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Never Mind Us, Mom!

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Group Sex

Phillip closed the door behind him. He placed his briefcase on one of the stools at the kitchen bar, and draped his jacket over that. He could smell the wonderful aroma of his wife’s cooking right away as he took the adjoining stool.

Bridgette heard her husband had come home and turned around from the sink area to greet him through the kitchen pass-through window.

“Hi hun!” she said. “Dinner will be special tonight as you know– and i will need a bit longer than usual to prepare, alrighty?”

“Yep, take however long you need. I’m cool with it!” he replied, tossing the newspaper carelessly on the countertop.

“I’ll just take a look at today’s paper for a bit, then go shower.”

As Bridgette returned back to the work at hand, he fumbled quietly in his coat pocket to retrieve the yellow packet he had picked up from the post office during lunchtime at work. He had already opened it at his office and only briefly examined it. Now he was eager to immediately test it out, and he was too darn tired to go up to the bathroom. But it would be safe because the thing buzzed softer than a bee’s hum when he gave it a trial run earlier.

He sat closer out to the edge of his seat and unzipped the fly to his pants, and reached into the package to bring out the portable mouth-shaped oral action masturbator he had bought from China through Ebay some three weeks earlier. He couldn’t afford the American-made ‘Fleshlight’ that was proven to be effective as fuck; but he sure could easily put up the mere thirty-seven dollars of this knock-off, compared to the near one-hundred dollars the authentic one was selling for.

He made himself hard, switched the thing on and gently eased it over and down his shaft. He didn’t have the rubbing lotion on him now that was recommended on the package directions, but he didn’t plan to nut this moment anyway for his daughter could be home any moment now from her friend’s house just down the block.

Though he never had the opportunity to experience the Fleshlight, he was astonishingly pleased with the snug comfort and horny little actions on this little thing. He rested his eyes briefly to enjoy the complex sensations as the gadget went to work on his penis. He even found himself bucking his hips up into the thing as he pushed the lever to ‘Level 2’.

He quickly shut it off before he could get too into it and make a damn mess! It was while he was tucking away both his boner and the kinky gadget, he then remembered about the car reveal surprise for his daughter; of which he had delegated to his wife in the morning as he headed to work for an emergency board conference.

The car was a real necessity. She was returning to her dormitory the following morning for the end of her sophomore year at the university campus located three states away; and the cost of plane tickets for them with her multiple visits home each year were taking a toll on resources. First, he had opted to take the 15% pay cut at the company over being laid off; secondly, Bridgette’s in-home baby photography business looked more like a hobby now with its diminishing earnings over the last three years. So him pendik escort investing in a pretty reliable, and fuel-efficient used car for only seventeen-hundred dollars was a no-brainier!

“Hey honey!” he called out to his wife over the noise of pots and pans and running water in the kitchen.

“Say, how did our little surprise go this morning with Lily?”

Bridgette turned around again. “Oh my god, she was just ecstatic!”

She continued. “Hey, don’t you worry–i recorded the ENTIRE thing!”

“It was crazy i tell you! She was jumping all around and screaming her head off!”

“I swear– you could have shot her with a tranquilizer dart, and she would have kept on and on!”

“Some of the neighbors even came out to see what the damn fuss was all about!”

Bridgette quietly turned back to her work. Not too long after, Lily herself came in the door.

Her bouncy, wholesome jugs with their modest areolas were the first things that greeted his alarmed eyes as he turned around. She had obviously been playing with water in the yard of their neighbor’s daughter. There was not too much left to the imagination as her nude chest showed itself through the wet splotches on her sleeveless, pink-and-white ruffled lace blouse.

Spirited Lily ran up to her Dad and gave him the tightest embrace ever! It was the first time ever Phillip both got to see clearly AND feel her baby girl’s boobs.

“Oh I love you so, so much!” she shrieked, rocking from side to side as she kissed him all about the face.

“The Beetle was totally, fucking AWESOME!”

Phillip found it hard not to cross the line, when he snaked his palms up to her knockers and gave them the slightest little honks when she greeted her Mom. But busy Bridgette was too zoned out in her work to hear her.

“Was it really, Sweetie?!” he cooed, mashing his eyes shut to revel in his waxing arousal. He was even oblivious that his erection had nudged right into her leg.

“Yes, Dad!” she screamed over and over.

Suddenly Lily fell silent. Phillip lifted his eyes open to see his daughter making funny eyebrows and had a quizzical smirk on her velvety lips.

He was totally unready for what she did next. It was the stuff of every horny father’s dream!

She kept her eyes down on his tent and rubbed her chin in mocking thought.

“But you know what, Dad?!” she started, shaking her finger repeatedly at him.

“I think i like THIS gift here best of all!”

Lily sexily snaked herself down before him to a nice squat.

She looked up, biting her lips in a tease. “Can i open it up now, huh?!”

Phillip smiled back at his naughty daughter, and gave affirmation with two cheeky, soft taps to her nose.

“Now, Sir– try to keep your noise level down!” Lily simpered, making a cute little wink with her right eye as she led down her father’s zipper.

Phillip sucked in his breath as she brought his penis out into the open and teased his tip with blithe, little frisky flicks and twirls of the tongue.

She then breathed a warm couple of puffs onto his stiffness, before licking at pendik escort the sensitive underbelly to his huge crown.

He almost came when she passed her tongue over his piss slit.

