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My Mother the Stripper

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Authors Note: All characters are fictional and are over eighteen years of age.

My Mother the Stripper — Chapter one.

This story starts on my twenty first birthday. My family took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, instead of being seated in the main dining room we were led to a small banquet room. That’s when I knew something was up. The room was dark and when I walked through the doorway the lights quickly came on and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!”

The room had a banner along the back wall that said “Happy 21st Jeremy.” There were red and blue balloons and silver streamers.

Besides my dad and step mother, there were my two half-brothers Tim and Randy. Of the three of us, I was the oldest (and shortest.) The rest were cousins and co-workers. The linen covered table had twelve place settings.

Right next to the door was the gift table. Another table had a punch bowl on it and next to it was my Birthday Cake.

After birthday greetings all around we were seated. A fancy Prime Rib dinner was served and the room was abuzz with small talk. I was directed over to the cake, my step mother lit the candles and I posed for pictures. I blew out the candles and had the honor of cutting the cake.

I was told to take my place again at the head of the table and two of my young cousins brought me the gifts, one at a time. I received the usual tee shirts, can cozies, and beer steins, lots of beer steins. My parents got me a thousand dollar saving’s bond. My dad looked at my step mother and said to me,

“We do have one more gift.”

My dad handed me a thick manila envelope. I bent out the clasp and opened the flap. A greeting card fell out as well as many hundred dollar bills. It was ten thousand dollars in cash. Someone in the crowd asked,

“Who the heck would have sent you a pile of cash?”

“Well read the card,” said another.

My hands were shaking when I took the card out of its paper shroud.

It was just a plain card with a drawing of cake and candles on the face, inside were simple hand written words.

“Jeremy, I know I wasn’t there when you grew up but I understand you have grown into a fine young man. Here’s a little something to help you discover Adulthood.”

It was signed simply, “Mom.”

I wiped tears from my eyes and asked my dad where it came from. My step mother chimed in,

“A courier dropped it by today,” my father nodded in reluctant agreement.

I never really knew my mother, my dad had divorced her when I was two. The last thing I was told was that she was living overseas in the Peace Corps or something. The only contact she’d ever made with me was to just send me presents for Christmas and my birthday.

She did have a good suggestion, I should go discover Adulthood. I spent a few days pondering what I would do or where I would go, then the answer suddenly came to me. I needed to find my biological mother and find out why she left me with my father.

About a week later, when I was putting some cardboard into the recycle bin, I accidently dropped my phone. As I was trying to retrieve it I came across some brown paper, similar to a shopping bag. But there was something different about it. It had my father’s name and address on it, like it had been used to ship a package.

Then I saw the return address.

“Box 738 Dallas Texas, 75211.”

A short handwritten note was stuck to the paper,

“Please give this to our son, but don’t let him know where I am, signed Roxy”

I did an internet search on that address and it was to a place called the “Blue Heaven Gentlemen’s Club.”

My parents had lied to me, she wasn’t living overseas, and she was a thousand miles away living in Texas. Apparently she was a bar tender or stripper or something. I was mad at my parents at first, but it did make sense why they didn’t tell me the truth, they were shielding me from the reality of my mom’s true life.

I had so many questions for my mother, I couldn’t understand why she had given me up and left. I decided that I had to find out for myself.

I put most of the cash into my debit account and kept out a little pocket money. I had no choice but to drive to Dallas and try to meet my biological mother.

It was a two day drive to Dallas but I finally made it. My GPS took me to the address from the package. It was a Gentleman’s club aright and it was located adjacent to a Truck Stop at the junction of two main Interstate highways.

The building was small compared to its surroundings, but well kept. A scroll sign indicated the opening hours and listed the girls that would be dancing that night. I watched the names scroll by, there was a Jasmine, Crystal, Angel, Cinnamon and then Roxy.

Roxy had to be my mother Roxanne.

It was getting late and I was tired, so I didn’t go in, I just checked myself into the adjacent motel.

The next morning I stopped into the Truck Stop for some breakfast. As I ate, I started working scenarios through my head as to how I was going to approach my mother without making a sahabet güvenilirmi scene. Seeing my mother naked the first time I meet her wasn’t all that appealing either.

