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My Tuesday Morning

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I had made the connection with RJ, a black soldier, after posting on Craiglist, and this was our first fuck date.

I was in the shower, fingering myself in anticipation, soaping my body making it soft, fragrant and sexy, ready for the touch of another man.

I was drying myself, getting that familiar excited feeling that was beginning in my sex. I had all my clothes laid out ready, first my cream lace bra and matching panties with hold up stockings. I put on a flirty. short skirt, then a revealing low cut top, finishing touches are my thigh high suede boots and jewelry.

The cell phone rings, my clit pulses and tingles in anticipation, it is him, he is waiting for me in the hotel room, I finish the call and grab my car keys and a camera and leave.

Trying to concentrate on driving is almost impossible, when I know what I was about to go and do.

My heart and my head was racing, also my pussy was getting wet with anticipation

I arrived at the hotel and walked in the door, found the room and walked in.

He was there waiting for me, he came towards me and we kissed, he was breathing heavy as I was but we soon got down to kissing. He put his arms around me and held me tight smelling my hair and scent. He pulled my top up and lifted my bra over my left breast, revealing my creamy white tits, which he started Escort bayan to suck on, which can bring me to orgasm when aroused enough.

After getting to know my breasts for a while, I sat on the bed, he took my top off and then my bra. Lifting my legs on the bed so I was lying down just stood there looking at me, he stripped his clothes off so he was standing there naked.

Kneeling on the bed to get on top of me, he went back to sucking on my tits, commenting how he loves white women and how their bodies feel and taste different. He kept nibbling at my nipples and moulding them with his large black hands.

Moving slowly down my body with his hot lips, he removed my skirt leaving me just with my hold up stockings and very wet panties.

Following the pattern of my lace panties as though it was guiding his hand there, feeling the lace inside my lips, my lips parting for his fingers.

He took the lace out of my wet pussy and held it to one side, revealing my hot wet pussy begging to be looked at and licked.

The first touch with the tongue is always so sensual, tracing the outline of my hot lips, the lips that encase my juicy bud and pussy, flicking across from one lip to another just enough to tease my clit without touching it, sending waves of pleasure coursing through me wanting more, wanting to go Bayan escort to great height.

It seemed like forever before his tongue settled on my clit, tentatively and softly touching it with his soft tip, sucking and moving sending all sorts of feelings through me. Hands under my ass holding me up a little so to get easier access to my pussy and clit.

Climbing higher and higher as the waves of pleasure start to engulf me then he stopped, leaving me high and dry, pulling up in the position to thrust his now huge hard cock into me, I was so slippery as I had been Cumming whilst he had been licking me that there was no problem he just thrust his cock into me, all the way in filling me good. Forcing a scream out of me with delight. Thrusting me over and over again till I came, pulling out of me as fast as he had entered me and revisited my pussy, finding my swollen clit strait away flicking it knowing it would be so sensitive and very responsive.

Climbing again but not as far to go now, all senses are closing in on the feeling down there , vision is narrowing and the pulse in my head is pounding, BAM… at the top of the peak of pleasure and free falling in ecstasy, body all tingle and limp ,falling throbbing, OMG what a good feeling.

He stands over me with his huge cock in his hand and working it well, muttering Escort how sexy I am and that he is going to come all over me. Aiming his tool at my pussy, he shoots his load all over my pubic mound, watching it slide down my groin. He comes around the bed and says he has more for me and delivers the rest of his salty cum in my mouth mmmmm.

After relaxing for a few minutes he lays on the bed and pulls me on top of him and tells me to sit on his cock. I am a good girl and I do as I am told. He was so hard and ready for me that I just slid down onto him, feeling his massive cock fill me up. Moving back and forth rubbing his cock inside me, pleasuring him now, seeing him moan and enjoy me. We came together in a moment of lust smelling each other’s sex.

Laying on the bed together he got up grabbed my legs and pulling me to the edge of the bed, bent my legs and bent his and thrust into me, hitting me full on, pain and pleasure is not far apart.

We carried on fucking for two hours, pleasuring each other and feeling each other in all sorts of different positions.

Satisfied and relaxed he went to take a shower and I joined him, soaping his hard black body, he start to go hard again feeling his erection against my belly, knowing my touch can do this to him gives me such a feeling of power…!

I dressed after I found all my clothes and left the room to go to my car, it was bright outside and I was tired, we said we would keep in touch and that it would be fun to do it again as we both enjoyed each other.

That was my Tuesday morning, the rest of the day I slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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