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My Uncle’s Cabin Ch. 01

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My uncle invited our family to his lakefront cabin every year and every year no one in our family could make it. Scheduling conflicts, school, new jobs; it seemed that for every year there was another excuse. It wasn’t until after I had graduated college and worked in the real world for a few years that I’d been able to take my uncle up on his offer. And shortly after I got off the phone with him I received a text from my sister, Emily, saying she would be able to make it as well. I was excited by this unexpected news. I only saw my sister a couple times each year, usually around major holidays and I always enjoyed spending time with her. We had been pretty close as kids but after our parents divorced, we rarely saw one another. I had lived with our dad while she had moved in with our mom. Not exactly the best of circumstances but we both survived to become responsible adults. Now I was living on my own and working a 9 to 5 job. She was going to library school with plans to graduate the following year. It would be fun to hang out with her and my uncle for a week. We all had a lot of catching up to do.

I left the following weekend with beautiful weather. Warm, blue skies, a summer day that begged to be spent outdoors. The cabin was located in upstate New York, near the Adirondacks. It was about a five hour drive for me and I left early to ensure a leisurely trip. My sister couldn’t leave until the following day but she assured me she would be there. It was mid-June and the weather was forecasted to be perfect the entire week. Plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors, do some hiking and perhaps ride on my uncle’s boat. If it was finished. My uncle had been working on the boat for years, always claiming to have a little more to do. He assured me over the phone that it would be up and running when I arrived but I didn’t hold my breath.

Five hours later I was pulling into the drive that led to the cabin. I saw my uncle working on the boat and I parked nearby. The cabin was beautiful. A dark brown wood siding with two floors. Large windows in the back gave an unhindered view of the lake and in the evenings, the perfect place to watch the setting sun. There were three bedrooms on the second floor with a shared balcony. I opened my car door and breathed in the pine smell of the forest that surrounded us. Fir trees swamped the area, ringing the lake.

My uncle wiped his hands off with a dirtied rag and shook my hand. “Hiya, Ben! It’s been awhile.”

“Sure has. Good to see you.”

“Well, get your things and we’ll get you settled in. Your sister will be here tomorrow?”

“Right. I think she’s finishing up her last paper today. She claimed she’d be here by tomorrow’s sunset.”

“Great. Well, come on in and I’ll show you around.”

My uncle looked as he always had. He was my mom’s youngest brother and worked in construction. He was shorter than me and built like a boxer. He had the muscles of someone who worked outdoors and the tan to go with it. He had once been married years ago but the relationship went sour and he remained single after the divorce. After he showed me around the place, he left me to unpack. I did so, enjoying the view that my bedroom afforded. The sun filled the room and I suddenly felt relaxed. This is gonna be a great vacation, I thought to myself.

Time slipped by quickly that first day. It was spent helping my uncle with the boat and night came sooner than expected. So did the next morning and afternoon. My sister arrived in the evening, shortly after we had finished with the boat. I walked outside to greet her. My sister stepped out of the car and smiled at me, waving. She was five foot four and lean with brown hair that ran down to her elbows, highlighting a pixie face. She brushed some strands of hair over one ear and smiled again, this time at my uncle who just stepped outside.

“Hey, Emily. Have a good trip?”

My uncle hugged her and moved to grab her bags. I grabbed one myself and listened as my sister filled us in with all the latest news. Stress over schoolwork, finding a new job, living with her roommate. As we got her settled in, my uncle left us to cook dinner and I sat on my sister’s bed as she unpacked. She was placed in the middle bedroom and I stared at the view of the lake, watching the sun slowly sink behind the mountains.

“By the way, we finished the boat.”

“What? Seriously? I thought it would never be finished!”

“Yeah, right? Every year we’d ask during the family Christmas party and he would babble on about something else that still needed to be done.”

