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This is a story about young adults (over 18) exploring their sexuality together.

I hope you’ll let me know what you think. Enjoy!


“Do you think Boyd is going to go for this?” Asked Lana as she and Sky approached the door of no 28.

“What do you reckon? I know he’s had the hots for you since you showed up here and pouted those lips at him.”

“Extra hotty…!” she mimicked. Lana blushed and looked away somewhat sheepishly.

“Don’t worry, let me do the talking, and just try to have some fun. You know, I do appreciate you agreeing to help me out. Boyd is just so jealous and confused. He’s gone on off a total male ego thing”

“And you’re sure this will help?”

“Well if his ego doesn’t get a boost after what we’ve got planned then I don’t what will do it! Anyway, don’t tell me you don’t want it a little bit. Now you can! It’s a one off and you have permission, just this once. Ok?”

Lana smiled nervously and tugged at the hem her dress.

Boyd recognised Sky’s knock and jumped to his feet. When he opened the door and saw the two girls there his disappointment was obvious. He let them in and went to the kitchen to get some sodas.

“OK, do as I do.” said Sky as she adjusted her cleavage to offer the fullest view. Lana tried to do the same but, not being as well endowed as her friend, settled for removing her hair band and letting her hair fall over her shoulders. She smiled at Sky. She had only agreed to this so that she could be near her again. Boyd was cute, there was no denying that, but Sky was hot! When they kissed the night before it made her so hot she thought she was going to cum right there. She had only ever kissed one other girl, Elaine, before she moved here from Canada, but she was nothing like Sky. Elaine had more facial hair than most of the guys she knew! But a couple of kisses and a big heart to heart was all that she and Sky had shared so far. But she knew Sky wanted more. Sky was curious and open minded, but she was frightened of what would happen if they were caught and she didn’t want to go behind Boyd’s back. Lana trembled as she thought about what was maybe about to happen.

Boyd came back with three cokes. He looked at the girls like he could sense something was up.

“What’s going on?” he asked, sullenly.

“Boyd, I know you have a problem with Lana and me spending so much time together…”

“Your life” mumbled Boyd.

“… but I want you to know that I love you and that you don’t have to feel threatened. I want you both to be a part of my life.

“And I want to get to know you better, Boyd” interrupted Lana with a nervous, but seductive smile. “Hey,i feel like partying, lets have a drink.”

Boyd looked a little confused but shrugged and got up to fixed three vodkas with tonic.

The girls drank their drinks quickly so Boyd, not wanting to appear less of a man, did likewise.

“Why don’t you go fix us another one of these each, Lana.” Sky said.

“Sure” said Lana. She gave Boyd a long lingering stare as she took his glass that made his cock twitch and in his pants. Then he realised his girlfriend was right in the room and a guilty look flashed briefly across his face before he regained control.

Lana left the room and Sky got up and walked over to her boyfriend.

“You know Boyd, you are more than enough man for me.” she said as she placed her hand on the bulge in his jeans that her best friend had just caused. She felt it twitch again and grow larger. Then she kissed him deeply while slowly stroking his cock through his jeans.

“Sky, what if Lana…”

But it was too late. Lana had already come back into the room with the drinks and she was staring at Sky’s hand on the obvious bulge in Boyd’s jeans.

“Hey Lana,” said Sky quietly as she sat down on Boyd knee “that my drink?”

“Yeah.” She replied and handed them their vodkas. They were much stronger than before. She took her drink in one go and then told the others to drink up. Boyd downed his and grimaced while Sky took hers in 2 gulps.

Lana came over and sat on the sofa next to Sky and Boyd. Her cheeks were glowing slightly. The alcohol was obviously having an effect.

“Boyd,” began Sky, “the reason we both came over here tonight is that I want you to know that me being friends with Lana shouldn’t make you feel insecure or any less of a man. In fact, I want you to be friends with Lana too so you can feel cool about it.”

“I am friends with Lana, we get on don’t we Lana?” said Boyd.

“No…” said Lana

“What?” asked Boyd, still looking very bemused.

“No, I want to be friends with you like I am with Sky” she said and then kissed him softly on the cheek, “if you’ll let me.”

Boyd looked absolutely terrified as he stared at her, jaw dropped, then at his girlfriend who was smiling broadly at him. Sky kissed Boyd on the lips and started to rub his cock again, which had become slightly flaccid in the confusion.

