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Naughty Boy

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My name is Harry and I am the son of a very beautiful mother and sister. They have always teased me one way or another through my teenage years by walking around half naked or by saying suggestive things to me and leaving me all hot and bothered. I am now 18 years old with very short dark hair and now stand at 6 foot tall. Now that I am of age maybe the teasing will lead to more than just me getting all hot and bothered maybe it might lead to something more.

My sister Jenny is almost a mirror image of mom apart from Jenny having blonde hair and mom’s being black. Now 20 years old Jenny has already left home and been married to her long-time boyfriend Roger for the last 2 years. They have a baby daughter Amy who is now 9 months old. Jenny still feeds her daughter breast milk and is not shy about it either. Jenny does come home now and again when her hubby goes off around the country doing his job and also when mom went away for the weekend and I was left home alone. She has caught me a few times staring as she fed her daughter Amy her breast milk but has not said anything about it only smiled when catching me.

My mom Lilith is 40 years old with long dark hair, long slender legs, a cute ass and 38dd boobs. As I said she is almost a mirror image of my sister Jenny apart from the colour of their hair and also Jenny now having bigger 38EE boobs due to breast feeding my little niece Amy. Mom had been married to my father for almost 18 years before he was taken from us just before I was born by a drunk driver smashing into his car and killing my father instantly.

Now that Jenny has her own family and home it is only mom and I left in this big old empty feeling house. We both work during the day, me as a car valet and my mom as a bank clerk. I have masturbated regularly over the last couple of years to what it would feel to fuck either of them or even both of them together. I never thought any of my fantasies would ever come to pass but I was soon to learn that dreams do come true sometimes.

My sister came to stay for a couple of weeks as her hubby had to go overseas to do with his job. Jenny didn’t want to stay alone so she came back home to her old room with Amy. Over the next week when Jenny breast fed Amy she would do so in the living room no matter who was there and never hid what she was doing either. I would sit at the big table with my laptop looking as if I was surfing the net or something. In reality I would be watching my sister breast feeding her daughter.

All week long this would happen and even my mom would sit and watch as her daughter breast fed her granddaughter. A few times I was sure I saw mom fidget about on her chair while she watched which got me all the more excited. Each night after Jenny had fed her baby and put her to bed I would say my good nights and run up the stairs and into the bathroom and masturbate till I shot cum against the shower wall.

I have had only ever had 1 real girlfriend but I never got to third base with her so it never lasted that long. Now here I was lusting after my mom and my sister. After a week of climbing the wall and just wanting to jump my sister I just had to get myself laid one way or another. It was alright for my mom as I had heard her trying to keep herself satisfied with a few dildos that I knew she had as I had snooped in her room a few times when she was out.

I had got up out of bed about 10 am that morning and mom was still sleeping as she had been out partying the night before and was completely out of it by the time she got home in the early hours. I was in the shower yanking on my morning wood when I heard the handle of the bathroom door keçiören escort being turned and someone walking in to the bathroom and then the door being closed.

“Hey if you didn’t notice I am trying to have a shower here!” I called out but there was no answer.

I could hear someone moving about and then all of a sudden the shower curtain was pulled back all the way.

“What the fuck…” I began to stutter.

“Well now what do we have here?” She asked as a wicked grin began to cross her face.

“I think I have found a solution to the craving you have.” She said again raising an eyebrow.

“How would you like to stick that big stiff cock of yours up my hungry cunt Harry?” She said as she gazed at my cock with that, I-wanna-fuck look.

There stood sister in a black silky bra and matching panties, her eyes now glued to my 8″ hard-on that was still in my hand from my morning wank. Jenny gasped as she looked from my cock to my eyes and back to my cock again.

“You do you realize what you just asked me Jenny?” I asked as I tried to cover myself as best I could.

“I am so damned horny at the moment I am willing to try just about anything right now to scratch this itch.” She answered.

My cock was even harder, if that was possible, with what Jenny was asking me and the way her lips were now covered in her own saliva as she drooled over my dick. The only thing on her mind was getting laid and it just so happened I was the main course at this moment in time.

“What about your hubby?” I asked her.

