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My Sister’s Panties Ch. 03

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Thanks again for the feedback. As requested, this chapter will be longer and hopefully, more satisfying. It certainly was so for Jack 🙂

Final note, these chapters are not meant to be stand alone. I recommend reading the earlier chapters to understand what is currently happening in the story.

Chapter 3

“Start Quest “Momma Knows Best” within the next 48 hours or the quest will be forfeited. Forfeited quests incur penalties. Penalty for forfeiture will be the loss of “Wishmaster” skill.”

Shit, that was the quest about using my mom’s panties.

“Dirty pervert,” I yelled to my empty bedroom.

Ok recap, I thought to myself. What have I learned so far? First, this quest and skill thing is real. Second, I still had no clue what the fuck was going on.

I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out my next steps.

Of course, my thoughts turned to sex. Should I ask my mother for her panties? Could I even?

My penis was all for it. How many times had I, dick in hand, thought about her full breasts and shapely ass? A billion, that’s how many, a billion perverted times.

My mind jumped to an image of her from a few months before. She had been in her room, standing in front of her mirror, brushing her blonde hair before bed. I had barged in wanting to ask a question and was instantly spellbound by the sight. She didn’t realize it, but the thin nightgown she was wearing did nothing to hide the swell of her breasts and the hard tips of her nipples.

She turned to face me and asked if I needed anything, heedless of how much the nightgown highlighted the curves of her hips. Her white panties were outlined underneath the almost transparent cloth. My cock reacted immediately to the erotic sight and I quickly exited before she realized it.

This was my mother though. The loving woman who had kissed my childhood boo-boos and made sure that my teeth were brushed every night. I wanted her, god I wanted her, but I didn’t want to give up that love, not ever.

The few hours after the debacle with my sister’s underwear, when my mother had been so upset, that was one of the lowest points in my life. I never wanted to feel that way again.

Not for some perverted quest to cum on her panties that I already felt extremely ashamed about. I wasn’t going to do it.


I realized If I lost the wish skill, I could very well lose the wish that was keeping my mom from thinking I was a monster! It was a no-win situation.

I went to bed without a clear solution.


A loud knock on my bedroom door and my sister’s voice woke me from another night of tumultuous dreams.

“I’ll be in the car,” Ashley yelled.

I realized two things almost simultaneously. First, I hadn’t heard the sound of her voice in several days. Second, I had to get my ass in gear quickly, because I overslept. She had asked me for a ride to high-school, and I didn’t want make a bad situation with her, worse.

Scrambling, I made it from bed to car in record time. Thankfully, my mother handed me a banana as I ran from the house, otherwise, I would have forgotten to eat. Slowing as I neared my car, I caught a glance of my eighteen year-old sister in the passenger seat.

She looked pensive, not at all her normal beaming-perky-self. She had her trademark oversized glasses on and was frowning in thought. I desperately wanted to see her smile. I wanted her to feel safe around me again, but I knew that might not happen. I had broken her trust and this was my consequence.

I slipped into the car silently and started driving, leaving Ashley to her thoughts. It was an uncomfortable silence.

We were halfway to school when Ashley cleared her throat to talk.

“Does it really get painful?” she asked me in a quiet voice.

“hunh.. What?” I asked before I could even process what my sister had said.

“Mom said it could get painful for boys, I mean men, if they go too long without, you know, masturbating or whatever.”

Ashley still hadn’t looked at me, that I understood. What I couldn’t figure out was, why wasn’t she yelling at me?

“Um, uh,” I struggled with how to answer. “It’s not painful, it’s just like this great uncomfortable feeling. Like, it’s the only thing you can think about… maybe it could get painful if you waited too long…”

“Mom said boys your age are driven by crazy urges. She said you probably weren’t even thinking, or thinking about me, you just needed a release,” she said, almost sounding sad. I wondered what that was about.

“I am so sorry Ash, I never meant to hurt you. It was a dumb thing I did and I will pay any penance you want me to. You mean the world to me, I mean you’re my favorite sister,” I said with more than a twinge of emotion.

“You will do anything?” Ashley asked with some enthusiasm, adjusting her glasses as her frown melted away.

“Of course, I just want you to know how much I love you.”

