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My Sister’s Master Ch. 02

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I’d like to thank Kirk2004, a Literotica Volunteer Editor for his assistance in helping me pull this story together.

It’s hard to believe that it was over three months ago that I first met Frank. We spent one night with each other but we’ve had much contact since. Sara, my sister, is in love with him and proudly wears his collar, a gold link chain, around her neck. As for me, I’m still her cover for lunches, dinners, shopping trips, and the occasional weekend getaway. Being her cover does help me to keep in contact with him, to see his smile, feel his touch on my hand or the soft touch of his lips on my cheek. Tonight’s dinner isn’t a cover; it’s just me and him.

Two weeks ago during a Quincy Market shopping trip, Frank caught up with me while Sara was in a boutique. He sneaked up behind me and I felt his hand on my waist. I turned to look at him, and he smiled and touched my cheek. All he said to me was that it was time, and then he slipped a piece of paper into my hand and disappeared back into the boutique. After the heat left my face and the beat of my heart slowed some, I recall looking at the paper on which were two numbers – his home and his office.

It took me days to dial the number. I remembered listening to it ring and then his voice as he answered. I had hesitated and heard him say hello again.

My voice barely louder than a whisper, I had said, “Hi Frank, it’s me, Jan.”

I recall hearing his intake of breath and for a brief moment I thought about quickly hanging up. Until he began to tell me how he’d been waiting for me to call. We talked for a couple of hours that night, then a couple of days later I called again. It was during that 2nd call that I finally consented to meeting him for dinner.

Since we’re a few hours apart, we decided to meet halfway. He’s made dinner reservations for tonight at an Inn and he suggested I bring an overnight bag – I don’t want to even think that far ahead yet. I want to take each minute of the evening as it goes.

I’ve put the finishing touches on my makeup, made another quick pass with hair spray to my hair. I’ve pulled my hair up off my neck and let a few loose curls hang down. Slipping my robe off, I walk over to my bed, looking at the bra, panties and stockings I bought three months before but never had the chance to wear. I slip into my panties, if you can really call them that, a pair of black lace thongs. I shake my head knowing they’ll be wet by dinner. I hook my matching black lace bra and sit on the bed and carefully begin to pull on the black thigh highs.

Walking to the closet, I pull out my new purchase — black thin strappy sandals that buckle at the ankle and have a nice thin 4 inch heel. Besides getting the little extra height, they’ll make my legs look great with the short skirt of my dress. I take the dress from the closet door, unzipping it and stepping into it. Slowly I pull it up over my hips and slide my arms through the straps. I reach behind and work the zipper up.

Slowly I look myself over in the full-length mirror…I adjust the straps of my bra under the dress. I look down amazed at the way my breasts look in this dress. Giggling…the power of a Wonderbra. This dress looks absolutely great on me! It fits like a second skin, accentuating just the right parts. I lift the hem of the skirt and adjust the lace of stockings slightly. I guess the dress is a little shorter than I remembered. Glancing at the clock, I quickly add a gold bracelet to my wrist, grab my purse and overnight bag and head out to the car.

It’s amazing how fast the drive went by. It was mostly highway and traffic was light. The Inn’s right off the highway, and I’m amazed to find that I’m about 20 minutes early.

We had agreed to meet at the bar for a drink, and, as I walk in, I quickly look around for Frank. Not seeing him I take a seat at the bar and order a glass of white wine. The bartender stares at me as he pours my wine or maybe he’s just staring at the abundance of cleavage I seem to have tonight. I smile at him and turn my head toward the door watching for Frank.

For the first time I realize my hands are shaking. I’m so nervous at seeing him again. I sip my wine and as I put the glass down, Frank walks into the bar. I watch as he stands in the doorway, allowing his eyes to adjust to the lighting and I smile when his gaze reaches me.

As he walks toward me, I feel my body tingle. My God, he looks so handsome in his dark suit and crisp white shirt. He walks with such strength and confidence. As he nears me, I give him my biggest smile and my nerves seem to dissipate.

His hand reaches for mine as he brings it to his lips and kisses it. Then I feel his lips softly brush against my cheek. I can feel the moistness between my legs and realize that my panties are already getting wet.