Boyd was slowly cottoning on gebze escort to what was happening, but he couldn’t let himself believe it until Lana reached over and started to undo the buttons on his jeans.

” What have you got in here, Boydey?” she whispered as she popped his buttons one by one, “it looks like it wants to get out.”

He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Boyd loved Sky but Lana got him hard, there was no denying that. He had dreamed about fucking her since they first met and now it seemed his ultimate fantasy, that he had played out in his mind every night since Lana showed up, was actually coming true!

Boyd lifted his ass off the sofa as Lana pulled his jeans right off and Sky pulled his boxer shorts half way down his legs, allowing his hard cock to spring free. She gripped it with her right hand. As Sky stroked it up and down, allowing the foreskin to cover his head and then pulling it back tight, Lana kneeled next to them and lowered her head towards Boyd’s cock. Boyd watched her lips as they descended on his prick. Then, less than an inch away, she stopped. Sky giggled and continued to pull him off slowly. Boyd tried to push his hips off the sofa to meet Lana’s mouth but she moved her head away just in time, keeping an inch of clear air between his cock and her full pink lips. He could feel her breath against his swollen cock end.

Lana had never allowed a penis to get this close to her before. She had given a few lack-lustre hand jobs and a couple of guys tried to get her to go down but she always managed to put them off. She went along with guys because she was afraid that people would find out about her, about her true desires. But now it was different. Maybe it was because it was a way to be with sky, but the sight of Boyd’s hard dick before her was getting her hot in a way she had never felt before for a guy.

She stuck out her tongue and tentatively licked him with the very tip. Sky was still stroking his cock with her right hand and had started to cup his balls with her left. Boyd couldn’t decide if this was pleasure or torture, but he knew he couldn’t take much more teasing. He quickly put his hand on the back of Lana’s head to stop her moving away and thrust his dick into her warm, wet mouth. Her eyes bulged at the sudden shock of being orally penetrated. Boyd kept pushing his cock deeper into her mouth until she started to gag. He let her go and she pulled off and spluttered a little then coughed. She glowered at him as if to say ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ then looked at Sky and saw the pure lust in her eyes at the sight of her horny boyfriend losing control and trying to ram his cock into her friends mouth.

Sky dropped her head to Boyd’s cock and took his length a couple of times quickly, then smiled. Lana understood and swallowed as much of his meat as she could. Not having the practice Sky had had she couldn’t take anywhere near all of him at once but for Boyd, to have his girlfriend show her friend how to suck his cock, it was fucking amazing!

Sky stripped down to her underwear before undoing the zip on Lana’s dress for her. Lana stopped what she was doing to remove it properly. Sky wrapped her lips around Boyd’s dick. She knew exactly what he liked. They had only started having sex in the last few weeks, but Sky had been eating Boyd’s cum at every opportunity for months. Lana couldn’t help but stare at Sky’s ass, which was high in the air as she knelt before her boyfriend. She was wearing her most sexy blue lingerie and the thong parted her ass cheeks beautifully.

Lana dropped her dress to the floor and involuntarily slipped her hand inside her rather more conservative white cotton panties to lightly tweak her clit. She stepped forward and, holding Boyd’s gaze, pulled Sky’s thong down to her knees. Kneeling behind her, Sky’s trimmed pussy was fully in view. Ths was the moment she had been waiting for. She pushed her face into that sweet cunt and began to lap at her clit and run her tongue up and down her gorgeous cunt lips.

Sky moaned softly and sucked harder on Boyd’s cock but moved her head more slowly as she was distracted by the tongue on her pussy.

Boyd could hardly believe his luck but he still wished that he could see what was going on behind Sky. After a few minutesSky gave a slight shudder and stopped sucking him. She had a really dirty look in her eye that Boyd had seen only a couple of times before, on the few occasions when things had gone further than this.

“Boyd I need you to fuck me!” she commanded in a low growl. ” Right now!”

She pulled him up from the sofa and then turned to Lana and, grabbing her by her panties, positioned her on the sofa and pulled off her underwear, throwing them behind the other sofa. She looked at Lana’s small, neat unshaven, pussy for a moment then kneeled before her.

Boyd unfastened her bra strap and let her heavy young breasts free. Lana removed her own bra. Her breasts were smaller göztepe escort but Boyd instantly noticed her nipples. They were really hard and erect and quite long.

