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Neighborhood Bar

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The night itself would start normal enough, perhaps with a dinner out, in a nice but not overdone type of restaurant. I would know perhaps that more was planned for the evening, if nothing else, an end to the torment that you had wrought upon me throughout dinner. I would playfully announce the want to kill or at least torture whomever had devised the wireless rabbit that was buried within the slick walls of my pussy, turned on at some of the more inopportune moments of the meal — like when the waiter approached the table to take our orders; I was quietly grateful though for your usual style of ordering everything, even though I knew speech at that point would have left the poor man wondering for awhile.

Throughout the entire meal you randomly turned the toy on, letting me reach toward the brink of pleasure, only to torment me further, by suddenly turning it off. You knew my reactions too well, and knew even without the beg upon my lips that I needed to release. I wouldn’t be quite sure how I would make it through actually eating the meal, sipping the drinks afterward, without once crying out, without a single audible moan — well, at least none that were heard by those people around our booth.

You of course, were quite pleased with the frenzied state you had put me in — knowing that it would leave me begging you to let me do anything, anything to just be allowed to orgasm for you. I almost groaned as you didn’t turn down your street — knowing now the torture would not be complete even that easily. I looked to you a bit questioningly as we stopped at a pub, one that I didn’t remember visiting with you before. But, eager to move forward — move closer toward that final pleasure, I was almost out the door before you could open it for me. Perhaps as a kind respite, you had not turned on the toy during the drive, but, just as your arm went around me, you turned it on once more, my knees almost buckling as we approached the door.

The pub seemed only about half full as we entered. The barkeep greeted you as an old friend. This gave me a small pause, because if you were so known here — the torturing toy would not be quiet much, I thought. A round of drinks mecidiyeköy escort were brought over, small amounts of conversation passed back and forth from our booth to the other patrons. I didn’t pay much attention to some of the looks that I was getting — overall, I just put it to rest with the thought that it was due to the very small skirt and barely buttoned top — both of which hugged my curves quite well. It would not have been the first time for such looks — and I doubted it would be the last.

About an hour had passed, and now into the second of the brews chosen for me, I asked to be excused to the restroom. Almost as an afterthought, you commanded me to remove the small toy and clean it well, before placing it into my small purse. A look of surprise came over my face, but, pleasant — thinking that perhaps this meant we would be on our way home shortly. As I returned from the bathroom, I was almost surprised not to see you waiting with the check paid… instead you were in a deep conversation with the bartender.

You looked at me then, and smiled that devilish smile, that I knew meant something was afoot. You crooked a finger at me to approach, and with hands upon my hips, lifted me to sit at the cleared area of the bartop, usually reserved for waitresses to fill their orders — although, as I thought about it for a brief instant, I hadn’t seen any of them in evidence tonight.

The bartender gives me a bit of a once over, and says he still doesn’t believe you. I raise a brow a bit in question, just as you answer that I should show him just how creamy wet of a state you had tormented me into tonight. I inhaled slightly, a bit surprised at this — not that I would resist your command, only in that it seemed such a public venue. You assisted me to turn to the side, putting my feet up onto the bartop, not surprisingly facing toward the door, and the seats where most of the other patrons were located.

With a quickened race of my heart, I inched up the slim skirt slightly further, and parting my feet, I leaned back slightly, as the bartender took full view of my slick folds. Without warning, but, with some prompt merter escort from you I am sure, the bartenders fingers delved into the tight walls, I could not help the moan that escaped, as his fingers pumped somewhat mercilessly within. This of course earned a cat call or two from the other patrons, who at this point, I figured knew you — at least most of them.

With little ceremony the bartender removed his fingers, and presented them to my lips, where my tongue slowly circled the digits, tasting mine own hunger and sweetness upon them. You continued extolling about other skills I have. If my mind had been a bit clearer — this tease was only added torment — I would have almost realized it seemed rehearsed. As the bartender came out from around the bar, you lifted me from the now warmed wood, and pushed me to kneeling upon the cool floor, my skirt still hiked up around lush hips. Leaning down, your knowing fingers grazed over hardened nipples, as you began to undo my buttons, baring easily the fullness of my chest to all of the patrons, who seemed to be moving closer by the moment.

As the bartender stepped before me, I looked up, his thick shaft already in grasp, your hand slipped into my hair, arching my neck backward — as you looked down into my eyes… commanding me to show him exactly how good my mouth was. Letting go of my hair you stepped back then, and with a good view given to the others, I set to work upon pleasing the bartender. I was not paying attention to the rest of the patrons, nothing was on my mind at this point other than ensuring that I pleased you — by pleasing him. Perhaps I should have split my attention — because without warning, just as the bartender suddenly pulled back, his own hand working upon split slicked shaft, his cum shooting out in ropes upon my face — another set of hands pulled at my hips, moving me to kneeling. I looked up to you concerned — you only nodded. I felt reassured by your presence — I knew nothing untoward would happen to me.

I tried to look back to see who had done so — only to have my head turned and riveted to another throbbing length. A third set of hands pulled off my pendik escort shirt, as the first cock slid into the depths of my pussy, calloused fingers roughly massaging sensitive breasts. I was already on the edge, from all your torment, but, with the thick shaft in my mouth, I couldn’t even beg to cum upon the strangers cock.

It seemed endless — again and again a hole was filled. Each man pulling out from my aching depths to cum upon bared flesh. I was soaking in their pleasure — my own unanswered. I could feel the endless ropes of cum coating my back and the shapely curves of my ass. I could feel them dripping down my face. I lost count after the first few groups. They knew, I randomly thought, that I was not allowed to be cum within. Only you were allowed such. My limbs weak and shaking… it seemed they were all satiated, because I was finally left there alone in the middle of the floor.

Looking to you, you nodded and I crawled over to you… I begged you to let me cum for you. You moved to the edge of your chair, telling me that I had pleased you… saying that I could later, now was not the time.

Finally told to rise, I took the long coat offered, stripping the last vestige of clothing from me. I gathered the cum filled skirt, the tatters of my shirt, placing them into a pocket. A rush of cold air rippled over creamy flesh turned crimson from desire and use. I looked up, staring into the face of the couple that entered the bar. You could see the confusion and fear upon the woman’s face, in the way she dragged her companion out the door once more. It was all I could do not to chuckle — thinking she had missed out on way too much fun.

Without further flourish, you placed a coat around my shoulders, gathering me closer, as I tried to seem somewhat more composed. Comments and conversation snippets continued as we walked toward the door, and to home…

Once home — it was the true fun though. A warm shower coursed over abused flesh, the heat of it seeming to match my own. My body left shimmering, I toweled off an joined you in the bed. You used me as no other could, ravaging me as only one that truly knows me could. Again and again, I was allowed to cum upon your cock — a reward for having been so pleasing to your friends. Finally, just before drifting to sleep within your arms, I was filled with your cum… I was allowed to savor the sweet taste of mingled pleasure, as I licked the sheen from your still engorged flesh.

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