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Naughty Girl on a Sunday Morning

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It’s a lovely Sunday morning as I drive to your house. I’m in an extremely good mood. The boys are at their dad’s until dinner time and I don’t have to leave until 4:30. It’s just now 8am as I pull up and I can’t wait to have you to myself all day today. I’ve given certain instructions to you for this morning and I know that you’ll do as you are told. For such a naughty girl you certainly obey my instructions… as long as I reward you afterwards.

I pull up to the house and get out of my car. I know you are waiting but I sip my coffee and have a smoke before coming in. I let myself in and head to the kitchen. I grab a mug from the cupboard and make myself a coffee. When it finishes I pick up the steaming mug and head down the hall to the bedroom.

As I enter the room I find you exactly where I told you to be. You are completely naked and on your knees on the floor. Your left hand is cupping your right breast and your right hand is between your legs and I can see it moving as you stroke the length of your pussy. You are positioned to the side of the standing mirror and I have a great view in it of your back and your cute ass.

“I’ve been waiting” you tell me.

“I know”. I take a sip of my coffee and admire the view as you continue stroking your pussy. Your left hand moves to your nipple and pinches it gently. I can feel myself hardening as I watch you. Your ass is wiggling just a little bit as you play and you look so sexy!

I pull my gaze from your body and look around the room. On the floor beside you there are 2 scarves as I had requested. I look to the bed and see your little vibrator waiting for me along with our new toy, the little whip you bought me for my birthday that we haven’t had a chance to try yet. I find it very exciting to have you prepare all of the items that you know I’m going to use on you, the items I will tease you with. I like the idea of having you prepare everything knowing you will be imagining what I will do with each item and building your anticipation as you imagine the feeling of the scarf on your skin as I blindfold you. Especially our new toy that I haven’t been able to use on you yet. I wonder if you’ve spanked your hand a few times to try to get an idea of how it will feel when I finally get my hands on it and am able to use it on you? I’m guessing the anticipation of trying that little whip had you trembling as you laid it out for me.

As you sit and play I watch while I start to casually remove my clothes, setting everything aside. As I pull my underwear off and my cock springs out, hard from watching you, you let out a little gasp. I set all my clothes to the side by the door and lean my back against it and wrap my right hand around myself and stroke slowly as I watch you. I see you bounce a little and your hand on your pussy goes a bit faster against your clit and you bite your lip in that sexy way that drives me crazy and the sight has me grip my cock a bit tighter and stroke a bit faster. We feed off each other, the excitement is actually palpable in the room as we watch each other, both of us getting more and more aroused as we watch the other get more excited and turned on. Finally I realize if this goes on much longer I’m going to cum just watching you and I realize I have other things I need to do before then so I abruptly stop and step away from the door towards you. You pull back at my sudden motion, almost startled. You were watching me so intently you were leaning forward and my sudden motion threw you off balance and you quickly pull back to correct yourself. We both laugh at our reactions.

“Hi beautiful! I see you did everything as instructed. You looked so sexy I just couldn’t help myself. I nearly made myself cum just watching you.” I step over to you and crouch down and give you a kiss. As I do I reach down between your legs and slide my hand along yours to your pussy. You are so wet right now you are literally dripping off your hand onto the carpet. “Mmmm! Someone is a lttle excited! Do you like playing with your pussy while you watch me jerk off?”

“Oh yes!”

“You like seeing me stroke my hard cock? Do you like knowing it’s your sexy body that has me so hard?”

“Oh! So much!”

