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Natalie, Connie, and I Ch. 01

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I was bored. Mom and Dad had gone to visit his brother for the day leaving me behind. So I was home alone and time seemed to stand still and it was only 9 am on a Saturday morning with all day ahead of me. Since there was no one in the house, I decided to see if my friend, Rob, who lived next door, was home.

With that in mind, I went out the back door to see if he was in his back yard working on his motorcycle. I did not see him through the bushes so I climbed up to our tree house to look into his yard. Rob was not in his shed or anywhere in his back yard. However, I did see his mom, Natalie, sunbathing in a tiny black two-piece bikini. Damn if she was not one hot looking woman. Rob told me his mom was 36 years old, having him when she just turned 18. She had shoulder length black hair, about 5′ 3″ on a small petite frame. Before I forget to mention, she had a pair of large breasts, not huge, but very nice, shapely, and firm.

Instead of going around to the front of their house, I jumped the fence through the bushes in the back corner that Rob and I kept trimmed so we could sneak out at night. I looked around the yard for a bit and walked to the front, but I saw no signs of anyone else being home. Then I walked up to Rob’s mom slowly.

“Hi, Mrs. Hay,” I said.

“Oh! Hello, I did not hear you!” she cried out and jumped at the same time.

“I’m sorry to have startled you, but I came over to see if Rob wanted to hang out.”

“No, he and his sisters are with their father on a camping trip until Monday,” Natalie replied. “So I am here alone.”

“Well that makes two of us. My parents left me alone today also,” I said. “And it is already going to be a hot day.”

“Yes, it is. I feel that my skin is going to burn,” she told me.

“Would you like me to put some of your tanning lotion on you?”

“That would be great,” she whispered as she rolled onto your stomach while untying her back strings.

I got down on my knees and grabbed her lotion. My friend’s mom was wearing a skimpy bikini with the top untied. Her breasts were being pushed out on her sides as she laid flat on the ground on her towel. I squeezed out the oil all over her back and began rubbing it onto her hot skin. From her neck, I moved slowly down towards her firm butt, kneading her back all the way. I then moved back up so as to go down her sides. When I reached her breasts, I stopped and began squeezing and rubbing them very gently.

“Ummmm, that feels so nice,” Natalie cooed.

“No problem, Mrs. Hay, I want to make sure I cover all parts of you so you won’t get burned,” I said.

“That is so sweet of you. Just take your time, I don’t mind at all . . . . . .” she trailed off as squeezed as much of her breasts as I could reach.

I worked my way down to the crack of her butt, caressing her skin all the way. Then I stopped, so I could get the lotion again to do her legs. I sat on one of her feet to start working my way up and as I started up, Natalie raised her foot and came in contact with my balls.

“Oops, I am so sorry about that, I did not know they were there,” she sighed blissfully as I worked my way up her leg.

I took my time massaging and rubbing her firm, tight calf and when I finished I started on her other leg. This time Natalie raised her foot again to rub my balls and this time she did not stop. However, I had to move up as I began rubbing oil on her thighs. I moved up and up, but stopped short of touching halkalı escort her pussy. I could see the wet spot on the bottom of her bikini. I started on the other leg and as I began, Natalie moaned softly as my hands moved upwards. Again I stopped short of touching her pussy and I could see that she was even wetter than before.

“Mrs. Hay, I noticed that you have no tan lines. Would you like me to finish your entire backside?”

“Oh yes, dear lord, yes!” she cried out. With those words I untied the strings on either side of her bikini bottoms and lowered them from her butt. I left them there under her as I did not want to press my fantastic luck so far.

With one hand I spread her cheeks and dripped the oil down her crack and the oil began its journey to her lovely anus. I dripped oil over the rest of her butt and began kneading her tight firm butt muscles. I straddled her thighs to keep Natalie from getting up as I moved both of my thumbs to the top of her cracked and brought them down until they reached her puckered anus. As I touch it, Natalie pushed her hips up to meet my hands coming down. As soon as I touched her anus, she let out a long moan and kept pushing her hips up and down as I rubbed her hole. I removed one hand and ran two fingers through her sopping wet slit.

