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Neighborly Relations Pt. 12

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PART TWELVE: New Arrangements

CHAPTER ONE, Show Me the Way to Go Home

Doris Burton Chambers drove home naked after Emily Porter released her. She drove with a sheen of cum drying on her face and leaking from her body onto the car seat. She drove in a giddy haze fueled by the excitement of what had been done to her and the expectation of what she planned to do to herself when she got home.

The Burton family might humor her desires with soft ropes and silk whips, but that lady meant business. There was no thought for her feelings or safety, and there was a definite threat of harm with Emily Porter. The proximity of physical harm excited Doris now, and she had to get home to her vibrator and clothespins. It didn’t occur to Doris that Emily had been so good because she was angry, not because she got off on it. There are lots of things that don’t occur to Doris.

She parked the car in her garage and hurried to her house, thankful that her son wasn’t home yet. There would be no explaining her condition. After all, her family wouldn’t have sent her home like this. They would have dressed her up nice and clean and kissed her at the door. God, it was wonderful to be sent away like a beaten dog.

By the time Bill got home (purposefully late to give his mother time to arrive) Doris was lying in bed with a line of clothespins clipped up from her nipples to the top of both breasts and four clips pinching her inner labia while she rubbed the tip of one finger on her swollen clit. She panted through one orgasm, she moaned through the second, and then she cried and twisted her clit for the third before laying breathless atop her tightly made bed. She only barely remembered to remove the pins before falling asleep right there.


Robert and Tania Mosswell sneaked into their home after spending ten minutes in the yard watching their children get snacks and generally fiddle around before heading off to bed. Inside, they went directly up to bed as quietly as possible. Once in their room, they collapsed on the bed feeling somewhat stupefied by the evening’s experience.

“Did you hear them? Our children? Did you hear them talking about us?” Tania said, unbuttoning her blouse as she lay flat on her back on their bed.

“Yes, I did I guess we’re not over the hill after all,” Robert said.

“Over the hill? Robert, you came four times,” Tania pointed out. “There’s nothing over the hill about that.’

“Yeah, well now my cock feels like people were twisting it like a dish rag all night,” Robert said. “It hurts.”

Tania was asleep.


Karen Jenkins pulled into her driveway and was surprised to see that her husband’s car was already in the garage. Home. A day early. She entered the house running through an inventory of stories to tell that might explain her absence, her disheveled appearance, and what was quite likely a distinct odor.

She walked through the door biting her lower lip and straightening her clothing.

“Hi, honey,” she called out as she entered the living room.

Her husband, Ray Jenkins, was sitting on the couch bouncing a basketball between his feet and watching the late night rerun of that evening’s baseball game on the television. He was an affable blond man, six foot two, with sandy hair cropped close to his head in a manner that gave him a military bearing. Military was far from his actual demeanor, however. He was a playful jock, a man who would always be in touch his youth and ready to bring it out. That made him perfect with children, of course. It was ironic that a man who was always ready to play a game and the woman who taught second grade had not been able to have children so far. It was sad.

“Hey, honey,” he called back, watching her walk into the room with open admiration. “Where were you?”

“Out. I didn’t know you’d be back tonight.”

“I didn’t either,” he said. “But I missed you and the conference sucked, so I drove home after the last meeting. So, where were you out to?” He didn’t sound suspicious, angry, annoyed, or any emotion a cuckold might display. He just asked, simply, directly, and without guile.

Though it was just his natural manner of speech, that approach was guaranteed to melt his wife, who wasn’t very good at lying. She had never had to lie about her activities before, because he’d never asked. But here he was asking, and she was suddenly unable to find a reason for actions that had made plenty of sense earlier.

“I was . . . Well, I was at a party.”

Ray smiled. “Any of my football players at the party?”

“Honey?” Karen tilted her head, regarding her husband suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

“Football players. You know, from my team.”

“Bill Chambers,” she admitted quietly, keeping her smile in place. “He was there.”

“Probably drove you there,” Ray said.

“He, well, that is, I . . .”

“Sorry, honey. I’m being a dick.” Ray held his hand out to her then, smiling broadly and motioning for her to come closer. When she was close enough, he grasped her hand and pulled her onto orhangazi escort his lap. “I’m just wondering about what I’m missing by not letting you know that I know.”