“Hahaha! Right. He always had Porno some excuse. I almost feel sad it’s finished. Now we’ll have to find something else to tease him about.” She laughed. ” How’ve you been keeping, bro?”

“Really good. Things are going great now. Especially with this vacation. It’s been a little stressful at work so I’m glad for the break.”

We continued talking until dinner and after cleaning up, we continued until bedtime. The night was restful despite waking up in the early morning and not knowing where I was. Looking about, I remembered I was at my uncle’s cabin. Before I fell back to sleep, I heard what sounded like the wind or maybe a moan but forgot about it upon waking.

“Now remember, take her easy. Slow throttle, especially near the shoreline.”

“We know, uncle. You’ve gone over this a dozen times.”

Our uncle grinned sheepishly. “I know. It’s just, well, I don’t want anything to happen to her. Go on, get out of here.”

My sister was already aboard the boat and I grabbed the cooler before hopping on board. All morning we had struggled to get the boat into the water. There was no proper boat launch so we had to Jerry-rig one. After getting the boat in the water, my uncle tested the engine and checked the hull for any leaks. It was now afternoon and my sister and I were impatient to get out on the water. My sister slowly pushed the throttle and turned the wheel, taking us away from the dock and out into the water.

“And stay away from the islands! It’s too shallow around them for the boat!” My uncle shouted the last warning and we waved in affirmation. It was another gorgeous day. The sky was a deep blue peppered with thick, cotton clouds. I stretched out on the bench in the back while my sister drove. Leaning back, I listened to the engine and smelled the water spraying. It was so peaceful. I pulled the cooler out from underneath the bench and sitting up, cracked open a beer.

“Yo, sis! Want a beer?”

“Sure! I’ll be down in a minute.”

I looked around and saw the shore off in the distance. All around were pine-encrusted mountains. Rock cliffs loomed, breaking through the trees like giants. It was getting hot in the sun and I extended the awning, creating some shade. My sister hopped down the steps leading from the pilothouse and I tossed her a beer.

“Gonna be a scorcher.”

I grunted and took a deep drought of beer. My sister lounged on the bench across from me and as we talked about childhood memories, I occasionally glanced at her. She wasn’t exactly beautiful though maybe because I saw her as my sister, but there was a certain cuteness to her. Her hair was disheveled from the breeze and she occasionally ran her thin fingers through it, an endless battle. She was wearing tight jean shorts and her pale legs were bent, showcasing her calves. Her dark blue tee-shirt was tight against her small breasts and as she continued talking, I looked back at the mountains and sighed.

“What?” I shook my head, not realizing my sister was asking me a question.

“I said, are you dating anyone?”

I grinned and sat up. “Naw. You?”

She smiled back. “No. Dad called me up a few days ago and was asking when he was going to see my boyfriend. I told him for the thousandth time that I would start dating once I was out of school and had a full-time job.”

I nodded. I had the same conversation with my dad every time we spoke. I wasn’t in a rush to get in a serious relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated girls, but they’d been few and far between. I didn’t want to get stuck in one place just yet. The girls I dated were often wanting more serious relationships than I preferred.

“When did you last date?”

I thought briefly, “One … no, two years ago. We only went out a handful of times. It didn’t work out. How about you?”

“About a year ago. He ended up being an egotistical jerk. I think we dated for a couple of months.”

“I hear ya. I guess my problem is I just don’t want to get tied down just yet.”

“Right! I totally know what you mean. I wish I could have a no-strings attached relationship but it’s so hard to find the right guy for that.”

I grinned, a little shocked that my sister confessed such a personal desire to me. While we had been close in the past, we had never been that close. “Yeah, it’s about the same for me.” I suddenly had an image of my sister going down on me. It was a fantasy that I kept to myself. I shook my head to rid the thought.

There was an awkward silence and then my sister suddenly stood. “Well, Altyazılı Porno guess we should start heading back.”


