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My Sister, My Slave Ch. 02

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I awoke to Master’s dick still half inside my ass with His forearm draped over my bare breasts, hugging them possessively. I had cheekily snuck it inside of me while He was snoring away last night. His rules stated that I couldn’t put his dick fully in me without His permission.


It didn’t mention anything about a little bit or even halfway in. It was fun – trying to find loopholes in Master’s ruling, trying to outsmart Him. I had always been a bit rebellious and my programming hadn’t changed that in the slightest. Honestly, I think Master enjoyed this side of me. If He didn’t, He would have told me to knock it off a long ago and I couldn’t disobey a direct command like that, nor would I want to. Angering Master and risking banishment from His presence was the worst thing I could imagine.

I shuddered at the thought.

I didn’t want to move. I was so comfortable. I wished I could lay with Him like this forever. I was already extremely lucky to share His soft and luxurious queen size bed for the night. Master used to allow me to bed with him every night for the first couple of months of my slavehood. But recently, he had me sleeping back in my own room, stating that He’d rather sleep with me as a treat instead of normalising it to not get bored of me.

I leaned forward and Master’s dick came out with a wet, audible ‘pop’, making me giggle. I could feel dry cum scattered around in between my hairless cheeks.

Still giggling, I turned around and studied my living God’s face – so innocent, so handsome.

The room was freezing. Master had turned the temperature down – way more than necessary – because he was plump and would sweat a lot. I snuggled myself closer, into His radiant warmth and away from the air conditioned breeze. It was nice – except for when he would exhale. He must have not brushed his teeth last night, after He had fucked me, because His breath stinks of rotten eggs.

In the early days, Master would expect to be woken up a full blown French kiss, so that wasn’t exactly pleasant. I hadn’t dared bring up that fact and just did what a good slave would do and endured it the best I could. I was more than happy when He had switched it to being woken up by morning blowjobs instead.

I made a face. Maybe I should slip in some of the mouth wash that Master had me use after every blowjob session into His bathroom. Maybe He would get the hint.

I already knew what time it was. I was programmed to wake up at exactly the same time every day: Nine AM – to clean, bath, apply some makeup, then do my daily chores and prepare Master’s breakfast that he likes to eat in bed. He would lazily munch his scrambled eggs on toast while I was having my own breakfast of thick, salted cum.

Master always woke up inconsistently, but I had narrowed it down to between the hours of noon and two in the afternoon. I sighed happily. Today was a special day, and so I could afford to cuddle up with Master for a little while longer before having to pick Laura up from the airport at half past ten.

I shuffled around and retrieved the down comforter from the ground – Master had kicked it away overnight – and pulled it over us, trying to do so gently so as not to disturb my sleeping God. I was proud that I had afforded the bed for Master as our 2 month anniversary gift. Honestly it was just an excuse because Master had always complained about His previous bed, stating it wasn’t comfortable enough for Him. Mom had spoiled Him as a kid and I used to despise Master for that. Not anymore. Now, I would happily spoil my God if it meant He would appreciate my worth more – especially with the new, high paying job that I now have.

I had previously worked as a personal assistant to the CEO of an independent company, finally saving enough to afford tuition on a degree in law at a world renowned university. Master and Laura didn’t earn anything since Laura was still a freshman in college and Master was being Master (too lazy), so we just lived off the decently sized inheritance our parents had left us. It wouldn’t last too long though, so as the eldest child in the family, felt the need to be responsible for them. I started job hunting and eventually landed that sweet gig as an assistant. I had planned to then finish my degree and look into becoming a partner at a local law firm. Of course it didn’t turn out the way I had initially planned. Life is strange like that; I had never considered the possibility of being enslaved by my little brother.

In the end, it was a blessing. Probably the best thing to have ever happened to me. Master had told me everything and I was so glad that He had hypnotized me and made me His personal maid and fuck toy instead of some other woman. Although I looked like I was satisfied with my previous life; I wasn’t. I was depressed and didn’t have any real sense of direction. I had no purpose. Now, I finally do – someone to serve and care for, for the rest of my life. Master had given me Porno that purpose and direction. Honestly, I think that I was born to be His slave. I am perfect for the role. Who knew that I could be such a great submissive? I pitied the rest of the world; they will never experience what true happiness is like. They will search and search, blindly thinking that having more money or more children will finally fulfill the gaping hole in their hearts.