As he orders his drink and speaks briefly with the bartender to alert him of our dinner reservation, I inhale deeply to take in his scent. Mmmm, the cologne he wears absolutely drives Bycasino me mad. He looks over at me and just smiles. I reach out and place my hand over his.

As we finish our drink and make our way to the dining room, my cheeks are still flushed after hearing him gasp as I stood and he was able to see me. I think I heard him growl as I walked past him but I felt his intense gaze on me as we walked to our table and slid into the booth. After ordering a bottle of wine, Frank leaned over and whispered into my ear asking me if this was the dress I had taken to the beach resort. I blushed and smiled as I nodded yes.

I’ll admit now, dinner was a blur. The wine and food were excellent. We took our time and enjoyed the food and each other’s company. At some point during dinner I slid my hand to his thigh. It’s not enough though, I’m ready to jump in his lap and wrap my arms around him and never let go.

After finishing our coffee we decided to take a short walk around the grounds of the Inn. I told Frank that though my shoes were comfortable, they weren’t really made for walking. He laughed pulling me close and wrapping his arm around my waist. It was such a warm and clear night. The sky was filled with stars and the moon was bright and we walked quietly among the Inn’s gardens.

As we turned to make our way back, I felt a shiver run through my body. He moved to take his suit jacket off but I stopped him. I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me. Standing there he held me. I could feel his heart beating, and I’m certain he could feel mine.

As I looked up at him, he slowly moved his head toward me. Our lips met in a soft kiss. I slid my hand up around his neck to hold him there as his arms kept me close. I parted my lips slightly to let my tongue taste his lips.

I felt his hands slide from my back to my ass as he squeezed my cheeks. Our lips parted but neither of us moved, slowly we pulled apart and he took my hand in his. I was breathing so deep and I was glad to see he was too.

Neither one of us needed to say anything. It was unspoken between us. He knew I had submitted to him before at the beach resort and that I was ready to submit to him again now. As for me, it didn’t matter that my sister was collared to him and that he was in love with her. At that very minute I knew Frank was in love with me too and that he wanted me.

We quickly made our way back into the Inn, Frank moving at such a pace that it was difficult to keep up in these damn heels, but I did. As I had assumed, he had booked a suite on the 2nd floor of the Inn.

He opened the door to the suite and led me in. There was a sitting area with a couch, chair, a gas-log fireplace, and a large bay window with a window seat overlooking the gardens. Through the doorway opposite the couch was the bedroom and from what I could see a 4-post king-sized bed.

I dropped my purse on the table and walked over to the bay window, looking out at the gardens. Through the glass I could see Frank standing there watching me. Then he slowly made his way to me and wrapped his arms around me, burying his face in my neck. I felt his tongue licking at my neck, then his lips and then I felt his teeth as he nibbled and sucked. I moved my head to the side giving him better access. I knew if he kept at it I’d be marked, and, yes, I wanted to be marked by him.

When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped and turned me to face him. He reached up and pulled the clip from my hair, then ran his hands through it to loosen it and let it fall free. He took my hand in his and led me to the couch. I noticed then that he had turned on the fireplace.

He sat on the couch and pulled me to his lap. I smiled – finally! This is where I’ve wanted to be. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. That kiss leads to another and another.

I feel Frank’s right hand rub softly on my leg. As our lips finally pull apart, he turns and looks at my legs and reaches down and unbuckles my shoes. I moan softly – sometimes great looking shoes are pretty uncomfortable – as my feet are freed from their confines.

He slips out from under me and removes his suit jacket, tie, and shoes, unbuttoning the top couple buttons of his shirt. I notice that he isn’t wearing a belt, but braces. I smile at him thinking how sharp he is.

He sits at the other end of the couch, pulling my feet onto his lap, I try to pull them away but I’m no match for him. After feeling his fingers massaging my feet, there is no way I’m going to pull them away. His fingers are magic and I tell him that. He laughs and winks at me, leaning back against the arm of the couch I close my eyes remembering the beach resort and those magic fingers. Damn…just when I thought my panties were drying out.

My eyes open slowly as I feel his hands begin to caress my calves and work their way up my legs. I watch his hand slide under the hem of my dress and feel them slip around the lace at the top of my stocking. I Bycasino giriş feel the warmth of his hand as he rubs my inner thigh. My breath is shallow.