“Oh, this is so wrong, but please don’t stop,” she moaned into her towel.

“What do I get, Mrs. Hay? If I continue, that is!” I whispered into her ear as I began biting her earlobe.

“Oh, please, don’t stop. I’ll give you anything you want, but please don’t stop. Pleeeeeaaasssssss . . . . . . . .”

“Remember, you said anything, Mrs. Hay.” Saying that, I plunged two fingers from one hand into her wet pussy and the thumb of my other hand into her ass.

Natalie let loose a loud guttural moan and began telling me to fuck her as my hands plunged in and out of her holes. She was not making any sense as she kept humping my hands. With one final “YES”, Natalie came on my fingers. Her hips came down on the towel and stayed there as her pussy and anal muscles were still contracting around my digits still inside her quivering holes. When the spasms were done, I removed my fingers from her body and licked her pussy juices from my fingers. Then I rolled her over onto her back and while she was rolling over, her bikini bottom fell away and I got my first look at her pussy. She had a nice trimmed thin landing strip of about two inches in length about an inch short of her clit.

“You have a nice body, Mrs. Hay,” I remarked to her as I grabbed the tanning oil.

“Thank you, but what are you doing now?” she said hoarsely.

“Why, I am going to oil down your front!” I exclaimed. “Don’t you remember asking me to cover all of you?”

“Oh, you naughty boy!” Natalie smiled up at me. “Make sure you cover every part, I do not want to burn.”

I grabbed the oil and squeezed a generous amount all over Natalie’s tits and stomach. When I began rubbing the oil into her skin, Natalie reached up with her right hand and began massaging my balls and rubbing my cock through my shorts. I took extra time while massaging her tits and pinching her hard erect nipples. As I pinched them, Natalie let out a long moan of pure pleasure at the attention her nipples were being given. She kept repeating over and over again, “Oh yes” as I kept pinching and squeezing them. Since, Natalie was in a state of bliss, I bent taksim escort down and took a nipple into my mouth and began sucking on them. As I bit down on it, she let out a loud moan of pure pleasure crying out “OH MY GOD, YES!”

Natalie kept repeating this over and over again. I changed to sucking and biting her other nipple. All this time, I kept massaging and squeezing the opposite tit. As soon as my mouth began sucking on her nipples, Natalie began bucking her hips up. She increased the pressure she was using while massaging my balls and then reached higher and starting pumping my cock. After about five minutes or more, Natalie cried out that she was cumming. I maintained sucking her nipples and squeezing her tits while Natalie’s orgasm rocked her body.

“Oh, my God, Jon, what are you doing to my body? Natalie asked. “I haven’t had this many orgasms in a long time.”

“I still have your legs to do, Mrs. Hay, unless you want me to stop?”

“Oh, no dear boy, please continue. Please don’t stop,” she begged me.

I then moved between her legs and started oiling them down. When I got to her thighs, Natalie began breathing more rapidly and starting humping her hips and down. I made sure not to touch her pussy just yet. My hands would go just to the point where her legs met her torso before moving outwards to her sides. I then came back down to rub her landing strip of hair. At this point, Natalie began humping faster and faster, so I began rubbing her clit between the thumbs of both hands. Natalie was making no sense as she starting moaning incoherently. It only took a few seconds before Natalie’s body was wracked with another orgasm.

Without another thought, I moved my face to her pussy and began lapping up her juices as they flowed out of her pussy. However, Natalie kept humping my face as I licked her pussy lips. I then moved upward and began sucking on her clit. Natalie went wild and grabbed my head and pulled me in closer as she began crying out “Oh God” over and over as my tongue rubbed her enlarged clit. Very soon she cried out that she was cumming and I felt my chin getting soaked when her orgasm exploded out of her. Natalie let go of my head and I lowered it to drink in her orgasmic juices.

When Natalie’s orgasm ended, I slid my way up and began kissing her lips until she parted them and I worked my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongues began dancing around each other in our mouths while I shoved my cock deep inside Natalie’s inviting pussy.