“Oh he won’t be home for at least another week and I can’t wait that long, I need a cock and I need it right now!” She said in a demanding voice.

“What about Mom she might hear us.” I said as I tried to find a way out of the situation I was in.

“I am sure she would enjoy the show.” Jenny said as she licked her lips again.

With that Jenny unclasped her bra and let it drop beside her panties that now lay puddled at her feet on the floor. Jenny now stood completely naked in front of me. The amount of times I have fantasized over her being naked in front of me and having her begging me to fuck her and fill her with my cum. And now here I was trying to find a way of it. What the fuck am I doing, here was the chance I have been begging for all week long.

“This way I won’t need to go looking for another man and I can keep it in the family.” Jenny said as she walked towards the shower stall.

Jenny had decided to take things into her own hands and stretched out and took my manhood between her fingers. She continued to caress my now throbbing cock, stroking it up and down a few times. She bent over and began to lick her tongue down the underside of my shaft and onto my balls before taking one of them into her mouth. I stood there rooted to the spot with my eyes closed as I just gave in and moaned in pleasure. Jenny’s sucking of my cock was impressive and if she kept it up I would soon be exploding all over her mouth. I began to push my stiff cock into her open mouth back and forth.

She let it glide between her lips and closed her lips around it as she took me deep into her mouth and finally into her throat. One of my hands I now placed behind her head and my other hand was now massaging one of her milk filled boobs. I began to fuck her mouth in earnest as her baby milk began squirting from her engorged nipple. Jenny could feel my balls begin to tighten in her hand and she knew it wouldn’t be long before I spurted cum into her mouth. As I looked down I noticed Jenny was rubbing her clit as she rocked her pussy back and forth over her fingers. kızılay escort She increased the pace of her sucking on my hard cock and the rubbing on her clit.

“Oh fuck, I am going to come in your mouth, Oh fuck, it feels so good!” I grunted.

“Fuck, I’m cummmmming!” Was all I got to say as cum shot from my balls and up and out of my throbbing dick.

I could feel her baby milk squirting onto my thigh as I squeezed both her nipples now as I shot cum into her mouth and down her throat. She kept swallowing my sweet cock juice down as it erupted from my cock into her mouth. After I stopped spewing cum into her she took me out of her mouth and moved up to kiss me. Her lips met mine and we kissed with Jenny giving me a taste of my own cum for the first time. I don’t know what made me look over to the bathroom door but as I did there was mom standing there watching us. She had her eyes closed and her right hand on her left boob tweaking her taut nipple. Her other hand was on the soft mound of flesh between her thighs as she rubbed at her clit with a fury. A few moments later her plump cunt lips burst like a dam as she collapsed on to the floor in a heap as her orgasm ripped through her and puddled on the floor under her.

As soon cum stopped Jenny removed her mouth from my cock and looked behind her at her mom who was slumped on the floor by the door. Jenny let me catch my breath for a few minutes as her eyes bulged out at the sight of her mom laying there twitching as her fingers still rubbed at her dripping cunt. Jenny crawled over to mom and rose to her feet in front of our mom and pulled her close to her. As Jenny moved mom’s head to her crotch area Jenny began humping her cunt into mom’s face. Jenny was now lust crazy I don’t think she even knew what she was doing at that very moment. My cock was beginning to show signs of life as I watched on. It was soon standing up in full glory as I stood there watching my sister humping her pussy into our mother’s mouth. Mom was now licking and sucking her daughter’s erect clit which made Jenny moan continuously and press her cunt hard on mom’s mouth.

My hard cock now wanted in Jenny very badly now and it gave a little jump at the same time as my sister placed her thighs on either side of mom’s head. Jenny wrapped one of her legs around mom’s shoulders and head as she fucked her cunt over her mom’s face. Soon she was coming in mom’s mouth with her juices oozing out the sides of mom’s mouth as mom began swallowing all her daughter’s juice as best she could as an orgasm also ripped through mom again. As soon as Jenny had recovered she turned her gaze to me and her eyes were totally glazed over. Both mom and Jenny were covered in sweat and Mom’s face was also covered in Jenny’s cunt juices.

