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My Pantyhose Teacher

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I must give a very grateful Thank you to kenjisato for his editing of my story. I hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Hi! Let me tell you my story. As a young lady I was never fond of pantyhose. I always found them to be hot and too much of a bother. You have to make sure they’re not sagging, they don’t get runners, the whole ten yards. I’ve found them to be just your general pain in the ass. But in my teen days, I would wear them on Sundays to church, and on those special occasions when a nice young girl was to dress for whatever was going on.

Now that I’ve hit my mid-twenties, I’m wearing them at my job. I work in an office with several other women, and all of them wear hose, so I felt bad being the only one not wearing them myself all the time. I decided to wear them two or three times a week. So on the first day I was to put on a pair of pantyhose, I started to really dread my decision, but I sucked it up and off I went.

On Monday I got ready for work, putting my new pantyhose on and headed off. When I got to work, I was not paying much attention to the other ladies, but I instead, heard more of a difference in how they talked to me. I thought, what was the change in the way they asked me to do things and the general conversation they had with me? I couldn’t figure it out, but I was happy with the more pleasant way they treated me, not that it had been bad before. It was just more of a sweet way than a business way. You know, like I was one of the girls, maybe. At the end of the day, I felt as if this was the best day I had ever had at work.

Tuesday, I took the day off from my hose. The day went okay, but not as good as the day before. As with yesterday, I didn’t know why, but the girls seemed to be a little put off by me. I figured it was just an odd day or something, and let it go by without a second thought. You know one of those ho-hum-bummer-type days. Wednesday was much the same, even though I was in my pantyhose. It seemed to be a smidgen better, but not as most would say. So at the end of the day, I had planned to go do some shopping.

I ran into one of the women from the office at the store after work. She was one that talked to me more than the others in the office and was personable to me all the time. We would talk about other things then work, when we had time to have little conversations. It was like we could be friends if we just took the time to be. So I thought now was as good a time as any. I went up to Cori to strike up a conversation.

“Hi Cori, fancy seeing someone from the office.”

“Well hello, Sydney, I thought that was you. How are you this evening?”

“Oh I’m fine, Cori, and you?”

“Just wonderful. I thought I would stop in to pick up some new hose for work.”

“Cool, I’m not much into hose myself, but I’ve been going with it on an every-other-day basis. I came to look for a new outfit or two, trying to build up my work wardrobe. I don’t have a lot in the line of work attire to choose from,” I said.

“That sounds fun, can I join you in your search?” asked Cori.

“Sure, I’d love the company, and it will give us a chance to talk.”

As we were shopping, Cori helped me find some smart-looking outfits for work and had some interesting conversations about our likes and dislikes, with a little about work thrown in. It was getting somewhat late and we both were hungry. I asked Cori if she needed to get home to her family and she said she wasn’t married and wondered if I would like to go have something to eat with her. I said sure, so we made way to a restaurant.

While we ate, we talked about our lives as we grew up and things of that nature. Somewhere in the conversation, I realized Cori didn’t get her pantyhose she had gone shopping for. She told me it was okay, that she would be fine with what she had at home until the weekend. We finished our meal and paid the bill.

Cori asked, “Sydney, I had fun. I was wondering if you would like to go shopping with me Saturday?”

“I’d love to,” I replied.

“Okay, we’ll make the plans before we leave work on Friday.”

“Cool, sounds like a plan.”

We both said see you tomorrow and went home.

Thursday went by and was uneventful. Friday morning was a ‘PH’ day, so off I went in my pantyhose. Today was about the same as the last three, but some of the other girls talked with me more than they had before.

At lunch, Cori came over and sat with me. We talked about the morning and how the day was progressing. Just before break was over she asked if we were still on for tomorrow.

“Absolutely,” I replied.

Cori said, “Let me give you my address. What time would be good?”

“Um, how about 10:30am?”

“Great, that sounds fine,” and we went back to work.

Finally the day was over and I couldn’t wait until the time to meet Cori for our shopping date.

On Saturdays, I’m a bit of a late sleeper as one has to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to do the work thing. I woke up around 9:00am and got myself ready to meet Cori at her home. Being a slim, fit woman, standing five bahis siteleri feet six inches with long, black hair, full C cup tits, and legs that come up to a cute, bubble ass, you men know the type; the size and shape you can cup in your hand. I thought what the hell, so I grabbed my favorite pair of cut-off shorts, and a cute, little halter top for the shopping trip and headed out the door at 9:55am. I got to Cori’s at 10:22am, and went to the door. Cori was there as I walked up and asked me in, as she wasn’t quite ready.

