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New Guy in Town Ch. 1

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I had just gotten my degree in Global Positioning Systems, and moved to Tampa, FL from my hometown of Waco, TX. I was offered a job working in the city planner’s office making a sizable chunk of money for someone straight out of technical college. I was new in town and had no real idea where or what kind of night life there was in Tampa, so I set out to find out.

I dressed up in a blue button down shirt, and a loose pair of jeans, walked out to the curb in front of my building and hailed a cab. I had no idea where to start so I leaned toward the cabdriver and asked him to take me to the nearest bar. I hoped that the bar was close by, I needed a place to get out and drink and be able to stumble home from. The last thing I needed was to call a cab every time I needed a shot of the sauce.

About five minutes later, the cab pulled to a stop, “Good, its close,” I thought as I handed the money and large tip to the cabbie and thanked him for his services. I turned and got my first good look at my new home away from home. A large blue and green neon sign hung over the door.

“The Wet Spot,” I thought to myself, “that’s a new one,” as I grabbed hold of the doorknob and pulled the door open. Loud music poured out through the now open doorway and I knew immediately that I was gonna like this place. I pulled a pack off Marlboro Reds from my hip pocket and sauntered up to the corner of the bar. I sat down on a barstool, ordered a draw of Budweiser and began to take survey of my surroundings. This was definitely not the highest class place, but that’s the kind of place I like. The conversation is always far more interesting in a dive. The Wet Spot was fairly small but still managed to house an electronic dart board, and a pair of pool tables. The only decor on the walls were beer signs of varying age both cardboard and neon. I was bahis siteleri the only person in the bar with the exception of the bartender, which I found both disquieting and encouraging at the same time. I like an uncrowded which this definitely appeared, but I hate an empty one.

The bartender approached me again and sat down my pint. I handed him a five, dropped the change in the tip jar and extended my hand.

“Hi, I’m Jon.” I said when the bartenders huge paw wrapped around mine.

“Howyadoon?” He said with an thick Irish brogue, a huge smile lighting up his bearded face, “I’m Chuck, I can tell your not from around here either, where ya from?”

“Actually, I’m from Texas,” his smile was contagious, “I just moved here when I got a job with city plann…” My words trailed off as the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on walked into the bar.

Chuck looked up, his grin suddenly widening, as he saw our company.

“Howyadoon, Meghan, its been awhile since you’ve graced my bar with your beautiful face.” His voice booming with his apparent happiness to see her. “I’d like you to meet my new friend, Jon.” He said gesturing toward me.

It was then that I got my first good look at the lovely Meghan. She turned and smiled softly at me, and my heart skipped a beat. She was even more beautiful than I had originally thought. She had shoulder-length hair that was the perfect shade of auburn, and the light glittered off of it like a pool of water. She had the face of an angel, and a body straight from hell. She wore a tight badydoll t-shirt that clung to her small breasts as closely as physically possible, and the tightest pair of khaki capri pants that had ever been let loose up on the world. I looked down at my glass to make sure there was no possible way that the alcohol was fogging my sight. When I looked up again, canlı bahis siteleri she had moved to the seat next to mine and her hand hung in the air.

“Pleasure to meet you, Jon. It’s not too often we see a new face around here.” she cooed as I gently shook her extended hand.

“The pleasure is all mine.” I said with an almost giddy smile.

The conversation flowed almost effortlessly from that point on as Chuck smiled and busied himself at the other end of the bar with the few people that wandered in and out during the evening. We talked about anything and everything from work to our mutual love of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It seemed like we had only been talking for a few minutes, when Chuck’s voice boomed over the din created by the dozen or so people sitting around the bar. “Closing time, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t have to go home but you can’t sleep in the Wet Spot.”

Meghan looked at me with the same soft smile she had given me when we first met, and added a devilish wink.

“I live close by, you should walk me home.” she whispered, as she took my hand. We waved goodnight to Chuck and shoved our way out into the cool autumn morning. She grabbed my waist, and pulled me against her body. I could feel her breasts crushing against my chest as our lips met. Our first kiss was soft and slow I could feel her tongue rubbing gently against my teeth as I opened my mouth to fully accept her kiss. My hands ran through her soft hair for what seemed like ages. Finally, we broke the kiss, she smiled radiantly grabbed my hand and we ran like hell down the street toward her apartment.

We stopped our faces and necks beaded with sweat in front of her building and to my surprise mine. I decided not to mention it just yet. Our lips flew together again as our chests pounded from our sprint. We backed into the canlı bahis foyer of our building, our kiss becoming steadily more passionate. I managed to back her up to the door of the elevator with out breaking our kiss, and pressed the up button. A few moments later, the elevator doors slid open and we backed in again refusing to break our kiss. The doors slid closed behind us, and that’s when the kiss finally broke. She smiled at me dropping to her knees.

“I’ve waited long enough for this, I can’t wait another second” she growled before pulling my zipper down with her teeth and pressing the button for the 15th floor. Her hand slid into my fly and grasped around wildly until her hand came to rest on my throbbing erection. She smiled as she unsnapped the button on the front of my boxers and pulled my cock out. She looked up at me, licked her lips, and before I knew what had hit me, my dick was wrapped in the most amazing heat. She swirled her tongue around the head of my penis gathering up a nights worth of precum. She began to suck gently bobbing her head up and down and alternately twisting her head to the left and right around my rigid member. I couldn’t take anymore.

“I’m gonna cum” I whispered.

She smiled at those words, winked and began to suck harder and deeper, her cheeks caving in with her obvious exertion. My knees buckled as I felt my orgasm bubble up my shat and shoot out in a torrent into her mouth. She groaned obviously pleased, and began to swallow, she swallowed as much as she could but I just kept squirting cum, a drop or two slid from the corner of her mouth and hung on her chin. She placed my cock back in my pants zipped them up, and stood up. She trailed her index finger across her chin and licked up my goo, with a smile. The doors of the elevator slid open and we stepped out into the hall. Meghan grabbed me by the crotch and snarled.

“C’mon baby, you’re not done yet.”

to be continued…

This is my first submission. Let me know what you think and if I should continue with this story or try something else.

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