I kocaeli escort didn’t catch the playfulness that was creeping into her voice.

“Um…hmm… OK then, I know! I want to go to that Asian fusion restaurant, oh and uh to the mall on Friday night for some new clothes. You will take me and you will pay for the dinner and the clothes, ” Ashley said smirking.

I was pulling into the high-school parking lot and almost swerved into a parked car as a new message appeared across my lower right vision.

New Quest: Take your sister on a date. Quest Rewards: Perverts Dream, women will become 15% more aroused when near you.

I was floored, both by my sister’s change in attitude and the new quest that had just popped up.

“You want to hang out?” I asked stupidly as Ashley started to unbuckle and get out of the car.

“Of course, dummy! Yes, I was angry with you, but you’re still my brother, even if you’re a stupid one. And of course I’m your favorite sister. I am your only sister,” Ashley said with a smile. “Plus, you promised anything on Friday, and good brothers don’t break promises!”

Or steal their panties, I thought.

She closed the door and started to walk away.

I took a big risk, rolled down the window and yelled after her, “OK, it’s a date, see you friday!”

She stopped walking and her back stiffened. After a brief pause, she looked back and gave me a shy smile. “Deal, see you then.”

I watched her as she walked away from me. She had the whole high-school uniform on; pleated skirt, white blouse, ankle socks and her dark brown curly hair up in a ponytail.

Did my sister normally walk like that? Her hips were swaying and I was getting mesmerized by her skirt bouncing left and right with each step. She turned and gave me a coy smile as she entered the building. I waved like an idiot.

I had no clue what just happened. Man, that seemed to be my new default state. My whole life was one question after another and I couldn’t get my head above it. I had been so worried that I had lost my sister forever, instead, I ended up asking her on a date.

And what had my mom told her? Did my mom really believe I would be in physical pain if I didn’t masturbate? On one level, I was completely embarrassed that they had been discussing my sexual needs. On the other hand, it was kinda hot. I pictured the two women, blushing furiously, as one tried to tell the other about why I had needed to cum in her underwear.


I finally made it to my own college class and found my seat next to Mia, the girl I was going to study with after school. She had blonde hair, brown eyes, button nose and a cute smile that was half angel and half spicy demon. Her 90s alternative band t-shirt and converse rounded out her girl-next-door meets punk look.

I said “Hi”, she smiled and started passing me notes almost as soon as I sat down. She was easy to talk to… well write to, I mean. She giggled at my lame jokes and told me she was excited for our study session later.

I tried to pay attention to the teacher during class, but I spent most of my time eagerly waiting for Mia to pass her next note. I had never flirted with a girl this much before, or at least I hoped it was flirting. Whatever, I was riding cloud nine and had the goofiest grin on my face the whole time.

The rest of the school day was a blur. Between my mother, my sister and Mia, I could barely concentrate. And when I did concentrate, all I could do was notice how hot all my female teachers were. It was literally a perverts dream, a veritable buffet of booties, boobs and babes. Was I becoming even more over-sexed or was there something special about this community college?

Thankfully, the last class ended and I was able to get over to Mia’s.

She lived close to campus in an old mansion-turned-quad-plex. It was clear the house was filled with college age kids. From the recycling bins full of beer cans, to the party colored lights in most of the windows, it looked like the place to live if you wanted to drink your way through college. It was exactly my kind of place.

Mia’s apartment was on the second floor, a stop sign was nailed to the door. I knocked and she answered with a wide smile.

“Hey, you came, ” she said. “I mean, I knew you were going to come, but thanks for coming. Oh, watch out for Slinky,”

A giant furry cat was practically under my feet.

“Hunh.. is that a freaking mountain lion?.. oh crap…” the cat was making a dash out the door, I managed to capture it before it got too far. “Ha got you…”

“Thanks, he’s just a regular cat. Well, ok, not regular, he might be a tad large. But he isn’t a mountain lion. Anyways, um… you want to come in? I’ll give you the tour!”

“Sure, any other wild creatures I should look out for?” She giggled at my joke. Points for Jack, I thought to myself.