Sky had never been this close to another girl before. She knew her own pussy like the back of her hand. She had been making herself cum by various means since she was 12. She had given a few blowjobs to guys, some of which had cum, some hadn’t, but she had no experience of pleasuring another girl. But she yearned for experience. This situation that she had engineered was as much for that reason as it was to make it up with Boyd.

Tentatively, Sky reached out and touched Lana’s soft lips. Lana moaned a little so that Sky would know that it was good. She found her hole and pushed one finger into it up to the first knuckle. Lana pulled her knees into her chest so that she could get a good view of the action. Sky slid a second finger into Lana’s twat and finger fucked her gently.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s good.” She said. Sky smiled at the encouragement and picked up her pace. Boyd was also enjoying the show. He rested his cock between Sky’s ass cheeks as he watched what a dirty bitch his girlfriend could be.

Then Sky lent forward and put her lips on Lana’s clit. Lana gasped as Sky’s tongue traced the edge of her sensitive clitoris, but she still held onto her knees, not wanting to miss a thing.

Boyd was in no doubt as to what his role was. He took his cock in his hand and felt for the opening with his fingers. When he found it he didn’t waist time with foreplay. Anyway, Lana had already done the job for him, Sky’s cunt was soaking wet from the tonguing it had just had. He could get used to this, he thought! He slid his full length into her and immediately started to fuck her at a quick pace.

He had only fucked Sky twice before and both times was in her bedroom at home. They were so scared of being disturbed that neither of them had been able to cum, although it had been fun while it lasted. This was nothing like those panicked missionary encounters under the sheets in the dark. Here he was fucking her doggystyle in broad daylight while she ate her best friends pussy! If he was dreaming he had no intention of pinching himself! His shaft glistened with her juices as he ran it in an out of her young body. He pulled out as far as he could, just to see it going into her, then he thrust forward hard which pushed her face into Lana’s crotch. Lana, her eyes still glued to the attention her pussy was receiving, lightly squeezed one nipple as Sky ate her cunt.

“Yeah, this is so hot” grunted Boyd as he hammered his meat into Sky’s cunt. Sky was pushing back against him with every thrust. She was panting hard and had given up on eating Lana’s cunt and instead rubbed her clit with her fingers. This rapid action was having an effect as Lana squirmed in the seat and pulled hard on the nipple between her fingers.

“Oh yeah, come on, yeah Boyd fuck me! Come on!” Sky was rasping between her clenched teeth. She was still frigging Lana with her right hand while she supported her head on her left arm and continued to shove back against Boyd’s thrusting cock, arching her back to let him get deeper into her.

“Oh fuck Boyd I think I’m going to do it! Oh fuck, come on hit me harder. Give me your cock. Uuh!”

Her cunt was gripping onto his swollen cock. He squeezed her ass cheeks as he ploughed into her as hard and fast as he could. Sky’s hand had stopped moving on Lana’s clit. With a grunt of frustration she took hold of it and began to masturbate herself with Sky’s fingers. She obviously knew how to turn herself on because her breathing began to get shorter. Sky and Boyd fucking each other madly and both had already reached the point of no return. Boyd held onto her hips as he thrust into her.

“I’m cumming!” she hissed ” aaaah …fuck!”

Boyd let out a grunt, “ummng, ummng!” with every thrust. He knew he was close but it felt nothing like jerking off. This was all new. He could feel her cunt going crazy on his dick as Sky had the hardest orgasm she had ever had.

As he looked up from her round ass he saw Lana frantically masturbating her little pussy. She was breathing really heavily and her face and chest had blushed pink. Her fingers and Sky’s were a blur as she rubbed them against her clit. Boyd could see a little of her juice run from her wet cunt and trickle over her ass. He thought about how much he wanted to pump those tight holes as he banged his orgasming girlfriend in front of her. This was the last thing that passed through his mind as he pumped a big load of cum into Sky’s spasming cunt.

Boyd and Sky rocked together as they rid out their orgasms, moaning together. Lana was still rubbing her cunt. As Sky regained her senses she took over and began to suck gently on her swollen pink clit. Boyd pulled out of Sky’s used cunt but was still hard. He moved around and sat next to Lana to watch as his girlfriend sucked her friend’s pussy. halkalı escort Her tongue darted between dancing on her clit and pushing into her wet hole. Lana grabbed the back of Sky’s head and pulled it to her. Sky attacked her clit harder as Lana closed her eyes and threw her head back. She squeezed her nipples and bit her lip as she came, her body twisting as she pushed her cunt into Sky’s face. Sky licked harder as she felt a girl orgasm in her face or the first time.