I give you another kiss and stand up and wrap my hand around myself again and right in front of your face I start to slowly stroke my cock. You lick your lips as I do so and you shiver a little bit in anticipation. I bend over and reach back down and slide my hand along your pussy gathering wetness and stand back up and wrap my hand around the head, coating myself in you, making my cock slippery and shiny. You bite your lip again as I stroke myself inches from your mouth. I reach down with my free hand and grip your hair sharply causing you to gasp and open your mouth and I slide inside, just the first couple of inches, and you quickly close your mouth around me. Oh it feels so good in your mouth! You start bobbing istanbul escort your head taking me deeper and deeper inside and I lean my head back and enjoy it for just a few moments before I pull away causing my cock to pop out of your mouth. I lean down and whisper in your ear, “Not yet gorgeous. I want to play first”

I reach down and pick up one of the scarves you have conveniently at hand and I tell you to put your hand at your sides. I tie the scarf tightly around one wrist and then take the length of the scarf behind your back to your other wrist and tie that one securely. Now your hands can’t come forward but if I choose to lay you down on your back you won’t need to lie on your hands. I step back and admire the sight of you, bound, on your knees, squirming a bit, waiting for me to touch you, anticipating that I won’t. Not yet.

I stand you up and kiss you and push you toward the wall by the bed. I steer you to the spot I want and push you back against the wall leaning in to kiss you again, gently at first then with more urgency as you return the kiss. I start running my hands over your body and I feel your muscles tense as you attempt to do the same only to remember you are bound, helpless and unable to move. I’m sure you feel my smile when you realize it and I push away.

“Problem?” I ask.

You pull your hands as far forward as you can and spread your fingers palms up. “No” you say.

“Excellent” and I reach out and spin you to face the wall and press you up against it. I whisper in your ear, “Don’t move” as I push myself back from you. You remain against the wall as I go back to retrieve the other scarf. I return to you with the scarf. You watch me come back to you, knowing what’s next. When I reach you I press myself against your back pinning you to the wall and I run my right hand over your right ass cheek, lovingly, carressingly before pulling my hand away and stepping back for just a second and as you look back to the wall I swing my hand in a swift smack on your ass and you jump having not expected it at all. I quickly reach up and grab your hair with my left hand and pull your head back and lean over to whisper to you again, “You know… you’ve made a number of “old man” comments over the past few weeks. I think it’s time you were punished for them” and with that I slip the scarf over your head and over your eyes and quickly tied it behind your head.

With that done I stepped back, slowly running my nails gently down your back down to your ass before pulling my hands away and stepped to the side. As I did so I pulled my hand back and waited. I counted in my head…

“One 1000…

Two 1000…

Three 1000…

Four 1000…” I saw your shoulders and back relax

“Five 1000…

Six 1000…

Seven 1000…” You turned your head, I could tell you are straining to hear a sound from me.

“Eight 1000…

Nine 1000…

Ten 1000…” You cocked your head, you still hadn’t heard anything from me… And I swung my hand down hard, a stinging slap on your right ass cheek! You jumped a little and I could hear you half moan half giggle and I could see a shiver run down your spine. I pressed back up against you and kissed the back of your neck before pulling away again and landing another stinging slap on your left cheek this time. No waiting, no carress, no warning, just a stiff swat on your ass as soon as I pulled away making you jump and giggle again.

This time I didn’t linger. I walked away and retrieved my coffee cup and took a sip. I just leaned up against the wall and sipped my coffee, admiring the view I had of you from behind. Your legs were slightly spread, your hands were at your sides, obviously, and you, right up against the wall. As I sipped my coffee I watched you start to fidget. I could see you moving your hands around, shifting your weight foot to foot. Your head was looking side to side, head cocking, listening for any movement or motion from me. I continued to wait and sip my coffee.

I let a good couple minutes pass by, finished my coffee and set the cup down. I quietly moved over to the bed and picked up our new toy and had a good look at it. It’s a very cute little whip and I’m very curious to try it out. I’ve never used one before and I’m not really sure how hard to swing it. I walk back to you very silently. You are obviously very impatient at this point and having a hard time standing still, shifting back and forth, side to side. I pull my free hand back as I approach and when I get close enough land an open hand slap on your right ass cheek causing you to jump and cry out in surprise. I hug you from behind, wrapping my arms around you and I can feel you shiver against me.

