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My Mom

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My family is very close, we do almost everything together. I sometimes think my friends are somewhat jealous because of the relationship I have with my family. We are a very close nit family who care an awful lot about each other. Being the youngest of four I have always been considered my mother’s baby, which to me is fine because my mother and I are very close. My mom and Dad seem to have a strong marriage and seem to still be very much in love. My Mom is beautiful for a women in her mid forties. She takes great care of herself. She works out five days a week. She is 5’8, 135 pounds with a firm ass and tits to die for. She has short brown hair and crystal blue eyes. She is definitely a MILF.

Through out high school and college I really enjoyed myself with the ladies. Every weekend it seemed I’d bring a new girl home and sleep with them. I knew it was wrong morally but it was to much fun and to easy for me not to. There were occasions when I would sleep with two girls in the same night. It was fun.

I graduated from college with a degree in business. What I would do with that degree, I had no idea. That same summer I moved back home with my parents just to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I starting bartending at a local bar to help with the cash flow. My parents didn’t charge me rent but I still needed to have some extra spending money. Living at home sucked. I couldn’t bring girls back to the house out of respect for my parents. I felt like I was in high school again. Being twenty three and living with your parents is not fun. The summer quickly ended and the fall was near. I had a few interviews but had gotten no word back on any of them. Life was boring.

My room is located in our basement which gave me a little privacy but I still had to go upstairs to use the bathroom. Our house is a ranch so every night I had to pass by my parents room to get to the bathroom. One night I got up to use the bathroom. I was still half asleep as I made my way up the basement stairs when I heard moaning coming my parents room. The second I heard it I paused to try and comprehend what was going on. I couldn’t believe my ears. My dad was fucking my mom, I couldn’t believe it. I tried not to move because I was afraid they would hear me, so I listened instead. I could barely hear what was going on but the faint moans and the sound of the head board hitting the wall was surprisingly turning me on. The images in my head of my parents having sex was awkward. I rarely ever thought about that. Listened for about fifteen minutes then the noises stopped. I quietly went back down the stairs and went back to my room. I was so horny but I couldn’t understand why. Images of my mother getting fucked were flashing through my mind. My dick became so hard and I began jerking off while thinking about fucking my own mom. I had never been so horny in my life. I soon exploded and cum flew all over my chest. After I cleaned it up with an old sock I just laid there feeling so guilty over what I just did. I couldn’t believe I just rubbed one out thinking about my own mother.

The next morning I woke up around eleven and went upstairs like any typical Saturday. My mom was already outside laying by the etiler otele gelen escort pool. As I watched her from the window I couldn’t believe what I did the night before. I felt so guilty. At the same time I couldn’t get over how good she looked. The sounds of my own mothers moans that I heard the night before were flying through my head. I tried to ignore them as I made my way outside to say good morning.

“Hey mom, good morning.” I said as I sat down across from her.

“Good morning honey.” She replied.

All I could think about is how hot my mother looked right then and there. I never once in my life been attracted to my mom. As she laid on her back with her eyes closed my eyes were staring right at her pussy which was only covered by thin bikini material. My eyes were glued to her pussy when I glanced up and noticed she was looking right at me. I quickly looked away pretending nothing happened.

“Honey would you please go inside and grab the sun tan lotion for me?” She asked as if nothing had happened.

“Sure mom.” I replied.

As I walking back out with the lotion I had noticed my mom had rolled over on her stomach and had taken off her bikini top. I immediately began to get a hard on. As I sat down next to her I kept telling myself to think of something else, in hopes to lose the hard on. The last thing I wanted was for me mother to see me sitting next to her with a eight inch boner.

“Here mom.” I said.

“Would you please put some on my back?” She asked.

Great I thought to myself, now I definitely won’t lose the hard on. I squeezed the lotion onto her back and began to message it into her. At this time my dick was rock solid but as I sat down I leaned forward enough so it wouldn’t be to noticeable. Once again I found myself staring between her legs. This time though I was looking at her from the top. The way her ass cheeks met the inside back part of her legs was so hot. I was imagining myself eating her pussy out from behind when all of a sudden the phone rang. Quickly, at the same time we both reached for the phone when accidentally her forearm slammed right into my rock solid cock. I think we were both stunned as we starred at each other while the phone rang two more times. She finally looked away and answered the phone. I got up and went back inside the house.

When I got back inside I went directly to my room. I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. Should I just pretend like nothing happened?” I sat in my room watching T.V. for a few hours before going back upstairs to face the music. When I went upstairs my mom was making dinner. She looked at me and just smirked and asked if I was hungry. Before I respond I couldn’t help but noticed what she was wearing. My mother has always been the reserved type. I know she knew she was beautiful but she never flaunted it. She was wearing short tight gray gym shorts and a tight white t-shirt that hung just past her tits. I couldn’t believe it.

“Baby are you hungry, I said!” she asked sternly.”

“Yeah, yeah….,” is all that could come out of my mouth.

As I looked up she was starring right into my eyes, she etiler rus escort smiled and said, “good, I made a lot of food I hope you can eat it all.” That night at dinner my mother told me my dad was going to be away for two weeks on a business trip. I thought nothing of it, I just ate my dinner then got ready to go to work.

