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My New Young Sub Pt. 05

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I woke up early the next morning, he was all snuggled up close to me, I slowly slid my arm out from under him careful not to wake him. He laid there so handsome, so naked, so hard, I got off the bed and pulled his left leg taut, quickly binding it to my bed restraints. I slowly spread his right leg out, he was now perfectly spread open for any and all, I bound his right hand first, pulling it tight so the restraints on his left leg was tight.

I carefully pulled his left hand and got it in the restraint, pulling the strap tight, once he was tied down, I gently put the collar back on the boy, the long metal shiny spikes looked so good in contrast to the black leather. I connected the leash tying the leash to the hook on the headboard, the boy was now tied tight. I got in between the boys legs and grabbed his hard cock in my hand, I squeezed till he started to moan, he slowly opened his eyes, with a start his body jumped.

“Oh Sir you startled me.” He said his voice an octave higher than usual.

I grabbed his balls holding his nut sack in my hand I could crush his balls in my hand, I squeezed till he yelped.

“Shut that Fucking mouth of yours son, you were told before to never speak unless I tell you you can.” I commanded.

I gave his nuts on final tug, just to get my point across, releasing them still holding the boys cock in my left hand. I slowly jerked him off, the loose foreskin felt so good, his knob glistened when the skin was pulled back, I was so tempted to lean in and lick it clean, but held back, he would get only a hand job this round.

I only stoked maybe ten or eleven urla escort bayan strokes when his balls slowly rose in their sack, his cock swelled, his breathing was heavier, he went to say something but knew better than to make that mistake the second time. His cock shot rope after rope of cum, covering his chest abs and chin, his cock spasmed with each eruption. When his cock stopped producing cum I scooped it all up with my hand and fed it to him, rubbing it all over his face.

“Eat it, Eat it all, little slut needs his cum injection, and he is going to get it.” I said looking at him in the eyes.

Again he was going to say something but knew better than to even try it, I grabbed his balls in my right hand.

“Lets see if I can drain another load out of these cum filled orbs, then I can deposit a load or two in that beautiful ass of yours.” I told him with a slight grin.

Holding his balls in my right taking his cock in my left, my middle finger massaging his anus, all this stimulation should bring him to a quick orgasm. I held his cock firmly as I stroked, I gently massaged his balls, slowly pressing my finger in his tight hole. I released his balls pushing my middle finger into the boys mouth.

“Get it wet son so it will slide right in deep of that tight hole of yours.” I told him suggestively.

The boy was eager to please, he lathered my finger I pulled it out dripping of spittle, I quickly rammed it in the boys hole, I finger fucked the boy hard, stroking his cock as my finger invaded his cavern. His body started to tighten up, his balls ready to escort urla deposit yet another load of cum on himself. He started to moan, his cock tightened, I leaned in and took his knob in my mouth, stoking his cock faster. His cock erupted blasting my mouth and throat with his beautiful white semen.

I held his cum in my mouth till he stopped erupting, I pulled my finger out quickly, grabbing his head and holding him in place. I put my lips to his, pushing open his mouth, slowly feeding him his reward, I let the cum drip from my mouth to his, saving some for me to savor.

I pulled my lips from his replacing it with my middle finger I had lodged deep in his ass, clean it up boy, the boy was clean anyways but it was the thought of it. He quickly licked and sucked my finger clean. I got on my knees in between the boys spread legs, looking at my wonderful toy I had before me. I untied his left leg first, then the right, I took his right ankle and placed it on my shoulder, then the left, I grabbed the lube got my cock slicked up, poured some in my fingers and wet the boys hole.

I placed my cock to his tight little sphincter gently applying pressure so he would let me in, I slowly added more pressure, pushing harder, he would take my cock or I would take his ass. My knob slowly broke in, once the knob was in the rest slid right through. I held it there for a few seconds, this would not be like the first time, I was going to take what was mine this time, I pulled my cock outward as it came out I quickly changed directions and slammed it back in.

The boy winced in pain but urla escort took it like a good sub boy, I would say man but he was no man he was my boy. I fucked him hard and long, sometimes slamming it in, other times oh so gentle, I folded the boy up like a pretzel, leaning in for a kiss as I got closer to his reward, my cock pistoned the boys hole, the boy sucking on my tongue, kissing me so passionately. I pulled back.

“Fuck that’s it Fuck Yes take it boy, take Daddy’s load.” I screamed as I came.

I shot the boy full of cum, my cock spent, I pushed his legs off my shoulders, my cock slipped out, still dripping of cum and lube. I laid on top of the boy looked in those sweet eyes, gave him a kiss, reaching up and releasing his right, then left hands, unclipping the dog collar from its leash. The boy now took over, he flipped us over, he now was on top of me, running his hands all over my body, making his way to my deflated cock, he took it in his hand, stroked it till is spilled more cum.

The boy quickly took my cock into his mouth licking sucking intent on making me hard yet again, and succeeding as well. I laced my hands behind my head, letting the boy take control, he worked my cock, massaging my balls with his left hand while his right tweaked my nipples, his mouth tongue was magical, he knew all my sensitive spots, his middle finger even stroking my hole.

It took merely minutes and my balls were unloading another volley of cum, my balls ached, but it felt so good all the same, the boy swallowed it all, not wasting a drop. I reached down and pulled him on top of me, with one turn I now was laying on top of him. I gently kissed him, then again, he placed his hands behind my head holding me in place, like I would stop kissing him for some reason.

“I missed you son.” I said looking deep in those blue eyes.

“I missed you too sir.” He replied smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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