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My Naughty Little Nieces Pt. 03

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I woke up, having fallen asleep after a day of hot sex with my nieces, to find myself alone for the first time all day. I smiled at my good fortunes. To think I was concerned that I wouldn’t know what to do with my two nieces during their stay. I put my shorts on and went to the kitchen to grab some water. I looked around for my nieces but not seeing them I assumed they were in their rooms asleep. It was 7:00 and the sun was beginning to set over the gulf. I went outside and sat down to enjoy the warmth and peace of a March Friday evening in Southwest Florida. I mused to myself how lucky I was to have two gorgeous hard bodies to entertain this week. I definitely needed to get my rest so that I can keep up with the torrid pace that my nieces craved. Closing my eyes I continued to savor the serenity of the moment, allowing myself time to relax without a care in the world. It was a feeling I could get used to!

“Clay what are you doing? Aren’t we going dirty dancing?” Jenny smirked as she approached me wearing just a t-shirt.

I turned and smiled. She was beautiful and so sexy. As she neared I couldn’t help but feel a little movement between my legs. Pulling her onto my lap she giggled and wrapped her arms around me with a warm embrace. I held her close and savored the warmth and softness of her body.

She whispered in my ear, “Clay I love how I feel when you hold me close. It makes me feel so wonderful.”

I leaned down and gave her a soft tender kiss filled with love and passion. Holding her tight I said, “Come on let’s get ready for tonight.”

We stood and walked inside to see Lyn smiling as we approached the door. Lyn scampered over to us and hugged us tight. I was in heaven being held by two beautiful young women. I felt the heat of their hard bodies rubbing against my bare chest as we swayed lazily in a happy bliss.

I finally broke our group hug and said, “Come on let’s get ready.The night is young.” The girls jumped and giggled. Lyn asked, “Where are we going?”

“I thought we’d get dinner and then go dancing.”

Jenny chimed in, “Is it a nice place? Can we get dressed up or just go casual?

I smiled and said, “It’s a nice place so let’s dress up as we’ve been casual all day.”

The girls scurried off to their rooms to get ready as I slowly ambled to mine wondering what the night had in store for us.

I got ready and was in the kitchen pouring some Champagne for us when I heard Lyn come out of her room. “Is this ok Clay or am I overdressed?”

I smiled and thought “Overdressed? If anything you are underdressed!” I looked at her and she had a one piece red dress, if you can call it that! The front scoped low showing plenty of cleavage while barely covering her crotch. She had on a pair of red heels that made her look statuesque. I motioned for her to spin for me and saw that the dress had no back and ended just over her ass.

“Wow Lyn you look unbelievable. You are going to have all the men waiting in line to dance with you.”

Lyn walked to me, reached up and pulled my lips onto hers. The kiss was smoking hot as her tongue pushed deep into my mouth while grinding her body onto mine. I held her tight as my cock hardened. She broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Clay you are the only man I want tonight! Don’t forget that! You are mine and Jenny’s.”

I was enjoy Lyn’s kisses when we heard, “Ahem!” We turned and saw Jenny standing there looking amazingly sexy and beautiful. Wow was all I could think. Jenny had her hair up in a bun showcasing her beautiful blue eyes and smile. She had on a tiny black skirt that barely covered her ass. She topped it off with a sexy sleeveless button down shirt. She had undone the bottom 4 buttons then tied them high up on her stomach just below her beautiful perky breasts. It was evident she wasn’t wearing a bra. WOW she looked amazing, her bare midriff going from just under her tits down to where her tiny black skirt hung on her hips. She too had some black heels on that made her as tall as Lyn.

She sauntered over and pulled me into a passionate kiss, her hand reaching down to squeeze my cock. I moaned into her mouth as our tongues meshed. Jenny pulled off my lips and turned to Lyn who immediately devoured Jenny with a sexy as hell make out session. My god I am ready to fuck right now. I gave everyone a glass of champagne and toasted to a week of fun and games.

Before things escalated further I added, “Wow I am going to be the luckiest guy tonight having two sexy beautiful women on my arms. Let’s go have some fun.”

We got into my Beamer and drove to the Pink Flamingo, a pretty upscale establishment with a dance floor as well. Once inside I could tell all eyes where on the girls as they were dressed to kill. We were led to a nice comfortable booth and we squeezed in to order some food, me being in the middle. Before the waitress had a chance to stop by both Jenny and Lyn had placed their hands on my cock. Oh boy this is going to be an interesting night.

