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My Nieces’ Plea

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“Hi, Uncle Joe. It’s me, Bonnie.”

She didn’t have to tell me because I knew her voice. Sweet and soft. My nieces’ words flow from her mouth like liquid and when I am in her company I find myself staring at her thick, full lips as they move to pronounce every word. It’s just as well I stare at her mouth lest my family see me gazing at her large, youthful breasts. My sister would take my head off if she caught me with anything other than an uncles’ interest at a distance in her daughter.

If Sis only knew what thoughts go thru my head but I always show respect for Bonnie. She is a sweet girl, 40 years old and married with three little ones, although she can be somewhat bossy with her husband, just like her Mom is with her hubby. Bonnie’s husband, Rob, is a nice guy but very quiet and shy. Unlike his wife’s family who are pretty loud and outgoing, Rob can be found sitting in a corner at a party reading a magazine that he’s found nearby. I think the guy is somewhat henpecked.

Anyway, here was Bonnie on the phone calling me. I wondered if there was a family crisis. You know, someone is sick or an old relative has passed on.

“Bonnie. Hi, how are you?”

“I’m okay Uncle Joe. Sort of.”

“Is everybody in the family okay? How are your parents?”

“Oh, everybody is fine. Listen, I was wondering if I could talk to you. I know you’re probably busy.”

“No, sure. I mean that would be nice. ”

“Can we talk alone? I know Aunt Linda is working and you have that night shift. Could I stop over tomorrow?”

“Sure, Bonnie”, I said, “come over about ten tomorrow morning. I’ll be glad to see you.”

“Great, the kids will be in school. I look forward to seeing you.”

We both hung up and I just sat there at the kitchen table. My stomach was suddenly churning and I kept wondering if I was doing the right thing. If my wife and sister found out Bonnie and I were in the house alone together there would be questions without answers, fire and brimstone.

The next morning at 9:30 I was standing at the front window with a cup of coffee watching for Bonnies’ arrival. I figured I would meet her on the front steps and we would sit there and I’ll have the neighbors as my witness that nothing……what? Why did I even think that anything more than my niece visiting me would happen?

Oh boy. Suddenly, there was her car at the curb and there she was getting out of it and walking up the front walk and here I go out to meet her and oh shit she looks gorgeous.

“Hi, Uncle Joe”, Bonnie said as she gave me a wet kiss on my cheek with those wonderful full lips.

“Hi, Bonnie. Why don’t we sit down here on the step?” I felt like I was speed talking. My mind was racing ahead of the present.

“It was a long ride here, Uncle Joe, and I have to pee really bad. Do you mind?”

“No, come on in.” Oh shit, I thought, she’s going in the house.

Bonnie knew where the bathroom was and went running up the stairs. As she did I got a glimpse of her long legs disappearing under her skirt. This was not going to be easy on me. Minutes later Bonnie came bounding back down the steps, her large breasts bouncing beneath the white blouse she wore.

I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee.

“Do you have anything stronger? I need to relax a little. I already had more coffee than I needed this morning getting the kids off to school.”

“Would you like a glass of white wine? “

“Sure, that would be great.”

Bonnie sat down on the edge of the couch, her tall, tanned frame sitting ridged as a pole. With short, brunette hair and bangs that fell across her forehead, covering her right eye, she could have been a magazine model come to life in my house. My plans of sitting on the porch were falling thru. I went to the wet bar and poured a glass of wine and then figured to hell with it, I need one now too.

I handed Bonnie her drink and sat down across from her and took a gulp of mine. Sitting there with her right leg crossed over her left, her skirt pulled up a little to reveal some of her thigh. My eyes traveled slowly up to meet her eyes as she was staring at me with her glass held up to her lips. The corners of her mouth curved up into a small smile.

“So, what’s up Bonnie girl? What’s going on in your life that you need to see me?”

Bonnie stared at me a minute, took a long sip of her wine and set the glass down on the cocktail table. She blew out a long breath of air and suddenly a tear rolled down her cheek. Just like that she wiped her face with the back of her hand, took on a defiant look and sat up straight.

“I’m fed up. I’m fed up with taking care of the kids and running errands and washing clothes and cooking meals and doing dishes and Rob not showing interest and.” Her words trailed off.

“And no sex”, she blurted out abruptly. “No sex. No sex. None. Nada!”

Boy, she wasn’t sad. She was pissed.

