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My Redhead

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“Mr. Heyden, the web bitch will be here soon.”

“Thank you, Sophia,” Jeff replied to his secretary not being able to hide a smile, as the woman they had hired to build their company website and manage it was a really difficult to cooperate with person. She was to be found only through emails. No one had ever seen or talked to her but the problem was that she took initiative and posted the pictures she was sent differently, had opinion on what and how things should be posted and when and generally. They felt they should fire her asap. And they would. Jeff would take care of that in less than a quarter of an hour. As a matter of fact he was searching for a replacement since the day before and had almost got the small company a new one.

No more the web bitch he thought as he glanced at the clock on the wall. His secretary was a bit curious as to how she would look like since they had invented that nickname, ‘web bitch.’ No one remembered her real name, too, as she was a freelancer and was paid only once a year.

Minutes later, the phone rang.

“Mr. Heyden, she’s here…”

Sophia’s voice was reluctant and he noticed she didn’t use her name. Not that he cared but it was pretty unprofessional.

Jeff was just glancing at the last email he had received when the door opened. Fuck, he forgot to check her name.

Stella just stayed at the door, looking reserved and uneasy. Her hair was held with a hair band and she was wearing her jeans and a white shirt, her leather, brown backpack in her hands, hiding most of herself.

The formed “come in” that Jeff was about to let out turned into a puzzled “Ginger?”

Jeff tried to hold back his words as he was pretty sure the Ginger he remembered resented that nickname. Ginger, his Ginger, his… Oh God, not now, as he was finally having an easy adult life.

Stella was turning redder by the seconds and stood by the door speechless and unable to move. “Jeff?”

He got up, leaving the authority chair and walked towards her. He closed the door quietly, making her take a step forward, inside his office.

He tried to keep his hands off her and he tried not to breathe because he knew her scent. He tried to block his instant memory of her half covered with freckles body, all her left side covered in small dots, from face to ankles, arms, nipples, hips, corner of the mouth. Her shirt covered it up but he knew. Oh yes, he knew.

Stella was his best friend’s little sister and Jeff was like the overprotective male figure in all her school years. Jeff is a hard to read man, a coldhearted one and back then he was an even worse case boy, five years older than her. If he had feelings other than loyalty to his best friends, they were covered up completely. That made Stella one of the guys since he was hard with his comments and overly protective just like he was with his friends.

At her eighteenth birthday party, both Jeff and her brother appeared late and drunk, making the full house party even wilder. At one point Jeff realized that Stella was nowhere to be found and had a closer look at her hiding spots.

“There you are you spoiled princess! Too good to attend your own party?”

The early summer night was on the warm side, the roof incline was a little cold to bare feet and Stella was smiling at him, while absentmindedly playing with her long, auburn hair. “You know I hate parties, I don’t know or want to know half the people down there and…”

Jeff secretly agreed but he had a well-hidden ambition that drove him to get to know people and make use of their qualities and resources. He brought his hand to her hair and untangled it from her constant twisting. “And what Ginger?” His voice lowered and he took this as a sign of weakness. Damn. He promised never to let his guard down again. He didn’t know he would break this promise more than once.

“You know that name makes me furious! It reminds me of horny schoolboys asking me if the color of my hair matched …” Stella suddenly stopped and blushed. “What brings you up here Jeff?”

“Wanted to wish Happy Birthday to the birthday girl but she was missing!”

“Oh, I turned eighteen a week ago. Wishes accepted!” She joked with a bitter smile and Jeff held her waist and kissed her on the corner of her mouth, just on her freckles. Damn. She was his best friend’s sister and he was exploring around. Also thinking about starting his own job some time soon. At 23 Jeff was starting to form his inner man. But this girl had something that made him weaker and protective and vulnerable. He didn’t know that was called falling in love.

All that, made his kiss linger on her face a few seconds more. Stella had always been in love with Jeff but she was feeling his need to move on and she was proud of him. Also she felt lonely and a little emotional every time he appeared with a girlfriend.

“Here, let’s watch if any star falls tonight so I can make a birthday wish,” Stella proposed and they both laid down on the rough surface bahis siteleri and watched speechless. Each for his own reasons.