As I reached to toss my empty beer can into the garbage, I heard my sister scream. I jumped up and rushed over to the stairs. My sister was standing there, holding her hip. There was blood on her hands and on her shorts.

“Holy shit! Are you okay?” I rushed to her and guided her back down to sit her on the bench. “What the hell happened?”

“Oh, shit! That fucking hurt! I caught my leg on that fiberglass sticking out at the top of the stairs.”

“Stay here and I’ll grab the first aid kit.”

I rushed to the pilothouse and grabbed the white plastic box, bringing it back to my sister. As I opened the box and took out a white cloth, I took a closer look at the wound. While it was bleeding pretty profusely, it seemed to be just a surface cut.

“You’ll have to take your pants off so we can clean it up and put some bandages on it.

“What!?” My sister looked at me like I was crazy.

“I can’t clean it up with your pants on. I assume you have underwear on?”

My sister bit her lip and nodded.

“Well come on. No sense on being prudish. I’m your brother for christsake.”

My sister grinned at that. She stood, unzipped her shorts, slid them down around her ankles and kicked them off to the side. She sat back down and I began wiping antiseptic around the wound.

She sucked in her breath as the antiseptic did its job. As I cleaned up her wound, my attention began to wander along her pale legs and ended on my sister’s underwear. They were white cotton panties and I noticed two things. One, my sister looked to be shaved and that alone caused my dick to jump a mile. However, number two really brought a rush of blood to my third leg. She was obviously soaked between the legs and it wasn’t sweat. I tried to pay attention to the wound but my eyes kept wandering. I hoped my sister didn’t notice the attention she was receiving but as I placed a bandage over the wound and prepared to tell her she was good to go, she spread her legs apart even wider. There was only that thin piece of fabric between me and her moist snatch. I glanced quickly up at my sister and saw her smiling down at me.

“Not many people see me like this, bro.”

My heart was pounding like a sledgehammer but I managed to grin back at her. “Looks like you’re excited about something.” My sister grinned.

“Thanks, bro.” She put her hand overtop my own. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Her hand gently gripped mine and moved it from the bench, over the patched wound, to the waistband of her underwear. My brain began short-circuiting at this point.

“Woah! I quickly removed my hand. “What are you doing?”

She shrugged as she grabbed my hand, placing it back on her underwear. This time she kept her hand over mine.

“I…I have a confession.” My sister bit her lip. “I’ve had the hots for you for the longest time, bro. I think ever since we learned about sex in grade school, I’ve wanted to fuck you.”

There was a moment of silence as I turned over her words in my fizzling brain.

“Yeah?” Was all I could say. I remembered my own fantasy. “Me too.” I finished.

My sister pushed my hand beneath her waistband and I felt the heat emanating from her soaked slit. My fingers began working on their own, massaging her clit and my middle finger plunged into her hole causing her to gasp. She gripped my wrist, moving my hand around. Her other hand went to my chest, grabbing my shirt as she stared at me, her eyes wide with lust. I started to pull my finger out but she shook her head. I moved it around some more and with each motion my sister groaned, her eyes constantly on my face, her mouth slightly agape. Moving my finger in and out suddenly brought my sister over the edge. She rose, dragging me up with her. Her hands ripped my shirt over my head and tossed it beneath the bench. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me, her tongue plunging deep into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her body and as we clutched at one another, her arms dropped to my shorts. She unbuttoned and unzipped them in seconds, her hands a blur. My boxers quickly followed my shorts and I felt the cool breeze as my mast stood at attention. We resumed kissing for a few seconds, her hand grasping my cock, squeezing it gently, making me gasp Then my sister pushed me back, deftly removed her own panties and we clutched again. Her hand resumed massaging my throbbing cock, pushing it up and against her snatch. I rushed Brazzers to pull her shirt off followed by her purple bra. Her petite breasts sprang free and I eagerly bent to lick them, swirling around her hard nipples. I had never seen my sister naked and now that I did, I realized how beautiful she truly was. My hands massaged her tight ass, spreading and pressing her cheeks together. Her pale skin had a slight sheen of sweat and as I worked my way around her lithe body, I felt my cock ready to burst.

