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My Mother, The Stripper Pt. 15

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Saturday passed quickly, before I had a chance of thinking about it, Dan Dave and I were pulling into the parking lot at Big John’s show bar. It was already past eight. There on the billboard it read as follows, “Introducing Silver Belle, new star of Panda Pictures.” Wow, this was to be my very first public appearance outside of a private club or lodge, and as a representative of Panda Pictures! I was beginning to feel butterflies in my stomach, yikes!

John was sitting just inside the door and greeted the three of us. He led me towards the dressing room where we were met by a very attractive and rather tall girl. She had long legs, short brown hair and beautiful blue eyes and smelled wonderful. She looked to be around thirty and stood well over six feet tall. And as Dan would say, “she was built like a brick shithouse!” I would guess her measurements to be about 38D 26 38, she weighed around one seventy or so. Big Bold and Beautiful and sexy.

“Belle, this is Brandi, Brandi is my featured dancer here at the club. You’ll be sharing the dressing room with her this evening. “We greeted one another, and Brandi bent over and softly kissed my cheek. And in a very smooth and sensual voice said, “Welcome Belle, I’m so glad to meet you.”

I hadn’t expected a soft and sexy voice coming from such a large and solid woman. I smiled and said, “Thank you Brandi, I’m a bit nervous as this is my first-time dancing at a show bar.”

Brandi smiled and assured me I’d do just fine.

John then opened the door and led me inside. There was a hall, about six feet long. At the end you entered into a room about ten by ten with a round table two chairs and two vanities. Between the vanities and mirrors was a restroom complete with commode and shower. “This will be your vanity for the evening Belle,” he said as he pulled out the chair. “Now I’ll leave you alone to get dressed. Your first show is scheduled for Nine thirty and the second at midnight.” He smiled and said, “Break a leg,” as he turned quickly and left the room.

I’d brought several outfits, but on the way here I’d decided to dress a little simpler tonight. More casual, a bra and matching panties with a jacket or cover. For my first show, I’ve chosen a White bra and panty set with Cranberry lace trim. The panties were backless with straps coming out of the center bottom across my cheeks to the waistband. Small cranberry flowers adorned each cup of the bra and the thong waistband. And to top it off, Suntan stockings white boots and a satin white robe or cover.

It was after nine when I opened the door returning to the showroom. As I walked out into the show bar, I could see a small crowd of forty or so people present. Not very busy yet but the night was still young. I walked around the room and introduced myself as John had suggested. Most of the crowd was young, much younger than I was used to seeing. My son Ryan and his friend Jake had arrived while I was in the dressing room, He’d warned me earlier that they would be in attendance tonight, argg!

When I got to the largest group, a table of eight gentlemen I introduced myself. The gentleman at the far end said his name was Thad and he was a friend of Nate’s. Then he introduced everyone else şişhane escort at the table. Thad then ask me for a private dance. I told him he’d be my first customer after my upcoming stage performance. He nodded with a smile and agreed.

I watched as Brandi finished her set. She’s the first girl I’ve ever watched dance to country music while stripping and wearing high heeled cowboy boots. Different yet very interesting to say the least.

There were a dozen or so chairs around the stage with several occupied. Brandi went about the stage picking up her tips. She’d done well, making a large amount.

When she finished and without dressing, she walked off the stage and headed directly towards the tables.

It was now my turn. For this evening I’d chosen more classical stripper music. Cherry Pie Pour some sugar on me and Crazy Train.

As I walked up the stairs and onto the stage, John introduced me to the crowd. “Please give a warm welcome for Panda Pictures newest star, Silver Belle.” Dan and Dave and Ryan all smiled as they took seats at the front of the stage.

When “Cherry Pie began, I shed the jacket and headed towards the pole. No, I’m not much of a pole dancer, but I can use it for a few moves! And being the first time, I’ve ever worn high heeled stripper boots, (received as a Christmas present) I thought it may be safer for everyone involved. But to my surprise, I found the boots to be much lighter than they looked.

As I danced, I noticed Thad taking a seat next to Ryan and as Cherry Pie finished, I removed my bra, grabbed both nipples and tugged on them making them swell.

Starting At the corner of the stage I made the rounds, bending over and rubbing my breasts in each gentleman’s face that sat at the stage, one by one. When I’d finished, I stood up and bent over forwards exposing my backless bum. After walking around the entire stage and showing everyone my bum, I then removed my panties.

Dan was holding a twenty, so I sat down on the stage and after performing “the stripper boot swing” I lifted my legs and rested my ankles on Dan’s shoulders. I then spread my legs allowing Dan to have a nice view of me! He smiled and laid the twenty between my lips…silly boy.

From Dan I moved on to Dave and then to Thad doing the same thing… The boot swing then I’d place my ankles on their shoulders and spread my legs wide. As I was taking care of Thad, I noticed my son Ryan sitting next to him.

Oh great… did he really think I’d do the same to him? I mean I know my son has seen me naked before…but I’m not so sure he’s had that close of a look yet, yikes!

Ryan grinned, “Come on mom, let’s have it.” He said as he giggled nervously.

Oh, what the hell, I slid over on the floor and again did the stripper boot swing, lifted my legs onto my son’s shoulders. Well crap! I spread my legs wide open. Ryan wasn’t looking into my eyes, he was looking directly into my, well you know! It felt like he was looking clean through me.

Finally, I said “Ahem… how about a tip son?” Ryan looked me in the eyes smiled and took out a five and placed it on the stage while returning his eyes towards my crotch.