“Know?” Karen could feel his cock pressing hard against her butt, so she didn’t think he was angry, but she couldn’t tell his mood.

“Football players talk to each other, you know,” he said. “And coaches are right there to hear them.”

“You knew? How long?”

“Not very long, really. I didn’t want to get in your way. I mean, with our situation about babies and all, I just figured you needed an outlet of some kind.”


“Look, I figured that you were having fun and the team was winning, so what harm was there? You know? But now, well, I’m starting to think maybe we should both be having fun. I don’t want to have fun without you.”

“God, Ray, I’m sorry.” Karen felt herself beginning to tear up at his simple statement of need and desire. She felt like all manner of fool just then.

“Don’t be sorry,” Ray said. “We’re different that way, you know. Well, you’re different, anyway.”

“I just wanted to . . .”

“Don’t explain,” he cut in. “I don’t want to know now. Let’s just pretend that I don’t care.”


“Yeah. Just assume that I’m fine with it all,” Ray kissed her cheek. “I was really pissed at first, but I talked myself out of making a scene. Then I thought about it and realized that you were still with me. You hadn’t divorced me, or complained about my sperm count or anything like that. You didn’t change at all. You were just fucking around. That’s all.”

“That’s all?” Karen laughed despite herself.

“Yup, just fucking around. It’s only sex. I’m a man, so I know how that works. But I’m thinking now that I should be allowed the same leeway as you’re getting. Right? I mean, we might as well fuck around together.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’ve thought it all out,” he said. “I want to go to the same parties as you do, dear. But no more football players. God, you might have gotten us both fired.”

“No more football players,” she agreed.

“Well, I suppose Bill Chambers can be grandfathered in,” he said. “Since he’s graduated.”

“I think he’s sick of me,” Karen said. “He couldn’t wait to get at the other girls at the party tonight.”

“So, it was that kind of party,” Ray said.

“Yes, definitely.”

“Why don’t you go take a shower and then come back down and tell me all about it,” he said, pushing her away gently. He rubbed the bulge in his trousers. “I’d really like to hear about what I’m trying to get myself into”

Karen hurried in to bathe knowing that her life was about to enter a new, much more enjoyable phase. Instead of fucking around on her husband, she would be fucking around with him.


Emily lay in bed for a long time after Robert had gone to sleep. Her own behavior with Doris Burton troubled her now that it was over. If it had been a sexual thing, a way to get herself off, she wouldn’t care, but it hadn’t been that. No, she’d tortured the woman because she was pissed off. The fact that it was a sexual torture had little to do with why she did it. All she could hope now was that Doris Burton would never darken her door again.

She should only be that lucky.


The Porter and the Mosswell children slept quite well that evening, and all was right in their world.


In the morning, the loop woke up to see a moving van backed into the driveway of the Tredweiler house.

CHAPTER TWO, New Neighbors

Terry Carter stood in her living room and looked across at the Tredweiler house as two men from the van carried boxes and furniture inside. She didn’t see anyone who looked as though they might be the new neighbors. At ten o’clock, a mini van parked at the curb and a brunette woman, about 30, got out carrying a baby. There were two young men in their late teens with her. One of them kissed her cheek and clutched her butt affectionately. The moving van drove away and they went inside. That was all until two in the afternoon.

At two o’clock, a black Mercedes parked in the driveway and a tall, gray haired man got out along side a sandy haired girl who scowled at the house, the neighborhood, and the man who was presumably her father. He straightened his jacket and walked inside whistling. She walked inside still scowling. It was six o’clock before there was any further activity, but all that happened then was that all four people and the baby got back into the vehicles and drove away.

Terry Carter had quit watching and gone back to worrying about the mortgage long before two o’clock. She and John sat at the kitchen table and sorted through their bills until they finally gave up and went to play with their children, Kristy, 5, and Kyle, 4. All they could really do was put smiles on their faces and go talk to Robert Porter. He was the man who wrote their loan, after all.

When the children went down for their naps at one o’clock, Terry and John retired to nilüfer escort their own room to practice their own form of therapy and stop thinking about money for a little while. With Terry entering her seventh month of pregnancy, they were necessarily careful in their activity.

