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Mysterious Lady with Green Eyes

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The house was hard to find.

He was afraid that he was going to be late, despite having given himself lots of time to arrive.

After leaving the main road, the road the house was on was turned out to be little more than a trail. There was grass growing in the middle of it and it didn’t look like many cars ever drove on it.

But isolation was what he was looking for. What was the old quote about “taking the road less traveled,” he laughed, “I wonder if this is the road they had in mind?”

According to the directions from the real estate company, the property was 25 miles from the exit off the highway; but he hadn’t planned on having to drive slow and on all of the curves and switchbacks.

The view from the narrow road made him reflect on just how small people were, the majestic hills and rocky cliffs rose and fell as he drove on this lonely road. The logic and order of the city seeming a long way from here, this is where nature lived, you could almost picture spirits moving freely among the trees, rocks, and animals.

He figured he needed some place with nature, some place where logic and order didn’t rule his world, someplace where he could regain his perspective and just appreciate life.

After a particularly nasty divorce, he wanted a place that he could think, some place away from the city, he was tired of the drama, tired of politics, to be honest tired of everything.

He felt empty, like lately people only wanted to take from him, and there had to be more to his life than just that.

Speaking of taking, the divorce lawyers had both done well, his now ex-wife had done very well, but he was okay with the settlement, at least it was over.

At 54, he was starting over figuratively, although he had enough to start over with some degree of style. He had accepted the buyout of his share of the houses, the cars, the business; and had let her take everything else, to top it off, he had to be out of the cottage in less than 30 days.

It was one of the reasons this property he was supposed to look at interested him, it advertised “Spectacular view, isolated, retro styling, available immediately, and fully furnished,” four of five things that really interested him, the retro styling really didn’t matter, but it was a place to start, if he could find it.

His vehicle bounced from one particularly deep pothole in a road that seemed to be constructed of them.

He slowed down and stopped on one particular switchback and just looked at the view, he breathed in the cool, clear air and for the first time in months, actually felt good. He enjoyed the view for several minutes, at the risk of being even more late.

Then, he got back in his jeep and hoped he would be there soon.

It had been mid-morning when he had left the city, now it was just before 1 pm, and according to the directions it should be right around the next bend.

He hadn’t seen another soul in more than an hour as his jeep rounded the bend, and then suddenly there it was.

It was a ranch style bungalow perched on the edge of a steep valley, the view from the start of the driveway was incredible, he could only imagine from the house. The house looked like it was part of the scenery, whoever had built it must have appreciated “fitting in with nature” rather than “overpowering nature” and it made him want to see more.

Parking the car, he expected to see the real estate agent’s car, but there were no tracks and no car; he figured she must be running late. He tried his cell phone and the service was not even registering, “That will have to get fixed, maybe a tower would help,” he thought, but based on the price and the view, it was something he was prepared to deal with if he took the place.

There was no “if” about it, without even looking at the house, the 5 acres, the view, and the isolation had already sold him on the place.

He had always made decisions quickly and much of his success was based on his ability to see things other people couldn’t. There was just something about this place that spoke to him, even after only a few minutes of being here.

The only downside to living here he thought was that it was unlikely he would meet anyone, the logical part of his brain said, “THANK GOD,” the best part of him, his romantic side was a little sad, he never wanted to be alone, but the logic side won out. His romantic side silently waited in the hope that maybe, just maybe life would surprise him.

He figured while he waited that he would look around, getting out of the car, he walked to the edge of the valley and could see for miles and miles, the rocky hills and deep forests with the ocean in the background were all exactly what he was looking for.

As admired the view and then felt an unusual sensation, like someone was watching him. Looking around he saw no one. Other than a stiff breeze, and a hint of lilac, nothing seemed to move anywhere.

There was something about this place, something he just couldn’t put his finger trabzon escort on, it was a feeling, this place reached out and touched him somehow in a very good way.

He walked around the house and noticed it was in relatively good shape, but it must have been empty for a little while because he could see a little paint peeling here and there but nothing he couldn’t handle.

