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My Mother My Self Ch. 02

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The festivities of my cousin’s marriage were on downstairs and I was lying prone on my bed, tears trickling down my cheeks. I was stark naked clothed just by the darkness of the still and oppressively hot night. An old Hunter ceiling fan made a depressing creak every two seconds as it screeched over a regular bump during its rotations. My vagina lay over a damp spot on the bed, soaking the cum of my uncle mixed with the cunt juices of my mother. I had already masturbated twice and had smeared my pussy juice covered fingers on that spot twice over.

A silly act of revenge!

It had come as a shock; I had no clue as to how long this was going on, no clue as to how many years my mother has been my uncle’s concubine…

And to top all of it what hurt me the most was the fact that my bastard uncle had been putting his tongue in me since I was eighteen.

I still remember that day when my mother and I had been holidaying with my uncle and aunt six years ago. It was my birthday and we had a big celebration at the Pizza Hut. My uncle had a few drinks and he was a bit tipsy. Everyone was pretty tired and in no time all of them had turned into logs of arduous slumber. I got a call around eleven at night from a guy at college who was a good friend of mine in spite of him having proposed twice to me and myself having turned him down both the times. The signal wasn’t great indoors and I got onto the terrace to attend the call. He sheepishly wished me happy birthday and proceeded to tell me about what was up in college. The chat dragged on and before I knew it was two hours on the phone. I realized it was midnight and I feigned a yawn on the phone and cut our chat short. I turned around and caught my uncle standing near the terrace door. He was in a shorts and a shirt that was open all the way till his pot belly. I had dragged myself from the bed to attend the call and so I was clad in a light pink full length chemise and nothing underneath. He stood near the door and I had to edge past him to get to the door leading from the terrace. As I neared him I could still smell the spirits that he had taken and that had so obviously taken over him then. He blocked my way and I stopped just short of bumping into him.

‘Whom were you calling Ankita?’

‘A friend from college.’ I replied

‘This late at night? A boyfriend is it..eh?’

‘No uncle. He is just a friend and he had just called to wish me on maltepe escort my birthday.’

‘A wish doesn’t take two hours honey. Come on you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone I swear.’ I could hear the snarl of an inebriated man in his voice.

‘Had he been watching me for two hours’ a quick though raced through my head.

He came close to me, held my arm in his hand and said

‘Don’t you have any boyfriend in college sweetheart?’

I was feeling scared now almost half expecting him to hit me anytime.

He held my other arm and pulled me close to him. I shuddered in fear and before I could react his mouth was pressed onto mine and his tongue was sucking at my lips. I was shocked at what was happening to me and could not think of anything to do. I clutched my chemise with both my hands half expecting it to betray my modesty anytime if he just decided to pull it up by six inches. I was not even wearing underwear.

He kept sucking at my lips and gauging my fear mixed bewilderment he brought his hands up to my neck and grabbed it hard, his other hand clawing up to my face bringing my mouth closer and deeper into his slobbery kiss. I could feel his saliva all over my lips, some of the drool even flowing down my chin. His right hand went down my chest and found my left breast and started kneading it forcefully. My nipples had become erect in this unexpected excitement and my pussy had started twitching in a betrayal of my shame. My hands weakened and my mind relented as I felt my body writhing under the assault. I opened my mouth and accepted his probing tongue into mine. I was awash with the wetness of his slobber and realized then how dry mouth had become with fear. His hands shifted to my right breast and a moan escaped my lips, my hands left my chemise and grabbed his head, my tongue fiercely kissing him back. He broke the kiss and went on to nibble at my ears and I went weak in my knees and started to slide down. he grabbed my tiny arse with his right hand and propped me up lifting my chemise up and finding my bare bottom. He pinched my buttocks hard and I winced in pain. He pulled me towards him and suddenly I realized that my thighs were rubbing his crotch which by now had been sporting a huge hard on. He pulled me closer and at the same time pulled my chemise up so that my bare pussy was rubbing his hard on over his shorts. He brought his mouth down to my breasts mecidiyeköy escort and started licking and then sucking my breasts. I moaned yet again, my mind hurtling into a tailspin of jumbled emotions.