“Sydney, come on back to my room, while I finish getting done.”

“Okay,” and I followed her back, asking her to, “please call me Syd, as all my friends do.”

“Okay, Syd it is then,” she replied. “I love the outfit you have on, with one exception.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Syd, your not wearing pantyhose with your outfit.”

I thought for a second, and asked if it made a difference, then asked, “Won’t the control top of the leg be seen?”

She laughed, “You really don’t wear hose much, do you?”

“No, I sure don’t,” and asked, “Why?”

Cori then told me that there are many styles of pantyhose, French cut that comes up the hip more so the leg tops don’t show, as well as some others. She walked to her dresser and opened the drawer.

“Here, try these on. I think they’ll fit you fine.”

Cori handed me a packet of Wolford Fatals and told me I’d love them. I started for the bathroom.

“What, are you too shy to strip in front of me?”

“Oh, no…” and I removed my shorts leaving my panties on, as I opened the package.

“Um, Syd, hon, they feel better without panties.”

“Oh, okay.” So I removed them, too.

I had never worn hose without panties before, and as I got them on I found she was right. The cool air moving around my lower body was exquisite, and I didn’t feel so confined in them, as I do while having panties on. I got my shorts and put them back on and waited for Cori to finish.

Wow, what an outfit Cori had on. First, she started with a pair of black pantyhose and a very sexy lace bra, topping it with a mid-thigh-high skirt in gray and this white, nearly sheer, blouse.

“Damn, I feel a bit underdressed,” I noted.

“Don’t be silly, you look just divine.”

“Thank you, Cori, and you look breathtaking.”

“Thanks, Syd. I always dress nicely when I go out, even if it’s to the grocery store for milk.”

I asked, “Why?” and she laughed.

“You will see, my dear, you will see.”

So with that, she was done and we were off to do some shopping.

We went in Cori’s car, and on the way to the mall, she asked, “Where do you get your hose from?”

“I mostly get them at the drugstore, whatever is cheap.”

“That stops today. We are going to hook you up with some fine hose that you will fall in love with.”

“Okay, today, you’re the boss, let’s do this.”

We pulled into the mall lot and the first store we hit was Victoria’s Secret.

“Syd, this is one of the best for shopping hose when you need to do a quick stock up. The other stores are good, too, but I find when I’m looking for some of the more elegant-feeling hose, this is where I come.”

“Cool, lead on. Teach me, all-knowing pantyhose Yoda.”

Cori helped me pick out several pairs and I was a bit shocked at the prices and I said something to her about it.

“Oh my young pantyhose padawan, it’s the price of quality. Do you know why you don’t like hose that much, sweetie?”

“I guess you’re going to tell me, because I buy the cheap drugstore ones.”

“Absolutely, yes. You see, the cheap ones aren’t made with good yarns. They feel rough and scratchy on your legs and pussy, if you’re not wearing panties with them. Also, they always, to me, seem to run and become trash more easily. When I was like you, I did the same and would get the le cheapos, sometimes ruining two pairs just to get on pair on; putting a hole in or running them as I pulled them up. Just garbage.”

While we were there, we decided on some other lingerie and made our way to the counter to pay. We went to a couple other stores and made some quick buys. I had been noticing, as we walked through the stores and mall area, people had been looking at us. Mostly the men I should say, and I mentioned this to Cori.

She laughed, “Now, you finally see what I was talking about at the house. People love to see hot women dressed much the same way as we were, but they really love seeing us in pantyhose. When you look as fucking hot as we do and add hose, the men give you the second look and it’s usually the, I WANT TO FUCK YOU look!”

I was paying more attention now, and she was right. I have been missing out on this and never thought about it before. But we were done with the shopping and were heading to the car for the ride back to Cori’s.

Back at her place, Cori asked if I was hungry and asked me in for an early dinner. I decided to accept and went in. I figured it would give us a chance to talk more about pantyhose. Cori asked if spaghetti was ok, and I said that sounded good so we prepared our dinner.

As canlı bahis siteleri we did, I asked, “How did you come to have such a love for pantyhose?”