Boyd stroked his cock throughout this and thoroughly enjoyed what he saw. Sky kept licking gently as Lana regained herself.

“Oh shit, ” she breathed after a minute or two, “god, Sky, wow!”

Sky looked up at her from between her spread legs and smiled a wicked smile. Her face was smeared with Lana’s cum. She got up and sat on the sofa between Lana and Boyd.

“Sky, you are so fucking hot” said Boyd as she sat down. He was still rubbing his dick. As Sky sat down both Lana and Boyd reached out an arm to put round Sky and the rather clumsily got in each other’s way. The looked at each other for a moment then both smiled as Sky put her arm round them both. Sat together, arm in arm on the sofa Boyd and Lana began to caress Sky’s body with their free hand. Boyd took her left nipple in his mouth. Sky let out a soft moan as Lana followed suit with the right. They ran their hands all over her soft body, down her thighs, her stomach, squeezing her perky breasts as they sucked, occasionally breaking off to kiss her neck and mouth. As Lana’s hand ran past Sky’s snatch she allowed one finger to brush against it. It was incredibly wet and she couldn’t help slipping a finger inside. Then she realised what she was feeling was not only Sky’s wetness but the load of cum that Boyd had left there minutes earlier. In her inexperience with guys she had forgotten about this aspect. It turned her on more to think that Boyd had come right inside there and his sperm was all over her fingers.

Boyd’s hand also found its way Sky’s cunt, but found it already occupied. Again they shared an uncertain glance before Lana removed her fingers and took hold of Boyd’s cock. It held a new fascination for her now. Boyd took her place and slid two fingers into his girlfriend as Lana slowly rubbed his dick up and down. It felt good as he pushed his hips forward involuntarily. Her soft touch was different from Sky’s. She had a great natural technique! As they sucked and kissed Sky’s tits there eyes met again but this time the awkwardness was replaced with lust. They held the gaze as Boyd continued to finger Sky and Lana stroked his cock, faster now. The pleasure he was experiencing distracted him from what he was supposed to be doing and for a few moments he almost forgot Sky was there, breathing heavily between them. Without breaking eye contact Boyd moved across and kissed Lana. The kiss became passionate as Boyd stopped moving his fingers altogether, lost in the moment he had secretly imagined for some time (although not quite like this). Sky opened her eyes to see he two of them locked at the mouth, Lana’s right hand rubbing frantically at Boyd’s dick. She couldn’t help feeling a little jealous and was about to say something but stopped herself. Instead she reached down and took Boyd’s hand in hers and mover it to between Lana’s legs. He stopped kissing and looked at her. She smiled her approval and Boyd caught on, stroking Lana’s cunt and returning to their kiss. She began to touch herself and enjoy the sensation of her naked friend and boyfriend getting each other off right on top of her.

Boyd was also enjoying it. the smell of sex was intoxicating and Lana’s cunt felt great. It was so tight he could only get two fingers into her. He love the fact that Sky was cool with this. Lana’s handjob was good, if inexperienced, but her cunt felt so good and he really wanted to fuck it but he wasn’t sure if Sky would stretch to that. He broke of their kiss and returned to Sky’s nipples. Lana joined him as they shared her right nipple, both their tongues licking at the little pink rosebud. Sky was rubbing her clit with the flats of her fingers. She was in another world and looked pretty close to cumming again. He looked at Lana. Her hair was messed up and some of it was sticking to her face. She looked so horny, so sexy. Boyd decided that they had come this far and he may as well try and see what happens. Also, his dick had decided that it needed to be buried inside this gorgeous, panting girl that was trying to make it cum with her hands.

He shifted his body so he was right over next to Lana. She didn’t object, although she looked slightly unsure. He took his dick and aimed her tiny opening. As he touched her pink wet folds she said, “Uh Boyd…”

“Are you ok with this?” he replied

“Uh, yeah I want to, but, I’ve never…”

“Lana’s a virgin” said Sky. “She’s never been fucked by a guy. So be careful.

Lana looked at her and they exchanged a smile.

“Uh, yeah. I’ve used dildos and stuff, so don’t worry about blood or anything, but, you know, I’ve never had another person, like, inside me before.”

“Don’t worry,” he said as he slid the tip of his cock into her pussy. He slowly slid further in. Lana’s mouth opened wide as she took him inside her. he began to fuck her slowly but it was obvious she was in some discomfort.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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