Fools. The lot of them.

After my enslavement, Master had made me drop my degree and so I had raised the issue of finances to Him, worrying that His standard of living would drop considerably. He gave me His blessing to find another job, and so I did. When I was still studying at uni, I had received many offers of sex for money in real life -when I was walking around campus- and from private DMs on my Instagram. They offered really good money, but being a prostitute seemed like a really degrading thing for me to do back then. I was disgusted and just ignored them.

Now, circumstances have changed. I really wanted Master to have a good, stress free life so I found work as a stripper downtown. It made us a lot of money, but soon enough Master made me drop that too. He was extremely jealous that I was performing naked for other men’s pleasure, and had angrily stated that I was His and His alone.

Now I work as a cam girl on the side. For some odd reason, Master found that performing for people online wasn’t the same as performing in real life, so He didn’t mind my new job. In fact, Master would often join in on the fun and fuck me in whatever way our viewers requested. It was shocking – the money we made. I hadn’t known it previously, but they are A LOT of people who are into incest and even more people who have a kink for dominant/submissive power play. When they found out that I was His submissive, not to mention His sister, they would go CRAZY with their requests. Some even offered ludicrous sums of money for private shows or specific requests for me to do the most degrading things possible for their viewing pleasure.

It was sick. But Master loved it so I had to love it too.

They didn’t know that I was brainwashed to be His submissive. They just thought I had always been a submissive at heart and chose my brother do be my dominant. And from that, my loyalties could be swayed. One guy had offered me $1.5 million to ditch Master and be his submissive instead. Of course, I had told Master about the deal. I had hoped Master would reject it but that amount of money could set Master up for life and I would respect His decision and be happy for him if he had accepted the deal.

I will never forget that moment when Master kissed me after I told Him. He said that no amount of money could take me away from Him. I cried and then He took me to bed and fucked me until His cock could take no more.

A slave couldn’t possess anything so all the money we made from caming belonged to Master alone. Along with my share of the inheritance, previous savings, and all my assets. Even my body. My breasts, cunt, ass all belonged to Master so I couldn’t use them without His explicit permission. Master had been smart and generous enough to open up a joint account to put half the money that we earned in so I could still have money to purchase groceries and buy just about whatever that caught my fancy. I was already completely satisfied with everything I had (or lack thereof) so I just used the money to purchase more gifts for Master, and to buy makeup – not that I used it too often. Master didn’t like girls who had too much product on their faces, so I just used a pinch here and there – mostly preserving my natural beauty. All the beauty products I used had to be the highest end designer goods. Anything cheap – Master shuns.

Groaning, I swept away some of my hair that had fallen limp across my face and reluctantly moved Master’s arm to the side so I could crawl out of bed. I realised that His cock was still wet; pre cum was oozing from the tip, leaving a small pool on the sheets. I was half tempted to just lap it all up, but I would need Master’s permission for that and waking Him up for no good reason was the last thing I wanted to do.

With a sigh, I gave Master a peck on the cheek and headed to the bathroom to perform my daily rituals… and to pick up my little bitch of a sister.


“So how’s the brat?”

I stiffened with anger at my sister’s words, but quickly calmed myself back down – I had to act normal to avoid any suspicion. I wasn’t a slave when she had left for college and I’d hated my brother back then.

“He’s fine,” I replied coolly. “Still a spoiled little shit. You should see the queen size bed he bought for himself!”

“Typical,” Laura laughed then turned towards me, her eyebrows raising in surprise like they did when we first saw each other at the terminal. “Nice dress. Are you going on a date with Sam later? Where did you buy it?”

She Altyazılı porno was right to be shocked. Wearing a dress like this wasn’t ‘me’ at all, and certainly wasn’t appropriate for the occasion. It revealed too much skin -way too much- and hugged the curves of my body so tightly that I felt like I was suffocating.