I Magosa Escort ordered a bottle of champagne from the waitress while their groping continued. The waitress was really cute. She had short blond hair with sexy blue eyes. Oh and a really nice figure. Nice tits for someone with such a petite figure. As the waitress left I watched guy after guy walk past our booth. I smiled at them knowing they could only wish that they were in my place. I turned to Jenny and she quickly pulled me in for a quick hot kiss before moaning into my ear, “I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

Smiling, I said to both of them, “Ladies calm down. The night is young and we will have plenty of time for more fun and games. Lets order some food and relax for a little bit.” The girls pouted but agreed to behave for the time being. When the waitress returned with the bottle of Champagne I placed an order for some food. Watching the girls drink their champagne I could tell that both were starting to feel a slight buzz. They were laughing quite a bit while continuing to be quite handsy with me.

From my standpoint I was enjoying the attention and I was not going to do or say anything else to temper their enthusiasm. In fact once I saw our waitress again, I ordered another bottle of the bubbly. We continued to drink and enjoy each other’s company until the food came out. Once we finished eating I quickly ordered some shots of Tequila. We toasted to a wonderful night and quickly downed our shots. By this time we were all feeling a nice buzz so we decided to dance a few songs.

The girls quickly sandwiched me between their delicious bodies and proceeded to hump and grind into me. Lyn was facing me pushing her luscious tits into my chest as she nibbled on my neck. Jenny crushed in behind me wrapping her arms around my waist. Jenny slyly dropped one hand and stroked my now ready to explode hard on. It was amazing to have these two beautiful young women fawning over me song after song.

Finally it was more than I could take. I excused myself and said, “Ladies I have to take a break. I’m going back to the booth but you guys dance as long as you want.”

The girls both kissed me, making sure to squeeze my cock one more time as they moaned in my ear, “Hurry back Clay. Don’t be too long.”

As I reached the booth I heard, “Well, well, well, loverboy. Looks like you have your hands full tonight.” I turned to a voice I recognized and saw Carla, my sexy divorcée standing, in front of me with a big smile.

I smiled and said, “Carla darling. You look amazing tonight. Can I get you a drink?” Indeed she looked amazing. She had on a short spaghetti strap dress that zippered in the front. The zippered being pull down enough to showcase her ample tits.

Her emerald green eyes pierced right through me as she replied with a mischievous smirk, “I’ll have a glass of that champagne you are drinking you naughty boy!”

I pulled her into my arms and gave her a quick tip of my tongue and whispered in her ear as I pressed my cock into her inviting body, “I plead no contest. I have been a naughty boy. I hope you don’t mind. Would you care to join us?”

Carla smiled and caressed the side of my face, “Clay baby, I always knew you were a naughty boy, that’s why I hooked up with you in the first place. In fact it turns me on to no end that you are tapping your little nieces. I’m jealous. I would love to join you! This is going to be interesting to say the least.” Carla scooted into the booth as I ordered another bottle of champagne and an extra glass for Carla.

Carla quickly snuggled up to me and whispered, “So how’s your energy level? Can you handle another horny woman?”

I smiled and watched as our next bottle of champagne was opened and poured. I raised my glass to Carla and said, “Let’s see what tonight brings.”

We took a sip and then I pulled her into my arms for a long hard passionate kiss. I was busy sucking and nibbling on her neck when Carla pointed to the dance floor and whispered, “Clay look at your nieces.”

I turned and saw Jenny and Lyn slow dancing in each other’s arms. Their lips gently exploring each other’s face and neck. Both girls pushing their thighs into each other’s pussy as their hands caressed their asses. Holy shit. This was so fucking hot.

Carla grabbed my cock and licked my ear, “Oh Clay, that is so hot! I want to do that. Would that turn you on to see me seduce your nieces?”

I softly mewed, “Carla I would love to see you with my nieces as long as I get to join in the fun.”

My hand reached over and caressed Carla’s thigh as we continued to watch my nieces do their thing. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter I saw Jenny and Lyn start making out on the dance floor as they caressed each other’s tit. Oh my this is something else. Both girls were oblivious to the crowd they were attracting. Jenny deftly pulled Lyn’s tit from her top and coyly toyed with her nipple as they continued their make out Kıbrıs Escort session on the dance floor.

