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My Mom the Pornstar

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Billy sat silently on the couch trying his best not to think too hard on what the next few hours and days of his life were going to be like. He knew that they certainly wouldn’t be anything like things were before. He’d heard a long time ago from a television show he’d long forgotten that there are moments in a mans life that can be very clearly defined as before and after moments. Well he’d just had a before and after moment.

Well a second before and after moment.

The first had been a few weeks ago when he’d been downloading porn. Specifically the kind of rough anal porn they produced in troves in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that you really can’t find much of any more but he loved that kind of disgusting degrading porn. For Billy there wasn’t anything sexier than watching the kind of porn where the women are face fucked their mascara runs down their faces in great black tears. Porn with gaping assholes and girls sucking cocks fresh from their own asses while they beg to taste it. The kind of porn you know you have to keep someplace your girlfriend will never ever finds out that this is the sort of porn you enjoy you won’t have a girlfriend anymore.

Billy was twenty minutes into a video called Trailer Whores and the first woman had just finished a scene where her ‘brothers’ had soaked her nearly head to toe in cum. That was the part he’d expected from a movie like this, what he didn’t expect was that the next woman to come out would look eerily familiar, about fifteen or so years too young and she had dirty blonde hair instead of dark brown but she looked an awful lot like his mother. When she turned towards the camera and introduced herself as Jessica Berry he could tell without a single doubt. That was his mother in a porn.

Billy had never been so hard in his entire life. He’d always thought it was some kind of joke when people talked about getting so hard that it hurt but it wasn’t a joke. The site of his mom surrounded by cocks, bouncing happily from one to the next slurping until they got tired and one threw her over his shoulder. He took her over to a swing set and from there they spun her around randomly choosing between her mouth, ass and pussy until one by one they came inside her one after the other. They left his mother, Jessica Berry, real name Rachel Higgs oozing cum from every hole with a delirious look in her eyes complete with a huge smile. By that time Billy had come a record three times the first one had landed on the wall behind him.

The next three weeks had been spent hunting down every scene he could find from Jessica Berry and she’d had a short but by his standards fantastic career. The scene from Trailer Whores was one of her tamer scenes. She didn’t give anybody a rim job, nobody pissed on her, she wasn’t swallowing cum out of another girl’s ass.

That was what he’d been watching so intently that he didn’t hear the car pull up into the driveway, didn’t notice keys jingling in the door or even the door opening. Billy didn’t even hear the click of his mother’s heels against the hardwood floor. By the time he noticed her he had three big problems. The first was that she literally caught him with pants down on the couch. The second was that on the screen Rachel Higgs had her head stuffed in a toilet while a black man hung like a beast was pounding her ass. The final problem was that he was far too close to his orgasm to stop. Billy cried out for Jessica while he blew a load over his chest.

“It’s not what it looks like?” Billy was a bit too shocked to even snatch up his pants and Rachel seemed torn between the image of her more than fifteen years ago and her son. To him it felt like an hour that her gaze was darting back and forth between what must have been two equally disturbing sights for her and then she just walked past him into the kitchen without saying anything.

She was still in the kitchen now rustling something around noisily. Billy had the time to pull up his pants, wipe up, and change the DVD but he was still sitting on the couch. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of point in avoiding this, whatever she was going to halkalı escort say he’d rather she did it now. So he waited silently with the television off.

When Rachel came out of the kitchen she had a bottle of vodka and her face was already a little flush. “The fuck am I going to do with you?” Rachel hissed at her son who couldn’t seem to form an answer. Even after seeing his mother doing porn he’d never really seen Jessica Berry looking at him. Just forty year old Rachel Higgs, the woman all the guys called the MILF, he could see why. She was still in amazing shape and she didn’t have any problems walking around in outfits that displayed a body she was rightfully proud of. She didn’t dress like a slut or anything though, just like a beautiful woman. Right then she was wearing a snug knee length skirt that suddenly seemed super tight around her ass. The blouse and jacket were classy, boring even but now he could see how well they displayed her narrow waist. Her sensible black heels even looked sexy. “I asked you a question.”

“I don’t know Jessica.” Billy finally replied. He couldn’t believe there was an honest to God porn star standing in his house staring him down.

“Don’t call me that. I did a lot of things when I was young. Things you were never supposed to find about.” Rachel tilted the bottle to her lips. “Things your father can never know about.”

His father, the last thing he’d considered in all of this was his father. “You mean he doesn’t know he married a porn slut?” Billy started doing the math in his head suddenly. It was two thousand fourteen and he was twenty years old. The newest scene he could find was from two thousand. She’d been a whore when he was in kindergarten or first grade, math wasn’t his strong suit but that was also seven years after his parents got married.