Jeff shouted in a deep voice, “There’s one, hurry up, a wish,” and touched her shoulder. Stella closed her eyes and smiled a moment later. Her face lit up and she almost let a cry out. “I have to know what it was! Damn, my wish wouldn’t have made me laugh,” Jeff joked and looked at her.

She turned her head whispering an, “I’m not telling you,” and she saw his hand moving over her face to take a disobedient curl out of the way. He couldn’t see her eyes. “There wasn’t a falling star, was there?” she asked in a low voice and he grinned before he leaned on his elbows and kissed her cheek. It burned her.

“Ah Stella, you don’t need any real star to make your dreams come true.”

He had faith in her, once she could control her impatience over people. He turned his face once more to see her. Her right side a creamy white skin while her unseen left dotted with freckles.

Later he would blame the alcohol, the stars and the atmosphere. Fact is he touched her hair and played with it a while, watching Stella holding her breath and in a sudden urge he leaned over her again but this time kissed her on the lips. A long, sweet kiss, consuming her lower lip and having her escape small cries. Her hands were on her stomach, as before, not being able to move them. He took her lips again and again, until a bell rang inside his male head. He got up and wished her a polite happy birthday as he was swiftly leaving the roof, leaving Stella with a beating heart, motionless and his taste on her lips. On her heart and brain actually.

Three months later, as summer was at its end, Stella was on the balcony, her legs up and her face hidden behind her tablet. As usual, she was drawing and writing.

The loud voices of Adam, her brother, and his friends were too close to ignore. They approached and took any seats available which made Stella get up and move through them to get inside the house. As she did, her dark brown summer dress was caught in a nail by the door and she exhaled a ‘fuck’ as her eye caught Jeff and a petite brunette sitting on his thighs, laughing and holding her by her neck.

Fuck. Was it really for the torn dress?

She headed to the kitchen to have some water when a hand caught hers tight.

“Hey. Long time.”

She didn’t have to turn her face to know it was him.

“Want a coffee? You’re drunk.”

“She’s a summer fling.”

“I know. They all are. I should start a collection of my own.”

“Fuck you Ginger!” He hissed.

“No one is offering,” she murmured and turned on the coffee machine.

College started and Stella was in heaven with all the projects and the new things she had to do. Truth is, at the arts department, many were odd looking, tattooed, purple color haired, and maybe weird stuff smoking… Stella was forming friendships and didn’t care about their appearances.

Adam was worried and asked Jeff to help him out. That brought Jeff drinking a soda at a mall, watching a bunch of boys and girls playing grown-ups. There, Stella emerged out of them, followed by a young man with his arms fully tattooed, dark hair and a sexy smile playing with her hair and looking into her eyes. He saw Stella flirt back, laughing quietly, smiling, and blushing. He watched the curve of her lip move, the same curve he had found the courage to kiss that night on the roof. He watched this charming man’s hand landing on her waist and staying there.

That was it. He walked over, tried to sound calm and said flatly, “Stella, sorry to interrupt, your brother needs you home. Like now.”

Stella opened her mouth to protest but Jeff was the only one she never used her temper on. She bit her lip, blushed and whispered a vague ‘sorry’ to the charming guy and walked side by side to an angry but not talkative Jeff.

When they were at the parking lot she turned to him “What Jeff? Adam wants me to die a virgin?”

This was blunt, Jeff was shocked but got a light feeling. One burning question answered.

“Look, sweetheart, you might not understand it now, but we know what guys think and want and we are extra careful. It’s just love, not control.”

Stella responded well to the plain explanation and obliged to follow Jeff.

They didn’t talk at all at the car but the silence was heavy with their thoughts flowing around.

Jeff was furious at himself for feeling good that she’s still a virgin and Stella was wondering how much his words about caring and love were close to his truth and not her brother’s.

Stella cut back on her numerous friends from college and started to focus on her projects, finding ways to make her work carry her individual signature, her identity. She took the train to visit nearby cities which held art exhibitions and built a web site of her own. That’s what became her next obsession; she spent hours editing photos and building galleries. Soon, many students canlı bahis siteleri in college were asking her help on building their own sites until it became professional and she made some money on her own. Stella was happy, right?

