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My Son’s Master

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Grover had been hinting in his letters that his home life, his love life, had taken a new direction. I try to not be too inquisitive on such matters. I suppose all mothers want to know all about how their sons are doing, but I knew that he would appreciate my not being meddlesome. Grover has always been a shy, sensitive boy.

When he was a young boy, I knew he was different. He loved donning my straw summer hat and a silk scarf and parading about the house. I encouraged him in these sorts of things. In his teens, he took up ballroom dancing, and the girls at the dance studio liked him and looked forward to being his partner. He was quite good at it. He was naturally elegant in his movements, and his slim, willowy body lent itself to the pastime.

Two years ago, he moved to San Francisco, a big and sophisticated place compared to our quiet town. He had his mind set, did a lot of research, and left for there with a small apartment lined up and the savings he’d scrupulously put aside.

Although he was not secretive with me, I never quite gathered what his private life was like. Years before he left, I knew he was gay. Surely, I’d imagined it to be true since he was a little boy. One day, he simply told me. I didn’t probe for particulars, but did convey my complete support for him in any direction he took.

In recent letters, I’d learned that he had a steady. He told me some things about the boy – man, really, as he is twenty six, six years his senior. His name is Burke and he works for a consortium of restaurant operators. He is part of their administration. His job has something to do with cost control.

Grover was too shy to send me a picture of him, but he did tell me that he was a handsome man with thick, curly black hair and a neatly trimmed beard, stood six feet three inches tall, and was naturally lean and wiry.

I never pushed the matter, but I was keen on seeing my son in his new adult life and meeting his friend.

Then, one day, talking on the phone, Grover invited me to visit. I was delighted and accepted at once. I would come for a week in the Spring. There was an extra room, and it seemed I would be very comfortable and welcome. Burke sent greetings and encouragement. I was excited to be closer to my son again, and to see what his everyday life was like.

After that phone call, we spoke several times and, in those conversations, I began to learn the nature of my son’s relationship with Burke.

Grover cautioned me not to jump to any conclusions or to overreact, and I kept an open mind.

Well, it seems that Burke is a “top” man and Grover is his “bottom”. I knew nothing about the vernacular of the gay community, but I was able to get the picture. My son took on a passive role in the relationship. I was unsure of just how that played out, but I thought that I might find out on my visit. This left me not a little nervous. I wasn’t sure at all that I liked the idea of this Burke being the boss of the household. I didn’t want my son taken advantage of. I was determined to go, have my visit, and see for myself. And I would let Grover know just how I felt, how I saw things there.

Burke has a car, and he and Grover met me at the airport. I was immediately struck by Burke’s confident and gracious manner. He had a vey winning smile.

That night, we went to Carmichael’s, one of the restaurants Burke was involved with. We ate rather grandly, I thought. Some of the food was new to me. Steak tartar, foie gras, a chocolate souffle for dessert. There was fine wine, and good brandy to finish. At the end of it, compounded by the day of travel, I was ready for bed. That night, Grover came to my room. He told me that he wanted to prep me a bit for how life was conducted in their home. He was vague, for the most part, but said that every relationship takes on its own peculiar shape, and that I was to do my best to open up to that. Of course, I agreed, though I had a small fear of the unknown taking up residence somewhere deep in me. We said goodnight, and I slept a profound sleep.

The next day Burke had taken off from work, and Grover, who worked at the community college library, had arranged to be off for the time I was there. When I woke, light was filtering into the room through the curtains. I stretched under the down comforter. I heard voices coming from down the hallway. The boys are up already, I thought. I put on a pair of casual slacks and a sweater, as the morning was cool.

Grover was at the table drinking coffee. I hard Burke’s voice in the adjacent room.

“Call him back and tell him we won’t pay that.” he was saying. “We can get the same quality from Lumen Food at twenty cents less per pound.” There was a pause, and we could not help listening.

“”That’s it. Bottom line. Josh will understand. Alright. see you tomorrow.”

Burke entered the kitchen and I nearly choked on my food. He was wearing a royal blue pullover top, and absolutely nothing but a pair of socks from the waist down.

Grover saw my reaction and sarıyer escort jumped in immediately.

“Mom, don’t be upset. Please.” He reached out and took my hand.