And then his alcohol saved me. His sloppy hands dropped my and the ‘thud’ more than the hurt of having been dropped onto concrete from three feet brought me back to my senses. I gathered myself and got up, narrowly missing a swipe of his unsteady hands and was a couple of feet away from his reach and turned back to a see an animal with crazed lust in his eyes.

I ran into my room that I was sharing with my mother then, bolted the door from inside and slipped into the bed beside my mother and slept fitfully two hours later.

The next day morning all of us had an unusually quiet breakfast. My mother and aunt had to go shopping for some jewelry and they asked me to accompany them.

I declined.

My cousin brothers left for their college and offered me a tour of their college.

I declined.

My uncle had sobered up and had his breakfast and then picked up the morning papers and disappeared into his room. I closed the door behind my brothers and then I was alone in the house…with my uncle.

I went up to my room and waited.

He came into my room in five minutes. I stood up. He was wearing a cotton shorts and yet another unbuttoned shirt. I was wearing a wrap on below and a pink georgette blouse on top.

I had skipped my bra and underwear.

He looked me up and down for a few seconds. And then he grabbed me, gentler than the previous night and kissed my lips. I reciprocated and opened my mouth. He held me tight and I kissed him fiercely. He slid his hand beneath the wrap on and tugged on it. It came undone and fell noiselessly onto the floor. He turned me around and I could feel his hard cock pressing against my arse crack through the fabric of his shorts. He fumbled with his shorts and a few seconds later I could feel his naked rod against my arse. His hands were moving down caressing my neck, lingering at my breasts and then reaching my quivering pussy lips. He felt my wetness and started rubbing my clit up and down. I buckled against his penis as it snaked between my buttocks. His rubbing got intense and I was moaning in ecstasy. He rubbed harder and harder and I went on moaning louder and louder. I was on the verge of having nişantaşı escort an orgasm and he threw me on the bed, parted my legs violently and hunched over me reaching my clit.

The first swipe of his tongue sent me overboard and I screamed and convulsed in pleasure. I shivered shamelessly being raked into one orgasm after another while he went on licking my clit, tiny explosions rocking my brain in tides of intense pleasure. I lost count as to how many orgasms I had that day.

And then he stood up, neglected my willing pussy, shagged over my still shuddering body and spurted his cum all over my belly.

We did that every day of my stay of another two weeks, him bringing me to unbelievable orgasms and then shagging his cum over my belly, breasts and my butts.

He never ever had penetrative intercourse with me …

And this bastard had been screwing my mother! I seethed with rage and tears welled up in my eyes yet again.

I wanted to go at my pussy yet again, wanted to rub it till it yielded yet another orgasm but I realized that it would never be enough. I got up from my bed and opened my suitcase. I shuffled through my clothes till I found a dark wrap on and a pinkish georgette blouse.

I skipped my bra and my underwear.

I went into the bathroom, washed my face, dabbed some powder onto my face. A thin face, long and beautiful in an unconventional way looked back from the mirror. It stood on a slender neck over a thin yet attractive frame. A sideways glance revealed two firm ‘D’ globes jutting from the chest that my husband loved to snuggle into. A flat toned belly followed through into wide highly fuckable hips. A pale magenta lipstick completed the vulnerable look.

I closed the door and climbed down the stairs. People never sleep in a marriage house and preparations were still on as they will go on to the wee hours of the morning. I could see uncle standing over a posse of men unloading plastic chairs into the hall. I cut through the guests, cursorily yet cheerfully responding to their Hi and Hellos, and reached uncle.

‘Hello uncle’

He turned around, a bit surprised. We hadn’t been in touch since my marriage and I had avoided him since we had landed for his son’s marriage now.

‘Hello Ankita. How are you?’

I looked into his eyes, searching to see the same lust that he had in his eyes the night when he had aggravated me on the terrace six years ago.

I whispered

‘Uncle, meet me in my room in ten minutes and I will tell you how I am…’

(To be continued…)

Please take a minute to comment on the story and the build up. I apologize for the slow pace of the story but I assure you that it will be worth the wait.

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