“Well, it all started about the time I started working at the office.” Cori continued, “I was much like you and didn’t care for them. I didn’t know there were so many makers and styles as with you. One of the ladies took me under her wing and helped me with finding the comfortable hose that I showed to you today. I found that the more expensive hose feel sensual and have such a cleaner look as well.”

“Wow,” I said, “I would have never thought of anything like that.”

She said, “Neither does anyone else, but I’ve got more to teach you.”

I was a bit more intrigued as to the way Cori said that, and wondered what she was talking about.

As we finished our dinner, Cori filled our wine classes and we went to the living room. We both sat on the couch, one on either end and continued our conversation. Cori let me know that she had some other hose for me to see, but that would be on-line, and said we could do that later. I said that would be fine. We talked about things at work as well as other things. Our glasses were empty again and Cori went to get the bottle, filling them once more.

The talk suddenly turned to sex.

Cori asked if I had ever been with a woman.

I was shocked to say the least. But as we were getting more comfortable with each other I figured what the hell and said, “No, I’ve not ever thought anything about being with a woman.” As I was speaking, I hadn’t noticed that Cori had moved closer to me.

“Syd, I know you had some thoughts about it today as I was getting dressed. I saw the look in your eye as I was pulling up my hose and putting on my bra. The guys at the mall weren’t the only people looking hard at me, either.”

As she said this to me, she laid her hand on my knee. I didn’t think much as to how I looked at her earlier, but looking back, I do remember a tingle in my pussy. Damn, did I send a look to give her ideas I was hot for her? I don’t know if I did or not, but thinking about it now, she is fucking hot.

Cori looked straight into my eyes as she said to me, “It’s okay to have feelings for another woman. I have wanted you ever since I saw you today, pulling up those hose I gave you to wear.”

She moved closer to me and I felt the urge to do the same. As we did, her hand went further up my leg and it felt warm and tender. We never let our eyes move from one another until our lips met for that first sweet kiss. Oh, how hot it was. It was a long and tender kiss that seemed to go on forever.

“Follow me.”

Up I got, and we took that walk to her bedroom again. We stood next to the bed and kissed again, this time longer than the first, and as we did, I felt her hand move to the button on my shorts. She unfastened it, then the zipper. As she did this, she broke the kiss and looked into my eyes and found the answer she was looking for. My eyes said all she needed to know. Cori grabbed hold of each leg and as she pulled down my shorts she went to her knees, this whole time looking me in the eyes. I instinctively stepped out of them as they came to the floor. She helped me out of my shoes and started to rub her hands up my legs. Wow, the feeling of her touch, so soft and warm. As she went, her hands turned to the backs of my legs and moving higher came to my ass. Cori started to kneed my ass and it felt so damn good. She leaned in to me and her lips made contact with my pussy. I felt a jolt of electricity shoot through my body and a warmth in my pussy I had not felt in a long time. I swear I felt the juices start flowing.

Cori kissed my pussy lips then I felt her tongue on me. It was fantastic. As she worked her magic on me I fell to the bed opening my legs wide for her. I wanted to feel all the pleasure I knew she would give me tonight. I was getting lost in the feel and sensations she brought to me.

“Put your hands in the hose and open your lips to expose your clit,” which I did gladly.

Cori’s tongue came in contact with it and I nearly freaked, her mouth was so soft and she knew just what, and how to do it, me. She licked my little clitty some and then I felt the finger at my entrance. I had all but forgotten I still had on pantyhose and wondered how this was gonna work, but as she worked it into me the pleasure refilled my thoughts. I didn’t know the Wolfords had so much give. The feelings of the hose in me with her finger and the licking of my clit, I could feel the fire building. She worked on me so well that it wasn’t much longer and as I got closer, I yelled to her I was oh so close. She put another finger in and moved it in and out faster and faster, and licked my clit even more.

“Oh god, YESSSSS! FUUUUUCK!! I’m coming!”

I came so hard, harder than I think I’ve ever come in my life. Cori cleaned up all my juices and joined me on the bed. We kissed and I could taste my juices on her tongue. Shit that was great.

Cori looked at me and said, “It’s your turn to do me.”

“I’ve never done another woman before,” I canlı bahis said.

“You liked what I had just did to you, yes?”

“Fuck me, yes.”

