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My Mom: The Giantess Pt. 01

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Ron’s mom brimmed with excitement, ‘Oh baby! I am so excited about this trip. Imagine spending 3 days 4 nights on this Caribbean Island all by ourselves. The itinerary says that it is still one of the most undiscovered of the islands.’

Mrs. Jones has been single for quite some time now, ever since her husband passed away. Being a single mom to her 19-year-old son is a difficult job in itself. She makes decent money working in real estate. It gets so difficult for her while juggling both her work life and giving time to her son.

The past few months had been so hectic that she decided to take a vacation with her son. She never liked crowded places at all. So she wanted a nice and cozy less frequented place for both of them. And the Travel Agency gave them the perfect offer.

Ron said sarcastically, ‘Sure mom, sounds extremely fun.’

‘Listen, honey, I know you would rather spend time with your friends, but this would be a welcome change for both of us. Trust me on this.’

Ron replied, ‘Whatever.’

He anyway didn’t have much to do anyway. His friends would always tease him calling his mom a MILF, while his not-so-good features made him not very popular among the girls as well.

He was just an average guy with an average-sized dick.

Mrs. Jones, on the other hand, was in her 40s now, she will turn 45 next month. But she has kept herself well maintained. She would regularly work out on her glutes which have really made them luscious and magnificent. When she goes for a morning walk, many people would stare at her tight track pants which clutch her booty which sways as she moves.

Her boobs were 32D, quite big indeed. She didn’t get implants though, just some boob contouring. Fortunately, even because of her age, they have not yet sagged at all. Thanks to all the pect exercises she does at the gym. She keeps her hands and toes well manicured and pedicured with regular visits to the parlor. Her blonde hair and her brown eyes really add to the allure.

Her slim waist is an object of envy among many of her friends. Overall she has a voluptuous figure and she likes to show it off.

She loves wearing body-hugging and tight skimpy dresses to occasions and gatherings. She takes in all the stares she gets.

But she also has a dark side. She is a nymphomaniac. This side of hers though, her son is unaware of. Many times before or after her work, she would relentlessly bang men of all ages. She just couldn’t get enough. And her lust began to grow as days went by, She has done everything and she still wants more, She has done swinging with couples, slept with multiple men together, she has really enjoyed being the center of attraction. She has been tied up and humiliated. She has done bukkakes where she has let multiple strangers cum on her perfect face and hair. She has done gloryholes where she has sucked off endlessly the dicks of many strangers. She has herself become a dominatrix and dominated wimpy men.

These days she regularly goes to orgy parties because only that level of sexual tension can satiate her. Owing to her insatiable performance at the parties, she receives invitations regularly. With multiple girls chomping down on her big tits and with men licking and smelling her pussy, giving her a rim job, while she blows a big black cock, she feels she is in seventh heaven every time. She feels she deserves to be satisfied.

She particularly loves men and women eating her huge ass. She climaxes every time that happens. She can never get enough of it. Facesitting is her primary fetish.

She has got multiple offers from porn directors but has decided not to accept bursa escort bayan them. Many people have even suggested she open a paid online adult account or become a model. But she is okay being slutty behind the doors. She had no intention of letting her son know of her dark secret.

After the death of her husband and since the development of her nymphomania, she has been really estranged from her son. So she looks at the trip as a perfect opportunity to talk things out with him and being closer to him.


The boat dropped them off at the Island at around 4:00 pm. The itinerary was quite simple. The mother-son duo would have the island all by themselves for 3 nights and 4 days. All arrangements have been previously made and they have been advised to stay in their cottage and the perimeter of the resort. There were not many wild animals on the island so there wasn’t fear of anything harmful. All sorts of food have been kept for them beforehand in the kitchen of the cottage which they can indulge in.

The only thing off-limits was tasting of any wild fruits or vegetables on the island or to roam alone.

The only other 2 people on the island will be the guard and the caretaker, who will leave the mother-son duo largely undisturbed unless and until called for.

So overall, net 4 people on the island.