“This is how it is here.” he went on as I tried to drink some coffee as casually as I could. But my hand shook a bit, and they saw.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at Burke who was at the counter putting slices of bread in the toaster. I remembered my talk with Grover the night before, and I steeled myself to accept whatever presented itself. This was my son’s life, and if he was happy, I wanted to be happy for him.

“Did you sleep well, Grace?” Burke said offhandedly. I turned toward him. He was now buttering the toast. I could hardly believe that I was beholding a man’s ass only one day after I’d met him.

“Yes, Burke, very well, thank you.” I said. We fell silent and I felt obliged to keep the conversation going. I wanted to convey to Grover that I was quite alright with the situation, shocked though I was.

“The bed is very comfortable.” I managed to say. “And it looks like we’ll have a lovely day ahead of us.” I said, and looked out of the window beside me.

At that point, Burke turned and, licking preserves from his fingers, came to the table. Of course, I had to notice his genitals on full display as he did this.

I should tell you that since my late husband, Ernest, died many years ago, I’ve not seen much in the way of the male organ. Even before marriage, I’d had very little intimacy. Well, Burke’s penis was a far sight from any that I’d seen. As he approached, I watched it swing languorously. It was very impressive, though I dared not look directly at it.

Before sitting, Burke placed his dish on the table. He raised his pullover in order to scratch his belly, and he gave a great yawn. He was close to the table now, and I ventured a glance. As I looked, something stirred in me, some vague excitement.

Crowning his penis was a substantial bush of black pubic hair, and, before turning again to my breakfast, I could not help but see, and marvel at, his scrotum and the way that the balls moved against his thighs as he moved. Grover jumped into the breach as I stared down at my food.

“We live freely here, Mom. You know that I’m Burke’s bottom and that I do what he tells me.” he said, growing animated as he continued.

“It just works out so well for us both.” he said, giving Burke a small smile.

There was a pause, and I managed to drink some coffee and to smile at Burke in a manner of acceptance. Sure. You are both happy. what could be wrong with that.

I gave a little laugh. “I must say, I wasn’t entirely prepared for the… for the nudity.” I said.

By now, Burke was seated.

“I just like the freedom of doing as I please in my home.” he said. “And Grove, well, he doesn’t mind. Do you?”

“Not even a little bit, Burke!” Grover enthused. ” “I’m… well, I mean… gee, Mom, I love serving Burke. I call him Mr Burke, so that’s another thing to get used to, I suppose. But you can see, can’t you, Mom, how much he cares for me, watches over me. And he gives me all that I could possibly want when we’re in the bedroom.” my son said, and I could detect tears in his eyes and his voice.

“Today, Grace, you will see some of how Grover and I click.” Burke said, picking crumbs off his plate with a finger.

“You’ll see, I believe, that we are each getting what we want in a partner.” he went on, winking at Grover.

“Yes, I see.” I said, feeling more at ease now that Burke’s private parts were now under the table, though I could not help visualizing them, and understanding why Grover was so enamored of Burke. He was quite a manly specimen!

Finished with his breakfast, Burke pushed back his chair.

“Whenever you’re ready, Grace, come join us in our bedroom.” he said, wiping his lips on a napkin. I stole another sideways glance at his groin. His penis moved slightly and, when I looked up, I saw that Burke had been watching me. He gave me a wink, and I blushed dramatically. You’d think I were a schoolgirl.

“Grover will take career of the dishes later.” Burke said, rising from his seat.

As he walked past Grover’s chair, he turned towards me and said,” Show your Mom how much you respect me.”

Burke’s eyes were on me as my son leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Burke’s buttock.

“Nice.” Burke said. “Now another.”

All the while, Burke was scrutinizing me and I felt both nervous and excited to get a glimpse into my son’s private life.

It was Burke’s gaze that excited me most, however.

In their bedroom there was a king size bed and a couple of upholstered chairs. Near the closet door there was an inflatable camp mattress with a sheet and blanket atop it.

“That’s where I sleep, Mom.” Grover said, pointing to the mattress. It’s comfortable, and I am near at hand if Mr Burke should need anything.”

I took in the surroundings, wondering with great curiosity silivri escort what I was about to see. Burke went to the side of his bed and produced a throw pillow. He placed this on the floor and stood in front of it.

“I provide the pillow, Grace, so that Grover’s knees won’t suffer. I often have him down there for extended periods, so it makes a difference.”

With that, he gestured to Grover to kneel before him, and so he did. I could see the excitement in Grover’s face as he lowered himself onto his knees and gazed upon the penis before him.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Mom?” he said, seeming mesmerized by his proximity to it.