“Hi beautiful! Did you miss me?” as I asked the question I slid my hand down your stomach and between your legs and just slid my fingers over your avcılar escort pussy lips causing you to tense up and moan a little bit. “Mmmm, sounds like you’ve been waiting for me. I like that I have you all to myself… and no one can hear us” and with that I swat your ass again. “Now we have this new toy but I need to know just how much pressure to use so I’m going to need you to let me know if I go too hard. Alright?” I can see you you shiver in excitement. I step back and caress your cute ass before spanking you one more time making you moan again.

I take a step back and slap my hand with the little whip a couple times increasing the pressure each time to get a feel for it before I strike your ass with it suddenly. You jolt forward against the wall and let out a little laughing moan as you do. I step back to you and reach around your chest and caress your left nipple. I press my whole body against you and kiss your shoulder and neck working my way up to your ear with a little nibble causing you to lean back into me. Suddenly I push away, pressing you against the wall and swat your ass again with our new little toy making you jump. I lean into you again and pull you back from the wall a few feet before spinning you toward the bed gently pushing you forward to bend at the waist leaving you bent over the bed resting on your chest. I crouch behind you and reach my hand up between your legs and slide 2 fingers along the length of your pussy, teasing you, feeling your wetness before sliding inside you. I lean in and plant a few kisses on the back of your thigh, kissing and licking my way up to your ass.

I spread your legs further apart and slide my tongue to the edge of your pussy from behind licking up and across your ass. You shudder and moan and I do it again causing you to wiggle your ass at me as I keep licking from your pussy to your ass over and over again while I have 2 fingers buried inside you until I pull pack and slap your ass with my little whip, quickly alternating cheeks, one after another before plunging my tongue back to your pussy. You are starting to buck against my hand and my tongue and you are starting to drip down your thighs. I pull away and pull my fingers out of you and grab you by the hair pulling you to your feet and spinning you to face me. I plant a long kiss on you that you return almost fiercely before I shove you to your knees and push my steel hard cock into your mouth. You suck eagerly for a moment before I pull out and crouch down with you.

“Do you need some relief my gorgeous girl?” I ask. I slide my right hand back to your pussy. You nod quickly. I slide one finger inside you and curl it towards me making you groan and lean into me. I use my left hand, still holding the whip, to shove you back against the bed. I slide a 2nd finger into you and start to flex and curl inside while pressing your chest up against the bed and instantly your pussy starts flowing over my hand and you start gasping. Faster and faster I get and you start shaking and moaning and bucking your hips as you start to cum all over my hand. I just keep going until I feel your body start to slump at which point I slow my motions to a gentle “come hither” inside you. The floor beneath you is soaked and I know this is the perfect opportunity to taste you. I pull you up and push you back on the bed pulling your ass to the edge and I crouch down and blow gently on your wet pussy making you shiver and writhe on the bed. I can’t resist anymore and dive forward into your pussy.

I slide my tongue inside you for a moment before moving up to lick and suck on your clit, rolling my tongue over it while applying some suction and making you gasp. After a short time of this I grab your thighs with both hands and raise them up which spreads your pussy and ass for me to enjoy. I slide my tongue over your pussy and down to your ass and press firmly, licking your cute ass. You start to squirm and buck against my tongue. I pull back suddenly and stand up and slide my cock into you instead causing you to gasp and moan out loud as I bury my cock in you to the hilt. You start squirming on the bed and pulling at the scarf holding your hands together. I keep thrusting into you getting faster and faster as you thrash on the bed. I can feel it starting, I can feel your pussy getting wetter and starting to contract and squeeze my cock as I thrust in and out of you…

And then I pull out of you with no warning. You gasp and groan. “Noooo! Not now! Please! Please put it back. Please fuck me!” As you beg your hips are vainly thrusting in the air, blindly trying to find my cock to fill you up again.

“What’s wrong my girl?” I ask.

“Please give it back!” you cry out.

“Give what back?” and as I ask I turn to the side and slide the head of my swolen cock along your thigh.

“That! Right there! Please slide your cock back in my pussy!” as you say this şirinevler escort your hips are rolling and your body is writhing on the bed. “I’m so close, please fuck me! Please make me cum! Please!!”