“No, and he can’t know.” She took another swallow of the vodka and took a step towards him. “What’s the matter with you, you get off on seeing your own mother treated like a gutter mouthed whore?” Billy suddenly wished that he’d been wearing jeans instead of fairly loose khaki slacks. Listening to his favorite porn star describing herself a gutter whore was giving him another boner. His cock had already slithered own his thigh and now was wasn’t so much making a tent as it was lifting up one pant leg in the most awkward way. “You do don’t you, you little shit. You like the idea of your mother surrounded by cocks!” Another swallow. “With men fucking her in the ass,” a long pull from the bottle, “-and stuffing her head down the toilet.”

“Yes.” Billy replied sheepishly. Any hope that she wouldn’t notice that he was erect faded when he saw her eyes lower. “It’s-“

“Exactly what I think.” Rachel said cutting him off. “Right now you’re thinking of your mom acting like a whore.” She sank to her knees and crawled over to her boy. She abandoned the bottle to slide her hand up his shorts leg wrapping her fingers around his cock. “And it’s even got you hard. Do you know what kind of freak that makes you?” She didn’t let go of his cock, instead she gave it a solid squeeze. It was a lot thicker than she’d thought earlier at a glance. “Do you?”

Billy blushed and looked away for a moment. “Yes.”

“Well say it.” Rachel growled squeezing harder.

“I need a drink.” Billy mumbled. His mother replied by thrust the glass bottle against his chest. Billy looked at the bottle dumbly then took it and drank as much as a man could in a single breath before setting aside. “It means I’m an incestuous bastard with a whore of a mother.”

“I didn’t ask you what it made me, I know what I am. I’m a woman who did what she enjoyed for years. Met a man, a good Christian man who would never have understood and it took me a while but I quit.”

“It took you five years, hell am I even Dad’s son?!” Billy shouted.

“Honestly, I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter either you’re our son.” She responded. She looked so much like the blushing young porn star now that it sent a jolt down his cock to his mother’s hand. “And yes it took me five years, you have no idea harbiye escort how incredible it felt. How in charge of my life and my sexuality it made me feel. The only reason I stopped was I realized I wasn’t really in charge, not as long as I had to keep lying to everybody and as hard as it was it was easier to quit than it was to tell your father.”

Billy took another incredibly long drink from the bottle. “Well look I think Dad deserves to know that he’s married to a whore.”

Rachel had figured out the situation just before she’d started drinking. That was why she’d grabbed the bottle instead of just pouring drinks. Her son wasn’t the first man who’d figured out her secret and cornered her this time she’d just decided she wanted to get out in front of the problem. She was just lucky that this time she had a little bit of leverage she could use.

“You’re not telling your father. Not ever.” Rachel declared giving his cock a firm squeeze as she spoke. “I’m going to let you live out your little fantasies, you don’t need to jerk off to my movies anymore. You can do the real thing. Also I won’t tell your girlfriend that I caught you jerking off to Toilet Sluts and specifically to me. Deal?”

“I dunno.” Billy replied. “I mean it’s pretty important, I’d want someone to tell me if Stacy was a whore.”

“Well it’s my final offer.” Rachel snatched the bottle of vodka and stomped out of the room. “I’ll be upstairs in my room if you change your mind and decide to be reasonable.” She didn’t give him time to respond before she finished stomping her way to her room and slamming the door shut behind her.

Billy sat, once again completely dumbfounded by his situation. He could feel the vodka sloshing around in his belly giving him a deliciously warm feeling. The real heat was coming from his pants where his cock was once again so hard it ached. He could go fetch the bottle of baby oil hastily stuffed between the couch cushions throw on another scene of his mother.

Of course he had a much better option. Upstairs his Rachel was waiting with her offer, which was really more of a plea. He had the power to ruin her life. Dad would certainly divorce her if he told her and he did have a right to know. After all these years if he didn’t already know it had to be because he didn’t want to know, which really left only one logical choice.

And it wasn’t to ruin his parent’s marriage and his relationship with them both.

Mind made up Billy took a drink of his vodka and walked into his mother’s room. Rachel had clearly known what decision he was going to make before he made it. She’d changed out of her business attire and not into her sweat pants and tank top combination she normally wore around the house. She’d changed into a transparent blue nighty and heels with a puffy toe. She actually looked at little more too elegant to be Jessica the pornstar.

“I thought you might come to your senses.” She rolled over onto her belly crossing her ankles up over her well formed buttocks. “So what is it you want?”