“Whoa, baby!” he moaned, stroking lovingly on her silky hair. “Take it easy!”

Bridgette suddenly turned and walked over, wiping her hands on her apron.

“I thought i heard Lily come in?” she inquired.

He struggled to focus as Lily undid his belt and button to bring down his slacks.

Can you believe the brazenness of this kid?

He raised himself slightly off the chair so his slacks could clear his buttocks.

“Nope–she hasn’t been home yet!”

Lily giggled, slapping him across his calf.

His wife came up to rest herself on the bar counter. Shit, he thought he and Lily were doomed now! They would not live to see another day!

Lily halted everything, holding still her father undone pants by the buckle so it couldn’t make any noise.

“Oh, i almost forgot!” Bridgette continued. “Mom and Dad’s forty-seventh wedding anniversary is coming up next Wednesday!”

“Oh wow–really?” he exclaimed, slapping his hand on the table. “That’s just marvelous!”

Of course he wasn’t thrilled with the in-laws’ dumb anniversary! He was fucking elated his wife hadn’t discovered the gross misdeed occurring literally right under her nose!

“I will look for something nice for them after work on Monday. Sound good, hun?”

He owed their luck to the wider choice of countertop his wife had opted for during the kitchen remodel a couple months earlier. She was going to use the extra room for the bulky, ancient PC she was planning to transplant over from her aging parents’ house. She figured she would be in the kitchen most of the time, so why not make it a home-office for her business too!

“Awww….you’re so sweet!”

Bridgette leaned forward to kiss him and returned to her cooking.

Lily unbuttoned herself and laid her blouse on the floor.

“Jesus Christ–look at those puppies!” he hooted.

Phillip held his baby girl up by the armpits as she came up for a doting kiss. The two locked lips and made tongue play without a further care in the world now.

He kneaded her tits admiringly and sucked on her nips before she slipped back down.

Lily knew that if and when Mom came around another time, they wouldn’t be quite so lucky….

She stroked her Dad back again to a nice, doughty and pointy erection. She then strategically slipped the all-important upper quarter of his length through her moist lips.

Her head began its bobbing thrusts, while her tongue made both sweeping and cyclonic passes on his now freakishly swollen crown.

“Yeahhhh, Baby…..just like that!” he seethed.

Phillip beamed down proudly on his smiling, slutty daughter. Her staunch desire to fellate her own father was just so shamefully irresistible. It was never his intention to be thanked, or even be repaid, by her through this means for his generous gift. But then he was also aware that giving head was more or less a mainstay of the culture among millennials. pendik escort But hey–this shit beats the dumb pathetic toy he got any fucking day!

Lily knew her Dad was close. How? His breathing grew faster and deeper. He couldn’t sit still any longer. His hips and buttocks were rocking about too much. It was only a matter of time before he would need to rise to climax, to keep the chair rocking from getting to a level where Mom would take notice.

The other wacky sign–was the odd noises made as her lips brushed up and down her Dad’s extra crude shaft. His full-blown erection led to a dense network of veins, that formed these dips and craters that would flicker her lips as they rode over them. The feeling was odd but fucking addicting!

His daughter’s mouth was really sick. How she had reached this oral finesse, he would never know, nor care to!

His mind, body and soul was gripped by an indomitable wave of incestuous lust. His throbbing cock was in a very stouthearted, lovemaking mode.

He leaned in to kiss his baby girl on the forehead.

“I’m going to cum, honey!” he whispered, his eyes glassed over. She could see that he had retreated somewhere unreachable.

Lily stopped bobbing, and backed away just enough to have her Dad’s weighty cock-head rest neatly midway upon her extended tongue.

Phillip rose up out of his chair, and leaned his back against the edge of the bar counter. He steadied Lily’s mouth with one hand gripping her chin. He pressed down the thumb of the other just aft of his crown, to lock his sweltering hard-on in place.

He took a quick look around over his shoulder to see Bridgette just starting up the food processor. It was a real blessing too that it was an older, noisier model from many, many years past!

It was a quite enervating climax for sure. The hellish grunts and moans, were totally in sync with the creepily gorgeous contortions on his exerted face. At times, Lily even needed to squeeze him on the knee to get him to mute the uproar a bit.

Lily was totally awed and enraptured to have given her beloved Dad such immense pleasure and release. The nine cum blasts that jetted from his sex organ, seemed to hit her throat in an unremitting stream and with such unabated punch. It was something she would never soon forget!

After expending himself, Phillip took his seat again as Lily sucked in her cheeks and pulled back on her drawn lips to squeeze out his last precious driblets.

The lip seal was gorgeously tight, and her suction was just too strong. Phillip panicked as he felt his body tense up and quacked with yet another unbelievable climax. He had never in his life cum twice!!

He clutched the sides of his stool for dear life! Lily watched in bewilderment as some cracks broke out, and she could see more and more of the yellow foam beneath come through!

“Oh fuuuuck!!” Phillip yelped, his forehead and brows soaked in sweat as he began another barrage of baby-batter into his euphoric daughter’s mouth.

“Come on–FUCK ME!” Lily croaked vociferously from her throat, holding her head still for him.

The stool banged against the floor as Phillip dove in and out to fuck his baby’s face!

“YOU’RE A REAL SICKO, AREN’T YOU?!” he teased with each thrust.

Lily nodded fervidly, with happy tears running down her face.

At about the same time, Mom’s machine goes off….

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