We both sat there quiet. I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid to say anything.

I sat fulya escort there looking at my niece. Her legs, her breasts, her face, her all of her. This Rob has to be a dick.

“I can’t believe Rob is not enjoying you!” Now that was the stupidest thing to say wasn’t it? I took another gulp of my wine. Boy that felt better. I could feel the alcohol course down my throat and hit my brain sensors. On an empty stomach it hit me and my mind got looser. Okay so it wasn’t such a bad thing to say.

“I don’t know what to do to make him want me. I mean he wanted me when we were dating and we had three kids. He just doesn’t seem interested.”

“Well I sure as hell want you. I mean WOULD want you. If I was him. I mean look at you.”

Holy shit did I say that?

“What would you do, Uncle Joe?”

“Huh?” I said dumbfounded.

“What would you do if you had me?” Bonnie said this as she downed her wine and held the glass out for another.

What a great reason to get out of the room. My hands were shaking as I poured us both another. When I returned to the room Bonnie was standing and I handed her the glass and sat down. She took another long swallow as I did and walked over to stand next to me, her right thigh touching my hand that was lying on the armrest.

“So, what would you do if you had me?”

I looked up at Bonnie feeling like an eighteen year old. I could feel the texture of the fabric against my skin and her hard, firm leg muscle. Her body heat seemed to warm my hand.

“So much, Bonnie, so much.” Looking down into my glass as I said it and without thought I lifted my arm from the rest and moved it behind her to cup her left ass cheek.

Bonnie jumped, startled for a second, and I quickly pulled my hand away.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that”, I professed looking up at her.

“Put it back”, was all she said as she stared down at me.

Studying her I cautiously put my hand back on her ass, but now I stoked it to feel the roundness of her shape. Up and down I moved, side to side, enjoying her shape. With my eyes closed I wanted my mind to see her round rump.

I studied her as I continued to caress her bottom and saw that Bonnie’s eyes were closed and a soft purr was emitting from her throat. She began rocking slowly in rhythm with my strokes and she touched the armrest with her free hand to steady herself. Gulping the last of her wine, Bonnie set the glass aside and looked down at me.

“What else would you do with me?” Her mouth was parted slightly and I could smell her heavy wine breath as her question exhaled from her full, pouting lips.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I uttered.

“I want to do this. I want to know what to do with Rob. I don’t know enough stuff.” She pleaded. “Show me some things. I know you know what to do. Rob doesn’t do anything except climb on top of me and hump me until he cums. Just like when we were dating.”

I was a lost soul. My hand still massaging her ass, I could feel the blood rushing into the veins of my cock. The hardness of it pressed against my pants and it became pronounced like a thick sausage sliding into one pant leg.

I placed my glass on the table and with my outstretched hands holding her hips; I positioned her in front of me standing between my open legs. Bonnie placed her hands on my shoulders for balance waiting for my next move. I slid my hands up the back of her bare legs, under her skirt, caressing her calves and thick thigh muscles. Down on the front of her thighs and back again, slowly, to feel the back of her knees. I kept this movement of my hands going and only occasionally touching her panties, causing her to drop slightly, hoping I would go further up.

I was in heaven. With my head resting against her soft belly I felt I could do this forever and be happy.

“More. Do more,” Bonnie purred again.

Bonnie impulsively lifted her skirt up to her waist as I sat looking up at her. She smiled and proceeded to lift the material up and over her head standing before me in her panties and blouse. My hands renewed their caressing of her legs but I slowly slid them up onto her ass and took hold of the waistband of her panties. As I slid the small article of clothing down she started to unbutton her blouse, but I stopped her with a low stern voice.

“I’ll do that and keep your shoes on.” She was wearing black sandals with ankle straps and her red toe nails matched her fingertips. The low heels brought out the thick cuts in her calf muscles.

Bonnie looked down at me obediently.

As she stepped out of her panties I reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse from bottom to top, my face pressed against her small patch of blond pubic hair. Bonnie pushed her groin in to me and I inhaled her muskiness. My head swooned with the scent encouraging me to enjoy this jewel in my hands. Sliding her blouse off her shoulders

I proceeded to unsnap the clasp of her bra. I purposely held the bra cups up with gebze escort the straps so that I could release her lovely mounds at my pleasure. With my face still in Bonnies muff I gazed up at her breasts as they were released slowly from there prison of fabric. How many times did I fantasize what she looked like, now here she was before me. Large and firm, Bonnies’ tits hung on her chest with huge cocoa colored aureoles topped with gumdrop size nipples. Milk had flowed from them with child birth and I wished I could have had the pleasure of squeezing some from them during that time.