Sliding my legs off of his lap he gets up from the couch and takes my hand to help me up. As I stand before him, he reaches behind and slides the zipper of the dress down. His hands slowly pull the thin straps of the dress off my shoulders and down my arms. He tugs the dress down off my hips, and, as I step out of it, he bends to pick it up and lays it carefully over the chair.

I’m not uncomfortable at all as I stand before him in my bra, panties and stockings. He walks toward me and the fingertips of his hands slowly trace across every inch of my skin, starting at my shoulders. His fingers skim the area of my neck where he’d been nibbling and from the way the corners of his mouth move I know there is the beginning of a mark.

As his fingertips dance across my bra, I feel the sharp intake of my breath. He pauses and flicks at my nipples poking through the lace, his fingers resuming their trail down my belly to my hips. He moves closer as his fingertips move to my ass and to the back of my thighs and then move around to the front of my thighs. He slips his fingers under the front of my panties and smiles as his fingers feel nothing but the smooth skin.

My eyes for the most part have not been able to stop watching him. I move my hands to his shirt and begin to finish unbuttoning his shirt, pulling the tails from his pants. I slide the braces off and pull the shirt from his shoulders. I try to be careful but end up just tossing it to the chair as my hands move to his shoulders. Slowly I press my hands against them, running my hands down his chest, alternating between caressing and massaging him.

As my hands move to the button on his pants, I continue to caress his chest and stomach with my lips. I listen to his breathing — deep and slow. I begin to slide the zipper of his pants down when I feel his hand on mine and he shakes his head.

Confused, I look up at him. He pulls my hands away from his pants and scoops me up carrying me into the bedroom. I noticed that the bed is turned down and he lays me in the center of the bed.

He then climbs onto the bed, and, after kissing my mouth deeply, I feel his hands at my bra unhooking it. All the while his mouth is locked on mine as our tongues dance in each other’s mouths. He frees my breasts and slides the bra off me. His mouth moves to my neck where again he licks and bites and sucks at that almost tender area before moving to my breasts.

His lips are soft as he kisses underneath them, cupping them with his hands as he licks and sucks at the skin on my breasts. He flicks my nipples with his fingers and then rolls them with his finger and thumb.

A moan escapes from my lips as I feel his mouth take my left nipple into his mouth, sucking at it, biting it, pulling it with his teeth. As he moves to the right nipple, his fingers squeeze and pinch the left. I feel his teeth softly chewing on my nipple and my hands move to his head, my fingers running through his hair, holding him at me. I feel myself pushing my tit into his mouth as he sucks and bites at me. My body, which has all night been so hot for him, is suddenly burning.

Slowly his hands move down my belly, and I feel the goosebumps as his hands make their way to my hips. His fingers wrap around the thin lace on the side, and for a quick minute I think he’s just going to rip my panties off of me. He won’t know about how wet they are when he sits up. Sitting back on his heels, he spreads my legs a bit with his hands and looks up at me and smiles.

He kisses my belly and then he looks at me. I can’t help but blush. It’s as if he knows. Does he? Does he know that my panties started to get wet since our drink at the bar? Does he know that not only are my panties wet, but my pussy is soaked? Does he know that this embarrasses me? That he turns me on so much?

I feel his hand on my thigh and I jump.

“What’s wrong?”

Again I blush and I watch the corners of his mouth slowly turn into a smile as the palm of his hand moves between my legs. His smile gets bigger and as he looks into my eyes and continues to rub my pussy through the wet thin material. I turn my head into the pillow and moan. My body aches for him. His touch is electric, sending shivers through me. I know if he keeps this up I’ll cum.

Pushing the material to the side he moves his fingers to touch my wet lips, softly stroking them. He looks into my eyes as he lowers his mouth to my pussy, and I feel his tongue on my lips. His hands push my legs further apart as he positions his face between them. I feel his thumb lift the hood of my clit as his tongue flicks at it. My hands grab at the sheets as he continues to lick and suck at my pussy, lapping at my juices while his finger continues rubbing at my clit.

I remember his sweet torment from our first time together and my hands move to Bycasino deneme bonusu my breasts where I pinch my nipples, rolling them between my finger and thumb. His other hand reaches up to grab a nipple and as he pinches it, his tongue finds my entrance.