I smothered Carla’s lips with my mine, my tongue pushing into her mouth as my hand continued to travel up her shapely leg. Carla moaned with pleasure as my hand pushed closer to her pussy. I could feel the heat an moisture emanating from her pussy as I gently pushed her skimpy wet underwear into her pussy. Carla groaned into my mouth and pushed her hips up to meet my advancing touch. Just as I slid her panty aside and pushed into her hot little pussy I heard the song end. Looking towards the dance floor I saw the girls walking back to our table looking a bit confused. I got up and said, “Girls this is my friend Carla. Carla this is Jenny and Lyn. I asked Carla to join us. Is that okay?”

The girls looked at each other, grinned and scooted into the booth on each side of Carla. Jenny looked at me with an evil smirk and said, “Sure Clay. Carla can join us tonight if that’s what you want. She seems very nice and she is beautiful.” Before I knew what to say or do both my nieces had sandwiched Carla in the booth, pressing into her body.

I slid back into the booth and prepared to watch the show. I noticed Jenny was already whispering something to Carla who didn’t seem to mind the attention while Lyn was stroking Carla’s leg and nibbling on her neck. Carla, eyes closed, let out a soft moan as she enjoyed the ever increasing pleasurable sensations starting to course through her body. Slowly opening her eyes, she stared at me and licked her lips. Turning her gaze towards Jenny she reached for the champagne glass and let her tongue seductively lick the rim of the glass before swallowing the rest of her drink.

Without missing a beat Jenny took her glass and gave Carla a soft sensual kiss slowly tracing her lips. Jenny turned towards me and licked around the rim with her tongue just as Carla had done. Letting out a soft “mmmmmmmm”. Jenny turned to Carla once again and slowly traced her lips with her tongue before pushing deep into her mouth. I was going nuts inside as I tried to act cool calm and collected on the outside. Carla was passionately returning Jenny’s probing tongue as Lyn started to slowly lower her zipper to expose more of Carla’s magnificent breasts.

As our waitress came by Lyn ordered a round of Tequila shots and asked to make Carla’s a double so that “she can catch up”. I covered my mouth to hide my grin as I could only imagine where this was leading. Lyn reached over and softly caressed the exposed top of Carla’s mounds. Carla, to her credit, allowed Lyn to briefly toy with her breasts before brushing her hand off and saying, “Lyn don’t start something you can’t finish. Be a dear and please pour me another glass of champagne.”

Lyn responded, “I will Carla, but once our shots come we are all hitting the dance floor.” Then pulled Carla’s mouth into hers for a passionate kiss. Both Carla and Lyn moaned into each other’s mouth as their steamy make out session continued. I watched as Jenny continued to rub Carla’s thigh pushing higher under her dress. I was really enjoying this so much so that I grabbed Lyn’s hand and placed it on my swollen member. Lyn turned quickly to catch my eye, smiled, and then squeezed my cock. This was incredible. I had my two sexy as hell nieces, dressed provocatively, hitting on my 40 yr old divorcée, who for all intent and purposes couldn’t wait to get it on! Holy Toledo if my sisters only knew! Hehehehe.

Soon the waitress returned to our steamy table with the shots of Tequila. I could tell she was captivated by our antics as she stared lustfully at the three ladies. I smiled at her and said, “You are more than welcomed to do a shot with us if you like. We certainly would love your company.”

She was a little taken back my proposal. Probably embarrassed more than anything else. She looked at me with a bashful smile and softly said, “Oh no I can’t do that while I’m working I’ll lose my job. But thank you. You certainly are a very lucky man in more ways than one.” She placed the shots on the table and left.

Quickly the girls realized that our shots had been delivered and proceeded to down them. Carla looked at her shot and then me. She smiled and mouthed to me, “God help me.” She closed her eyes and downed the Tequila. Jenny immediately grabbed Carla’s arm and said, “Let’s go dance Carla, I can’t wait to hold you close.” They squirmed out one side of the booth while Lyn and I scooted out the other side. I saw Jenny leading her out to the dance floor as we raced to join them. I noticed Carla’s tight dress had ridden up her legs as she had gotten out of the booth and she either didn’t notice or was too worked up to care.

I pulled Lyn close to me and started to sway to the slow mesmerizing beat of the song. I noticed Jenny had pulled Carla into her body and was caressing her ass through her dress. Carla seemed to be caught off guard by Jenny’s aggressiveness and awkwardly Lefkoşa Escort placed her hands on Jenny’s bare back. It didn’t take long for Jenny to reach back and slide Carla’s hands onto her ass as she pushed her leg in between hers. That got me going so I quickly grabbed Lyn’s tight little ass as my lips descended down on her inviting mouth. God she felt so good. I could feel her breasts push into my chest as we continue to explore each other’s mouth.