She closed the lid of her notebook rather abruptly and she regretted it instantly. She had to go to her brother’s party which was thrown for his new place on his job and his birthday at the same time. Swell. She loved Adam but she had to finish a stubborn code and she had a natural detest for situations with a lot of people. She loved her brother but his parties were way too wild for her taste.

Having in mind that she would just mingle until she found an opportunity to call it a night, she couldn’t care less about what to wear. She chose a plain chocolate brown slim, cotton, mid-thigh length sleeveless dress, and flat sandals. She let her hair down and checked herself, making funny faces with her nose at the sight of her freckled half torso. She picked a loose, cropped, white t shirt and wore it over. A dab of her perfume and she was ready to leave, having absolutely no idea how dangerously innocent sexy she was.

Too much. Drinks, noises, music coming from two different sources, blended, ruined carpets from spilled drinks and a source of vibrant laughs that had to be her brother and his friends. Right. Stella got over there pushing drunk men aside, hugged her brother and wished him ‘happy birthday’ shouting to make sure her voice was heard over that music. He gave her a warm kiss on the cheek and Stella felt she had to find the way to some fresh air. Someone was passing by and it was the unfortunate moment when a whole glass of red wine was on her white tee and soaked her from hair tips to toes. Shit!

Stella had to make a few turns around the house to find a secluded area but it seemed that all were occupied. She had to run in the house again and find her secret way to the roof. So it was pushing sweaty bodies and drunk people until she finally reached the roof and took a deep breath. Oh, her roof. She looked around the crooked tiles.

“Long time Ginger,” Jeff’s voice filled the night air, as he stepped on the roof himself.

Stella turned abruptly and her heartbeat almost threw her down. Jeff in his jeans, Jeff in his white shirt, Jeff with a three day beard, Jeff with his deep voice.

He went on, “Jesus, you should be out of that soaked tee right away,” he said as he tried to pull it over her head.

As it came off she tried to cover her arm and stayed speechless while Jeff stood examining the sight, a sea of tiny freckles running from her shoulder down, all her left side, ending from what seemed just above her knee.

“Don’t hide them Ginger… they are so pretty” he exclaimed while he ran his fingers over them lightly.

“Do they …” he started asking, making a mental path with his fingers over her torso, like asking her if they really go on like this under her dress. She nodded yes.

“Don’t ever hide them Ginger… they are so beautiful, ” he went on, in a slightly shaky voice from the many double scotches or from his sudden arousal. Or from both.

“Don’t call me Ginger…” was all she could mutter and she dropped her hands down under his soft pressure.

“I don’t really like them…” she started but his mouth was all over hers, wanting and taking, a rough kiss on her soft lips, sucking them as he opened her mouth with his tongue.

“Shut up Ginger” he said huskily and she swallowed hard, feeling her whole body shaking with an unknown anticipation. His kiss still rough, his beard rough on her white face, his hands rough on her back.

She had her eyes closed when she heard him “Take this dress off Ginger, I wanna see them all” and she just followed his orders, taking the dress off and having her hair bounce on her shoulders. His hand brushed away some curls and he traced the millions of freckles around her collar bone, down her delicious breasts and around her puffy, pink nipples. After some moments he went down her tummy and stopped at her panties.

He waited a few painful seconds, her heart beating like crazy and he ordered her with a darkened face “Dress up Stella” as he turned and walked down the stairs.

That was the first time Stella was naked in front of a man and she felt something stirring inside her, awakening her.

The next days flew by with her working on her projects but daydreaming most of the time she was supposed to work. She stood naked in front of her mirror and caressed her soft breasts, around her nipples and over her navel, circling it and lower, playing with her soft trimmed hair, her ginger hair down there…

There was a guy at the computer science dept that she was appointed to when she wanted help building her websites. A light brown haired guy with green eyes behind glasses and the sweetest smile around campus. He was always available to help and explain, reluctant to make a move but clearly in love with her.

Stella canlı bahis was stuck in a Java nightmare and messaged John. Yes, of course he would help anytime, it was known that IT guys stayed up late and preferred the smaller hours of the day. She took her backpack, her laptop, wore a plain purple summer dress with her All Stars shoes and went over to find John with messed hair and a Joy Division faded t shirt.