As I pondered what to do, I noticed three ladies that could be strippers sitting at the counter. They had all the signs of dancers; hot pants, halter tops, knee high leather boots. They were wearing wigs and they had heavy make-up on their faces.

Suddenly I heard someone utter my mother’s name and there she was, my jaw dropped. It was my mother, she looked like she just came from a gym. Her long auburn hair was still wet like she had just taken a shower.

She was about five foot two and looked stunning in her black sports bra which barely covered her proportionately sized breasts. She was wearing orange laced trunks with large white strips down the sides. Her exposed midriff showed off her tight six-pack abs. She sat down away from the women at the counter. At five foot six, I’ve always been shorter than my half-brothers, now I know where I got it from.

I found myself wanting to stare, but I didn’t dare. It seemed impossible that she was someone’s mother, let alone mine. I thought of talking to her but I knew I’d be tongue-tied. I did find it odd that the other women seemed to shun my mother, they hardly even acknowledged her.

It promptly occurred to me that if I wanted to learn about my mother, the best way was to observe her without identifying myself.

I noticed a “Help Wanted,” sign indicating that the restaurant was advertising for a night manager. I had taken some business management classes at the local tech school and I worked as an assistant manager at a fast food location. So I decided to apply for that job and stay put for a while.

I talked to the manager and he liked my background, after a quick background check, I was hired. It didn’t pay much but it did include a room at the same motel where I had spent the night. My hours would be from midnight to eight AM, Wednesday through Sunday. I’d have Monday’s and Tuesday’s off.

I signed all the papers and was given a name tag, I didn’t want my mother to get suspicious so I told the manager that I went by my middle name Alan. I was to start right away that night and I agreed to show up at ten to learn the ropes.

I checked into the motel, went to a local bank and set up a checking account and received a debit card. I went to a barber and got my hair cut. I went to the local Mall and bought myself a new wardrobe. I was now a night manager and I wanted to look the part.

The general manager met me at the restaurant at the agreed time. He showed me how to run the register and we went over the menu with me. He explained some of the policies.

He explained to me that for health reasons the Strippers are forbidden from doing any business on their own outside the club. The ladies had their own area at the counter so I was to monitor any activity and to strictly enforce the policy.

He filled me in about my staff; the head waitress is named Sarah who is in her mid-fifties, she used to a stripper until her life of smoking and drinking took their toll on her body.

The night cook is named Eddie, a cantankerous fifty year old who had made a lot of bad choices in life and seemed to blame the whole world for his problems. He is also known to be a regular at the strip club and often will try to give the ladies free food.

There were three other part time waitresses, but none had been working there too long. There was a huge turnover in waitresses.

Then the manager paused and told me what had happened to the previous night manager. He was in his early thirties and was a regular at the club. The bulk of his wages went to pay off his tab for drinks, lap dances, and “other services”. I asked him what he meant by other services.” He told me to use my imagination. I nodded when I figured out he was paying for sex.

The manager said that one night he emptied out the till and skipped town with one of the strippers.

He went on to say that there was no restrictions on staff patronizing the club but asked me to use my discretion.

My first shift had started off pretty uneventful. I met Eddie and Sarah and the manager was right about them. Sarah spent a lot of time outside on cigarette breaks. Eddie was easily provoked and loved to argue with Sarah about her orders. What had I gotten myself into?

The night started out pretty dead, but that was soon to change. At about two o’clock, just after the club closed, several of the strippers came in and sat at the counter and with them came many of the truckers that were spending the night at the motel.

Eddie had trouble keeping up with orders so I had to help him. Sarah was coughing and wheezing but doing her best to flirt with the patrons. The dancers made fun of her not knowing that they will be just like her in a few years.

It was like I needed to have eyes in the back of my head helping Eddie and trying to keep the dancers from doing “Business.” I finally sahabet yeni giriş had to move them to a booth in the back of the room. A couple of the waitresses thanked me because the presence of the ladies affect their tips.