As I danced with Lyn I saw that Carla had taken the liberty of unbuttoning the uppermost button of Jenny’s blouse exposing more of my niece’s lovely mounds. Jenny did not seem to object, in fact she thrust her tongue deeper into Carla’s mouth, passionately caressing her ass while pushing her leg into Carla’s pussy. As this brazen make out session continued it wasn’t long before Carla undid the next button on Jenny’s blouse almost fully exposing her breast.

I wasn’t the only one watching, as their blatant sexuality drew more and more dancers for a closer look. I saw Carla slide her hand into Jenny’s blouse and cup her exposed bra less tit. Jenny held tight onto her, eyes closed, slowly grinding her hips into hers. I noticed that Jenny had now slid one hand in between their bodies and was now mauling one of Carla’s tits.

This erotic dance was getting to me. I cupped Lyn’s sweet ass and slowly pulled her skirt up, exposing her little ass for all to see. I smothered Lyn’s mouth with mine as I caressed her bare bottoms. I pulled off Lyn’s lips and whispered in her ear, “I can’t wait to get you home. Tonight I am going to fuck you long and hard.” I cupped one of her tits through the sheer dress. Her nipple already hard and extended; I easily twisted it through the flimsy material causing her to groan loudly into my ear, “Oh yes Clay that feels so good. I am so horny. I can’t wait for you to stick your big cock in me.”

I held her close and watched as I saw Carla caressing Jenny’s ass, her eyes closed as her neck was being sensuously nibbled on by my lust filled niece. Carla looked down at her and smothered her with another hot steamy kiss. Both ladies entangled in their depraved lust filled desires continued to be oblivious to their surroundings and the scene they were causing.

Needless to say, most of the single guys had gravitated nearer to them to get a better look at their unbridled foreplay. Jenny grabbed one of Carla’s hands from her ass and placed it back onto her tit. Carla momentarily broke their heated union to lustfully stare into Lyn’s eye before once again descending back into their heated lip lock. I saw Carla had pulled Jenny’s tit out of her blouse and was now slowly circling it with the palm of her hand. Capturing the nipple between two fingers she squeezed and pulled on it causing Jenny to fervently push deeper into their embrace.

Watching this Lyn couldn’t resist. She left me and broke into their private dance party. Pushing up from behind Carla she expertly sandwiched Carla’s hot body with hers. Lyn’s arms reached around Carla and cupped both her tits as she kissed the back of her neck. Both girls started to grind their bodies into Carla causing her to let out a long soft moan. This was getting out of control and I needed to stop this before we got into any trouble. Guys were getting worked up and I knew it wouldn’t be long before some tried to join the festivities. I quickly grabbed the ladies and pulled them back to the booth. Just as we arrived so did our waitress with another round of Tequila.

I looked at her and said, “We didn’t order these. We need our bill as we are heading out.”

She replied, “These are on me. That was the hottest thing I have seen in a long time. I just wish I wasn’t working.” She left to get our bill as I watched the three ladies clink their glasses and down the shooters.

I told them we were going back to my place but Carla chimed in a half drunk voice, “Let’s go to my house. It’s closer and I have more room. We won’t have to drive very far.”

Just as I was about to say no, both my nieces hugged Carla and squealed, “Party at Carla’s!”

Oh boy I guess we are going to Carla’s. I was going to drive Carla with us as I could tell she might not be in any condition to drive. Our waitress returned with the bill along with a note. I gave her my credit card and looked at the note. It read Hi I’m Annie here’s my number call me if you want someone to party with.

When she returned with my card I asked her what time she got off tonight. She said unfortunately she had to close so it would be late. I told her I would call her tomorrow to see when we can all get together. She smiled and said, “Can’t wait! You guys are wild!”

We got up and left the establishment. As we walked to my car I had my arms around Carla and Lyn while Jenny held Carla’s hand. Needless to say there was an obvious heighten sexual atmosphere as we approached my car. We were all extremely turned on, wanting to satisfy our sexual desires as quickly as possible. It was going to be a long night so I needed to make sure I paced myself.

As we neared my car I let go of the girls to go unlock the car. As I did I saw Jenny take Carla into her arms. Jenny moaned aloud, “Carla you have me so turned on. I can’t wait to devour your body. You are my sexy slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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