Dropping the bra aside I reached up to cup and fondle the heavy bags of flesh as Bonnie sighed deeply. I gripped them tightly and rubbed the nipples together. A groan came from her throat as I lifted and dropped and slapped and caressed her pliable flesh.

Sitting upright I decided to take complete control over who I now treated as my submissive student.

“Before we go further, Bonnie, call me Joe today. Do you understand?” She nodded that she did. I felt my role becoming dominate. It was what she needed. What she wanted.

“Lift your left leg and place it on the arm of the chair”, I instructed in a stern low voice. Bonnie complied without question.

In this position her vulva opening was spread open to my scrutiny. Her soft pubic hair being sparse allowed me gaze on the outer ring of her meaty labia. Bonnie’s clitoral hood was pronounced and her clit was peeking from it like a penis sliding out of it’s foreskin in a state of arousal. I licked softly, measuring my tongue strokes with her pelvic thrusts. Bonnie’s jerks began to get more active as I darted my mouth flesh against her wet hole. With two fingers I pulled at the pliable labia lip and again with my tongue circled the tiny bud to cajole it out from its protective hood.

While licking and sucking I looked up to enjoy the jelly like rhythm of Bonnie’s tits. Holding on to her one ass cheek with my left hand and squeezing it, I pushed hard against the inside of her left leg to spread her legs wider. She complied. She gasped when she felt not only my tongue licking her pussy lips but my index finger touching her little rectum. As Bonnie thrust more aggressively with my tonguing, her sphincter began to open and close ever so slightly with my touch. Moistness oozed from her pussy and I slid my index finger onto her oily channel to wet it and then placed it back onto her puckering brown hole. My finger, now well-greased slid into the dark, tight tunnel. Bonnie gasped as she instinctively reached back to stop me.

“Hold your tits with both hands”, I commanded.

Bonnie complied but whimpered, “I never did that. I don’t know if. Oh, don’t. Oh damn!” she cried out.

Her brown hole opened and I slid my finger deep into her tunnel up to my knuckle, then a second finger. Bonnie pushed into my hand and I pumped and she pumped back.

“Oh, my god, Joe, oh my god. Oh I love it. Oh my god.”

Now she leaned forward, squeezing her boobs and mashing them onto my face. I sucked on her swollen nipples and licked the huge orbs as her asshole opened to take a third finger.

I growled and my cock got harder, pressed between my leg and the fabric of my pant leg.

Minutes passed and I stopped and pulled my fingers from Bonnie, pushing her upright from me. She saw my hardness and reached out to stroke it then pulled quickly at my zipper. Digging in for the treasure, she pulled my cock out like a snake from its hole. It was throbbing and the purple flange encircling the head was smeared with precum.

Bonnie fell to her knees and with great speed devoured it into her wet mouth. She held one breast in her hand and gripped my dick with tight pressure at the base causing the head to swell. Retracting her mouth slightly, Bonnie sucked on just the knob like a pressure pump.

I sat looking at her hanging tits swinging freely from her chest and leaning across her back shoved my fingers back into her asshole. Bonnie’s head bobbed up and down taking just the bloated head into her mouth while pulling on one nipple with her free hand. I thought I was going to blow my load. Stroking my cock up and down, she licked it like a lollipop and a little bubble of cum oozed from me. Bonnie caught it on her tongue and savored the milky taste then gobbled me in her moist mouth again.

“Gha! Stop or I’ll pump my cream into your lovely throat.” I pulled my cock from her and sat panting.

“Do it. Cum in my mouth. I want to taste it!”

“Not yet. Girl, I can’t believe you’ve never done that before!” I spit out and not wanting to lose momentum I pushed my niece to her feet and spun her around while I remained sitting. Quickly I shed my pants and grabbed Bonnie by her hips. Looking at her beautiful round ass and the target I had just been stabbing with my fingers I pulled her back to me.

Bonnie knew my goal and holding onto my knees she lowered herself down slowly onto my shaft. I watched the head gültepe escort enter her cunt and disappear into her creamy socket. Her outer lips, swollen, devoured my erection. Deeper she pulled me in until I felt the tickle of her pussy hair on my balls and the grip of her tight vaginal muscles as she sat onto my lap..

