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My Online Hook-up Ch. 02

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All characters are over 18.


Having once tasted gay sex, I had to have a little more.

My experiment in bisexuality was becoming broader in scope. I was determined to experience a little of all that I had been deferring all these years. I had accepted that I was bisexual now, and I knew that I had needs that needed to be met, even if only a handful of times before I was too old. I intended to have a few adventures to remember for when I resumed my exclusively heterosexual role as partner to a wonderful woman I had shared years of my life with.

A few days after my first tryst with King, I had a new hook-up scheduled for ten o’clock in the morning; that was just an hour after my wife went to work, leaving seven hours of possible playtime. The meeting was to take place at a low-key motel near the town centre and was all confirmed through the hook-up app.

My correspondent’s name was Tom. We had chatted online only briefly, but sufficiently to express our simple expectations of a meeting: kissing, sucking and fucking. He had expressed a desire for a slow and sensual exploration of each other’s bodies. None of this was disagreeable to me.

That morning, after my wife left for work, I jumped in the shower, washing myself thoroughly until I was satisfied that my asshole reeked only of Irish Spring. I dried off quickly and dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt.

I needed a hoodie for the turn in the weather; conditions had been unseasonably mild for the beginning of the month, but characteristic November weather had arrived with a vengeance. I also knew the hoodie, a cap, an old winter coat and my COVID-19 face-mask would be invaluable in disguising me as I made my way through town to a motel with a slightly sordid, storied reputation. Sure enough, there was wet snow blowing against me the whole way from my home to the motel. Precipitation gathered on vegetation in a whitish-grey slush that reminded my dirty mind of fresh, hot cum. The vision made me smile to myself.

I had a few other reasons to smile. I was off to get laid. Today’s partner was twelve years younger than me and might be expected to have a higher sex drive than me. His body type was also of interest. I am a hairy chub, and from his pictures, so was he. He was just a little taller than me and weighed a bit less. In an odd way, I envisioned it would be somewhat like making love to my reflection.

I checked in at the motel at nine-thirty. I was paranoid about using my real name on the hotel register, but how does one avoid it without some kind of fake ID? As it happened, my face was covered with my face-mask and the clerk, who was also masked, didn’t even ask for ID. Not so long ago, entering a business with a mask on would have stirred panic, but we were living in the new normal. Still, the transaction was on my credit card. It hadn’t occurred to me to get a new card my wife didn’t know anything about; if she ever asked to see my transaction history, this motel payment would be strong circumstantial evidence for my guilt as an adulterer.

I went about preparing the room, leaving a water bottle and two condoms on the bedside tables. I had one jar of lube and set it within reach of the bed as well. I brought two beers from home and set them in the fridge; it occurred to me after our hot work, we might feel like something more refreshing than water. As it happened, the refrigerator was broken. I reasoned that I might as well store the cold drinks there anyway; at least it should make a half-decent cooler.

Waiting for ten a.m. was the worst part. That was when my anxiety kicked in. All the familiar questions came back to haunt me. Had I left any forgotten indication of my infidelity out in the open for my wife to find? Would this meeting cost me my marriage? Would Tom show up? Was it better if he didn’t? How could I trust myself to have sex with a complete stranger I met on the internet? What if he was a serial killer or something? A thousand other thoughts poisoned my mind.

A few minutes before the hour, I received a message through the app that Tom would arrive in five minutes. It seemed we were on. I threw back a Viagra, wonder drug for the middle-aged man.

I almost sucked back one of those beers before ten o’clock rolled around, but I resisted the temptation. My patience was rewarded with a knock at the door exactly at the agreed-upon time.

I walked over to the door and released my breath in a deep sigh; I didn’t realize I had been holding it. I opened the door and let Tom in. I could tell he was happy to get off the doorstop of a motel room that faced one of the city’s busiest streets. I was a fool to go with this motel given its visibility; I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Tom was still masked. I gathered from chatting with him online that he was out in a low-key way, but he probably didn’t want to be seen at this establishment much more than I did. He unmasked, stuffing the mask in his coat pocket before taking his coat off and hanging it up on the rack behind the door; he anadolu yakası escort kicked off his shoes. Then he turned around and faced me, and we exchanged greetings. We had previously shared face pictures online, so we recognized each other.