“Oh fuck yes! That feels so good,” she cried out as she wrapped her legs around my thighs to pull me in deeper.

I was enjoying plunging my cock into Natalie’s pussy when I noticed my mom, Connie, watching us from our yard. She was peeking through the hedges with her camera phone pointing our way. That is when I noticed her other hand was busy fingering her pussy while she was watching me fucking our neighbor. It seemed to me that both my mom and Natalie climaxed at the same time. So after Natalie came again I rolled over so she was on top of me with her pussy still impaled on my cock. I glanced over my shoulder to see that my mom was still watching us, but now was just taking photos of Natalie riding my cock.

Natalie was clueless of her being photographed by my mom as she worked my cock deep inside her pussy. She was moaning over and over as she flexed her pussy muscles around my cock. At the same time, she was squeezing şişli escort her lovely breasts and pinching her dark nipples.

“Oh my GOD, I am cumming again!” she breathlessly moaned.

“Oh, YES, I am cumming, too!” I exclaimed as my cock erupted and the sperm hit the back of Natalie’s pussy.

Natalie fell on top of my chest as her orgasm ended. We stayed that way for some time as her pussy still spasmed with me still inside her. Natalie was murmuring thank yous in my ear as she was coming down from her high. She then raised herself up on her palms and looked me right in the eye.

“Thank you so much, dear boy. I really needed to be wanted,” Natalie said to me.

“Oh, Mrs. Hay, I have wanted you for quite some time. You are a beautiful lady and we can continue this anytime,” I told her.

“Yes, Jon, I do want more of you, but under one condition,” she said.

“What is that, Mrs. Hay?” I asked.

“Please call me Natalie. Now, dear boy, you’d better get home and cleaned up before your parents come home,” she told me.

“Will do Mrs., sorry, Natalie,” I said as I kissed her full on her lips as she got off me. I pulled on my shorts and shirt. I then went to the back part of the yard and climbed the fence and got back into our yard. My mom was waiting for me behind Dad’s work house and she beckoned me to climb up into what we called our tree house through the back trap door. As I climbed up after her, I saw that my mom was not wearing any panties. As soon as I entered and closed the trap door, my mom pulled me into a deep open mouth kiss with her tongue exploring every inch of my mouth.

“I just wanted to taste what a woman’s pussy tasted like,” my mom smiled at me. She then lowered herself to her knees and pulled down my shorts and began licking my cock and my balls.

“But mom, you already tasted a pussy, yours,” I replied.

“Yes, I know, but I wanted to see if there is a difference,” she smiled up at me. “Sit on the bed for mommy, Jon.”

I sat on the edge of the bed while my mom gave my cock and balls a tongue bath. Mom was very thorough and before too long, I was hard again. She then took my cock into her mouth and began a slow in and out bob on my cock.

“Oh yes mom, that is soooo good,” I said. “I saw you watching Natalie and I. Did it get you off watching us?”

“Yes it did, as you well know since you saw me through the hedges,” mom replied as she rose up from her knees and mounted me. “Natalie looked so hot while you ate her pussy and she rode your cock. I could not help myself and I played with myself until I came.”

“What are you going to do now that you have tasted her pussy juices, mom?” I asked. “Do you want to try it first hand, straight from the source that is?”

“I wouldn’t know how to approach her about that, my dear,” she said.

“Well, mom, didn’t you take pictures of us on your cell phone? I know you did since I was watching you. You can go over tomorrow and show her the pictures. She would be putty in your hands after that,” I explained as she continued to ride my cock.

“Oh, yes I like that idea, oh, oh, I’m coming, dear one, OOOOOOOOO,” she cried out as she starting cumming.

I was not far behind her as I came deep inside my mom’s pussy. We stayed that way for quite some time kissing one another as my cock slowly deflated.

“Ok, honey, let’s go in so I can make dinner. Can you make some prints for the photos I took today, but make sure the ones you print don’t show your face,” mom said as she got off my lap.

“Sure mom, I can do that,” I replied as I opened the trap door for mom to climb down.

As we walked back into the house, my mom whispered in my ear, “After all, Jon tomorrow is another day . . . . . . . “

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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