“Well, then do the same as I did to you, and I’ll let you know if you need to do anything different. You’ll do just fine. Now get to it.”

I climbed on the bed with her and kissed her long and lovingly, letting my hands do some exploring. I came to rest my left hand on her tit and kneaded it gently through her bra. We broke the kiss long enough to remove it as I kissed her a bit longer and played with her nipple. As the kiss broke again, I started to move down, lightly licking as I went. As I came to her breast, I had to stop and play there a bit. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue around her nipple. This brought forth a low moan from Cori so I went on a minute or so, then started to suck it. Cori was loving this as much as I was, but I knew we both wanted my mouth on something else.

So again, I moved lower. As I went, Cori would shiver a bit as I was so lightly touching her with my tongue. As I got closer to her pussy, my mind was racing. Was she liking what I was doing so far? Would I do it right when I got to her pussy? Would she enjoy what I was about to do? I wanted this to go well. I looked up to see if there was any sign of reassurance. All must have been going good cause all I got was a big smile, so on I trod to the prize that awaited my attention.

As I got closer, I could smell Cori’s scent. How heavenly it was. Now all I wanted was to taste her sweet pussy. I lowered my head for my first taste of another woman’s sex. I took my tongue to it slowly, not knowing if I would like it or not. As I did, it was the most wonderful flavor I have ever had in my mouth. It gave me the need and wants to have more.

Cori gave a moan at that first lick so I know that was a good start. I went in for more, working to get better with every move I made with my tongue. Both Cori and I were starting to really enjoy what I was doing to her. As I got bolder, I found her clit and started to lick and suck on it. That made Cori move her hips up and down like she was trying to fuck me back. This made me think back to her sucking me off and I brought my hand up to her and slid a finger in her pussy. Damn, she really gave a moan then. She started to yell.

“Suck me, finger me, fuck me hard.”

I was swimming in her words to fuck her. I put another finger in, and she moaned more,

“Fuck me pantyhose bitch, fucking put in another finger.”

I did just that, and added another. I kept sucking knowing she was enjoying this as much as I was.

She kept yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me!” She yelled, “Oh fuck, fuck I’m gonna cum!” so I went harder. She started to scream, “HHHHHOLY FFFFFUUUUUCK!”

Every muscle in her body went tight as she had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen. It really rocked her world. As she came back down to reality, I licked up every bit of her cum that I could, and then moved back up to kiss her again.

Cori was still breathing a bit heavy, so I let her relax a bit longer. As she was, she told me that was the best pussy eating she had ever gotten, and that she would let me eat her out any time, she enjoyed it so much. I thanked her, and thought to myself that I would be taking her up on that quite a lot. We laughed, and looked at each other lovingly and kissed.

When we broke, she said, “Wait right here.”

I told her, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I watched as she walked into her closet wondering what she could be up to. When she came out, I nearly lost it. She came out with this strap-on dildo and I asked, “What the fuck are you going to do with that?”

“Exactly that, fuck. I’m gonna fuck you ’til you’re cross-eyed.” She jumped up on the bed and told me, “Suck it, bitch.”

As Cori laid back, I got to my knees and did just what she said. It was weird to see this thing sticking up from her body, but I just had to suck her cock. I bent down and took her man-meat to my lips and gave it a kiss. Then, I took it and deepthroated her; all the time, looking at Cori to see her reactions to what I was doing to her. I didn’t have to look much because she would moan about whatever I did.

She would say to me, “That’s it, suck my cock, bitch. Deepthroat it. Suck me hard.”

I’d give her everything she asked for. It was all fun, but I was ready for her to fuck the shit out of me and I told her that. Cori laid me down and spread my legs wide. I thought she would rip a hole in my hose but she didn’t. She stuck a finger in me cause with all the moving around I did the hose came out of my pussy. So she needed to start the pantyhose back in me. When she was done with that she asked if I was ready.

I said, “Oh, yes. Please fuck me.”

Cori moved in close to me and started slowly putting her cock into my pussy. It felt so wonderful going in. As she went in deeper, hitting the hose that she pushed into me, I could feel them start to stretch against my folds and clit. It felt so strange to have something wrapping around you, but good as well. As she hit bottom, she started working back out getting a rhythm going. It felt great the way the hose would go lax and taut again as she moved in and out, picking up speed. It all had me moaning, screaming, and gasping for air, getting me closer to cumming again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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