As I said, Tom was tall and a bit stocky. Like me, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He extended a hand and we shook, a gesture that seemed unlikely in the pandemic age, but there was no reason not to touch hands given how intimate we expected to become.

I was still a bundle of nerves and I started talking.

“You know I’m new at this, so I’m not sure of the etiquette—”

Tom was as confident as I was nervous. He held a finger up and shushed me. In some people, that might seem a condescending gesture, but from Tom it seemed reassuring. Very slowly, he put his hand behind my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. I melted into him as his tongue gently pressed against my teeth. I let him in and our tongues played. My nerves began to recede. I felt nothing from this man but need and desire and I felt myself wanting to satisfy both.

When the kiss broke, my own confidence was much restored.

“That usually helps to break the ice.”

We exchanged smiles and I gave him a standing tour of the hotel room, which is to say it was so small that everything could be observed from one spot. I eventually pointed out the queen-size bed.

“You prefer one side or the other?”

He didn’t, claiming the edge of the bed closest to him. It might have felt awkward to lay on the bed beside him, but he’d already put me at my ease. My shaking had stopped. As I made myself comfortable, Tom put a hand on my arm and gently stroked it. He leaned in to me and we kissed passionately for several minutes while our hands gradually explored each other over our clothes.

It soon seemed hot in the stuffy little room. I was bold enough to initiate the corrective action, tugging at the hem of his t-shirt. Tom obligingly sat up, crossed his legs and raised his arms so I could lift the shirt over his head and off, exposing his torso to my admiring view. He was not even close to obese, just a tad soft in the boobs and the belly. His nipples stood out of puckered pink circles. His chest was covered in long dark brown hairs, with a defined trail leading down over his navel and under the waist of his jeans. Hair of a different texture, almost like fur, stood off his shoulders and back.

Once we dispensed with his shirt, Tom urged me to take mine off. I was not proud of my body shape; I was not as fit as I ought to be for fifty. Years of sedentary office jobs had left their mark on my waistline. My legs and arms still looked good, but I was sensitive about my belly and emerging man-tits. I also had a hairy chest and abdominal trail down to my privates. I pulled my shirt off and threw it past the foot of the bed. Tom showed no sign of disappointment, but rather leaned in and began to suck on one of my hairy nipples.

My nipples had been played with before, of course, but there was something about the way Tom approached them that made it an extraordinarily sensual experience. He twisted his tongue about them, licked and nipped at them. I shuddered with pleasure as he teased me, eventually lapping his way up from my chest and kissing my neck before sucking face with me again.

As we kissed, our hands caressed each other freely: over each other’s arms, across our chests, behind our backs. The sensations were electric. I already had a boner drooling in my pants, but that didn’t mean I wanted to rush things.

I broke the kiss and took my turn pleasuring his nipples with my mouth while tracing a finger through the tangle of hair on his chest and belly. At my last rendezvous, I tongue-bathed my lover willingly, but this time, I found I was extremely hungry for Tom’s skin. It was like I wanted to get every inch of this delicious man in my mouth. I went with that instinct and began to lick him all over his chest. I was rewarded with appreciative sighs and moans from Tom. He tasted fresh and clean, but there was a rising tang of salt as he began to perspire. I manoeuvred him into laying down face-up, so I could properly make a feast of him.

My lover may have had greater experience than me, but I had suddenly taken the initiative. He wriggled beneath my touch, caressing and playfully scratching. I let my tongue traipse over his belly and swirl around his man-boobs, surprised by how much I was enjoying this strange form of worship for a man I’d known only a few minutes. Before very long, I tasted every bit of his torso, saving only his armpits; I was wary of the taste of deodorants.

I had been positioned to one side of Tom as I bathed his chest and abdomen. Now I centred myself between his knees and began loosening his belt.

“I need more,” I said, making eye contact with Tom as I unzipped him.

Far from minding, he grinned broadly back at me.

“Don’t expect me to stop you. You can put that tongue anywhere gebze escort you want!”

Right then, I couldn’t think of anywhere I didn’t want to put it. I was surprised, because I didn’t think tongue-bathing a man was one of my fantasy fetishes, but here I was stripping a man like he was a packaged meal. I pulled his pants down; Tom lifted one leg and then the other to make this easier. Folding the pants over a chair, I went back to Tom and plucked his socks off and threw them at the chair.