At 6 foot and 185 pounds he was in very good shape for his age, the years of lifting weights and running had left him with a body almost exactly the same as it had been when he graduated from university. Not movie star handsome, most women found him attractive in a dark quiet way. Wearing a blue denim shirt and a pair of faded jeans with dusty old cowboy boots, he looked like a younger Sam Elliot without the mustache.

On the far side of the house, he had that feeling again, this time turning around, he noticed a slender woman, she had just seemed to appear at the corner of the house and she smiled.

He said, “Sorry, you just startled me.”

“I have that effect on people sometimes,” she answered.

He wasn’t what she expected, he had an easy smile and a quiet calmness about him that she could sense even after just a few words.

Quickly recovering, he said, “Hi, I’m Rob, you must be from the real estate company, I just thought I would look around while I waited, this place is beautiful.”

She smiled and nodded, she looked like she was about 35, if he was any judge of women’s ages; she was slim, very attractive, blonde, and eyes, eyes that almost hypnotized him with a shade of green that seemed to see right through him.

Her real estate uniform, seemed a little overly casual, almost not a uniform at all; she wore a kind of retro blouse and dress slacks, but he didn’t mind, she could have made a potato sack look attractive.

“Hi, I’m Michelle, this place is wonderful isn’t it,” when she spoke, he thought he could detect a little French accent and it made her seem even more beautiful.

“Could you show me around,” he asked, his deep but quiet voice seemed to make her smile as he followed her around the property.

She gave him the tour and they looked at everything, but all he remembered afterwards was her. Her hair was long and styled, almost in a 70’s style, which you didn’t see much anymore, but on her, it only added to her attraction. He noticed more of her accent, her voice was quiet, almost lost in the soft breeze.

As walked around the property, he followed just slightly behind her, he was close enough to detect the fragrance of her perfume, he was struck by the way she moved, graceful but yet with purpose and almost totally without sound.

“No wonder she surprised me,” he smiled.

“Careful Rob, don’t move too fast, you just met her, the last thing you need to fall for the first woman you meet,” the logical part of his brain thought, already knowing that it was likely too late for logic; the spiritual side had the upper hand this time and even the logical part had to admit this was quite a woman.

He tried to look at the property and the landscaping; but when she spoke, he hung on every word, his eyes seemed on only see her.

Forcing himself to focus, he asked to see inside the house.

When he first arrived, he had tried the door and had found it was locked, but for her, she simply put her hand on the knob and the door opened; it didn’t seem to be locked for her.

They started with the kitchen, the house seemed to have been closed up for a while, but it was bright and other than a little dust, it was perfect. The inside was primarily “open concept” and it was very rustic than retro.

All the furniture suited the house, almost as if it had been designed specifically for this house, he loved it from the first time he saw it. On the table beside the couch he saw an old-style polaroid camera, taking a chance he picked it up and asked Michelle to smile.

She turned around and gave him a smile that almost made his knees week, she was so beautiful, he snapped the picture and to his surprise the camera responded. In a few dozen seconds, a picture appeared, it showed her just as he had seen her.

“Michelle, thank you,” he said as he smiled at her, he showed her the picture. He slipped the picture into his shirt pocket and then looked at her again.

He hadn’t noticed how close Michelle was to him, and he inhaled her perfume again, it seemed a blend of lilac and some kind of spice that reminded him of cinnamon.

“I love that scent, it really suits you Michelle,” and he took a chance, although he was very rusty, “you are like this place, so beautiful,” she blushed a little and smiled at him.

She led him the stairs that rose to a large loft and the bed, he paused on the stairs and, “I love this place, it is fabulous, why is it for sale?”

Michelle answered in her quiet voice, “The people who owned it left the country, at the time people said the circumstances seemed a little mysterious trabzon escort bayan and it has sat empty for quite a while, and I guess the remaining family members decided it was time to sell, a shame though, because I loved it so much.”