“My cunt is on fire, now put that thing of yours inside me and fuck me now!” Jenny growled at me.

Jenny just dropped down on the tiled floor laying on her back as spread her thighs in total readiness. She was now like a wanton woman as she lay there rubbing her clit with total abandonment. I stood there with my long stiff cock jerking in my hand as I looked at mom as she looked at Jenny laying there begging me to fuck her wanton cunt. As I moved to within reach of Jenny mom grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her opening mouth to taste me before I entered her daughter. The situation had now gone beyond incest, it didn’t matter who or what was in front of Jenny she would have fucked it without blinking an eyelid. My cock head was now deep inside mom’s mouth as she began to suck on my dick. Her wet lips were now around the base of my prick as I thrust mu pelvis sincan escort forward making the head of my cock hit the back of her throat.

After she pulled me back out of her mouth mom pulled my cock downwards making me kneel between my sister’s legs. Mom lined my dick up to the entrance of my sister’s pussy and helped me thrust forward forcing my throbbing erection into Jenny’s slippery cunt. Mom pushed my ass forward as I disappeared inside Jenny up to my balls in one swift movement.

“Oh my god that feels so good, don’t move, let me savour the moment!” Jenny cried out.

After a couple of minutes Jenny started thrusting her crotch up at me which gave the signal for me to start fucking her. I began to make deep thrusts into sister’s cunt while kissing mom in a deep tongue sucking embrace. Then mom pulled her lips from mine to her daughter’s as they kissed and their tongue’s danced together as I fucked my sister’s soaking wet pussy. Mom then moved her head to her daughter’s milky boobs and began to suck on one of her engorged nipples as her daughter’s baby milk squirted into her mouth and she began to swallow it. Once she had drank from one boob she leaned over and drank from the other until she had her full. Mom then took off what clothes she had left on and left them on a pile next to her daughter’s underwear. Mom then straddled her daughter’s head and sat her dripping pussy on her daughter’s mouth as she leaned into me as we kissed again.

I could taste my sister’s baby milk on my mother’s lips and in her mouth as I put my tongue in her mouth. Mom then started rubbing her cunt on her daughter’s mouth as Jenny’s tongue went deep into her mother’s hot wet pussy. I took hold of mom’s boobs and massaged them as we kissed and she moaned hard into my mouth with what her daughter and son were doing to her body. With every hard thrust of my cock in Jenny’s cunt I could hear her moan into mom’s pussy which sent mom into a huge orgasm. Mom’s juices flooded Jenny’s mouth almost making her choke as mom was now squirting into her daughter’s mouth and it was flowing out over Jenny’s face. Once mom moved off Jenny’s face and fell beside her daughter I increased my thrusting even more into Jenny’s well used body.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me harder, come inside me, fill my cunt with your cum!” She gasped between each thrust of my throbbing prick.

Jenny was now shaking violently with every thrust all the way up to my balls inside her. Grunting like a bull I was taken over the edge by her cunt. As it began to milk my cock I blasted my hot cum deep inside her cunt. Jenny’s started jerking as her orgasm rocked her body. Both of them were lying on their backs covered in sweat from the vigorous exertion as mom and Jenny recovered. Finally Jenny stopped moving from her long hard fuck and as I slowly got off Jenny my now shrivelling cock slid out of her cum filled cunt with a plop.

“That was fabulous, if I knew you could fuck like that I would have seduced you long ago.” Jenny sighed.

“I didn’t know I could come twice in such a short time. Seeing your naked body did something to me.” I replied.

Mom and Jenny smiled back at me and they both got up off the floor and mom stepped into the shower. Jenny again dropped to her knees as she took my cock in her hand and took it in her mouth covered in her own juices and my spunk. She then cleaned my shaft and then my balls with a smack of her lips. Then got up and joined mom in the shower leaving me standing there on my own in the middle of the bathroom.

“I hope we can do this often?” Jenny asked.

“Do you mean sharing a shower or sharing your brother with me?” Mom asked with a giggle.

“Oh I mean both mom.” Jenny replied.

“Oh I am sure we will be doing this often if you want to?” Mom asked Jenny.

“What about me don’t I get a say in this?” I asked then both with a raised voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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