As soon as they arrived they were greeted by James and Carter, the guard and caretaker respectively. They just couldn’t stop looking at Ron’s mother. They kept ogling at her ass and tits lustily. Mrs. Jones did notice that and some naughty thoughts did cross her mind, but she immediately reprimanded herself for having such perverse thoughts in front of her son.

‘Good Afternoon Mrs. Jones and welcome to Goliath Island. We shall be nearby, so if you need any assistance, feel free to call us. Oh, and one more thing, please do not roam around the perimeter. This area is filled with poisonous plants and fruits.’

Ron thought to himself, ‘Yeah, we surely will.’

Soon enough, his mom took off her clothes and stood on the beach in her skimpy bikini. The sunset fell on her magnificent voluptuous physique and made her look like a sex goddess. Even Ron couldn’t stop looking at her. The way her ass jiggled as she walked and her firm tits moved with every stride, all of that made him feel a bit horny. Her deep cleavage was dripping wet after the dip inside the ocean. Her wet blonde hair glistened in the sunlight. As she slowly got out of the water Ron thought that his Mother can easily rival the legendary Pamela Anderson in this department.

James and Carter stood nearby, enjoying the scene with their binoculars. They focussed on her assets and started fantasizing about this woman.


That night they lit a campfire and the mother-son duo snuggled together. It was a bit difficult for Ron. His mother’s firm tits pressed against his arms and he could not help himself but get a semi hard-on.

Suddenly they heard something fall behind the fence. Ron got up and went to see what it was. It was just meters from the perimeter fence. A shiny yellow fruit and it was literally glowing in the dark. Curious to know what it was, he reached forward and pulled it towards him with a stick. It was a warm sticky fruit, and it smelled amazing. It had an intoxicating smell that literally made his head swim.

His mother’s call broke him out of his trance.

Ron slowly approached her mom with the fruit in his hand. Her mom grabbed it and as she did, she felt a shock run down her spine. It was as if the fruit was calling out to her as if it wanted her to devour görükle escort it. As she was going to take a bite, Ron snatched it away.

‘Mom, didn’t you get the warning? No eating strange things outside the perimeter. Who knows what it is?’

Frustrated, with almost fire burning inside her eyes, his mom said, ‘Just one bite baby, please, that is all your mommy wants.’

‘No mom, the instructions were pretty clear. So I am going to throw this outside.’

‘You won’t dare Ron.’

‘Great, and here I was thinking we were going to talk about the past few months, but clearly the mood is ruined. Goodnight Mom. See you tomorrow.’

Ron threw the fruit out of the perimeter fence and went to his room leaving his mom alone by the campfire.

Mrs. Jones started to have conflicting thoughts. To have the fruit or not to have it. Soon the temptation overpowered her sense of right or wrong and she crept outside the perimeter fence. There in the woods, she found the glowing yellow fruit. As if it was waiting out there for her.

She consumed it with immense ecstasy. It was the tastiest thing she ever had in the world. The juice slathered her lips and dripped onto her cleavage. She devoured it with such passion, its effect was almost hypnotizing. If she could, she would literally rub all the juice on her body. The smell made her crazy and she wanted to simply become a sex queen and enslave all men while fucking them all together. She felt out of this world.

As she finished consuming it, she passed out in pleasure and ecstasy in the woods.


Ron came out of his room in the morning after hearing some loud laughing. The laugh had some lustful nature to it. He didn’t have to look much further. There, few meters away from his cottage stood a 30 feet tall Lady. He gasped as he realized it was his own mother.

She had literally grown out of proportions. She was totally naked as the dress she was wearing had been fully torn away. Even from this distance, he could make out the voluptuous curves of his mother. They were several times more accentuated, just like her height.

He approached cautiously, hiding behind the trees.

His mother stood majestically over him. Just watching her like this made him semi-erect.

To describe, her magnificent ass has now become more rounded than ever. Every time she moves, they jiggle proportionately. It is enough to sit on someone with that and squish them altogether. Spanking it would send ripples right across those globes of meat.