John moved his cock in and out of his wife’s swollen pussy with even motions and watched her pendulous breasts respond to the small jolt of his body slamming home between her legs. Quiver and shake, her nipples moving in a tiny circle. Quiver and shake, and they began leaking milk as her orgasm approached. Quiver and shake, and then her legs clamped against him and she cried out as her breasts shook harder and she pulled him in close against her belly. Almost like clockwork, John would shoot his cum up inside of her immediately after her orgasm. Making her cum was just that much of a turn on to him.

After their climax, they lay facing each other while John idly suckled at her breasts. After she’d caught her breath, Terry sat up and leaned over him, milking herself into his mouth.

“There are new people across the street,” she said, squeezing her breasts left, right, then left. “Old guy and some younger ones. “I wonder who they are?”

“You wonder if they enjoy fucking their neighbors,” John laughed.

Terry squeezed both breasts, washing his face with the multiple sprays of milk, and then said, “Yeah, well, so what? There was a cute looking lady with them. Kinda top heavy. Carrying a baby. Think she’s another milker?”

“That’s some way to talk about another human being,” he said.

“Just wondering if I get to see your dick sliding up between her big titties while she soaks the sheets with her milk. That’s all.”

“Oh, gee honey, now you’ve got my dick hard again.”

“Well, I suppose I’ll just have to help you out with that. It’s time I got my milk, anyway.”

After ten minutes pumping and sucking her husband’s hard cock with his face buried in her musky pussy, she was rewarded by a tasty shot of cream and lay sated along side her happy husband until they heard the children stirring.

Then it was up again, and back to the real world.


Earlier that morning, Thomas Cassidy had sat on the edge of the king size bed in their suite in the downtown Hilton and watched his step mother walk naked across the room with great appreciation. That baby hadn’t taken anything away from her body at all, she was still hot and all those exercises were tightening her up quickly. She was actually hotter, he supposed, since her breasts were so darn big now, the areola so dark and large. Yes, she was hotter.

Sharon Cassidy sat beside her step son and began stroking his hard cock without a word, her lips meeting his in a long kiss. The blond nineteen year-old fondled one breast lightly while he kissed the raven haired beauty his father had married two years ago. He sucked at her probing tongue and opened his legs wider to accept the ministrations of her talented hand.

As they were kissing, a third person entered and crawled across the bed. Thomas’s twin brother, Timothy, began kissing up Sharon’s spine and then around her neck on the other side from his brother. He crossed his hand over Tom’s hand to fondle the woman’s other breast, milk dribbling down over his palm as he did.

Soon, Sharon was lying with her legs off of the bed and Tom’s head between them as he knelt on the floor lapping at her pussy and she sucked hungrily on Tim’s cock. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and writhing, kicking her legs down against Tom’s back as he sucked at her swollen clit and slid his fingers in and out of her body.

“Fuck me, boy,” she shouted. “Come to Mama!”

Tom moved to comply, standing in a crouch between her legs and moving his hard cock closer.

“Did you ask your mother if she’s ready to get knocked up again?” The boy’s father, Albert Cassidy, a recently retired executive entered carrying the baby, Gail in one arm. The genial sixty year-old smiled at the tableau on the large bed and moved to sit on a comfortable chair where he could watch.

“I am,” Sharon said. “Two kids. Remember?”

“I sure do, honey. Two it is,” Albert said. “Okay, Tommy, have at her then.”

Grinning, Tom drove his cock into her cunt and slammed himself in as hard as he could. Little Gail was a bit over a month old, and they were only just getting back into their old sexual prime. There was no more being careful now, and he loved the feeling of his belly hitting the woman below him.

Watching her huge breasts slide over her ribs excited him further, and he shot his load up inside of her quickly. Too quickly for Sharon’s tastes.

“Timmy, be a good boy and stick your cock in me, won’t you? I’ve still got an itch that needs scratching.”

“Fuck your mama,” Albert said from the chair. “God, I love your tits moving around like that, honey. If the baby wasn’t hungry, I’d climb up there next.”

“I’ll give you a rain check,” Sharon laughed.

Timmy complied quickly, türbanlı escort slamming his own dick in where his brother had already left a healthy deposit, and he was soon leaving one of his own.

Laurel Cassidy, at eighteen, the youngest, came in just as Timmy finished ejaculating and dragged his glistening cock across Sharon’s thigh as he moved to lay beside her.