Roxy came in a little later and took the booth next to the dancers. There seemed to be a lot of friction between Roxy and the other dancers, it was like she didn’t fit in. The biggest difference I saw was their age. Roxy was old enough to be the mother of the rest of them.

When things settled down I had a minute to get to know Eddie. He was a cook in the Navy for over twenty years and had the anchor tattoos on his arms to prove it.

I asked him about Roxy and the interaction with the other dancers. He told me it was all about jealously. They resented Roxy because she got most of the action at the club. In her twenty plus years as a stripper she’d really learned how to work the crowd and had a large following.

She travels up and down the interstate and spends only a few months at a place before moving on. He told me she even has a web-site (MoxyRoxxy.com,) to tell her followers the club she’s presently working. Truckers would drive for hundreds of miles just to see her dance. The other dancers didn’t think a women that “Old” should be dancing. That was just their excuse because she gets all the attention at any club she works.

Our conversation was interrupted by a female voice,

“Get to work Eddie, I expect a big tip on Friday!”

A stripper named Angel had walked over to us and rubbed her breasts against Eddie’s back.

“Who’s your friend Sugar?”

Angel was motioning to me,

“This is Alan, he’s the new night manager,” Eddie answered.

“He’s cute, be sure to bring him with you!”

Angel then strutted away, arching her back and showing off her enhanced DD breasts. The other girls followed a short distance behind, making it obvious that Angel was the leader of the group.

I glanced over and saw that Roxy was still seated in her booth looking at her phone. The blue glow of the screen lit up her face. I was mesmerized by her beauty. I couldn’t help but stare. She was wearing black laced up knee-high boots, fishnet stockings, blue shorts and a red halter top.

Roxy looked up and we made eye contact, I shyly looked away.

I started asking Eddie about going to the club. He told me it was a tradition that every two weeks on payday, a group of the male restaurant workers get rowdy at the strip club. He told me that if I wanted to become part of the group, I needed to join them.

The next few nights were just a blur, a rehash of the night before. The high spot of each night though was Roxy. She was always dressed to kill. It became clear that she certainly wasn’t like the others. She didn’t smoke as far as I could tell, and she was never drunk as the other dancers had a tendency to stager in and be loud and disrupting.

I actually started watching the door hoping for Roxy to come in and brighten the place up. I was finding it harder and harder to keep my eyes off her, I often caught myself staring. I only looked when I thought she wouldn’t see my gaze.

Somewhere in these first few nights Roxy stopped being my mother and became an object of my sexual desire. At first, I was checking out the web-site to find out more about her, but I soon developed a strong lust for her and wound up jacking off to photos of her likeness.

Payday was the next Friday so I met the group at the club at about nine, we needed to start early because Eddie and I had to work at midnight. Eddie and I met the others and sat at a couple of tables in the middle of the room. There was John, the Janitor, and Bill, the Truck stop cashier and Eddie and I. We heard that Roxy would be the Fourth dancer to perform.

About twenty feet in front of us was a huge circular stage with two poles evenly spaced apart from one another. Chairs were placed along the outside edge of the stage.

We had a round of drinks as we waited for the show to start. Several men started taking seats around the stage, dollar bills in hand. The lights dimmed and the stage became illuminated. Erotic music started and the voice of an MC came over the sound system,

“Let’s all welcome, Cinnamon!”

A red haired dancer about five foot three strutted onto the stage, she was wearing bright red boots, white cutoff shorts, and a silky blue blouse. She worked her ass to the crowd and used a chair and started to systematically slide off her boots. She worked herself up and down the pole. She pulled off her top exposing a pink bra. Next came off her shorts and the men started throwing dollar bills up onto the stage.

She continued to dance as she unclasped her bra bearing her well-tanned tits. She worked the guys in front of the stage wearing nothing but her G string. She jiggled her nipples in the faces of her horny on-lookers and they freely handed her dollar bills. The MC continued to egg her on to the cheers of the crowd. She worked the bills between her fingers sahabet giriş of her right hand.

She slid off her G-string and threw it to the side. She continued to dance, fully naked. From my vantage point I could see that her pussy was clean shaven. Slowly the music faded and Cinnamon picked up the bills from the stage and left.