I decided I would resume my ministrations at his feet; how better to begin worship? I took his toes in my mouth, licking and sucking them, as my hands massaged his feet. It was very obvious that Tom had taken the trouble of washing very carefully before our meeting; even his feet were meticulously clean. There was the slightest earthy taste to his callouses, which also offered a tempting texture to my mouth. I nipped a little at the hardened skin, while content to lick the softer sole of his foot. I felt Tom shiver, presumably from sensation; even nearly naked as he was, I’m sure he was warmed by the heat we were generating.

I left the feet behind and washed my way up his calves, over his knees, finally reaching the sensitive inside of his thighs, where I licked and scratched playfully. I had my eyes open the entire time and they had locked more than once on Tom’s package, concealed in his sexy, tight briefs. I had seen Tom’s private profile pictures on the app where we met, of course; I knew that his cock was only what he considered average size. My own organ was a bit on the small side; I’d be happy to play with someone else’s larger piece.

But the time for that was not yet.

I was still hungry to devour the rest of this man with my tongue. I gestured for him to turn over and he instantly obeyed. I feasted first on the back of his legs, spending special time at the back and inside of his thighs, places where I myself was very sensitive to stimulation. While I lapped at the hairy thighs, I appreciated Tom’s fine ass through his underwear; I even copped a feel, but it was just a tease as I was still determined to complete his tongue massage.

I skipped over Tom’s arse, placing my body over his and nibbling at his earlobes for several seconds before lapping at his neck. His sighs continued to reward me. I moved on down to his shoulders, licking through the thin fur there. I added my hands and massaged his shoulders and back as I worked my way down. Soon, I was licking the small of his back as my hands roamed farther down, kneading his ass-cheeks through the fabric of his underwear.

I rose up, once more kneeling between my lover’s legs.

“I think it’s time for these to go,” I said, curling the fingers of both my hands around the waistband of his briefs. I pulled, and once more, Tom shifted his weight as required to allow me to remove this last shred of his clothing.

Once he was naked, I threw his briefs at the pile of his clothes and he turned himself up to a cross-legged sitting position. His cock was the first thing I noticed of course. It was a soft tube of flesh, but by no means would I have called it small. It was heavily bearded in pubic hair, though the testicles themselves were hairless. I wondered if he shaved his balls.

“Time for these to come off too,” Tom said. He was already unbuckling my belt. A second or two later, my button popped and my zipper opened. I felt his hands yanking down my jeans. I hopped off the bed to make it easier to get rid of them, stepping out of one pantleg and then the other. I discarded my boxers and we faced each other with interest, my hard, pointing cock to his soft, flaccid dick. I remember thinking that I had no control over my erections at the best of times; Tom must have considerably stronger mind over his matter than I did.

With an easy, lopsided grin, Tom lay back down on the bed, face down and I was back in my place between his legs. He was going to let me wait out working on his cock. His ass awaited.

Tom’s cheeks were tight and lean, considering his belly, but like his shoulders, the buttocks were completely covered in a fine, straw-coloured hair that contrasted with the dark hair on his chest and belly. I wondered if my enthusiasm for this tongue bath might fail me when I reached his ass, but, in fact, I was highly aroused and eager to continue. I took both of his cheeks between my hands and pressed them together. I nibbled at his cheeks while I massaged his thighs. When I had tasted my way around the contours of his ass, my tongue naturally found its way to the middle. I reversed my hold on his buttocks, pulling them apart gently. Without thought or hesitation, I inserted my tongue in his crack and traced my way from bottom to top. He was very clean down there. There was the slightest salty taste of fresh sweat and the barest sign of a man’s musky scent; Tom mostly smelled like soap. I had been afraid I might be repulsed by rimming a man, but now I found my tongue centring on Tom’s puckered bud, kartal escort poking at it, licking it, pressing on it and my lover shuddered with pleasure while I worked. The whole experience was a pleasant surprise.

Thus far, Tom had been lying face down on the bed. Now, he raised his ass in the air, giving me even easier access to his hole. As I continued tonguing his tight bud, I found I could now reach his hanging cock and balls. I caressed the testicles with delicate strokes but I was going to make him wait out my hand on his cock a little longer.