Her apartment was pretty chill. The furniture looked well worn kocaeli escort bayan but comfortable. She had a few plants living in a bay window and a comfy sofa to sit on. The kitchen was nothing to write home about and she didn’t invite me into the bedroom. She said it was “too messy”.

I didn’t mind following her during her short tour of her apartment. Mostly because her jeans rode low on her hips and hugged her rear amazingly. She was a little on the plump side and it was almost all in her hips and ass. It swayed and shifted, beckoning me to reach out and grab it as she walked in front of me.

I think she caught me staring. When she turned and asked if I wanted anything to drink, I said “hunh? Um oh sure” like a moron while still staring down.

She beamed at me. I’ll never understand women.

“What will it be padner?” She asked in a bad western movie accent. “I have coke, water, uh a monster drink, hmm and maybe milk if it hasn’t gone bad.”

“I’ll take whatever the lassie is having,” I said, trying for a John Wayne imitation and failing. She giggled at our dorky-ness and scampered to the kitchen.

“Make yourself at home. If Slinky tries to sit in your lap, just push him off.”

I took a spot on the couch and started pulling out my economics book. We studied for a few hours, but it barely felt like any time at all. She sat next to me on the couch and we read through the first few chapters together. She got the basics down pretty quickly and we ended up having a great conversation.

She liked to talk, ask questions and was pretty animated whenever she was starting to understand a concept.

We were reading through a rather dry section of the book and I couldn’t help but yawn. Which, meant of course, that she began to yawn as well. Afterwards, she laid her head on my shoulder and said “I’m getting tired too, we should probably call it”

I was a bit frozen by her touch and I turned to look at her. She looked up at me and whispered, “You should kiss me now.”

“I..uh..” Thankfully, I didn’t try to say anything else and instead brought my lips to hers. Her lips were full, sweet and soft as they pressed against mine. I kissed her a few more times, teasing her lips before breaking apart from her. She sighed and put her hand up to my face.

“Mmm… I’m…” she started to talk before I interrupted her with another kiss. This time, I felt her tongue brush lightly against my lips.

We kissed a little more before she broke off and said, “I am getting tired and I need to catch up in another class before bed”

“Oh ya, um ok, I should pack up,” I started to get off the couch. I didnt want to press her and ruin a good thing.

She grabbed me and kissed me again before saying, “I am free on Sunday. Want to have a picnic? There is a park near here.”

She was looking at me with sincerity and desire in her eyes. Was she as into this as I was?

“Sure, I… um… I can come by around noon?”

“Perfect,” she said as she kissed me again.

It was hard to leave. We kissed for another ten minutes before I finally left. She had her hand running through my hair. I was running my fingers up her back. She made these little mewling sounds as we kissed. God, that was hot.

I left her place floating on a cloud and with a large erection. First week of college and I had a date! Hell, I might have a girlfriend. That wasn’t entirely clear to me.

Man, I could still feel her lips on mine as I drove home. You see idiot guys in movies doing stupid things when they are head over heels about a girl. I’m not one of those idiots. I did, however, briefly think about not washing my lips so that I would never lose that feeling.

One thing is certain. I should not have gone home that horny.


It was getting late into the evening when I did get home. From the looks of the kitchen, dinner had already wrapped up and I found my mom on the couch watching some TV.

“Hey mom!”

“Hey sweetie. You missed dinner, but I saved some leftovers in the fridge. How was your day?” she said as she turned off the TV.

“Great mom,” I said, a big smile forming as I thought about Mia. Yes, I’m a poor sap of a guy.

“And what made your day so great?” my mother said as she motioned me to sit by her.

“You remember I mentioned meeting that girl from class? I went over to her place to study. She’s pretty cool.”

“Based on your blushing face, I suspect you did more than study,” my mom said with a little bit of a frown.

“Heh, she’s pretty cool. You would like her. She’s down to earth and we studied, most of the time. I think I’m going to see her on Sunday too.”

“First week of college and you’re already finding distractions,” she said as she placed her hand on my knee. “You need to make sure you are focusing on your classes and… less on women. You don’t need some girlfriend to take care of your…um… your needs. Let me… just let me help you with izmit escort that.”

She was stammering a little at the end there.

“Hunh?” I was pretty sure I knew where this was going, but I didn’t want to spell it out. In hindsight, I should have put a stop to it.