The crowd around the stage started to thin as the next stripper started her dance. The MC asked for a round of applause for “Chrystal”. She was wearing a white bra and panties. She was slightly on the chunky side but had tits about to burst out of her top. She worked the stage jiggling her ample breasts at the guys seated in front of the stage. I think we were all waiting for boobs to slip out of her top.

To the delight of the crowd she unfastened her bra and threw it to side. She then worked her way around bouncing her breasts in the faces of everyone along the stage. The bills were flying onto the stage and her hands were full.

Just as Chrystal was finishing up her dance, Eddie turned to me,

“Angel is next, I need a closer look.”

He got up and took a seat in front of the stage.

I just sat at the table taking it all in as the music started again.

The booming voice announced “Angel.”

Angel got up on the stage wearing a shear night dress, four inch high heeled shoes, and white wings. She went right to Eddie and started rubbing her ass in Eddies face, the crowd went wild. She strutted back and forth on the stage.

I was day dreaming, my mind was wondering as I looked around. I could see the place starting to fill up. The area around the bar was now packed. Most were truckers, their wallets were chained to a belt loop. There seemed to be excitement building up.

My concentration was broken by Eddie returning to the table. There was a long pause in the music as I saw the crowd migrating to the stage area. The men were about two deep now and our view of the stage was obscured.

The booming voice came on as the music was started again,

“Let’s hear it for the main event of the night, Moxy Roxxy!”

The crowd cheered as I saw her approach the stage, it was hard to see much though the crowd. By the time I saw Roxy, she was totally nude and climbing up the pole. The MC was cheering her on and the men went wild. The dollar bills were flying as Roxy worked her admirers along the stage. I kept getting slight glimpses of her glittered naked body, I was captivated by what I saw.

Once my mother left the stage, the crowd started to clear out, obviously they were only there for the main event. Angel approached Eddy and offered him a lap dance, he agreed. As the girl took his hand and started leading him away he turned back to me,

“Alan, order me another beer won’t you?”

I nodded in agreement and reached for my wallet in my back pocket, I had retrieved it just as our cocktail table was being pulled back away from me.

A women jumped in my lap facing me,

“As long as you are buying Honey, how about buying Roxy a drink?”

I saw her face and it was my mother, she was grinding herself into my lap.

She motioned for the cocktail waitress to come over,

“We’ll take another beer for Eddie, and whatever sweetie here is having, I’ll take my usual.”

She took my wallet out of my hand and opened it. She took out my debit card and without looking at it, she handed it to the waitress,

“You better open him a tab, I think he’s going to need it, make sure you give yourself a handsome tip as well!”

The waitress smiled and nodded as she left with my card to get the drinks. My mother, still in my lap, turned to me, her scantly covered breasts just inches from my chest.

She licked my face,

“You’re that handsome guy from the restaurant, the new night manager aren’t you?”

I was trembling at her touch and my heart was racing, I could hardly speak,

“Y-y-yes, t-t-that’s me!”

“I thought so, you’re kind of shy, and that’s so cute.”

She leaned forward and began pressing her hardened nipples into my chest. I felt her warm breath on my neck. She whispered in my ear, and teasingly asked,

“Do I make you nervous, sweetie, what, have you never had a half-naked lady in your lap before?”

I was trembling, unable to speak. She reached down and felt my half erect penis,

“Oops-a-daisy, someone’s getting a little hot here, aren’t you?”

I was too captivated by her touch to answer.

She starting lunging forward and back, grinding her pussy into my crotch. She starting licking my neck and pinching my nipples through my shirt. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and kiss her, but I knew that was against the rules.

I just sat there, relishing her erotic touch, my body was tingling.

I was brought back to earth by the waitress returning with our drinks, while handing my card back. I was putting it back in my wallet when my mother took the seat next to me and moved so close that her breast was pinned up against my arm. Any slight movement of her body caused bosom to rub against me.

She took the shot glass containing her drink and seductively licked and kissed the rim, leaving a smear of her bright red lipstick behind. She ran the tip of her tongue up the side of the glass before tipping the contents into her mouth.

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