He missed the inflection at the end, “I love it too, this house is exactly what I am looking for,” he said enthusiastically.

She seemed a little wistful, a sadness flickered in her eyes for just a second or two, then she was fine again.

He caught himself looking into her deep eyes and she moved even closer to him again.

Suddenly without any warning, she kissed him. Her lips felt warm, soft, and delicious.

She suddenly pulled back and apologized, “I am so sorry Rob, that was way too forward of me, I just don’t know why I did that, I just couldn’t help myself.”

He looked at her and maybe it was because of all of the stress he had been under; maybe it was how perfect this place was; maybe it was just how she made him feel; he kissed her back, putting his arms around her waist as he did.

They stood there kissing for what seemed like forever, their lips moving together, she opened her mouth and let him in, her hands holding his arms, feeling his strength all the while looking into his eyes.

This one was different, she thought, his thoughts are like deep water, calm, steady; he is someone who might just understand or perhaps it might not matter, she felt the slightest glimmer of hope.

“Michelle, you should be kissed all the time, I have wanted to since I first saw you, there is something about you, something very special.”

He seemed to get lost in her eyes, he knew at some level this was wrong, he didn’t even know this woman, they had just met, he didn’t do this kind of thing, he hadn’t dated anyone while the divorce was happening, and even with is ex, they hadn’t been intimate for years. He couldn’t stop though.

Michelle responded to him like she hadn’t been with anyone for years too.

The passion of her kisses, the way she held him, her scent, those eyes, there was just something about her.

She began to undo his shirt, never breaking the kiss.

She got to the last button and pulled the shirt out of his jeans and then pulled it back off of his chest and down his arms.

As it fell onto the floor, her small hands felt his muscular chest and ran down his abs, moving slightly down, she kissed and licked his skin, moving closer to his nipples, she took each one into her mouth and first sucked them and then lightly bit each one.

He closed his eyes, what she was doing felt amazing, he couldn’t remember anyone ever doing that to him before.

She took him up the remaining stairs and they stood beside and enormous king-size rustic pine bed that looked like it had been hewn from the trees similar to ones outside. The bed sat waiting; sunlight streamed into the room. He noticed how the sunlight touched her hair and her classic features, he could not remember feeling this way about anyone for a very long time.

Looking into his eyes again almost like she was studying him, then she began undoing her blouse, never breaking their gaze, he could see her chest rising and falling as each button was undone. She seemed to tremble before him.

She pulled the blouse off her shoulders revealing a delicate lacy bra, she reached behind herself and unclasped it, shrugging her shoulders the cups fell away from her breasts, her nipples were at attention, he went to approach her, but she held her hand up and said “not yet, Rob.”

Still looking into his eyes, she undid her slacks and pulled them down her legs with her panties revealing two pale but toned legs, and a neatly trimmed pussy that was already glistening in the afternoon sunlight.

Someplace she had slipped off her sandals and she now stood naked in front of him, and now she held out her hand.

He took her hand and she pulled him close to her.

They unbuckled his pants together. She knelt down and pulled them down, first to his knees, then over his ankles, she helped keep him steady as he stepped out of them. She never seemed surprised that he did not wear any underwear, or that his entire body was completely smooth.

Looking up into his eyes, she opened her mouth, and silently took his cock into her mouth.

They looked at each other as her tongue worked around the top of his cock, he felt her tickle his opening with her tongue, he felt her small hands caressing his balls, he inhaled sharply as she took him deeper into her mouth, the warmth felt intoxicating.

She used her teeth, her tongue, and her warmth to make him feel incredible; all the while looking deep into his soul with those green eyes.

He wasn’t huge and she was able to take his entire length into her mouth. What he lacked in length, he made up in width, his cock completely filled her mouth as she moved her tongue up and down his shaft.

Her hands worked magic on his body, moving from his balls escort trabzon to stroking his ass and then back and forth, her fingers seemed to know instinctively how to make him feel crazy,

He wasn’t sure how long she did this but she brought him to the edge of cumming several times and then finally he felt like he was going to explode and she pushed him over the edge and then he could not stop. He felt himself let go and she allowed him to cum deep inside her mouth.