“Come on in Stella, have a seat” he offered, looking around for a chair where she could actually sit. The floor was cramped with wires and extension cords, walls were covered with retro counter ads and his waste basket overflowed. But his sheets smelled fresh clean.

Stella sat, learned, laughed, made a friend and even called John ‘her official nerd’.

Next day they repeated it all and shared a beer. More laughs and more touching as John was explaining and was acting shocked by her stupid questions. One time he even ran his hand through her hair and Stella thought she heard him murmur that her hair smelled terrific of coconut.

The third night just as Stella was protesting she couldn’t understand a word because she was too tired, John held her waist, plainly but earnestly and kissed her. A warm kiss that didn’t leave her breathless like Jeff’s did but a kiss that made her feel wanted, secure and accepted. She had been waiting for that unconditional acceptance, love she would dare to say. Stella returned the kiss and held his neck closer.

Although his moves were awkward at first, his hands running on her body, over her clothes, his kisses on her lips, Stella felt her senses awakening. She pushed her slim body into his, felt his muscles under his t shirt, felt his hardness pressing on her crotch and stared at his darkened eyes. Then, she gave him credit as a man, she surrendered to her nerd and that moment, when John felt her breathless on him, he grew up. He held her tight and pushed her gently on his single bed, pulling her panties away, discovering her mouth with his tongue and grabbing her ass as he did. She moaned. And she kept moaning as he entered her, framing her face with his hands, repeating ‘stay calm, baby’, taking her virginity slowly but decisively, making her twist her torso and steadying her down with his weight when needed.

John adored her and was the perfect boyfriend. Stella was his ‘sweetest little student’, a happy girl, his girlfriend, a blushing one, who felt proud of her nerd, secure in his arms almost every night, excited to feel on her skin someone who loved her that much. They met daily, they discovered things together, they were having fun, they made love. Did she enjoy it? Well, how many women do, anyway? Maybe in time. Sometimes she felt she was ready to burst into something unknown but her mind was playing games on her and she couldn’t. She hoped she would, eventually.

As her web site building skills were growing, she offered to help her brother Adam build his own to add to his CV, so she went over his place some days in a row to discuss colors and options.

One afternoon, just as she had received an inappropriate sms from John, Jeff appeared on the door and watched her read her phone screen, blush, blush some more and answer back.

“Who’s the lucky guy, Ginger?” he asked and his voice made her forget the message and turn her head.

“Don’t… he’s a friend,” she whispered.

Damn, she denied him as her boyfriend.

“A close friend?”

Stella confronted him. “My boyfriend” she said in a sassy manner.

Jeff looked into her eyes. Saw something else besides covered shyness. He saw the woman. She had given him her virginity.

Jeff was a man of ambitions, determined to achieve and clever. As he grew older he was proud of himself in being controlled and disciplined. But damn, Ginger could turn him upside down. Yeah, he knew she was old enough to have a boyfriend, old enough to explore sex, owed nothing to him, understood none of his subtle ways to win her and, frankly, he was torn in half between love and lust, friendship with her brother and sweaty nights thinking about her lips on him. All over him.

Stella always got him in touch with his primal self, his darker side.

Right now was no exception; in fact it got worse.

“Has he made you cum?”

What? She stepped back and blushed profoundly.

She hated that. He loved that.

“That means no,” he went on.

Adam shouted from far “Stella, I’m going to the library for a couple of hours. Jeff’s here if you need anything.” Door closed.

Jeff wanted to say a whole lot of things. If she trembled on his hands, if she stood speechless when he kissed her, if he had kissed her freckles one by one and if he had tasted her.

Instead, nothing came out, he grabbed her neck and locked out of his brain that Adam was her brother, that he was disciplined and that he was in and out of a relationship. Stella was his a long time ago and he had to claim her tonight.

His kiss was deep and slow, he paused to look at her, her eyes half open and darkened, and took her lips harder. He heard a small cry and realized he sucked her lower lip harder than he intended. He detached, smiled and whispered softly “get used to it.”

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