“Yes.” I said, “It is impressive. You’re a fine looking man, Burke.” I said, looking at him.

Burke gently pulled Grover’s head forwards until his face rested on his groin.

“Thank you, Grace.” he said. “Feel free to walk around while we busy ourselves. Look from different angles. You might also like to talk with your son while he services me. That is, when his mouth isn’t busy.” he said, and laughed.

Suddenly, Grover leaned forward and kissed the head ( I understand it’s also called a helmet. How cute!) The penis responded at once. It gave a little jump.

“Your penis is a nice size.” I ventured, wanting to be a supportive part of the proceedings. Grover proceeded to take the helmet and draw it slowly into and out of his mouth.

“Good boy, Grove.” Burke said, and patted him on the head.

“I’m glad you like it, Grace.” he said, turning his head towards me. “And I prefer that it be referred to as my cock. Okay?”

I nodded in agreement. “By the way, you’re welcome to join in. Do you have much experience sucking cock?”

I think my jaw must have dropped about three inches when he said that. I fell into “I am a lady” mode, and bridled at his bold question.

“Well, I’d say that was a very personal matter.” I said, clearly flustered.

Grover continued to suck and Burke looked down on him with appreciation.

God. You have such soft lips, Grove. ” he said, then turned his attention back to me.

I, for my part, was transfixed by the spectacle of my son with his mouth full of…, I may as well say it, cock! His lips were stretched so that they seemed abnormal. Burke, for his part, continued praising Grover.

“That’s my boy.” he said. “Show your Mom how much you love it. Show her.”

It was abundantly clear that, indeed, he did! He was moaning and touching himself through his clothes. He reached between Burke’s legs and gently stroked and kneaded his buttocks.

“If you like, Grace, you can attend to my ass while Grove continues sucking me.” he said nonchalantly. “That works for me.”

I started a bit upon hearing this. Burke did have a very nice bottom, and I’d been secretly looking at it and admiring it ever since he made his entrance earlier. Still, I didn’t know what exactly to do.

“Hey. Come over and join the fun, Grace.” Burke encouraged.

I supposed I could rub him the way Grover was. In fact, I thought I would rather like it. Still…”

Grover let the cock slip from his mouth, and he held it in his hand.

“It’d be nice, Mom, if you could at least come nearer.” he said, giving the cock head a lick. “Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid, son.” I said, not wanting Burke to get the upper hand and think he was ruling over me as well. I came closer, my palms sweaty, feeling strangely light-headed. I went up behind Burke and reached tentatively for his buttock. He turned towards me, his cock still sliding between Grover’s lips, and gave me a kiss on the mouth. The kiss was warm and sensual. I began to feel a certain excitement.

“You have a very pretty mouth, Grace.” he said, and kissed me again. I have to admit that I felt myself kissing back! I thought to myself, ‘Really, Grace, it’s been so long since you’ve had any kind of sex. And this man is handsome and seems to like you… said you’re mouth was pretty.’

I reached out a hand and gave his left buttock a light stroke. It was warm and soft. His buttocks had a light covering of dark hair, and the skin was white and smooth with the exception of a couple of small pimples.

“You have a nice touch, Grace.” Burke said, now directing his gaze down to Grover.

I began to stroke him in a light circular motion. I could hear Grover moaning, but I couldn’t see his face. I decided that I did, in fact, want to see it. I wanted to watch him while he was sucking. Continuing with my strokes, I ducked my head down and around and watched close-up my son sucking cock.

He seemed to be in a sort of ecstatic state. He continued his moaning and his face was flushed. His eyes were closed and when they opened, I could see pure lust and want in them. He saw me, of course. He moved back from the cock which swayed now in front of him. With the closer perspective, I noticed that small purple veins coursed along the length of Burke’s penis.

“Mom. Oh, Mom.” Grover said, şirinevler escort seeming embarrassed at my presence.

“Now, Grover,” I said with what I felt was reassurance and love. “Don’t worry, honey. I’m okay.”

“I’m glad you’re here, Mom”. he said.

“I’m glad you’re here, too, Grace.” Burke said, and his kiss that followed was longer than the first ones. I felt his tongue brushing against my upper lip. It felt so nice. I was beginning to feel heat in my belly spreading through my body. I began to feel moist. After the kiss, I found myself breathing deeply. It had been so long since I felt this.