It had been so long, he was sure that it would be too much for her, a little leaked from her mouth but most of it disappeared down her throat. She remained in place and using her tongue, licked any residual cum from his cock and looked up at him and smiled.

He pulled to her feet and they shared a deep kiss, he tasted himself in her mouth and he turned her around and had her sit on the edge of the bed and then had her lay on her back, while he knelt in front of her. He grabbed a pillow and gently placed it under her head.

Now it was his turn to lower his mouth to her sex and to look deep into her eyes.

As she laid back on the bed, he moved up and kissed her neck, her soft skin felt so nice on his lips, she tilted her head back as he nuzzled the back of her neck and earlobes.

“Go slow, I want to feel you kiss every part of me,” he seemed to hear her in his head more than with his ears as she said this so quietly.

His rough hands were stark contrast her smooth and soft skin but the rough surfaces felt wonderful to her, his hands and fingers started by caressing the insides of her arms beginning at her hands, with a light touch the hands and fingers deftly stroked her skins with just the barest of contact. His left hand seeming to be connected to his right as his touch worked its magic on both sides of her body at once.

Moving along her shoulders, his tender touch was replaced for a moment as his powerful hands kneaded her muscles for several minutes and then slowly as they moved towards her breasts his light ghostly touch returned and she started to moan and whimper, quietly at first and louder as his hands and mouth conspired together.

Closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasure, she saw in her mind bright oranges and yellows as she felt her breathing becoming shallower and more rapid, almost panting.

Her back arched as the first shivers began, his lips closing over her nipples as his hands moved along her sides, to this point his wonderful fingers had touched parts of her body than no one would have considered erotic, even she would not have before this moment, but his knowing fingertips were intensifying the colours she felt and she felt them change from yellows and oranges to a deep cherry red with just touches of purple and burgundy.

His hands and fingers found her hips, without thinking she pushed her body towards his, his teeth just grazed her nipples and circled her areola, biting, suckling, and pinching, she felt her body quiver as she approached the next new level of pleasure.

She felt a touch of disappointment as his lips moved below her breasts, the emotion was fleeting as his gentle fingers replaced the suckling, as his face, lips, and tongue moved towards her waiting sex.

He did not immediately seek out her vagina, instead, he kissed the insides of her thighs, he kissed and sucked them and her body just about her pussy, leaving a trail of small hickies and tiny bite marks in his wake. Lifting her legs to rest on his shoulders, he pushed her legs upwards and kissed the very bottom of her ass.

With her legs elevated and the power of his body holding her, he continued licking and kissing the space between her cheeks, his tongue traced a path from her asshole to the entry to her vagina.

The hair on his unshaven face, created friction on her skin between her pussy and ass generating another series of moans and whimpers, her hands gripping the sides of his head in a desperate plea to move him just a few inches towards her throbbing pussy,

As if reading her mind, she felt his nose brush past the nub of her clit, his chin against that so sensitive pathway between her pussy and ass, and then with a sharp inhaling of breath, she felt his tongue on the outer petals of her pussy.

The tip of his tongue, explored deeply into her folders, searching out pleasure for her and finding it, the colours in her mind shifted yet again, deep purples to the deepest blue’s imaginable, those fingers from her breasts, now finding a home playing with her ass, squeezing her cheeks causing a delicious measure of pleasure and pain. His strong hands sometimes holding a cheek at a time in a powerful grip and then releasing one to repeat with the other, she felt so sexy and dominated while not feeling that she wasn’t in control.

His tongue focused on her clit, licking it as she had done to his cock. She felt a finger touch and then penetrate her pussy, while sensing another finger hovering over her rosebud and then slowly rimming her.

She tried to hold back the intensity that was building, to savor the feeling of being just on the edge for a few moments longer, but as she tried, the deep blue transformed to the most incredible white and she screamed his name and came for the first time, in oh so long.

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