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My Son Ch. 04

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This is the next email in my account of my experiences with my son

But due to many emails enquiring about what exactly I am wearing, I have taken the liberty of adding a description of my nightie as I will not post photos. I hope this helps.


I was up at 5am yesterday morning, I kept waking up thinking of what had gone on and what had been said.

I know this is an epic email, and I’m sorry it’s not as well written as anything you would write, but it’s what happened and I really want to remember everything that has happen so far.

Your daring (and encouragement) shower exploit spurred me on to reach lower levels of naughtiness lol.

So here it is, my beautiful, sexual mentor, I have put it all down here for your perusal and comments., so read on lol.

I went downstairs just before midnight and after about 15 minutes I heard a door open quietly and then soft, slow footsteps as someone walked quietly to the top of the stairs and stop. I held my breath as I heard the footsteps come slowly and tentatively down the stairs.

Tom walked slowly into the lounge wearing just his Calvin’s again and he stopped dead when he saw me.

Because I was lying on my back, full stretch on the sofa, with my head on the armrest and I had the TV on very low with a film playing.

I was wearing the same nightie as last night. Well not EXACTLY the same one, I have two the same so this one was clean on! Lol

It was a cream coloured nightie made out of very thin silk that came down to just above my belly button leaving the rest of my belly completely exposed from the waist down. The two shoulder straps were very thin, leading down to a very deep cleavage which covered my breasts but left the sides of them partially exposed.

But I had chosen a slightly smaller, more transparent pair of knickers for some reason! And as you can see in that photo, there is a LARGE expanse of bare flesh from the bottom of my nightie to my knickers, so they were clearly on display for anyone who cared to look.

And I saw Tom look.

He said, almost in a whisper “Can’t you sleep again?”

I said “No, I dropped a box on my foot at work and it hurts. I didn’t want to wake your father so I’ve come down here and taken some painkillers. I’m waiting for them to kick in before I go back to bed. Why are you up again?”

He said “I needed the bathroom and I wondered why the light was on down here.”

I caught my breath as I was sure he hadn’t gone anywhere near the bathroom.

He moved until he was standing in front of the sofa and I could feel his eyes travelling all over my body, lingering around my pussy.

I knew that he could see more of my pussy through my knickers than he could on Sunday night. That thought alone started my juices to flow.

I glanced at his shorts and I saw that they were quite tight and I could see the outline of his cock as it lay almost Alanya Zenci Escort horizontal!

I could feel myself getting wetter already and my nipples were starting to stand out again. My body was giving the game away!

I looked up at him and deliberately raised my eyebrows as I said “As long as you left it clean like you promised.”

His face flushed as he said “I just had a wee nothing else.”

I smiled and looked back at the tv as I said “Can’t you take a joke?”

He said “Of course I can.”

I carried on watching the TV but I wasn’t really watching it at all now, my nerves were on edge as I said “I’m glad to hear it. But I wouldn’t have moaned at you if you had been doing something else in there you know .”

He looked at me and said “But I wasn’t.”

I smiled again and said “I didn’t say you were, I just meant that I would understand if you were, we all have needs and urges after all”.

He said “Do you? “

I had trouble making my voice sound normal as I said “Do I what?”

My heart rate was racing, I could feel my blood pumping away in my ears and my nipples were trying to drill their way through my nightie. My pussy was tingling like no – bodies business.

He said “Do you have needs…and urges?”

I gasped out loud at that question and I replied “Is that the sort of question you should be asking your mother?”

He shrugged and said “You mentioned it first, I didn’t, and you know my secret.”

I looked at him and said “It’s hardly a secret Tom, of course I have needs and urges. Everyone does. It may come as a surprise to you, but I am a woman you know, not just your mother.” I emphasised the word ‘just.”

He glanced down at my body and said ‘I can see that.”

I was finding it very difficult to remember to talk in hushed voices as I obviously didn’t want anyone to wake up.

I knew that once Colin was asleep, it would take a bomb going off to wake him and I certainly didn’t want tonight to be the night he got insomnia. This was one conversation I didn’t want him eavesdropping on!

I looked him in the eyes and said “What do you mean by that?”

He started to look worried as he said “Nothing, I just meant it’s obvious you’re a woman that’s all.”

And then I remembered your suggestions about trying to mention how I should dress.

I laughed and said “Thank you for noticing, what gave it away? Is it the size of my tits or do you mean because I’m revealing too much flesh?”

He went red and started to get flustered at my description of my breasts.

He said “Yes, I mean No.”

I said ” So it is the size of my tits and I AM revealing too much, is that what you mean?”

He was getting tongue tied but he managed to say “Yes, I mean no of course not.”

I said “Well I can’t change the size of my tits, but I’ll go and get my dressing gown if you think Alanya Manken Escort I should cover up.”