It was a sexy red dress, one that you would wear only for something like prom night. My back was completely bare except for a couple stylish straps that crossed each other forming an ‘x’. The expensive material only just barely covered my breasts, and was hung on by a pair of thin straps that connected to the ones on my back.

I was worried that my nipples would pop out if I moved too much, but fortunately they hadn’t … yet. The dress ended down at my heels, but there was a huge open slit along the right side showing off my smooth, tanned legs and sending cold chills to my bare pussy.

I didn’t have any other clothing to wear. Master had me burn all my previous outfits (it was to psychologically distance myself from my old life and accept my new one) along with making me delete all my contacts and old photos. He bought me only the sexiest and most expensive clothes for when we had occasional fancy dates out. I thought it was a waste of good money, since we seldom had such dates, and all I wore at home was either my maid uniform or nothing at all.

“Bought it at Lavender,” I replied, more self-conscious about my choice of clothing now that she had mentioned it. I wished I was in my maid uniform. It was still fetching -revealing a bit of breast and hugging my ass nicely- but it didn’t show nearly as much skin. “You like it?”

Laura’s eyes widened in surprise. “Lavender? The designer store?” she gasped. “Holy shit Em. You must be earning mad cash!”

I shrugged and forced a laugh, careful to keep my eyes on the road.

Laura then continued talking about school, her new friends, and whatever else that popped into her head. I only paid half attention. She was soooo boring! Had I been like this too? I must have been.

We reached a red light and I used the pause to look Laura over. She was pretty – like a mini version of me. Strangers never doubted that we were sisters. My male friends would often talk about her. Some even wanted me to be their wingman (or woman) for a go at Laura once they figured out I only saw them as friends and nothing more. They were disappointed, but figured if they couldn’t have me, Laura was the next best option.

I admit that I was jealous. Why should I share Master with this woman? Wasn’t I enough? But those are selfish, ignorant, scandalous thoughts. If Master found out, he would surely punish me. Master wanted Laura as His next slave, and I should do my duty and carry out Master’s wishes – whatever they may be. I might not be happy about it, but Master’s happiness was what really mattered. Not mine.

Laura was only nineteen, five years younger than me, and had the look of someone much younger, which was clearly reflected in her attitude. Like me, she had natural auburn hair with matching green eyes. Recently, Laura had experimented with a new look, by dyeing her hair blonde, cutting it to shoulder length, and styling it with curls.

I wasn’t sure if Master would approve of that or have her dye it back to its original colour. Master was very picky with my looks and had a big uniform fetish – often dressing me up as a schoolgirl, cheerleader, stewardess, nurse, and would fuck me in them. He finally settled for a permanent uniform, since dressing up as a maid was suitable for my role as His submissive. My brother was different from all my previous partners, preferring to fuck me in my clothing rather than naked.

I wondered if Master would go so far as to make us sisters as similar as possible – same hair length, style, colour, and with matching uniforms. Aside from a few freckles on Laura’s face and her being (much) shorter, we would be hard to distinguish then.

My gaze trailed down her breasts, to her curves and finally, to her ass. I nodded with satisfaction to myself and for her benefit, still pretending to be interested in the conversation. Master would be very pleased that Laura had kept fit. Especially the ass. Master was a HUGE ass lover and Laura had a pretty nice one, though mine was certainly better. I worked very hard at the gym so my curves were more pronounced, and my ass larger and firmer still – having been toned to near perfection. I hoped that that would make all the difference to Master. I loved the times where Master would spend hours and hours just worshipping it. I would be hurt if He switched His attention to an inferior one like Laura’s. That wouldn’t be fair. Not at all.

I focused my attention on my sister’s lips. She had been talking nonstop for the past 15 minutes, so they were a little bit chapped, but otherwise they looked made to be kissed – soft, tender, and very full. Master would definitely Brazzers make me worship them soon and I licked my own in anticipation. Not from my own pleasure (I wouldn’t get any) but the pleasure of Master watching, maybe recording the scene from afar, and then afterwards I would have the blessing of being allowed to play with his cock. He would replay the video over and over until his salty cum filled my mouth.