Feeling emboldened, I gave Burke’s cheek a light squeeze.

“Mmmm. That’s sweet.” he responded.

It was helpful that I was behind Burke, away from his direct gaze. It gave me the courage to explore. I continued to stroke and squeeze. Looking down, I could hardly believe it was my hand there. I smiled to myself. ‘Go ahead, Grace. Enjoy yourself,’ I thought. I rested the side of my face on Burke’s back and closed my eyes. I could smell his body scent through the cotton top.

“If you feel okay with it, Grace, you could rest your face on my ass.” Burke said.

The Lord knew that I wanted to. Still, I’d never done such a thing.

Burke sensed my hesitation.

“How about just kneeling and continuing that lovely touch of your’s. Okay?”

Burke walked to the side of the bed, and I was left face-to-face with Grover. I instinctively cast my eyes downward. I felt ashamed. I was ashamed because I was liking it all so much! And my son was seeing this.

Burke returned with a pillow, and I must say I enjoyed every second of his return. His cock was at a very pronounced angle, pointing to the ceiling. It was beautiful, shrouded in its dark bush of hair.

Burke placed the pillow on the floor and turned towards Grover. I looked down at the pillow.

‘Go on, Grace.’ I silently exhorted. ‘You know you want to.’

With trembling knees, I lowered myself onto the cushion. I thought of the many proper and ladylike pursuits I’d engaged in over the years: volunteering at the children’s hospital; going to teas and socials; going to the opera in the big city with my lady friends. And now, here I was, the demure Grace Creedmoor, getting a closeup look at a strange man’s ass.

“You okay, Grace?” Burke said, looking over his shoulder at me.

“I’m fine, thank you.” I said, not looking up. I took a deep breath and looked at what was before me.

Well, as I already noted, I had taken, I guess you’d say, a fancy to this man’s bottom – so sweetly rounded and soft. I began to stroke him again. I could feel the warmth emanating from him.

“That’s nice, Grace. How about just a little kiss? Just a peck?” he encouraged.

I felt so divided. Was I ready to jettison my propriety, my decency as a respected woman? I knew what a slut was. I knew what they did.

“I’m afraid, Burke… that, you know… that you’ll, well, see me as a…slut.”

“Not at all.” he responded. “How could I? You’re a dignified woman who cares deeply for her son. That’s so clear to me.”

Grover chimed in, His face appearing around the side of Burke’s hip.

” No one thinks that, Mom. we’re just happy you’re here. I love you, Mom, and Burke,” he said looking up to him, “he really likes you, Mom. He probably thinks you’re hot!”

Hot! Well, I did stay in shape, and I was only forty seven. I was still attractive, I thought.

“Why don’t you give him a kiss, Mom?” Grover said, giving me a wink.

“Believe me, Mom, he really likes that you’re here. I can tell… if you know what I mean.” he said mischievously.

I inferred that my presence had stimulated Burke to a greater level of sexual excitement. Oh, listen to me. You’d think I was a biology teacher! The man’s cock was stiffer than usual. Simple as that. and I had caused it to be so! Well, well. Grace Creedmoor, you little devil. I chuckled.

“Something funny back there, Grace?” Burke said playfully.

Before I responded, I leaned forward and gave his left asscheek a soft, yet audible, kiss. Look at me! I thought. Kissing a beautiful man’s ass! I gave another to his right cheek.

“Sweet, Grace!” came Burke’s words of encouragement.

“Take your time. Explore. That’s it.”

I rested my face against the warm ass. I was, well,… happy! In an instant, I had become an asskisser! I was more comfortable now. I was startled to see one of Grover’s hands appear from between Burke’s legs. I instinctively reached for it and gave it a squeeze.

“I’m fine, Grover. Don’t worry.” I said. “You know, you’re lucky to have such a good-looking fellow.” I said, and kissed Burke again. It was becoming easier for me. I took a moment to sit back on my heels and just look. I noticed, again, the prominences of the pink little pimples on Burke’s ass. I was attracted to them. One was near the bottom of his cheek and near to his crevice.

When I leaned forward to kiss it, I could feel the extra warmth emanating from the adjacent darkened space. I delivered my kiss and ventured a quick touch with my tongue. I felt the small bump of the pimple and it excited me.

” Both of you. Listen up.” Burke said with a tone of authority. “Bring your pillow up front here, Grace.”

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