“Jesus, Dad,” Laurel said, sitting on a chair next to Albert and twirling a hank of her sandy hair between two fingers. “That house is so small. Smaller than our old house.”

“No, the rooms are actually larger,” her father answered. “There are just less of them.”

“So it’s smaller, just like I said.”

“It’s got a room for everyone, doesn’t it?” he asked genially as he carried Gail over to suckle at her mother’s breast.

“What’s the point of winning a lottery if you lower your lifestyle?” the girl complained. “That’s stupid.”

“No, you’re stupid,” Tom said, teasing his sister.

“You’re stupid,” Tim said to him.

“Who, her or me?” Tom asked.

“Both of you,” Tim laughed.

Laurel rolled her eyes.

“There are boys in the neighborhood,” Albert said. “I asked.”

“You asked? Oh, Dad, you really asked if there were boys around for your daughter?”

“The guy from the bank lives right at the end of the cul-de-sac,” Albert said. “His own son lives there.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” Laurel said.

“Listen. When you come into money you can live it up and use it up, or you can be a little frugal and live happily ever after. You want the nice college, don’t you? You want a little something in the bank when you graduate, don’t you? I know that I sure as hell wanted to stop going to an office every day.”

“Okay, sure,” Laurel admitted.

“So we cut back on household expenses by moving to a smaller house and putting the difference between our selling price and the purchase price for the new place in the bank. We made money on the deal, honey.”

“You’re a millionaire, Dad,” the girl scoffed. “You didn’t make enough to bother.”

“Maybe you should try taking her mind off of her troubles, Al,” Sharon suggested.

“What?” He looked at her blankly a moment.

“You know, give her a ride. She likes that.”

“Oh, oh, yes,” Al said, grinning at his own thoughtlessness. “I let your brothers have their fun and forgot my little girl. Did you feel left out, honey?”

“Well, sure, a little bit, but could we go in the other bedroom? I don’t need these creeps watching.”

“I’m not a creep,” Tim said, turning toward his brother. “She must have meant you.”

“No, you.” Tom replied.

“I think it was you.”


The father and daughter closed the door on that conversation and retired to the other bedroom in the suite where they both disrobed quickly. Albert was a slim man with runner’s muscles. His daughter was somewhat heavier than his wife, with a bit of a belly and a soft, clutchable butt. Her breasts were naturally huge, however. She didn’t need pregnancy to give her that.

Albert grasped his daughter’s breasts in both hands, slipping his thumbs over her nipples until they responded to his touch.

“That’s nice, Daddy,” she said. “But don’t forget Pussy.”

“I won’t, darling. No chance of that.”

He moved her back to sit on the bed and then knelt between her thighs and rubbed his nose in her wet slit before lapping his tongue up to the clitoris which she had exposed by pulling her lips away from it.

“Oh, yes, just like that,” she sighed. “My Daddy is the best cunt eater ever.”

Laurel tasted just like her late mother had tasted, and that reminder of his first wife made his cock harder every time. He loved his life, and he constantly marveled at how he might have missed out on it entirely if he hadn’t come to the decision he did.

He and Sharon had met at the wedding of a mutual friend and had dated for over a year when he proposed to her. Despite their thirty year age difference, they had so much in common that marriage would be a perfect fit for them. Perfect, except for his nearly two decade old vasectomy. She wanted children, her own natural children. She wanted them badly. In fact, she wanted them so badly that she was willing to turn down the hand of the man she loved and find someone to settle on in order to have them.

They had reached an impasse when Albert won over ten million dollars on the Lotto just over a year ago. He and Sharon had almost totally stopped dating before he won the jackpot. When he won the money, he started thinking about his future and who he would really want to share it with. Sharon was the only one. But, in order to have Sharon, he had to guarantee her pregnancy. He decided to do what he had to do to ensure everyone’s happiness.

Before he told anyone of his win, he went to Sharon’s home and proposed to her again.

“Sharon, I love you, and I want to marry you,” he told her. “I know you love me. The only thing keeping us apart is a baby, but I can fix that. If you marry me, you can have sex with the twins as soon as they turn eighteen. They’re sure to be virile.”

“You can’t mean that? That’s nuts.”

“I know it’s crazy, but it would be far more nuts to lose you when we both know we’re meant to be together. I love you enough to share you with the boys.”

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