Unable to stay quiet I moan loudly, a hand reaching down to run my fingers through his hair as he begins to fuck me with his tongue. His thrusts are quick and deep. His tongue alternating between fast and slow. My fingers grab at his hair as I feel my body spasm and my orgasm takes over, the pressure of his tongue only intensifying my orgasm as I cum hard into his mouth.

As I lay back against the pillows my body slowly relaxing, Frank slides my panties off and, as he removes his remaining clothes, he slips them into his pocket.

Climbing into bed with me, he pulls me to him and kisses me deeply. I smell and taste myself on his face as his tongue slips deep into my mouth. I find myself wrapping my legs around him. I want to be one with him.

As our lips part, I curl into his chest – my tongue lightly licking at him, my lips kissing him. I slide my hand between us and reach for his cock. Smiling I wrap my hand around his stiff cock, my finger flicking over the tip. I slowly pull away from him and he rolls onto his back as I move and straddle his legs.

Again I reach for his cock, and, as I wrap my hands around it to stroke him, I notice the wetness at the tip. I move my finger to spread the precum around. As I do this, I hear him quietly moan. I continue to rub his shaft as one hand moves to his balls. I rub them and massage them lightly with my hand. Watching him, I see his hands grip at the sheets. Leaning down I begin to lick at his balls as my hand continues to stroke him.

My body is on fire with want and need for this man. I realize at that moment I would do anything for him. I’d do anything to please him as I suck one ball into my mouth and then the other. I lean down and plant soft kisses on his cock starting at the base and kissing to the tip.

As my mouth moves to the tip, I lick at the precum and take the head of his cock into my mouth. My tongue slides around the tip and I suck at it, bearing down on it slightly with my teeth. As I look up to his eyes, I see that his eyes are locked on mine and noticed how controlled his breathing is. I’m torn between wanting his stiff cock in my pussy or deep into my mouth.

After sliding my tongue around that tip a couple more times, I position myself and pull him deeper into my mouth. I feel him move around a bit and he reaches to grab fistfuls of my hair as he holds me to him. Oh yes, Frank – grab my hair. Hold on to me…I’m not going anywhere but please don’t let go.

I feel him thrust into me, deeper and deeper as the head of his cock makes his way down into my throat. My eyes look up at him and he looks down. What a sight I must be….my mouth stuffed with his cock. My hands slowly massage his balls as he begins to fuck my mouth faster, pulling his shaft out and then pushing it back in quickly, his moans getting louder, my moans getting louder.

I feel my pussy throbbing and dripping as I continue to deep throat him. As he grabs tight to my hair and pulls it, I feel his body spasm and feel the first shots of his cum. He pulls out slightly and more of his cum shoots into my throat, his moans getting louder and louder as his cum fills my mouth. I swallow it, sucking it from him, milking him. I want every drop of his warm, salty cum.

Slowly I let his cock slide from my mouth, and I lay my head on his stomach most of my body still between his legs.

As I lay there catching my breath, Frank rubs my head and my back. My heart pounds from the way I feel about this man. I think to myself about the range of emotions I have had. When I first heard about him from Sara, I recall thinking he must be special since he made Sara feel so alive. Then when I had bumped into him at the beach resort, it was strange how attracted I was to him. We had spent an hour together and I had wanted more. Oh and I did get more the following week.

As I kiss Frank’s stomach I smile, thinking of the past few weeks with me playing chaperone for Sara to allow her to have time with Frank. I think of the unspoken words and feelings that passed between us, the subtle touches that made my nipples erect.

I became so jealous of Sara, jealous of what she had and what I wanted. That day in Quincy Market, when they had disappeared for a few hours, I remember walking along the waterfront thinking that my sister and he were somewhere fucking. He was taking her. I wanted him to take me. I clutched the paper with his number on it and knew that I would call him. I knew that I had to. I also knew that somehow he and I would find a way to work through what we were feeling because I knew he had to be feeling the same way.

I turned to look up at Frank thinking he might be sleeping. I smiled as I saw his eyes staring at me. I rolled off of him and moved up to lie beside him, our arms wrapping around each other. As his lips met mine, he whispered that I shouldn’t worry about Sara. I wanted to talk about her and him, but at the same time I didn’t. Looking at him I could feel my eyes filling with tears,

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