I got off work around 2 a.m. and came into the house quietly so I wouldn’t wake up my mother. As I passed her room on the way to bed I noticed her door was cracked open and the T.V. was on. I opened the door a little bit to see if she was sleeping. The T.V. was on but the volume was turned all the way down. As I peeked into the room I noticed the sheets on the bed move a little. I saw she was in her bed so I backed my head out of her room until I heard a moan come from her. I paused and focused on her. I thought maybe she was just having a dream until I saw her move the covers. She was completely naked and I had a perfect view of her. Her legs were spread wide open and her hand was between them rubbing her pussy. I was totally in heaven. The glow from the T.V. was just right. The light from it gave off this blue glow allowing to see my mothers every move. My dick was so hard and I was so turned on watching my mother finger fuck herself. She was now fully into it, rubbing her clit faster and faster. I accidentally opened the door a little bit more and that caused the door to creek. My mom suddenly looked up and saw me. She screamed and through the covers over her. I didn’t know what to do so I walked in and apologized.

“Mom, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to see that. I just wanted to see if you were sleeping.” I said to her.

There was no response. “Mom are you O.K.?” I said. Waiting for a reply while standing aimlessly in the middle of her room with a raging hard on I didn’t know what to do next.

“Baby, come sit down next to me.” She said.

I walked over sat down on the bed next to her and restated how sorry I was.

“It’s O.K. honey.” she said, “I was actually thinking of you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “Ever since I rubbed up against your hard dick earlier today all I’ve wanted to do is fuck you. I know it’s wrong and I’ve never felt this way before but all of a sudden I’ve realized I want your cock deep inside me.” I didn’t know what to do or say. I was speechless. My dick was so rock it felt like it was going to explode. “Do you think I’m wrong for saying this.” My mother said.

“No, well I don’t know mom.” I said. I really didn’t know what to say. I know I wanted her but it was my mom. This would change our whole life.

“What about dad?” I said.

“He’ll never know, this will be our little secret. I want you so bad, I want my little baby to fuck his mother.”

I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen. Slowly I felt my mom’s hand reach up my back. She was softly rubbing it. It felt so good and at the same time comforting. She slowly reached around and took grab of my cock.

“Mom, stop, wait are you sure…I don’t know.” I said.

“No baby, it’s O.K.,trust me.” she said.

Her hand slowly caressed my cock. It felt so good. Her hands were so soft and they felt perfect etiler türbanlı escort wrapped around my dick. She slowly got off the bed without letting go of my dick. She pulled off my shorts and positioned herself on her knees right between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed. I laid the top part of my body back onto the bed as I put a pillow under my head so I could see my mother as she sucked her son’s cock. She pulled the skin of my dick down exposing my dick head to the fullest. She softly kissed my dickhead and then suddenly wrapped her lips around the top of my dick. She began sucking my cock while at the same time jerking me off. I watched my mother’s head bob up and down, up and down. The blue light from the T.V. was just perfect, giving off just enough light to see her. The sound of my mom’s mouth slurping almost brought me to climax but she stopped sucking my dick and went lower and began licking my asshole. It felt great.

I grabbed my mom by her hair I pulled her head softly up. I stood up and told her to bend over the bed. I positioned myself on my knees on the floor behind her. I took my hands and spread her ass checks apart and began licking her sweet pussy. The smell of her pussy and asshole was amazing. She must of just got out of the shower because it smelt like ripe peaches. I licked her clit over and over again and tongue fucked her pussy.

“Oh, fuck yeah baby, eat mommy’s pussy”. Mom said softly.

Her hips were swaying back and forth as she rubbed her pussy and ass all over my mouth an nose.

“Get on the bed so I can fuck my babies brains out.” With out hesitation I laid on the bed. My dick erect straight in the air, my mom stood directly above me with her legs on either side of me. I looked up at her and between her tits I could see her face. She looked down at me and said. “Get ready for mom.” She squatted down over my dick with one hand holding onto it for leverage. She slowly sat on my dick not being able to fit the whole thing in her on the first try. She slid up and down it until she got completely wet. My dick was now fully in her. She was kind of tight to my surprise. We started fucking and the tempo picked up. My hips were slapping against her ass.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me,…oh baby your dick feels so good.”

I turned mom round and positioned myself behind her. I told her to hold onto the head board. I started fucking her doggy style. I watched my dick slide in and out of her pussy. Her white cum covered my dick as a banged her out from behind. I knew she was loving it. Her hands gripped the head board tighter and she arched her head up towards the ceiling. With my left hand gripping her ass I took my right and pulled her hair, forcing her head back as I rammed my dick into her wet pussy.

“Oh yeah, you can fuck me all night, fuck mommy, fuck mommy you assole.” She screamed out.

At that moment I told her I was going to cum.

“Wait” she screamed out.

She turned around quickly and put her mouth on my dick and said, “cum in my mouth.” At that instant I shot my load in her mouth. She slowly sucked my dick clean.

We both laid down in bed. It was quite until she said, “I wish your father could fuck like that.” I just laughed. We laid there for awhile until I said, “Mom what are we going to do now?” She looked at me and said, “it’s our secret, I know you feel weird and so do I but that was great.” I looked at her and smiled and then kissed her. We fucked all night. Since that night we fuck occasionally, only when the time is right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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