My sister slowly knelt down, pulling me with her. As she laid down, she grasped my throbbing dick, pulling it toward her soaked cunt. I braced myself above her as if positioning myself for pushups and as my cock sank into her heat, I began to pump furiously. She groaned as I split her open, eyes closing as her left hand continued to grip my dick at the base and the tightness from her hand along with the wetness of her pussy started to send me over the edge. Her right hand squeezed my ass, pulling me into her with each thrust. She moaned, looking up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, her body squirming beneath me as my cock pillaged her cunt.

“God, you’re big, bro!”

I kissed her cheeks, her nose, eyes drinking up the sight of my sister’s lust-filled face. With each thrust, her petite breasts jiggled, nipples wanting to be touched. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened slightly, panting. I kissed her lips, pushing my tongue past her teeth and feeling her own tongue entwine my own. As I continued plunging sloppily in and out of her, her hand let go of my cock and she wrapped her pale legs around me, pulling me in tighter and tighter, her arms around me in a tight embrace. I felt my balls contract.

“I’m gonna cum.” I whispered in her ear, nibbling on it gently. She suddenly released me and pushed me off.

“Not yet!”

She grabbed a beer from the nearby cooler and placed it against my pulsating dick. I gasped at the coldness. She kept it there for a minute while we both breathed heavily.

“You sure don’t last long!”

I blushed and shrugged.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I’m glad I have such a … profound effect on you.”

She tossed the beer back in the cooler and stood to stretch. I watched as the supple body of my sister bent and twisted. She smiled at me, turned around and sprawled her front half over the cooler, hugging it. Her back-half raised to expose her pale ass to me and she wiggled it, invitingly. I stood up behind her, grasping her hips and rubbing my cock teasingly up and down her entire crack. She arched her back and pushed toward me, causing my cock to slip back into her inviting hole. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and tried to go slow and steady. With each thrust I thought desperately of something else, anything other than her moaning, her pale smooth skin, her moles and that tight cunt that swallowed my cock.

“You teasing me or fucking me?” My sister looked over her shoulder at me, pouting.

I gripped her hair with my right hand and pulled her head back harder than I meant to. She groaned as I thrust back into her, our skin slapping against one another as I bottomed out. The sound echoed across the lake and she moaned louder and louder.

“Shh…someone’ll hear.”

“Let ’em.” She gasped.

I kept pulling out of her as far as I could, ramming myself back into her to the hilt. A sheen of sweat covered both of us but I barely felt the heat as I fucked my sister, drilling as deep as I could into her.

“Oh, God!”

Suddenly she stiffened for the second time that day and I felt her legs shaking like crazy. Her pussy contracted, squeezing my cock in an iron grip. The tightness sent me over the edge and I released her hair to wrap my arms around her.

“I love you, Em!”

I came. With each jolt, I spurted huge jets of cum deep inside her. My sister gripped the cooler beneath her and as I emptied myself into her I kissed her slick back, pressing my face between her shoulder blades and closing my eyes.

“Holy shit! That was amazing!” My sister gasped moments later as I removed myself from her with a plop. My cock was shiny with both our juices and before I could do anything, my sister turned around and began licking my withering shaft. I gasped as her mouth enveloped my sensitive head. Her tongue danced all over my cock and I shuddered at every movement. Then she popped my cock out of her mouth, swallowing.

I smiled as my sister cocked her head at me. This was all so unreal. I sat down beside her and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me on my cheek.

“I love you too, Ben.”

Our bare skin prickled with the breeze that began to kick up. She nestled into me and we sat against the bench, my nose in her hair, looking over her head at the beautiful pine covered mountains, watching the clouds slowly drift across our hidden fantasy.

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