I was still rock-hard and I was getting horny to be touched myself, but I pressed on, now licking the full stroke from his taint to the top of his ass-crack. Occasionally, my tongue even swept the back of his balls. Tom’s sighs increased as I stimulated him, and I found the sound turned me on to a surprising degree.

I pulled my nose out of my work and knelt back so I could really appreciate the sight of his raised, exposed ass and his hanging balls and dick. The thought occurred to me: could I fuck him now? I had the wood and he had the throbbing hole. I stammered over how to ask Tom if I could take him, and before I knew it, he turned over and lay on his back. I think he thought this was what I was trying to ask him to do, or maybe he was more interested in his own satisfaction than in mine.

Telling the truth, one look at his cock in its nest of balls and pubic hair, and my thoughts automatically re-routed. My mouth watered for his dick. I lay belly-down between his legs, and propping myself up with my elbows, I started licking and sucking his balls. They had only the faintest manly scent, but I was as aroused by the aroma of him as by the sight of him. I pressed my hands between his ass-cheeks and the sheets so that I could massage his bottom enthusiastically while I pleasured his balls.

After a few minutes of that, I knew I was doing something right, because I noticed Tom’s six-incher finally starting to fill out. I closed my mouth over the head of his cock and felt the miracle of its hardening inside me. I spiralled my tongue over the helmet and licked at the piss-slit, savouring its pre-cum flavour. I licked the ridge running along the underside of his penis. I hollowed my cheeks and began to suck him while continuing to massage him with my busy tongue. I could feel his pulse through his cock’s thin skin. Tom’s moans were ecstatic.

“Yeah… like that… suck that cock…”

I was encouraged by his feedback. I had only sucked one cock before, so I knew I was just a beginner, but I began to think I had an aptitude for it. I was learning quickly. I felt fatigue in my jaw and my tongue was getting tired, but I was determined to carry on. I had tasted nearly every inch of this man’s body and I wanted to savour his manliest essence.

“Fuck… your mouth… your tongue… you’re fucking good at this!”

I didn’t stop sucking him to say thanks, believing actions speak louder than words. I wanted to make this man burst in my mouth and taste his seed.

“Oh, if you don’t stop… I’ll come!”

I maintained my cocksucking rhythm while continuing to fondle his ass. The angle was too awkward to stick a finger in his ass or I would have. I felt his rod shiver in my mouth just before my tongue was flooded with his hot, bitter semen. I felt a sympathetic twitch in my own cock, but I did not come with my lover. I carried on licking and sucking his dick until it was clear of any residual jizz and I bolted down the whole load in a single swallow. I kissed the head of his dick lovingly, watching it soften and settle down like a sleepy serpent, still occasionally throbbing with post-orgasmic spasms.

Tom was already laying down, but now he seemed to sink right into the mattress, relaxing deeply after the release of so much tension. I admired his naked form for a minute; then, I rolled over to my side of the bed and lay on my back, resting after my own exertions.

I was just starting to doze off when I felt the bed shift under Tom’s weight. He rolled over so that he was on his side facing me. The fingers of his right hand played with the hair on my chest, tweaking a nipple now and again. I felt his hand glide down to my belly, rubbing it pleasantly, flicking my raised navel with his thumb. He reached farther down until my cock was within his reach. Tom took my hard organ in hand, and I was grateful for the sensation as his fingers caressed my dick.

Tom leaned into me, joining his face to mine in a hot, wet kiss. His fingers continued to stroke the sensitive underside of my cock while his tongue overpowered mine, pressing into my mouth. We went on that way several minutes, locked in feverish embrace while his hand increased the pressure on my member. His thumb stroked the mushroom cap of my cock and I shuddered in ecstasy. When Tom broke our kiss, he let his tongue traipse down my neck and through the forest of my chest hair, taking time to flick my nipples and nibble at my man-boobs. His right hand remained busy on my prick as he reached up to my mouth with his left hand and traced a line around my lips before putting his finger in my mouth. His tongue continued to matte down my abdominal hair as it reached my belly-button; he tongue-fucked my navel for a few seconds before moving further down, curling my pubic hair around his tongue.

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