I love making you beg like this and definitely want to make you wait longer so I step closer between your legs so my cock is right against your pussy and I know you can feel it.

“Yes!” you cry out!

“I’d love to help you, I really would,” and I slide about 2 inches into your pussy making you groan, “but unfortunately I’m out of coffee”.

And with that I step back pulling my cock away from your pussy and I quickly slap each of your tits twice then walk over to the closed bedroom door and open it. “Noooo!” I hear you cry out, and without leaving the room I close the door again and turn back to you to see what happens. Your hips are bucking and I can see that you are straining your arms trying to get free. Maybe to slide a hand down to your pussy? Maybe to pull the blindfold off to follow me to the kitchen? I’m not sure but you can’t get free and after a minute you give up with a heavy sigh and slump back on the bed defeated.

The second you do I take the whip and immediately lash out with it and whip each of your tits right on the nipple followed by each thigh making you cry out loudly at the sudden burst of unexpected pain. “If my naughty little girl wants some cock in her pussy then convince me.” and I pull you to your feet and remove the blindfold and quickly release your hands from confinement.

The second you are free you drop to your knees and swallow my cock in your warm, wet mouth and you grob my ass and quickly start fucking my cock with your mouth. I love when you lose control like that! The feeling of your mouth rapidly swallowing my cock always brings out an animal in me and I reach down and get a grip on your hair at the back of your head and pull you off my cock. You gasp as my cock leaves your mouth and I hold you in place by your hair. I bend down to kiss you deeply before whispering in your ear…

“Does my little sub want to get her mouth fucked?”


“I’m going to fuck your mouth like a pussy, are you ready for that?”

“Oh yes!”

“Good girl! Do a good job and I’ll reward you by fucking your pussy until you cum all over my cock. Would you like that?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes please!”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh yes please!”

“Are you ready?”


And before you can say anything else I slide my cock back into your mouth. With a firm grip of your hair I am anything but gentle, thrusting my cock deep into your throat and then back to just the head in your mouth. The whole time your tongue is running along the underside of my cock as I thrust faster and faster into your mouth until I can’t take it anymore and I pull my cock away and reach down and grab you under your arms and pick you up off your knees and throw you on the bed and climb ip after you. You spread your legs wide for me, knowing what I want, knowing that I need to slide my cock inside you.

I reach out and grip the back of your hair again as I slide my cock deep inside you in one stroke, your pussy is so wet from your excitement while sucking my cock that I plunge all the way into you until my pelvis is grinding against your clit. With my left hand gripping your hair I hook your knee with my right and slide up until my elbow catches behind your knee and you are helplessly spread open for me and I start thrusting into your perfect pussy with long, steady strokes, pounding deep into your pussy at a nonstop pace and I can feel you starting to squirt against me, I can feel as I pull out, your delicious cum literally chasing me out of you until I’m about to pull out completely before slamming back inside you. Your arms clutch at me, your hips push back against me and I feel you pulse cum against me over and over until you finally slump back exhausted.

I’m not quite done with you yet and I pull my cock from your soaking wet pussy and pull you back off the bed and you drop to the floor in a crouch, knowing want I want. I slide my cock to your cleavage and you squeeze those perfect tits around me and I thrust back and forth, my cock soaking wet from your pussy, getting faster and faster, loving the feeing of your tits wrapped around my cock until I can’t take it anymore.

“I’m gonna cum! Do you want my cum little sub?”

“Oh yes please! Cum for me”

And with that I burst, thrusting between your tits I start to cum. After the 2nd pulse of cum I pull my cock away and continue to stroke my cock and cum on your perfect tits. You open your mouth for me and I slide my cock into your mouth and you suck my cock while I finish cumming in your hot mouth.

When I am finished and have no more cum to give I pull out and drop to my knees and slide my hand up your leg to your pussy and slide 2 fingers deep inside you and curl them toward me faster and faster, increasing the pressure until you burst and fountain cum all over my hand and the floor for a final time this morning.

In the aftermath we both slump to the floor and wrap our arms around each other and cuddle up together, cum all over us, enjoying the moment together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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