Master used to enjoy buying escorts – sometimes multiple – and had them come over for me to fuck in any way He desired. But He hadn’t done so in a while. I guess I’ll be stuck with Laura. She still had innocent, sweet look on her face that I hope will drive Master crazy – I know I would.

I hoped Laura wouldn’t notice the wet spot that was forming on my dress. I wasn’t wearing any panties – Master didn’t bought me any.

The light turned green and I stepped on the gas, finally trying to pay attention to my sister’s boring yet persistent yapping.


I was delighted when my two beauties returned home safe and sound. Of course Laura didn’t even bother to greet me. She just sniffed and walked past me to her room. I hoped Emma had cleaned her bed well – we had fucked on it a couple of times, and I vividly remembered a time where I completely missed Emma’s boobs when I forgot to warn her that I was about to cum as she was giving me a handjob.

Emma greeted me with a deep curtsy like always – making sure that Laura’s back was turned – and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I nodded with satisfaction when I tasted strawberry. She had taken my preference to heart.

My elder sister looked stunning today. She was in a tight, sexy red dress that I had bought for her a couple of weeks back. Coupled with the ‘social collar’ that was neatly strapped to her neck – she was a vision and my wet dream come to life. I had originally planned to take her out to a Michelin star restaurant to test how she looked in it, but the idea always slipped from my mind. I had been busy recently, having joined an online gaming tournament, and spent the past week practising for it.

Now I know how it fits her and it was well worth the couple of grand I paid. The dress complemented her curves almost too perfectly. Though, there was a dull stain on the dress where her pussy was and I could only wonder what she had been fantasizing about to get so worked up like that. I hoped it was not from staring at a hottie. It should be impossible, given her programming, but I still needed to make sure so I made a mental note to question her under hypnosis later on. My hold over her could potentially have weakened since I had not hypnotised her in weeks.

“I can’t be in uniform?” my slave grumbled when Laura was safely ensconced back in her room. There was a loud click as she locked the door.

“Soon love,” I replied, running a hand along the small of her back, enjoying her curves like I always did before moving down to her ass. “I will soon start hypnotising her and then she’ll have no choice but to accept you acting as my slave.”

“I like the way she did her hair,” I added as I kneaded her soft ass cheeks. “She looks exceptionally hot today. Maybe I should cut yours to match.”

My slave replied with a strained smile then leaned in to me once more, firmly wrapping her lips around mine before I could say anything else. I accepted it and soon we were making out furiously with her tongue deep in me, moving in ecstasy with mine. I pushed her roughly to a wall and used a hand to raise her right leg up high so that her dress slit widened and her dripping pussy was fully exposed to me. Emma almost lost balance when I raised her leg without warning, but she steadied herself by leaning backwards more. Finally my beauty broke the kiss, panting hard. She quickly unbuckled my jeans and zipped open my fly, allowing my throbbing wet cock to spring free.

Emma moaned – a little too loudly- when she caught sight of my hard-on, her lips quivering and her eyes filled with a mad hunger. I suddenly remembered that Laura was in the house and cursed myself for momentarily forgetting her. How could we possibly explain ourselves if she were to suddenly pop out of her room?

“No,” I whispered in my sister’s ear as she tried to kiss me again.

“Please?” my slave begged, biting her lower lip. “We will do it quietly. She won’t hear a thing. I promise.”

“No,” I said again firmly, and Emma nodded her head obediently, her gaze cast down at the floor.

I felt a bit guilty so I added, “we will do it tonight, when she’s asleep. I will even let you blow me beforehand.”

Emma brightened up almost instantly and gave me a final lingering kiss before she curtsied her dismissal. Her red dress was now stained with both our juices and I grinned at the sight. It reminded me of dogs marking their territory and I surely had marked Emma plenty of times. For a moment, I thought of peeing on her later tonight to literally mark my ‘territory’, but quickly dismissed the thought with a cringe. What the fuck was wrong with me?

My slave swung her hips at me as she walked away, but took a moment to pause by Laura’s room in the hallway before storming off to her own, shaking her head and muttering something.

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