Her well-maintained feet were huge, something only a feet lover can dream of. They lead up to her perfectly toned calves and beautiful thighs. Between the two thighs, one can get a glimpse of her partly shaved pussy with a small bush. It was glistening wet in the morning sun. Pussy juices were sometimes dripping from them here and there.

Her boobs had become so massive and huge. Like 2 chunky mounds of flesh. It will take almost 10 men to even hold them together, let alone squeeze them.

All in all. his Mother has become a giantess.

And she held within her hands the guard and the caretaker: James and Carter. Both of them were completely at her mercy.

His mother bellowed, ‘You puny humans! I know you two have been fantasizing about me the moment I stepped on this island. You know, I am a nymphomaniac but I thought I would not engage in any sorts of naughtiness with you two with my son around.’

She laughed again and her voice echoed through the island.

James and Carter shivered and stared helplessly at her.

‘But now that I have grown into this… bursa escort bayan thing, my lust has grown boundlessly as well. Look at my body and worship me, puny men. But how am I going to satisfy myself with you two? I need to be satisfied. Your queen needs to be satisfied.’

She turned around looking here and there. From her towering height, Ron wasn’t quite sure what she saw.

Her massive assets bounced and moved with her. Her humongous cleavage was sticky with sweat in the hot morning sun. Her shaved armpits glistened with sweat.

She placed the two frightened men in the palm of one of her hands and spanked her ass. She began rubbing some sticky fruit juice on it and started to moan.

‘Aaah, Finally, I have a plan. I am going to put you, two pathetic humans, inside my two holes. Your job is to serve your giantess queen.’

Saying this, she pushed James inside her pussy where he almost disappeared and Carter deep inside her ass, where he also almost vanished.

‘You will continue licking my holes from the inside. Move around with your bodies, use your tongues, rub your dicks against the inside of my holes. Please your giantess queen and I might spare your worthless lives.’

Saying this she sat in front of a tree with many glowing fruits that Ron had seen yesterday. She began to break them off, crush them and eat them. The juice flowed all over her giant body. She started rubbing them on her massive giant boobs. She made circles around her areola and pinched her nipples hard. The nipples responded and they became very erect. Her boobs were totally covered with the sticky liquid from the fruit.

She clasped her tits with her giant hands and began to squeeze them. Her face contorted into pleasure and she started laughing hysterically.

The juice dripped underneath into her navel, which has now become very deep.

The juice further went down and flowed all over her pussy. Closing her eyes, she started to rub her giant clitoris.

‘Continue what you are doing, tiny man-things. Explore my holes. Keep rubbing yourself inside. Feel my juices drowning you. Feel my smell. Take out your puny dicks and start rubbing them inside the walls of my pussy and asshole. Take out your tongue and lick the wall clean. Oh yes, just like that. Oh my God.’

Ron saw the tiny human trying his best to grab his mother’s giant clit and rub them with all his might. It was as if trying to milk a mountain.

She continued rubbing her pussy lips from outside and went further down to caress her ass.

It was indeed a sight to behold for Ron.

His giant mother, lay on the ground, covered in magical sticky liquids, grasping and squeezing her gigantic boobs with one hand and rubbing herself sore with the other hand. While two tiny men tried their best to serve her mother from the inside, while she gave them instructions. Her moans echoed throughout the island. Her wicked laughter gave Ron a raging hard-on.

He inched closer to his mother. The juice lay all over her belly and was seeping inside her deep navel. She started talking dirty, ‘Oh my God, how badly I wish I had my tiny human sex slaves. I would love to stuff 10 men inside my pussy and ass to satisfy me. I will make them lick me till their tongues fall off. I will make my female slaves eat my big juicy breasts till they get bruised. I would make them lick my belly and navel clean. Then I would lay down and make all of them massage my majestic ass with oil and juice, I need to be fucked so badly. Tiny humans need to worship me. They need to satiate their goddess.’

Just then, her eyes opened and they fell directly on Ron.

She exclaimed, ‘SON!’

Her face broke into an evil wicked grin.

‘Come my little baby. Mommy has plans for you’

Saying this she gently and lovingly picks Ron up and placed her in between her huge bosoms.

End of Part 1

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