Billy took a deep breath. “You know I’m not gonna make this easy on you right? That I’m gonna treat you like the same little bottom feeding whore I know you are now?” Rachel swallowed hard and nodded. “Then you can start by crawling over here bitch and undressing me.”

Rachel slid off the bed like a great cat crawling towards her boy. In just a few moments she’d stripped him down to just his boxers and that’s when he grabbed her by the hair. “You’ll do the rest with your mouth. She nodded obediently and clasped her teeth around the waistband of his boxers pulling them down getting slapped in the face with the full length of her son’s cock in the process.

It was far from the freak cocks she used to come across in the industry but still a fairly impressive seven or so inches and thick. It might have just been that it had been more than twelve years since she’d had any cock other than her husbands and the thought of new dick made it seem that much better. Either way there was nothing fake in the delighted gasp she gave when she caught ikitelli escort sight of it.

Rachel finished removing his boxers and immediately returned to wrap her lips around his cock. She instantly started trying to take him all the way into her throat. Her son however had other plans, using her hair like reins he started trying to see how far she could take his cock almost from the get go. He thrust back and forth bouncing his cock off the back of her throat. She could hear him grunting and groaning over her own slurping and gagging.

All the old memories of how they used to just use her on set came flooding back. Rachel’s thighs spread and her hands were pulled down as if by gravity. It had been at least a decade since she’d felt that dull throb between her legs that demanded immediate attention. She would be begging him to fuck her the moment let her up for air. That didn’t seem to be high on his priority list though. He continued throat fucking her like he was absolutely determined to see her make up ruined. Already she could see her pinkish lipstick smeared along the length of his cock with a few smudges on his pelvis. (She was quite proud of those.) She could feel the tears working their way down her cheeks that had to be making her mascara run and yet he wasn’t stopping.

Billy stopped with his cock pushed as deep into her throat he could manage. “Wow Mom, you are quite the little cock sucker you know that?” He yanked her off his cock.

“Is that a compliment son?” Rachel sneered up at him.

“Maybe. Let’s see if you can still give a good rim job.” Billy replied. Still holding his mother by the hair he half dragged half lead her to the bed and tossed her on it then straddled her face. “Get to work.” Rachel extended her tongue out slowly and pressed it against her son’s rectum. “That’s right, dig in.” Billy groaned grinding his ass down against her tongue. Rachel jammed her tongue up into her son wriggling it back and forth until he started to squirm. Instead of letting him do as he wanted she wrapped her arms up around his waist holding him down while her tongue continued it’s lewd invasion. “Oh fuck!” Billy gasped leaning forward on the bed. His mother didn’t stop, she slithered out from beneath him and continued lapping at his ass, reaching around to stroke his hard cock. Rachel felt Billy’s hips lurch, then his cock started pulsing in her hand. That only made her move faster pumping his dick in rhythm with her tongue until he came and collapsed in his own semen.

“Is that enough? Is that what you wanted from your whore mother?” Rachel taunted. “You know I used to fuck for a living, against guys who made their money by not cumming. You’re just a little boy.”

For a moment Billy just lay still but then he rolled over. “I’m not finished with you yet Mom.”

“Yes you are. You’ve cum twice in the last hour and you’re dru-” Rachel stopped mid word and found herself staring at her boy, specifically at his still hard cock bobbing defiantly in front of her. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding.”

Billy grinned. “Nope, now get up on the bed.” Rachel obeyed crawling up onto the bed. Billy grabbed her by the hips easily manhandling his mother so her face was buried in the pillows and her ripe rump was pointed invitingly skyward. Rachel spread her legs slowly urging her child on with a low desperate groan. He didn’t keep her waiting either, Billy thrust his cock into her so suddenly her head bumped against the headboard.

“Harder! Harder baby, Mommy’s about to come.” Rachel placed her hands against the wall and pushed back against Billy, matching each of his brutal strokes. It had been years since the last time she’d had a man just fuck her. Billy didn’t need to be encouraged. Even if she’d been begging him to stop he wouldn’t have. Not until he came.

Suddenly the depravity of what they were both doing hit both of them and mother and son came together. Rachel was howling like a banshee, later she’d have to explain to the neighbors how she was a having an affair with two young studs which was a much less interesting story than the truth. Billy on the other hand was completely silent taking a few last thrusts before he rolled onto his back utterly spent.

“You are amazing.” Billy whispered.

“You’re not half bad.” Rachel panted.

“C’mon lets go take a shower.” Billy said sitting up. Rachel looked at her son then obeyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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