“I’m going to… let me go get everything ready for you upstairs.” She stood, drawing close to me, and blushing furiously. In a small voice, she asked, “Do… Do you want a clean pair or do you like ones that have already been worn?”

My heart started pounding and my cock throbbed. My mother was standing before me, asking if I wanted a pair of her dirty panties to jack off with. Was she looking at my crotch just then?

“Worn,” was all I could mutter.

She gasped, did she just shiver?

“Stay here, I will be back in ten minutes”

A little later my mother came back from her room. She looked sheepishly up at me and said, “My bathroom is all set up for you. When you are, um… when you are done, leave my… leave my underwear in the hamper. I don’t want you to take off with them. I don’t have that many extras.”

She couldn’t look at me as she talked. She wasn’t shaming me, I could tell she genuinely wanted me to enjoy myself. She was normally calm, collected and in control, now she was almost shy and so uncertain. Her face was still flushed.

“Uh.. thanks mom.”

“Just make sure you… take care of it, honey. I don’t want you distracted in class tomorrow,” she said to me. She then grabbed my head with her hands, quickly pulled me towards her and gave me a peck on the forehead. “Take as much time as you need, sweetie. I am… ok with this”

Her bedroom and her bathroom had always been her personal space, it was mostly off limits to us. Here I was, being invited in, welcomed into the most private aspects of her life. It was surreal. Did she know her grown boy’s cock was as hard as rocks right now?

I walked through her bedroom, towards her bathroom. I walked past the bed where she slept, past where she laid at night. I thought of myself sharing that bed with her, hearing her moan my name. I definitely wanted to explore her room and that fantasy further, but I kept on task.

She had lit two candles for me. They sat next to the sink on the wide counter top. Their lights flickered, reflecting off of the mirrors and the window. She had set a romantic scene for me, no doubt intended to help me relax.

Laying next to the candles was a bottle of lotion, tissue paper and her panties. She had laid her underwear down so that it was fully spread out. I pictured her folding and unfolding them, wondering to herself how I would like to see them arranged.

The panties were a deep burgundy color, cotton, with a band of lace around the hips. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My mother, not just ten minutes before, had set these out for me, knowing full well that my dick would be touching them.

Was this the underwear that she had just been wearing?

I picked them up, the crotch had a white streak of cream staining it, her pussy drool had wet almost the entire gusset. They felt warm. Did she wear these knowing that I would be looking at them? Did she know I would be inspecting them, smelling them? Did she pick this pair hoping that I would be turned on by them? My fingers were tracing the outline of where her pussy had just been.

Did my mom get wet for her big boy? I imagined her picking this pair out today, modeling them in front of a mirror. Checking out how they fit around her ass, wondering if I would find them sexy on her. I pictured her checking them while sitting at the toilet, looking down at the crotch, worrying that I might not like them. That her sex offering would not be enough to please me. That I might find them gross.

Did she picture how they were going to be used? Was her pussy leaking, thinking about how big her son had gotten? Did she sit there and get wet thinking about me rubbing my hard cock?

I brought the panties to my nose, I could smell my mothers cunt. I was pressing my face against the very fabric that she had just creamed on.

I touched the soft cotton to my dick and started rocking it back and forth. My mother, the woman who bore me. The full bodied sex goddess I had secretly wanted for years. The bearer of the first breasts I sucked on, the pussy I came out of kicking and screaming into this world. That woman was actively trying to help me cum. She was offering her shameful wet panties to me to be used. They stank of her cunt grool. Looking at those panties, there was no hiding from her son, just how horny she was.

The soft fabric felt so good against the head of my dick. I rubbed her pussy juices against my shaft. It felt so wrong, it felt so good. I thought about that white pussy stain, how wet the panties were.

She needed it, my mommy slut needed it, so bad. She wanted my cock, she wanted me to drive deep within her, fill her womb… she wanted me to pound her. Her soaking hot cunt was pulsing, begging for it… oh fuck, her panties felt so good on my cock… she wanted me to cum on her… no, she really wanted me to cum in her… she needed her son’s big hard dick. Ah fuck… I came. I came so damn hard. Thick white jets shot every which way.

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