupped the mons with my palm. I squeezed it a few times by which time she was helpless with lust. Next I went under the elastic and came in contact with her flesh. “Tsss!” she hissed. My finger slid along her slit and touched her wetness. I almost lost control at that. I wanted to pull that clit into my mouth that very instant.

I left the hand on duty as my mouth went to relieve the other hand. But first they both worked to remove the panty, leaving her completely nude. My mouth moved to her cunt lips.

“What kind of sinner are you? What are you doing in such a dirty place?”

I lifted my head from between her thighs. “What dirt? I have not seen anything like that! Leave me to my meal in peace!” And went back to eating my delicious dish. Her lips were thick and engorged so that it felt like a sideways mouth, lacking only teeth. I stuck my tongue out in the best imitation of a reptile’s. I penetrated her hole, bringing an unnatural moan from deep in her throat. I thrust and withdrew it rapidly like an anaconda sampling the air. Her hips danced about making my task a little more difficult.

But I brought my lips to the opening and sucked. She let out a shrill scream, her thick thighs clamped about my head so tightly that if I breathed with my ears I would surely have suffocated! She flooded my mouth with so much juice it threatened to drown me. How can I describe bahis şirketleri its taste? It was like a fish in a sweet sauce with an unidentifiable background flavour. Too beautiful for words! I made sucking noises like a baby suckling. This brought her to another crisis, so that she was panting like a marathon runner. Then I flattened my tongue like a canine, polishing her inner lips as if to impart a high gloss. The intermittent noises she made were not in a language any expert could translate.

I had one more trick up my sleeve. Her clit had received no attention so far. I extended the travel of the tongue to include the knuckle-sized nub. She jumped violently. ‘This is going to be better than I thought,’ I said to myself. I rolled my tongue to the longest it could get and pulled it along her slit finishing at the clit. It was time to bend it this way and that then pull the whole large thing into my mouth. I bent it to one side, held it there as I let the tip of my tongue stroke it up and down. Next, I bent it the other way, flicking it in the same way. I let it back to its natural position, I sucked all of it into my mouth, squeezed it between my lips. She lifted her hips off the bed, her thighs stiff against my ears, sparing me the ear splitting scream she let fly. Her juices rushed out copiously, this time with a thicker, more slippery consistency. She came for long moments before letting her hips slump back down onto the bed. She gave me so much thick yoghurt I felt like a well-fed baby.

I slid my body up to line up my navel with hers. My cock was getting a brushing from her cunt hairs. I kissed her tenderly, slowly. I held her large body in my arms, letting my whole body convey the love I had for her. She sucked me back gently and I tasted some saltiness which took me a moment to recognise for tears. She was crying her gratitude.

“Do you want to climb the holy hill again?” I asked her, while my cockhead was butting her entrance.

She simply threw her legs wider and heaved her frame to pull my cock into her. I cannot begin to tell you how warm and inviting her cunt was. I sank into her effortlessly, all the way to the hilt. Her big arms encircled me pulling me even closer. I tried faster strokes but found she liked that less than long, slow ones. I pulled back, til only the head was buried in her, then slid slowly back in. She squealed like a stuck pig. When I angled the stem to rub against her clit on the inward stroke, it became a long drawn-out sound. On only the fourth stroke she lost it all. She stiffened and opened her mouth wide to wail her ecstasy, but nothing came. Instead her juices poured out copiously from her cunt.

“Khai! A student who has been swotting for an exam could not have been better prepared. How could you be so sweet?” she said as she cooled her radiator. These words pierced right to the deepest part of my soul, bathing me in pure pleasure. How proud I was of satisfying a woman so well!

“You are going nowhere tonight, until I completely fulfill your womanhood, Darling of mine!” I declared. She clenched her cunt muscles around my cock causing me to jump in surprise. I restarted my movements, but I made faster strokes for my own purposes. It did not take long for me to explode into her depths.

We lay against each other, our fires cooling down gradually.

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