Up Bonnie rose, half my cock length and then dropped again. Now she increased her tempo and speed, up and down onto me. I smacked her rump hard and gave her another order.

“Get up on the chair!” She knew immediately what I meant and desired. Without pulling away from me, Bonnie placed both feet on the cushion, one on each side of my legs and continued her pace. I held an ass cheek in each hand and aided her in pumping her rump on my pole, not neglecting to give one cheek or the other a hard slap. With each cuff, Bonnie panted a gentle, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I’d reached my limit feeling her hard ass flesh, seeing her cream ooze down my blood engorged dick and hearing her fat tits slapping against her rib cage.

“I’m going to shoot my load, Honey!”

“Do it in my ass, Joe. I want to feel it in my ass!”

“Get on the floor!” I told her, helping her off my lap.

Bonnie knew what to do and dropped to all fours. I got down and stuck two fingers into her pussy hole to keep her going and licked her rosebud of a hole. I could smell her cum all over her rump. Moaning she rocked back and forth, delirious for more. My tongue was feasting on her butt. The time had come. I sucked a large wad of cum juice from Bonnies’ cunt and spit it onto her butt-hole. Standing up I position my cock against her hole and slid in. Not a whimper this time, not a cry from her. She groaned and shoved back against me.

I pushed into her up to my balls. Damn, the heat in her tunnel was surreal. Squatting like a quarterback behind my niece I reached around her torso and took hold of a breast in each hand and proceeded to pump into her like a dog. I was in heat like a dog and I grunted like one, pumping and pulling on her tits like reins on a horse.

Bonnie was grunting as well and we reached a measured speed and thrust together. It hit us both. I exploded into her with such force and volume it squeezed out of her and dripped down the insides of her legs. Bonnie had cum with me and as she did she stiffened, arched her back and shrieked softly under her breath.

“Oh, god! Your cum felt like a blast of hot water in me!” she panted still heaving back at me.

Our bodies were slick with sweat and she glistened. I licked the sweet moisture from her back. After minutes of stroking and feeling her, feeling her hanging tits and rubbing her shoulders, we stopped to rest. I pulled out from her and lay down on the floor. Bonnie crawled onto me but with her face over my pulsing cock and her pussy over my face.

She took me in my mouth and sucked softly, drawing any unspent cum from my cock hole. I in turn lapped deeply into her, eating both of our juices. As I licked she began to quiver and I got her off one more time. A small encore for her performance.

Bonnie got up and stood before me as I took a seat back on the chair. Positioning herself between my legs, still naked, she asked me what more I would do to her.

“I think we’re finished for today,” I said as I stroked my palm over her hips and around to her backside, then back again to lift and fondle her breasts.

“Now I think you have to go home and enjoy your husband.”

“But he has never done the things you did to me.”

“Then you have to teach him. Believe me, he will respond to you. He’s a good guy and a good provider. He deserves a good partner. You both deserve a great sex life. He has an obligation to make you feel like his beautiful queen, to shower you with affection. You in turn should reward him with great sex. I guarantee you both will be happier for it.”

Bonnie left for home with a promise of maybe a reprise some day and at the very least a running account of her progress with Rob.

Two months later my wife and I were at a family wedding and Bonnie was there, looking fantastic. I had a chance to speak with Rob who seemed like a different person. He was talkative and energetic. He talked about he and Bonnie going on a cruise and getting away to an island. He told me he bought her a new swimsuit. With a smile on his face he leaned into me and said, “A tiny one”.

About an hour later, still at the reception Bonnie asked if she could talk to me alone in the parking lot. When I caught up with her she took my hand and led me to a dense wooded area behind the building where we stood by a large tree out of sight of everyone.

“I want you to see something,” she said and lifting her short dress and turning she exposed her bare vulva in crotchless hose. My mouth dropped open.

“I knew you’d like it. Put your fingers in my pussy.”

I slid two in and she was extremely wet. I thrust them in a couple times for my own pleasure.

“Okay, stop, don’t get me going. Now lick my juices off them.”

Regretting the withdrawal of my digits I pulled them out and put them to me nose first. A thick sheen of goo, they smelled heavy of muskiness. I put them in my mouth and savored the taste. I recognized her flavor and something else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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