Softly he şişli anal yapan escort whispered, “Damn mom, you’ve got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. It’s downright gorgeous,” he said as he continued to stare. “I never noticed it before but it’s beautiful mom, so smooth pink and sexy… damn.”

Well if that wasn’t something I never thought I’d hear coming from my sons’ lips, I said to myself, but damn if it weren’t a lovely compliment.

“Thank you, son,” I said as I removed my boots and, on my knees, bent down and kissed his cheek. “That’s very sweet of you.”

“Damn Belle, is he really your son I mean your real son?” Thad asked with very wide and excited eyes.

I smiled sheepishly, “Yes Thad, he REALLY is my son.”

“Damn That’s hot, that’s fucking hot.” Thad said even more excited. “That’s so fucking hot!” He exclaimed loudly. “And you do have a pretty pussy Belle, even prettier than my wife’s, I really like your pubic hair too, love the color.” Thad exclaimed.

I smiled kissed his cheek and rubbed my breasts slowly across his face then I whispered, “I’ll be seeing you soon.” Then moved on to the next man sitting at the stage.

Most of the chairs were full by the end of Crazy Train. But I continued around until I’d taken care of each and every one of them. Even though this was a much younger crowd tonight, they didn’t seem to mind the naked body of an older and mature woman.

When I came off the stage I went from table to table for tips. Everyone was friendly and I received several nice compliments on my silver hair and also my looks, that’s nice.

When I finished making the rounds, I told Thad that I’d freshen up and be right back. I’d received three more requests for private dances after Thad’s.

When I returned, I took Thad’s hand and headed towards the chair that John had specially reserved for me. I hadn’t put on any of my clothes, I didn’t see where I’d need to. I was just going to remove them again anyways.

When Thad sat down, I spread his legs and moved in close. I could see a rather large bulge in his pants. As I started dancing, I placed my hand firmly on his crotch. His cock was hot and rock solid.

“Damn Belle, I still can’t believe that was your son. And he loved your pussy…his mother’s pussy, that is so fucking hot!” I could feel his hot cock throb as I slid my hand following the contour down his leg. I didn’t say a word and continued to dance rub and blow gently into his ear.

Thad was a good-looking young man. Slowly I rubbed my nipples across his nose and cheeks.

Finally, I ran my nipple across his lips… he opened and, in a flash,, he was sucking on one then the other. I continued to rub his crotch. By now we were both breathing a little heavier. If it were possible, we would have fucked right there and then! But rules being what they are…well sadly.

Thad sat through five songs, when we finished, he stood up erection and all, handed me a hundred. Kissed my cheek and thanked me.

After freshening up, I moved on to the next and then the next. The next three gentlemen weren’t as much fun or as exciting. They seemed uptight and nervous. Not very relaxed şişli bdsm escort at all. But regardless they all seemed to enjoy looking at and feeling the body of a woman.

My fourth request was from a much older man, He could hardly keep his hands to himself. I didn’t mind the groping and touching of my breasts and my hips, but he wanted to stick his finger in places he shouldn’t be. At least not here. Luckily, he only lasted for two songs.

By now it was already after eleven and the place was almost full. My next show was to be at midnight. As I opened the door to the dressing room, I felt another presence. When I turned around, I caught the figure of my son Ryan. “Ryan you scared me, what are you doing?” I asked surprised.

Ryan put his hands on my hips and physically pushed me forwards. “Ah what’s going on Ryan?” I asked. Ryan didn’t say a word, he shoved me until I was standing facing the table in the dressing room. I heard his belt buckle then his zipper.

“Fuck mom, you looked so fine tonight and you’ve got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.”

He forcefully bent me over the table, I felt his hard cock split my lips like they were butter.

Ryan started fucking me, right here and now. “Sorry but I just had to have you!”

I was shocked. Not that my son was fucking me, but the manner in which he did it.

“Ah I’m not so sure this is the time or the place son, couldn’t you have waited?”

His groin was spanking my ass…hard! Again, and again. “Fuck no mom, I couldn’t wait.”

The word “Wait,” tailed off as he climaxed. I could feel his hotness as he fell forward resting on my back as he squeezed my boobs. Damn he must have needed that badly as it hadn’t taken him long at all.

As he backed off and fastened his pants, I turned around to lecture him on proper timing when I noticed Brandi, she had been watching us. I chose to be quiet and head for the shower.

Before I had a chance to enter the shower Brandi walked in. “Damn Belle, your son is a beast! I watched him take you like an animal and without your permission, damn that was fuckin hot!”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I smiled and said, “yes I would have rather he’d waited,” but it’s too late for that now. Crap, I’d rather that Brandi hadn’t seen that. I turned on the water, Brandi stripped and joined me. She grabbed my washcloth and started scrubbing me. “Damn Belle, If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it…that was so damn hot,” she said as she washed my ass. I guess this is something the girls do for one another. “Your son took you without your permission…fuck!”

She was washing my crotch as she got on her knees. I was still a bit surprised about the whole thing…and her presence here in the shower. When she had finished washing me, I felt her tongue split my lips, she located my clit and started licking and sucking on it. I finally was able to relax, spreading my legs.

She ran her hands up my thighs onto my boobs. My clit was swollen as I pushed it firmly into Brandi’s mouth. As I approached climax, Brandi slid her index finger into my anus. I moaned loudly as I came…three times in all.

Brandi finally stood up, towering almost a foot above me. She smiled and bent down, “Your son’s right you know, you do have a beautiful. and may I add sweet pussy.” She kissed my nose and left.

Damn that was intense. First my son and then Brandi. Both had taken me without my consent… damn! What a night it’s been, and it was just getting started! I still had the midnight show.

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