I noticed just how quickly he replied saying “No, no, you don’t need to do that, you look great.”

I said “I don’t think so, but you don’t think I’m revealing too much then?”

He glanced at my tits and said quietly “Not as far as I’m concerned.”

I said “Oh really? So you don’t mind if I show a bit of flesh sometimes then?”

He said “Well no.”

I said “But I’m sure I show quite enough as it is, don’t you?”

He looked me in the eyes and said “no.”

I gasped and said quietly “Why not?”

He said “Because I think you have a great figure.”

I smiled and said “Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. But you would tell me if I did show too much wouldn’t you, I mean I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone.”

He went bright red and said “Of course I would.”

I smiled and laughed as I said ” But then what would be too much – I know what you teenagers are like.”

I looked down at my nightie and then I looked at Tom. His eyes had followed my gaze and he jumped guiltily when he looked back at me and saw that I was looking at him and I knew where he had been looking.

Very quietly I said “I know it’s my nightie but still, do you think I’m showing too much right now, should I get my dressing gown?”

He swallowed hard, glanced back down at my body as I intended that question would make him do but then he surprised me.

Without taking his eyes off my body, He said very quietly, “No, not at all.”

I said “Really? Because, I didn’t expect anyone else to be up at this hour and I don’t want you to think badly of me for staying dressed like this in front of you.”

He was still looking at my pussy as he said “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how you’re dressed, you look great to me. And it is your nightie as you say.”

I nodded and he said “You look better in that then in your old dressing gown too.”

I remembered your comment about try to mention him wanking and I thought, here’s my chance.

I acted as if I’d just thought of something and I sat up and swung my legs around onto the floor, so that I was now sitting facing him. He got a good look between my legs as I swung my leg off the sofa. My head was now level with his cock which was about two foot in front of me and I could see that it had definitely grown and was now starting to point up towards his waist band.

My knickers were so wet by now.

I said “Tell me the truth. Did I show too much on Sunday morning when I was wearing just my dressing gown? I know it can get a bit loose sometimes.”

He said “Well a little – but not that much”, he hastened to add.

I said “What did I show?”

He was blushing furiously now as he said “Your tit, I mean breast – but not for long it was really quick.”

I Alanya Anal Escort looked at him and asked “How much of it did you see?”

He glanced down saying “Well…”

I said “Did you see everything, did you see my nipple?”

He nodded and said “But only briefly.”

I looked at him as if a thought had suddenly occurred to me.

I said “Is that the reason why you had to go and masturbate that morning?”

He couldn’t meet my eyes and for the first time, he looked like a little schoolboy who has just been caught out being naughty.

I said “Oh”, as if I had just realised that it was.

Then I really did remember something.

I said “And last week, when I came into your room and my towel fell down. Did you wank over that too?”

Again, he just looked guilty and said nothing.

I said “I see. Perhaps I should cover up in future to stop that being a problem for you .”

He almost shouted “No please don’t – I mean you don’t have to do that. I mean it isn’t a problem.”

I said “Isn’t it?”

He said “Not to me.”

It was my turn to just nod.

Then I said “Ok. But in future, maybe it would be better if you did it in your room from now on and not the bathroom. No one disturbs you there do they.”

He said “You sometimes do.”

I said “I’ll make sure I knock in future.”

He said “If you have to.”

My voice was a whisper as I said “I think I do don’t you, as there’s a big difference between knowing you masturbate and me actually disturbing you doing it.”

He looked at me when I used that phrase and said “Is there?”

I said “Yes of course there is. And now I think you should go up to bed. I think there’s something you need to take care of don’t you?” and I looked down at his very swollen shorts.

I couldn’t ACTUALLY see any of it – more’s the pity, but the outline of it sticking straight up was fucking lovely!

His mouth dropped open at my words and he went to say something but he stopped himself.

I wanted him to ask me if I would help him take care of it – at that point, I don’t think I could have said no if he had.

But he didn’t.

He said nothing except goodnight and then he walked to the door where he stopped and turned around.

I caught a sideways view of the bulge in his shorts and I caught my breath at the sight of it.

Tom looked at me and asked ” Is this still our secret, or will you tell dad all about this?”

I looked at him and said “It’s still our secret if you want it to be.”

He nodded saying ” I do” and he went up to his room.

I was breathless with shock.

Did I actually say all that to my son? YES I did.

Did he actually say all that to me? YES he did.

And I knew that right then, he was up there, wanking over the thought of me and what had just taken place.

I wanted to go right on up there and help him with it. I wanted to see his stiff, hard cock. I wanted to feel it.

Look what you have helped create, you gorgeous creature lol.

So what do you think, my beautiful One – have I really overstepped the line this time?

Tell me your honest thoughts as I really don’t know where this is heading now.

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